To Your Eternity (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

The Boy Who Wants to Change

I created you.
We have a great goal.
To preserve this world.
And this was something
created to impede our progress.
Now then, Fushi. Let's have fun.
Until the end comes.
I was thinking recently.
Why am I who I am?
Why weren't we born
into that mansion over there?
I think of that too.
And that's why
we're working hard every day like this,
To get money.
And one day,
build a mansion like that.
We'll live in it together.
Let's get to work!
Shin, you tend to the fields.
Gugu, sell these vegetables at the market.
Don't leave a single one unsold.
Yes, mister!
That girl always passes by.
I wonder what her name is.
Is she from the mansion?
Do you sell seeds here?
No, sorry. We don't.
I'll ask mister.
Thank you. Bye.
That old man is as odd as ever.
Do you know him?
He sells alcohol on the hills.
Rumor is he does some work
that might as well be called crime.
I'm back, Shin!
-Someone gave us food.
-See you later, Shin.
You'd better win tomorrow!
Okay. See you later!
Who were they?
My friends.
I got to know them recently.
We're short.
Shin, did you spend any money today?
Of course not!
But we're short on one bundle.
Did someone take them?
Those guys earlier
didn't see the box, right?
Don't be suspicious of my friends!
Yes. Sorry.
I just heard that
there were some dangerous people nearby.
But this is really a shock.
It can't be helped if it was stolen.
Don't get so upset.
Yes, that's right.
We just need to work and earn more money.
To make sure, I'll put it in the tree.
Someone gave me a steamed bun.
Do you want half of it?
No, I'm not hungry.
Hey, there. Are you hungry?
Here, have some.
Both of us have it hard.
Hey, you're the dog from yesterday!
Sorry, I don't have any buns today!
So that's your name!
-It's her!
Excuse me.
Are you looking for this dog?
Meer, I finally found you!
I have to thank you.
How about this?
My lady, that was a present from your dad.
It's all right.
He bought it
even though I don't like this color.
If you sell this,
you'd never have to sell vegetables again!
She knows about me!
Well, what's your name?
That was a rude way of speaking.
What? But I was encouraging him.
I'm back, Shin!
Something good happened today!
This world follows the concept of fate.
And I've decided to oppose that.
I'm sorry, Gugu.
Why am I who I am?
If you sell this,
you'd never have to sell vegetables again.
If I were to crash into that…
Bang. Boom. Crack.
Would my fate change?
That was a dumb thought.
Hey! Are you all right?
One, two…
Dang. It won't budge.
I'm going to get someone to help.
Can you watch this for me?
That was close.
It was so fast that
I almost actually died.
Hey, you over there! It's dangerous!
It's dangerous! Run!
Someone, save me.
She's bleeding! Are you all right?
Quick! Get someone
to tend to her injuries!
She's awake!
Rean! Stay with me!
I see. Her name is Rean.
Help me carry her!
-It's good she was saved.
-One, two!
-It's good.
Get her back to the house!
-You head back first too!
It hurts.
This place is…
My body feels heavy.
I feel like my stomach is swollen.
My eyes, my mouth, my nose.
It's almost as if…
Your nose was destroyed,
but you can still eat.
I worked pretty hard to fix you up,
given the situation you were in.
You're pretty lucky.
I always dreamed
of being someone other than myself.
My dream came true.
I became a different being, a monster.
Did you hear?
That weird old man
finally created a monster.
Are you here, old man?
I brought you a great souvenir!
An immortal monster!
How about it? Isn't it amazing?
And it's immortal too?
Goodness. This is too much for my caliber.
Where did you find it, old lady?
The Yanome captured him.
Stuff happened,
and now we're traveling together.
I'm the servant here. My name is Gugu.
What's your name?
You're immortal, that's why you're Fushi!
That's all?
Well, whatever. You're weird.
Hey, Booze Man. Can I show him around?
I heard you guys are going to stay here.
I've been here for about three months now.
I was wounded badly back then.
But then Grandpa Beer saved me.
He's weird though.
He's called Grandpa Beer or the Booze Man
because he makes a lot of alcohol.
He's a bit crazy though,
so we don't get many customers.
Look! This is where we distill it.
What is alcohol?
Try some.
Speaking of which,
you're wearing some run-down clothes.
Dirty stuff isn't in fashion!
Hey, where are you going?
We're heading down to the lake!
What's wrong?
You're afraid of the woods, aren't you?
We were attacked by an unknown being
in the forest.
It took the form of trees.
Are there things that an immortal fear?
I see.
That old man will get angry at us
for using this water,
but who cares.
Why are you injured? Aren't you immortal?
Don't you know?
If you can't find a response,
you should say, "I don't know."
I don't know.
You learn fast.
Here. Take your clothes off.
I'll wash them.
It's stuck?
This one too. And this too? Why?
Stop! I don't need to take it off!
I'm ugly!
See. Aren't I ugly?
Hey, say something.
What? Ugly.
A face that makes you laugh
when you see it.
Like a monster.
Someone like me,
who needs to spend their life hiding.
I understand, but I still haven't
gotten used to this lifestyle yet.
Well, we're both monsters.
So let's be friends.
Listen, Fushi.
As long as you're here,
you'll need to learn how to work.
Say "yes" or something!
Responding is the basis
of human communication.
The first thing in the morning
is cleaning!
Then prepare food!
Then work in the fields until noon!
-And tend to the store after that!
You're bigger than me,
but how old are you?
I don't know.
You know so little about yourself.
Then how about your parents?
Do you know their faces?
I don't know.
What are parents?
We have to start from there?
Parents are people who work for your sake
out of unconditional love.
What about siblings?
Anyone who grew up with you?
I don't know.
I had one. A cool older brother.
He left to go make money.
One day, he'll be rich,
and he'll come back.
Maybe not knowing
is a form of happiness in itself.
You have no need for despair.
I envy you.
So what are we going to do about this guy?
Don't ask me, I'm just a brewer.
If the world finds out about something
as rare as this, there'll be war.
Is that so?
Before that happens, I'll protect him!
I bet there are a lot of people
who would pay a lot of money for him.
What? You can't sell Fushi!
I got it! Let's make immortal alcohol!
We'll dice up his fingers
and drop them in!
What are you saying, Grandpa Beer?
Cut that out!
What are you getting all flustered for?
It's just a joke, my boy!
Well, I guess we'll just have to settle
for having him do street performances.
That sounds good.
Why are both of you so greedy?
It's barbaric to use him to make money!
Listen! Fushi holds
a priceless and unique power!
We should be thankful
we even had the chance to meet him!
I want to welcome Fushi as a family!
That's right.
Fushi is like a sibling to me.
A big brother?
A little brother!
Hey, what do you think
you'll be in ten years, Fushi?
Meaning? I don't understand.
I expect this
will be my life then as well.
Cleaning, cooking, working.
Living a boring life.
Before I became like this,
I dreamed of living in a grand mansion,
and dining on the fruits of the mountains.
And now that dream has come true.
But there was a price for that.
The me that had a cool brother
and a girl he wanted to talk to.
The life that was only mine
will never come back.
This is an absolute and definite future.
It hurts me to think of it.
But now that you're here, Fushi,
I might be able to come to terms
with this boring life.
If you transformed into Grandpa Beer,
would you think alcohol is tasty?
I don't know.
Try it out!
Excuse me.
Hello! Welcome!
What would you like?
This is a liquor store.
It's not like I want alcohol!
I'm looking for something good
for the body!
A liquor with nutritional supplements?
I know!
What about some non-alcoholic pickles?
Add some water and citrus,
and it's amazing!
That sounds great!
Will it help heal wounds?
A wound from three months ago
that still hasn't healed.
It's so large and embarrassing
that it can only be hidden.
It will heal the wound! Definitely!
She's so cute!
I'm glad this shop is so friendly.
I thought it was going to be scary.
Like that mask! What's with that?
-It's just a trick to attract customers!
Customers love it!
I see.
Goodness! I'm so happy!
Be careful! Don't forget your position!
You're not from this house, are you?
That's right. I'm just working here.
I see. So whenever I come here,
you'll still be here?
Yes! In the fields in the morning,
and here in the shop during the afternoon!
Can I ask for your name?
I… I'm…
I'm Gugu!
Not you.
Mr. Fushi!
You're so handsome!
How old are you? Where are you from?
What do you like to eat?
He likes all of my cooking!
I see!
-I love fruits too.
-Fushi! You're in the middle of work!
Call me Rean.
You're so good!
-Stop it!
All right. Go help Grandpa Beer!
So you won't annoy the customers!
I wanted to go on a stroll with Mr. Fushi!
That won't bother anyone, would it,
Mr. Shop Attendant?
No! Look, this man isn't even capable
of taking off his own clothes!
As you can see, he isn't capable
of speech yet either! Like a baby!
He needs education!
He has no time to play around!
I could teach him how to speak.
And how to take off his clothes too.
I'm just kidding!
Man cannot live on alcohol alone.
One can drink alcohol
and thus enjoy the passage of time,
but it will be insufficient
to maintain his lifestyle.
What are you saying?
I don't even drink!
The time you spend despondent
is vital to molding yourself
into a profound human being.
Feel the pain and become a proper man,
What are you doing?
I'm training.
I'm giving myself worth!
I will also give.
You don't need to! Get down!
Go back to your room and sleep.
Isn't that Gugu?
He's training.
That's a real man.
Become a strong man, Gugu.
Peaceful days in Takunaha
allowed Gugu and Fushi
to gradually deepen
their understanding of each other.
However, when Gugu discovers
a secret inside his body,
he despairs.
And reflects on his fate alone.
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