To Your Eternity (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Our Goals

The escape from the prison of Yanome
resulted in an unexpected fatality,
March's death.
The second human
to have died before Fushi.
Thus, it received a new stimulus.
Fushi, who had gained a sense of humanity
after its fateful encounter
with its mom, March,
chases after her lingering traces
and continues on its journey.
And so it continued walking,
in search of the next stimulus.
It spent most of its time as a wolf,
likely to the end
of sniffing out its destination.
It did not take the form of a bear,
likely because of how much
it would cause him pain.
It occasionally takes the form of a boy,
to no significant end.
When it got hungry,
it took the form of March,
likely because it could then
best obtain the trees' fruits.
Until one day,
it reached a familiar scent.
So you were alive after all!
It was dreadful!
I was looking for you
for three days and three nights,
and I had to beg for food.
And then the donkey ran away
when I was going to give it some water,
so I ended up stranded here,
fending off the wind and rain…
Wasn't that Parona girl with you?
And that monster, Fushi.
Hey, aren't you going to say something?
It's you.
That's why you didn't say anything.
Well, you're the only one around now.
Where are you going?
Hey, you can't leave
an elderly woman alone!
Though I can't understand at all
what goes through your head.
When do you take March's form?
What do you think of them?
Does a monster such as you
have feelings or emotions?
Although I can see that
you don't know how to express them.
I'd like to look into your heart sometime.
I'm hungry.
I haven't eaten since two days ago.
Should we stop and rest?
Thigh meat!
Why not?
You're not losing anything!
Let me cook and eat you!
Treasure your elders!
Come here!
You devil!
Please give me some too!
I won't bite you anymore! Please!
It's good!
It's good!
It's good!
It's good.
It's good.
Thank you.
Thank you! Good girl!
It's a map.
Look, there's a village nearby!
Though it's about a hundred Ri away.
We'll probably reach the sea by then.
How about it, Fushi?
My hometown is just beyond the ocean.
Should we go and visit?
You're interested in the script.
Look. This is how you write "Ri."
That's right.
Do you want to know more?
Then follow me.
I will teach you language, script,
and how to live as a human.
But you'll have to take care of me.
This is "March."
No, that's not it. Here.
This is "Fushi." Your name.
This is my name,
That is a tree.
That is a flower.
Thank you.
You're not wrong,
but there's a more appropriate phrasing.
Good night.
"Good night."
What's that?
A boat.
That's right.
Well, you've become
quite capable of speaking.
Is this change thanks to March?
I will grow up and learn things.
I see, so you want to grow up?
Hey, before you met March,
what were you doing?
Who were you with?
I was always walking alone.
Then I met him.
He gave me food.
Who? Who did you meet?
I don't know.
I don't know his name.
Form, voice, smell. I remember.
I became him.
The end.
The land is in sight.
Look over there, where the sky is red.
Every day, the Yanome
fight like that with the Takunaha,
which is where we're going.
My lover's house is up ahead,
so for now, let's go there.
We'll sleep in the forest tonight.
He's very knowledgeable,
so he might know a thing or two about you.
We'll probably arrive tomorrow.
What's this?
Someone has come to play in my garden.
Its body now responds differently.
It refuses to regenerate
into the boy's form.
What's wrong, Fushi?
What happened?
Who are you?
You took on Fushi's appearance,
what the heck do you--
Even if you fail to act,
it will surely hear your voice.
How does it feel to have lost
a part of yourself?
You were stolen from that.
That boy, his form,
his sound, and his smell.
And as long as that boy
remains stolen from you,
you will likely be unable
to ever remember what you've lost.
Yet you should be aware of it,
of an uncomfortable feeling
arising from that void.
Is what stands there
something of worth to you?
I'll advise you
in a way you can understand.
That is your enemy.
Fight it and defeat it.
Inside it is a core.
Rip it out of its body.
Only then will its movements stop.
Not bad.
-Don't come.
It has been designed
to weaken you
by stealing the vessels you gathered.
It is an imperfection
that cannot be called a "living being."
But it is capable of theft.
Well done.
That is its core.
Inside it resides
that which was stolen from you.
All that is left is to reclaim it.
Who are you?
I created you.
We have a great goal.
To preserve this world.
And this was something
created to impede our progress.
You don't seem to understand.
No problem. We shall speak again.
Now then, Fushi. Let's have fun.
Until the end comes.
Fushi, are you all right?
What was that thing just now?
I don't know.
It was weird.
Are you here, old man?
I brought you a great souvenir!
An immortal monster!
Fushi starts a new life in the home
of an old man who sells alcohol.
He was warmly welcomed by the masked boy,
Fushi's existence
also seems to have bought
a new stimulus for Gugu.
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