To Your Eternity (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Those Who Follow

From Ninannah to Yanome.
During the journey
and upon arriving at their destination,
Fushi received countless stimulation
and received
its first lesson on consciousness.
Fushi, who had been imprisoned
together with March, Parona, and Pioran,
gained consciousness.
It changed forms and acted out.
After that,
Fushi received another impetus.
What will all this accumulated information
mean for Fushi?
Come, March. Let's go home!
You too, Grandma.
We're bringing Grandma
back with us to Ninannah.
Bye, Mr. Bear.
We can get to the wagon room
through this waterway.
Grandma, go ahead with March.
Here's the key.
What about you, Parona?
She still has work to do. Let's go.
What are you doing, Parona? Stop it!
I'm only going to cut off a little bit.
I need to show and prove to the village
that the Spirit Bear is dead,
that there is no need
for the ritual to be carried out anymore.
But that's horrible!
March, it's dead.
Horrible or not, it's only going
to be burned and turned to ash.
But I feel sorry for him!
I know.
March, let's play a game.
Go ahead with Grandma now,
and if you do, I'll give you a reward.
A fluffy dog!
March, please.
Just this once, please do as I say.
If I can prove
that the Spirit Bear is dead,
then it's possible that we can avoid
other children being sacrificed
like you almost were.
But it isn't the Spirit Bear…
Then think of it this way.
This bear died to protect poor children
like you from being sacrificed.
It died to prevent the ritual
from ever happening again.
That's selfish!
It's just a big and scary bear!
It's not related to this!
No, March, you're still a child.
You wouldn't understand.
Don't make that face, March.
Parona, why are you still laughing?
I was only trying to…
Understood, March.
I'll stop.
Let's go.
How do you plan to persuade the villagers?
I don't think it will go well.
I'll do it.
Without using others' lives,
I'll prove that I can do it.
Yes! We made it out!
We'll cut straight across the city!
We're going back to Ninannah.
I'm so happy to be able
to see my parents again!
Will everyone be happy
if they find out March is still alive?
Of course, March!
You're a terrible driver.
Should I drive instead?
These are the presents to give thank you.
I want to give them to Parona later.
So keep it a secret for me.
What's a secret?
Is that so?
Hey March,
what will you do once you've grown up?
March will do everything that she can do!
First, March has to learn how to cook,
or else, she can't be a mom.
Then one day, when she has kids,
she wants to make dolls for them
like Parona does.
Also, March wants to learn more words.
And maybe even how to write.
Maybe create a script for Ninannah.
Either way, March wants to know
everything she doesn't know.
Growing up means learning
and knowing more and more things, right?
Of course Fu will be with me.
We'll learn together and grow together.
That wish
will definitely come true, March.
It's all right.
This is a game as well.
A game of escaping before we're caught.
Hand over the dog.
If you do so, I will spare your lives.
-I refuse.
Come at me! I'll knock you down!
No, Parona! It's too dangerous!
You'll get killed!
What is it? Did something happen?
Please keep the wagon going!
Stand back, March!
Parona, don't go!
What should March do?
What should I do?
March wants to…
That's right. Come.
Mom, I'm so hungry.
I think I'm going to die.
Don't worry.
Mom will make food for you.
I'm making food!
It's so good!
Mom, your cooking is the best!
You poor thing.
Mom will make food for you right away.
I'm making food!
You poor thing.
Dad will be coming home early today,
so I made a lot of food.
I'm making food!
Hey, why are you always alone?
Well, I don't have any family.
This is for you.
Wait up a bit!
Here! Some food as thank you!
Thank you.
It's so tasty!
Can we be a family?
See, this is our child.
March will be the mom
and you can be the dad.
It will be all right.
It will be all right, March!
I'll fix you up right now!
Is March going to die for Parona's sake?
No, March.
You're going to go back
to the village and become an adult!
This is for you as a thank you.
Become a mom in March's place.
No, March! Isn't that your dream?
You need to become a mom!
Isn't that right, March?
Look, it's done!
Now, you'll be fine!
All that's left to do is to go back!
Is Fu here?
That's good…
This looks good.
Your cooking really is the best after all.
Release the arrows!
What's going on?
-It's the Spirit Bear!
-The Spirit Bear has been angered!
Release the arrows!
Thank you.
You're fighting for March's sake,
aren't you?
But it's all right now.
You don't need to fight anymore.
March, I'm sorry for always
coming home late because of work.
But today,
it seems like
my work will be finished early.
Let's go back together now.
Is that you, March?
Yes, it's me!
Aren't you surprised
that March is still alive?
It was so hard!
-That's great, March!
-There, there.
Mom, we're so hungry.
We feel like we're going to die!
Don't worry.
Mom will make food for all of you!
Well, how many are there?
One, two, three, four…
Well? Fu?
Where am I?
That's right, I'm…
Let's go back together now.
March is here! Right here!
No! March doesn't want to die!
March is here! March isn't dead!
There are so many things
March wants to do!
And she hasn't done any of them yet!
It's all right, March.
Wait for me.
I'll be there soon.
I'm not equipped to accept this reality
and continue to live carefree.
No, Parona!
You can't! Don't die!
Fu, stop her!
Help Parona!
Over there!
Capture it while it's still in human form!
And yet you tell me to keep on living.
What a distasteful guy.
It can't be the Spirit Bear!
Everyone was looking for you!
Where have you been
for the past half year?
I couldn't do anything.
That's right. This is for you.
I was entrusted
to give this letter to you.
A letter?
It's a paper with words written on it.
Isn't this just a handprint?
What's written there is,
"March is doing well."
What have I done?
As her parent,
I should have protected her.
I'm so sorry!
Thank you for fighting for March.
The Yanome are here!
The Yanome? Why are they here?
They must be after you.
You have to run, Fushi.
Avoid their scent and escape.
There is nobody to give your life meaning!
You must grasp it yourself!
You understand my words, right?
-Where are they?
-Over there.
They're close.
Have they caught sight of Fushi?
I have to stop them.
There's only this heavy, strong one.
That's fine.
It hit!
I missed it.
I missed it!
Having met and separated from its mom,
it gained a sense of humanity.
They never separated.
They traveled together.
Fushi reunited with Pioran,
and began to learn the language
and ways of living as a human
as he carried on his journey.
Suddenly, it was attacked
by an unknown matter.
A being that could threaten its existence.
A battle is about to begin.
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