To Your Eternity (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Deep Memories

Fushi leads a life of peace,
living together with Gugu and the others.
Little by little,
he gains more stimulation.
The accumulated stimuli
and a fight with Gugu
lead Fushi to take Pioran's advice
to look for Gugu who had run away.
The two of them are reunited once again.
I heard it's over here.
So this is where the monster lives?
But nobody is here.
It's scary.
-There it is!
-It's a monster!
We did it, Fushi!
The greater the stimulus,
the deeper it's imprinted in one's memory.
For example, encountering a monster.
A boy became friends with a monster.
Did you see them?
Their faces were hilarious!
Aren't you going back
to Grandpa Beer's place?
Didn't you hear?
Grandpa Beer stuffed alcohol inside of me.
What? I can't move.
I haven't eaten anything in so long.
Fushi, do you have anything?
I see.
I made it!
Gugu, I made it!
Hold on. I'll make more!
I got it! Eat up!
This is great!
You can even make food now?
The greater the stimulus was,
the easier it was
for Fushi to replicate it.
-The greater the stimulus,
-Amazing. Anything else?
the deeper it's imprinted in one's memory.
Yet depending on his future growth,
the day may come when Fushi is able
to replicate
-even the smallest bit of stimuli.
-I can't eat anymore.
Meer! Did you run away from home again?
No, Fushi. This is Meer.
This is Rean's dog.
Who is Joaan anyway?
A person said that name
when they saw my face.
So Joaan must have been your name.
Was it your parent who called you that?
I don't know.
But that person was my first person.
They became hollow, unable to move,
and I became them.
I see.
So your appearance
originally came from another person.
And that person died.
Yes. It means they passed away.
You can turn into a little girl,
can't you?
Did she die too?
That huge bear and the wolf as well?
What is death?
It's the hollowness you spoke of.
But once it happens,
you can never turn back.
That's death.
You were reacting to pain
when you created things, right?
Would you react to emotional pain as well?
For instance,
if I died and you were emotionally hurt,
you would be able to become me.
Something like that, right?
I think.
That's great though. It's really great!
Even if I die,
at least, you'll never forget me, right?
You know, I'm all alone.
If I had grown up in a normal household,
there'd be someone
who would prepare food for me every day.
I would have a bed
to sleep in every night.
A mom to nurse me when I get sick.
A dad asking me how I was doing every day.
Older twin sisters who would be mean
but play with me.
A big brother
who would teach me lots of things.
To live a life
where people would remember me.
That would only be natural, right?
But then,
one day, I felt something was not right.
Come, children!
We received some cake.
Let's eat it together.
You didn't forget our promise!
It's cherry cake, right? My favorite!
Wait, Gugu.
That's the rule.
What are you two waiting for?
Come quickly and have some cake with us!
Yes. Thank you very much!
After a while, we had to move far away
due to my dad's work.
But they didn't take us with them.
Well, I guess it's just the two of us now.
All right. Let's go find work elsewhere.
I thought they were my family,
but they were just my employers.
The only one who actually
thought of me was my brother.
Ever since we became alone,
he has always been kind to me.
But now, even that is in the past.
In the end, I'm alone.
But now you're here.
I'm sorry for what I've done, Fushi.
I'm sorry for hurting you.
If I die, become me, Fushi.
I'm a bit sleepy now.
Did you eat too much?
Right now, I'm really happy.
After all, you're worried about me.
You thought of me
and now you're here for me.
I feel like
that's what a family should be.
Found you! What are you doing here?
I spent so much time looking for you!
How did you find us?
I heard Meer.
Meer has a habit
of running away from home.
Why won't you come back?
What are you saying?
Why won't I come back?
I am a victim here!
The old man said he repented.
And he'll take out the thing
inside your stomach for free!
For free?
So we should go back.
Come on, let's go.
Why does everyone want me back?
Because we all need you.
Because we love you!
Even you?
Grandpa, Grandma, food is ready!
If you're going to complain,
make it yourself!
I'm too lazy.
I don't want to do this either!
But I won't go back.
I threw away the mask.
That means
I threw away my humanity as well.
Wasn't that supposed to be a gag
for the customers?
Sorry, I lied.
It was to hide the scars on my face.
I'm so sorry. And you're still hiding it?
What are you doing?
You're horrible, perverted, and evil!
Why are you sticking to the tree
like some sort of bug?
Who cares about your face?
It matters to me!
I don't want it to be seen!
Especially by you.
But you were showing it off before.
Why is that?
Fushi, please be quiet for a bit.
What? So you just won't show it to me?
Well, that's not really…
Then if you have a mask,
will you stop acting like a bug?
I'll go get it.
So tell me where you left it.
Right, where could I have left it?
You always look like your heart hurts
when you talk to Rean.
Will you feel better with the mask?
What are you saying?
I'll go find it!
Don't leave me behind!
What a weird guy.
But he's so nice.
Hey, should I show you my wound?
My wound is pretty bad.
Maybe you'll realize your wound
isn't bad enough for you to hide it.
See? Isn't it horrible?
Of course not!
That's so mean! I was so worried about it!
Compared to my injury,
that looks like a scratch!
-Then show me your injury!
I can well affirm
that your wound is almost healed.
So why are you worried about it? Stupid!
There's a limit to overreacting!
You say the same things my parents do.
I'm sorry.
Is it not going well with your parents?
It doesn't matter what my life is like.
Because I'd be overreacting.
Well, that's…
Don't cry.
Fushi comes back quickly.
They treat me like some kind of pet.
They always want things to go their way.
It's so mean.
My favorite color is purple,
but they always buy me green stuff
because it's the family color!
Isn't green fine?
That's not all.
One time I painted a picture
and my mom hired an art teacher.
I didn't like that, so I started sewing.
And she hired a sewing teacher.
I just want to do things freely.
There would always be people
surrounding me.
If I sneezed,
they would come to check my temperature.
They'd make me eat food every day
even when I didn't want to.
They'd comb my hair four times a day.
Whenever I went outside
to escape that stifling house,
a servant would follow.
I've never had any time to be alone.
It's like I haven't been recognized
as an individual at all in that house.
That's dumb. You have good parents.
You're the one that's spoiled.
You must have it tough.
So tough that you need to chalk up
other's kindness to you as misfortune,
so you can gloat
about how unlucky you are.
You've got the wrong idea.
I wouldn't expect you
to understand my values!
Even this wound!
I only got it
because I was born into that house!
Someone pushed me from behind.
They said it could be someone
who has a grudge against my dad.
And they didn't worry about me at all!
You're wrong.
What? Did you say I was wrong?
No. I said that you were stupid.
How many times are you going
to call me stupid in one day?
Meer, did I say anything bad?
No, woof!
How did you get an injury on your face?
I won't tell you.
If I tell you, you'll hate me.
What do you mean?
Do you like me?
I won't tell you.
If I tell you, you'll hate me.
You won't tell me anything.
I'm a monster.
That's all you need to know.
Hey! I brought this mask
as a present for you!
Grandpa said this was
a legendary folk mask or something!
That sounds amazing, right?
Use it if you like.
I don't need anything like this!
You're pretty stupid too.
I don't care whether
you're a human or a monster.
You know, either way,
you're you, don't you?
Whether you expose everything
or hide everything,
it's weird either way, but I like it.
That's you.
You're only you.
So come out.
You don't intend to avoid
looking at me in the eyes, do you?
I want to get to know you better.
Even if you need to wear a mask
all the way through.
You know, the wind is nice today.
Fushi is late, isn't he?
Should we wait? Should we find him?
Let's go.
Sorry for the mean things I said earlier.
What was it again?
Found it!
Is it fun pretending to be human?
Your enemies are always waiting
for an opening.
Be careful.
I tossed away the mask
just right this way,
so Fushi should be there.
Are you sure we won't miss each other?
Don't worry. He'll find us.
How do you know?
Well, because he's like that.
What? I don't get it.
Let's go back, Ms. Rean.
No! Let go!
Who is that?
Some rascal being paid to abduct me!
How much did they offer for capturing me?
The Cropp girl.
-She ran away again?
-Let me go!
Let go of me!
Did you run away from home?
Yes, that's right.
My dad probably hired 20 or so guys
to run around the streets and find me.
Why did you run away?
Tell me the reason.
What? Haven't I told you already?
You mean what we spoke about earlier?
Yes. Is something wrong with that?
So was this mask
to prevent them from finding you?
I didn't want to be dragged back
before finding you guys.
Sorry for making up the story
about it being a present.
Are you disappointed?
I'll return it.
Thank you for lending me the mask.
I think I understand you a bit more.
Don't worry. I won't look.
It doesn't really matter.
Thank you.
I found it!
All right.
Let's head back to Grandpa Beer's place.
Really? You just said you didn't want to.
Isn't that the best place for you to be?
Yes, but aren't you angry
about what he has done?
I don't really care anymore.
It's not like I've forgiven
what was done to me,
or that I don't think it was wrong.
I just that I no longer care about
my circumstances.
That's all.
That's why I can go back.
Let's go.
My lady!
Where did you run off to?
Don't try to fool us with this mask!
Come, let's go back.
Your dad is worried.
Might you have the wrong person?
I haven't heard from Rean.
You're as cute as always.
But I never said anything about Rean.
Please stop this, my lady.
I don't want to. It's such a pain.
Just ignore them!
My lady!
She's coming!
It will be troublesome
if she chases us back.
Fushi, please!
My lady…
What? Who is this child?
Goodness! What should I do?
It hurts.
-She's bleeding. This is bad!
-It hurts.
There! The house is right ahead!
Where's Fushi?
Don't worry. He'll come in a bit!
I wonder.
Will he really?
I doubt he will return.
For two reasons.
he has acquired nothing useful
since his last battle.
the first to strike wins.
What was that cry?
Fushi is making a scene.
Someone, help!
A monster!
-A monster?
-I'll go take a look!
-Go back to the house!
Don't leave me.
I said I could go back alone.
All right. Be careful!
Okay. You too!
What? Blood?
What is this?
The unknown enemy
makes a reappearance.
Fushi was attacked in the forest.
Gugu rushes to save him.
A bond between brothers
was formed in the moment of resurrection.
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