To Your Eternity (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Gift From the Past

And then after that, you put this
over here like this and tighten it.
Tighten it.
Hey, Fushi.
Next month is the party
for my 16th birthday.
Will you and Gugu come?
Sure. I'll tell Gugu.
That's great!
In these past four years,
Fushi hasn't transformed once.
Without the switching of forms
accompanying the transformations,
Fushi's body could properly experience
the passage of time.
And thus, he grew older.
There were two reasons
why Fushi didn't transform.
the Nokkers luckily
never attacked during this period.
Fushi decided to abstain from doing so.
It seemed he wanted to live just as Gugu
and others who couldn't transform.
And for the same reasons,
he never summoned objects.
This human life to me
seems to have been small-scale
and uneventful.
And thus, he acquired little.
For example, lobsters,
wet clothes, and buckets.
The dog, Meer.
Heavy rocks.
Fragments of pottery.
Rotten sweet potatoes.
And a sewing needle.
Goodness! Did you hurt yourself?
I'll get some disinfectant from Grandpa!
It's all right. It's just a scratch.
what were you talking about before?
What do you think Gugu likes the most?
He likes lobsters.
Got it.
I'll have some prepared for the party.
Right! I sewed some tops for him.
Do you think he would wear them?
I've never seen him wearing a top.
Is there anything I could make
that he would like?
I remember him saying
he needed a towel to wipe his feet.
A towel? No, thank you.
Why not?
I think he would be happy
with anything you give him.
You know, when I turn 16,
I'll have to get married
to some guy chosen by my parents.
Do you know what marriage is?
If I get married,
it would be like becoming my mom!
I would have to live
with someone I don't care for
and have annoying children.
Is that bad?
Of course.
I haven't even seen the guy's face.
Does he wear a mask like Gugu?
That's not what I meant.
First of all, you shouldn't get married
to someone you don't love!
That's why during the party,
I'll introduce my lover to my parents!
And to do that,
I have to first get a lover.
So with someone I like,
I have to…
I have to try my best.
This feeling is…
It's like the one Gugu gets
when he talks to you.
Is this what it means
-to have someone you like?
-What about Gugu? What are you saying?
Is the one you like…
It's done!
A lobster-shaped mask!
How is it?
I think it looks nice.
Are you planning to give it to Gugu?
What did you make, Fushi?
A sweat towel for Grandpa.
You're skilled!
You did great!
I'm sure the old man will be happy.
You're Gugu, right?
It's me, your brother.
Are you not going to ask?
Ask Gugu.
Ask him what?
To marry you.
Was it Gugu we were talking about?
That's what I had thought.
You know it too, right, Rean?
Gugu likes you.
So if you ask him to marry you,
he'll be very happy.
I'm exhausted.
Welcome back, Grandpa.
Here, a present.
What is this?
It's a sweat towel.
-Thank you!
-I'll give my present to him too then.
Gugu is busy right now.
It has been a while, right?
Have you been well?
You've changed a lot.
What's with the mask?
Is it to hide your face?
You've been living here?
How is it?
Are you enjoying it?
I mean…
If you're happy, I'm happy too.
It was probably for the best
that we split up.
Why did you come here?
Did you come to have me acknowledge
how useless you are?
What's going on, old man?
Gugu's brother is here.
I'm sorry, Gugu.
Back then, I wasn't right in the head.
Wasn't right in the head? No, Shin.
That was your true nature.
You betrayed and abandoned me!
That's right.
But then…
But then for me,
you still lent me a hand.
I'm sorry it took me
four years to find you.
I'm running a farming business now.
I employ people
and live on a steady income.
I eat three meals every day.
And while I haven't built
that mansion yet,
I still want to make
that dream come true with you.
I want to make it up to you
and start over.
Let's go back to the life
that we shared as siblings.
Would you come with me?
It's true I was incredibly unlucky
to have been abandoned by you.
But what I've gained by overcoming that
is worth a miracle.
Grandpa Beer is crazy,
but he's a genius who saved my life.
Grandma is funny and knows a lot.
Rean comes to play with us now and then.
She's so nice.
And then there's
my irreplaceable little brother, Fushi.
These relationships
are the property I own.
Don't even try
to take these away from me!
Yes, of course.
Well, I have work to do.
If you're ever in trouble,
you can count on me for help!
That's the last thing I can offer
to prove that I'm your older brother.
Have you finished talking?
Sorry for visiting all of a sudden.
I was given this by Gugu.
Could you
return this to him?
Thank you.
What is it? What did you get?
This is…
How do you like it?
It matches you so well!
I had it crafted by an artisan.
I don't like this color.
What's the matter, Rean?
He's there every day, isn't he?
Yes. He's probably working.
That's so strange
that they make children work.
I feel bad for him.
Not at all. It's something to be proud of.
Goodness! Meer ran away again.
I have to find Meer.
I have to give you a reward.
I see.
It was you all along.
Is everything all right?
It's nothing.
Can I give this to Gugu?
Please do.
He fell asleep.
That hurts!
Rean, what are you doing to me?
Gugu, if you're going to seduce me,
now is the time!
Why? What?
Because I'm going to be married off soon!
What? Really?
Are you all right with me
getting married to some weird stranger?
Why are you asking me that?
Don't you love me?
What's this about?
But you said it
when we came back that day,
"The one who loves Rean the most
is me, Gugu."
Did I say something that embarrassing?
I don't remember.
That hurts!
Next month is my birthday party!
You had better come!
What was that about?
It will be gone with alcohol.
Drink alcohol
and you'll forget a lot of things.
You screwed up, Gugu.
But I have good news!
It's finally complete!
My latest work! The anti-treeman mask!
The thing that attacked you and Fushi
a few years back.
So you made this for me?
Yes. It took me a year.
Hurry up and try it on.
It's a bit heavy,
but the functionality is great.
Even without a torch, you can create fire.
Try shutting the lid hard.
With that pressure,
it sets fire to the gunpowder balls
concentrated at the nose!
It's amazing!
You're the best, Grandpa Beer!
With this,
it will be easier for you to get the girl!
Take this to the party
and you'll be the center of attention!
Thank you!
Well, then.
Fushi, it's time! Let's go!
We don't want to be late for Rean's party!
Gugu, how about I empty the alcohol
just for today?
So you can eat plenty of good food.
It's fine.
The enemy might attack at any time.
We can't let our guards down
even for a second.
Well, we're off.
Wait, Gugu.
You're a really great kid.
We're not blood-related,
but I think of you as my own grandson.
What's with this so suddenly?
So disgusting.
Be careful out there.
I'm leaving the shop in your care.
Hey, how do you use a map?
What are you crying over?
They're only going away for a day.
I'm just a little worried.
Seeing them reach that age
makes me so emotional.
Why is it that I have to be an old man?
I would be so sad to die first.
He has left home and become an adult.
He found a path he loves
and will continue to pursue it.
I want to see him live that life.
I would be happy to die,
once I've seen it in its entirety.
What's that you're carrying?
It's vegetables.
Pioran said we should bring presents.
What are you going to give her, Gugu?
I'm planning to buy something.
There it is!
Could I get that purple flower, please?
When I think about what Rean might like,
this is all that I can imagine.
This is a dream bellflower.
We're here!
This is Rean's house!
They live in such a big place!
The floor is so smooth.
Look, Fushi! So much food!
Let's take some.
You like pork, right?
There are noodles too.
Right, and spring rolls.
For drinks, they have grape juice.
And peach jelly for dessert.
Who are they?
He wears a mask at a celebratory party?
How are they related to Rean?
Rean has so many friends.
There are about a hundred people here.
Even though Rean is our only friend.
It's an honor to have you here.
Thank you for coming today.
Look, Rean.
Grandpa made a new mask for Gugu.
Nice, it's amazing!
Hey, Rean.
I want to ask you about the other day.
About that? I'm sorry
I threw the sweet potatoes at you!
Sweet potato?
Did it break your mask?
Is that why you got a new one?
I'm so sorry!
No, nothing like that.
What's this? Presents?
Yes. It's vegetables.
Thank you!
And Gugu too.
For you.
Happy 16th birthday.
I remember that flower.
What is he trying to pull?
Gugu, why did you choose this flower?
Well, I thought you would like it.
It's purple after all.
That is the flower Rean was carrying
four years ago
when the incident on the cliff occurred.
Do you wish to hurt her?
I'm sorry, Rean! I didn't mean to…
It's fine. Well, have fun.
-I screwed up!
-What happened to the sweet potatoes?
What a pretty flower.
I wonder what it's called?
I want a dress in this color.
That day, I saw it for the first time.
But I haven't seen this flower since.
Rean, that flower.
I'll get rid of it for you.
It will bring up painful memories.
It's the first present he gave me.
Hey, handsome.
You in the mask.
I'm talking to you.
I saw what happened earlier.
Don't you think you're being rude?
Take off the mask. This is a party.
I see. But sorry, I can't.
What do you mean you can't?
-Hey, wait.
-That mask is inappropriate!
What happened?
This guy just fell on his own.
Quick, get a towel!
-Here you go.
-My lady, you'll get wet!
Here. Let's wipe your face.
My dear, at this rate,
you'll never be able to kiss anyone.
My lady, your father is asking for you.
All right.
Wipe yourself down,
so you don't catch a cold!
Rean, I have someone to introduce you to.
Your fiancé.
So you're Rean.
Your eyes are so big and cute.
Let's head back, Fushi.
What? I still want to eat.
Fushi, I thought
the days of Rean coming over to play
would continue forever.
But things are going to change
from now on.
Because those are the rules,
I guess.
Who decided on those rules?
You must be the one
to choose how you live!
Did you come up with that line?
Go ahead and eat.
I'll wait for you outside.
Are you already leaving?
Are you angry about what happened earlier?
No. I'm used to it.
You might not want to talk about it.
But I want to ask you again.
About that mask and your scars.
Don't worry!
I know I won't hate you
no matter what you say!
I fell from a cliff.
According to Grandpa Beer,
when he found me,
a log had cracked open my head.
And my face had been smashed in.
Why did you fall off a cliff?
A log was rolling down a hill.
And there was a person at the bottom.
I tried calling out,
but they couldn't hear me.
I ran and tried to save her.
And that was when it happened.
Why would you keep that a secret?
You did something amazing.
Because I screwed up big time.
Were you unable to save her?
No. For what it's worth, I saved her.
they were left with a scar
about this size.
Compared to yours, that's just a scratch!
But to her, it was a large wound.
And they were incredibly worried about it.
It was embarrassing and couldn't be shown.
I thought I had done a horrible thing.
But you saved her life!
Can I take a guess, Gugu?
That day, the wind was strong.
And there was a river nearby.
It was evening. The flowers were in bloom.
She was holding
a purple flower!
Yes, the flower she was holding
was a dream bellflower too.
Gugu, I…
The Nokkers are here.
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