To Your Eternity (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

New Family

In the process of living,
it is inevitable that something will arise
to impede that continuity.
It will attack
the fundamental constitution of that life
and restrict its freedom of choice.
I don't think highly of this.
Freedom of choice
is a valuable right
that should be given to all.
Gugu, run.
That guy.
We were attacked by an unknown being
in the forest.
It took the form of trees.
Run. Hurry!
No, I'll help you!
All right!
What should I do?
Why is there fire here?
I got it.
When I spit out that alcohol,
the area caught fire.
I have an idea!
While it's distracted by Fushi…
Take a big breath, clench your stomach,
and in one go…
What? Why?
There was so much of it earlier!
It can't be. Is it all gone?
Watch out!
If you don't run, I will be angry!
Hang in there!
I'll be back in five minutes!
I'll bite you if you come back!
Go ahead!
One minute to get back
to Grandpa Beer's house.
Two minutes to pour the alcohol
into my stomach.
Wait for me, Fushi!
That's right. It's because of the alcohol.
Stand up.
I must go.
I'm the only one who can save Fushi.
That's right. Go!
We're almost there.
You're the guy who was with Ms. Rean!
Were you the one who misled my daughter?
Hey! Weren't you listening? I told you!
I ran away from home on my own!
They had nothing to do with this!
Just what did you do to our daughter?
Sorry, I didn't think
they would come this far.
That's enough for now, dear.
It's late.
Gugu, what's wrong?
You look a bit sick.
Grandpa, give me alcohol!
The strongest alcohol you have!
What do you mean, Gugu?
What do you need alcohol for?
The alcohol in my stomach ran out!
So I need more!
Not just any alcohol.
The strongest you've got!
Goodness. What's with this child?
-Come on, give it to me.
-Hey, what's going on?
-Hurry up.
-What happened? Where's Fushi?
Fushi is in the forest.
So I need to hurry up and go back.
-Old man, I'll take care of this.
Do as Gugu says.
Got it.
I've refined this alcohol over and over.
It's the best we have.
It looks like
there may be internal damage.
You could die if you continue.
There's no time!
Put it in!
Rean, let's go back.
No! I want to stay here!
Stop acting up!
You're causing trouble
for the people here.
She acts this way
if she doesn't get what she wants.
That's why she ran away.
But there's no real problem.
Don't you think the problem
is that you think there's no problem?
Come, let's go back.
No! I don't want to!
-Stop acting so selfishly.
-No! Let go of me!
She can't go back.
This has nothing to do with you.
Step away!
It doesn't matter. She can't!
I'm telling you, she can't!
Why are you so insistent?
We raised you so that
you wouldn't make such a fool of yourself!
We've done so much for you!
That's why!
I want to live freely!
Even if it means making a fool of myself!
I get it now.
You didn't like
that we picked your fiancé for you, right?
That's not it.
Really? Rean already has a fiancé?
I don't know who that guy is.
But the one who loves Rean the most
is me, Gugu.
I'm off. See you later.
I'll leave the rest to you guys!
Let's go, Rean.
Fushi! I'm back!
Where's the enemy?
You're all right, Fushi!
No. That's not Fushi.
Fushi, where are you?
What did you do to Fushi, you brat?
Give Fushi back to me!
What is the meaning of this?
Please step aside.
I've got plenty more!
It's burning!
The forest is on fire!
Fushi, where did you go?
You're immortal, aren't you?
But did you get swallowed up?
I had fun because you were here.
I was happy.
I feel happy being myself.
I'm sorry, Fushi,
for being such a powerless brother.
What's that light?
A rock?
Well, well, Fushi.
You're quite the lucky one.
This fragile
but by no means weak existence
will surely make you stronger.
In good time.
I defeated the enemy. I did.
That hurts, you fool!
Thank you, Gugu.
They're back!
What happened out there?
As expected of Gugu!
I'm going to eat it all up!
Delicious! Gugu's cooking is the best!
Thank you for coming back, Gugu!
Have you come around to forgive me yet?
No, I won't forgive you.
So from now on,
I won't call you Grandpa Beer.
I'll call you Old Beer Geezer.
But in the end, you did save my life.
So I'll take off the "Old"
and leave it at Beer Geezer.
Address your elders more respectfully.
I apologize.
You know, this kid is quite skilled.
Much more so than us.
How surprising!
Hey, Gugu.
Where's Fushi?
I asked him to get some water.
He should be back soon.
Fushi, you must leave this place.
There is a way for you to become stronger.
It is never to stay sedentary.
I don't understand.
Nokkers, as I have decided to name them.
The pound on the doors of paradise,
seeking its destruction.
They will study and grow.
If they have lost this time,
they will seek to succeed next time.
You, as you are now,
will certainly lose in their next attack.
Like what happened last time,
you would be turned back into a rock,
or a pile of moss.
You surely understand.
Gugu will defeat the enemy.
Gugu is strong.
I need Gugu. I can't leave.
That is fine as well.
If you shall see this to the end,
I have no objection.
What's with the monologue?
It's not like you.
You can't see?
See what?
It doesn't matter. Come quick!
Everyone else has already started eating.
You're going back?
-I've been in your care for a long time.
But will you be all right?
With your parents and all…
Well, they're obviously not going
to leave without me.
I don't care
about my circumstances anymore.
It looks like we have one point in common.
The man who saved me is by no means
a good person.
I'm not so weak
that I'm unable to endure it.
See you later!
Grandpa, Grandma!
Fushi, Mr. Shop Attendant!
Mr. Shop Attendant?
I'm kidding, Gugu.
All right.
It's time to get ready to open the store.
I'm done for today. I'm going to sleep.
Right, Gugu.
Teach me how to cook.
Cook? What happened?
Have you started admiring me?
The same as always.
Can I sample that?
Of course.
The liquor here has gotten quite good.
Thank you for the compliment.
You've been here a long while as well.
How long has it been?
Four years now?
Gugu, lend me a hand.
Why would you put it up there?
Why would you put so much in it?
You've become quite strong.
You used to be so small.
Why am I who I am?
What was I thinking back then?
Back then…
I used to hate myself.
How about now, Gugu,
four years later?
Excuse me.
Hi Rean. Did you run away from home again?
Yes. It's the second time this month.
What's the excuse?
Fushi said he was interested in sewing,
so I brought a bunch of stuff from home.
Fushi is making lunch.
Second floor, right?
The food looks delicious!
Fushi's cooking has improved so much!
You can join us for lunch too
if you'd like.
Fushi isn't here?
Fushi went to wash up.
Grandma! You started eating alone again!
I've told you to wait for everyone first.
Shut up!
If I wait, the food will get cold!
Fushi, make it quick.
We're going to eat.
I'm coming.
What were you looking at?
You can go ahead and pop the pimples.
It's not that.
There's some hair growing on my chin.
A beard?
Just like an adult.
Congratulations, Fushi.
Four years have passed
since the battle with the Nokkers.
However, peaceful days don't last long.
Gugu's estranged brother, Shin,
makes another visit.
The gears of fate between Gugu and Rean
gradually begin to turn.
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