To Your Eternity (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Monster Brothers

I brought you a great souvenir!
An immortal monster!
In Takunaha,
Fushi meets a young boy.
His name is Gugu.
He wears a mask
to hide the scars on his face.
He calls himself a monster
and regards Fushi as his little brother.
Living together
with Gugu, Pioran, Grandpa Beer,
and interactions with Rean
have provided new stimuli for Fushi.
I have a great idea!
I'll work too! Here!
Are you sure, Miss?
Yes. And I'd like to make a request too.
Please let me live here.
You won't have to pay me, so…
Well, I can't refuse a request
from such a cute, young lady.
Then it's decided!
I'll get ready and come back tomorrow!
Is it really all right
to let that girl work here?
Well, we have spare rooms.
Are there any other problems?
Well, nothing really.
Fushi, make sure to hide
that ability of yours from her.
If you scare her,
the shop's reputation will worsen.
It's already pretty bad, isn't it?
-You don't hold back, do you?
-Will tomorrow make me happy?
Or will it be painful?
The plates. That's all of them.
By the way, aside from changing your form,
what else can you do?
I don't know.
I'm sick of that answer.
Show me something I haven't seen yet.
Amazing! A spear!
Since when can you do this?
I don't know.
When I think I want it, it comes.
So then, can you make this bowl?
I can't.
I don't know.
I haven't seen how immortal you are.
It hurts.
Amazing! It's healing so fast!
It's the same knife!
So you can make it!
I made it.
What might the condition be?
Is it reacting to pain?
How about this fire?
If we heat you up with fire,
would you be able to make it?
Let's experiment.
Just the pole? You can't make the fire?
Well, I guess it would've been cool
if you could spit fire.
What's with that face?
Why are you so upset?
It's not like you'll die or anything.
If you don't like it, just say so!
You're so dumb. It's only an experiment.
Yes. I understand. I'll remember.
I'm here!
I look forward to working with you!
Where is Fushi?
I'm not sure.
I haven't seen him this morning.
He'll probably be back soon.
Before dinnertime, I guess.
We're making his favorite today.
I see. That's good.
Speaking of which, your wound. How is it?
It'll take a bit more time to disappear.
But the pickles you gave me
were really good!
A three-month-old wound
should have closed by now.
But it hasn't fully healed,
so I want to help.
I have something good.
Sit down.
What are you doing?
What is that?
This is highly refined alcohol.
Spread it on Rean's wound.
But how did that…
You have an extra organ.
And I've always been interested
in what happens to alcohol
stored inside the human body.
This is priceless.
I have no intention of selling it.
That's not it!
I'm asking
why you would do something like that!
This experiment
will blow open the science of humor.
And I've pursued it
to satisfy my curiosity.
Don't worry. You won't die.
What's wrong?
I'm leaving this place!
Mr. Shop Attendant!
You put alcohol in his viscera?
Why would you?
When I saw him on the verge of his death,
I couldn't restrain myself.
It was a chance
to fulfill a long-held dream.
So he was basically a new toy to you.
That's horrible!
You need to go look for him
and remove it immediately!
Well, I have work.
What do you mean, work?
Miss, could you
go look for him in my stead?
Well, I won't say no.
But I don't really know
the shop attendant that well.
And there's no reason for me to go.
The shop attendant ran away.
Aren't you friends?
Shouldn't you go look for him?
You are friends, right?
No. I'm not worried.
Did you guys have a fight?
This is troublesome.
There's some pretty valuable alcohol
in there.
I'm sick of this attitude!
That's why he left!
If Gugu is not here, who will make dinner?
Should I?
I will.
This is horrible!
It's nice that this isn't
what commoner food is really like.
Don't worry, Fushi.
If you add salt, it will taste all right.
Gugu's cooking was the best.
What might he be doing now?
So nobody went after him in the end?
Nobody came to find me.
Well, that's fine. I'll just live alone!
More importantly,
I need to get this alcohol out of me!
That's it!
If only I could take it all out.
It's okay.
I'll make money
and have a doctor take it out.
Look! That's the rumor going around!
The monster!
Shush! It will hear you!
Is that really it?
It doesn't look scary at all.
I heard you'll get killed
if you look inside the mask!
Are you really Gugu?
Yes, mister!
You can work here,
but what's with the mask?
I got into a little accident.
But I'm healthy, so I can work!
Look at that thing.
Have you ever seen a monster this weak?
I don't want to get involved.
Good work.
Why don't you come over for dinner?
-Wait up!
-Get over here and sit down.
Why are you wearing that?
He was injured.
Show me.
It's better if you don't see it.
By the way, Gugu. I have a proposal.
Your brother, Shin, left.
So you're alone now, right?
Why don't you join our family
and live here?
No way, Dad!
I don't want to live with him!
They're calling him a monster,
do you know that?
That's enough.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Rumors on the street
say nothing about Gugu himself.
But I don't like him!
Chan is right.
The biggest prerequisite
for a family is love.
Ultimately, I want that too.
So I want to know.
Whether you can look at my face
and love it.
Like I said! He's a monster!
I'm sorry! We mean no harm.
Please come back and work tomorrow!
I don't want you to hate us for this.
Gugu, say something.
I'm all right! Right now, I'm smiling.
Is that so?
Please take care of me tomorrow as well!
I've got you!
-Run! We'll be killed!
What the heck? What was that?
Those guys are horrible.
Without this mask, I…
What if I don't have this mask on?
Can I not continue living as a human?
Gugu, what happened to your mask?
I threw it away.
It's too hot.
It's more comfortable without it.
I see. That makes sense.
Work hard today too.
Yes, mister.
Cleaning in the morning.
That's too much salt!
Then work fields until noon!
Then work fields until noon!
What is with this mess?
Watch the shop in the afternoon.
What is it?
When did he learn to call me by my name?
Teach me to cook, clean, and work.
I can do nothing.
Find Gugu and ask him to teach you.
He knows it best.
Even if you try to bribe me, no means no.
Why you refused him?
I can't spoil him.
He needs to hurry up
and become a proper human.
He is so serious.
He looks so small.
They're all making too much of a fuss.
Am I really that scary?
Those faces. They were funnier than mine.
I've gained some muscle.
The bulge seems smaller too.
All right.
Don't come to work anymore.
It's embarrassing when you come.
You're pretty cold, aren't you?
Even though your dad is kind.
Yes, my dad is kind.
So don't cause trouble for him anymore.
We're not an oddity shop.
The monster didn't come?
I guess he quit.
He was so interesting though.
-That's true.
Thank you, mister.
I can only live in peace
because people like you exist.
Is this all the money I have left?
What should I do?
Excuse me.
Do you have any work?
I'll do anything.
I don't have any money!
Excuse me.
What's wrong with you?
Don't come near me!
Go away! Shoo!
I don't have any money left.
If you sell this,
you'd never have to sell vegetables again.
How much will you pay for this?
This is…
Where did you get this?
Actually, never mind. Thank you.
Just what am I trying to protect?
that will keep alive
my memories of my human self?
Shin! You're not allowed here!
He looks so thin and weak.
How pathetic.
If you sell this,
you'll be able to eat a lot.
I have no brother.
Even if I use that ring,
I'll still be a monster.
But since my brother
is only a worthless man,
he might be able
to become a proper person.
Either way,
a monster has no need for that ring.
Am I dumb?
This is fine.
This is the monster Gugu's way of life.
Let me out!
-How much do you think he will fetch?
-Let me go!
If we go to the right place,
there's bound to be a lot of demand.
Stop! Let me go!
-Didn't you say you'll do anything?
-Let me go!
I'll introduce you to a good job.
Someone, help me!
What's with this dog?
Scram! Go away!
How dare you challenge me!
Did you come here on your own?
Weren't you afraid of the forest?
I'm afraid,
but I came.
I understand.
I can't become an adult without Gugu.
You're so cool for a monster.
Long live the monsters!
Fushi acquires a brotherly figure.
Carved in the deeper parts
of his memories,
the wound in Gugu's heart
lets out a voiceless cry.
Rean laments over her life
without freedom.
As the three of them grow closer,
a disturbing shadow lurks.
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