To Your Eternity (2021) s01e12 Episode Script


During the four years of living
with his family day by day,
Fushi grew older
like a normal human being.
Upon Rean's invitation,
Fushi and Gugu head out
to attend Rean's 16th birthday party.
The Nokkers are here.
Its core is within the Earth.
They've laid their roots in the vicinity.
They will destroy this area soon.
-What's going on?
-I'm scared!
Everyone, go outside!
Take Meer!
You should run too!
Go while you can.
Someone help!
What is this? It's all sticky.
Is it alive?
Grab on!
Are you all right?
Yes. Thank you.
It was just a scratch. I'm relieved.
I'm so relieved, Gugu.
What in the world happened?
I don't know.
The mansion just started to collapse.
Could it be?
Gugu. I'm sorry.
They came because of me.
I knew it.
Everyone got out.
Those two are the only ones left.
Get a hold of yourself!
But both of them have been hurt.
If we don't act fast…
Goodness! It's collapsing!
Mom! Dad!
Wait, Gugu. Don't go.
I love…
Where are you?
Fushi! You turned back.
It's just like back in the old days.
Thank you.
Where's the enemy? I'll destroy them!
I can't see them. They must be hiding.
There it is! Watch out!
Looks like it can't stretch
its limbs like before.
That will help us.
Take this!
This is not the same.
No way. Fire isn't working.
Stone armor?
What the heck is going on?
Gugu, grab on!
These creepy things again.
Is that monster controlling them?
It's coming for us! It wants to crush us!
Fushi! Go ahead!
What should we do, Gugu?
I don't know how to defeat it.
There's something inside it. Right?
Its skin is stone.
But it's not clean like a statue.
Just aggregated stones.
Inside it is proper meat.
Climb onto it and look for a gap!
Got it!
This stone armor is quite deep!
Fushi, give me a stick!
I'll pry it open!
Fushi, that's not enough! Give me more!
I can see it! Its insides!
It seems soft
and looks like it will burn well.
We did it!
Destroy it!
Fushi, are you all right?
I had a chance, but I let it get away.
It just means we're too strong for it.
We did it, Fushi!
Thank you, Gugu.
If you weren't here,
I would have lost again.
I may be immortal, but I'm weak.
If you're ever in trouble, I'll help you.
That's what brothers are for!
Thank goodness. I made it in time!
Rean? How long have you been here?
You can't be here.
I have a lot of things to ask you.
But first, we need to escape.
Hurry! This way!
It's crumbling!
What's that cloud of smoke?
I'm worried.
This isn't my pain.
-What is that?
-This isn't good!
-Where's our child?
Are you all right, Rean?
I need to hurry up and…
It's quite loud outside.
It must be so heavy.
Not at all. It's all right.
Don't worry.
They will come
and save us.
Gugu, don't overexert yourself.
Tomorrow, I'll buy you another flower.
It will be all right.
No, Gugu.
Let's go pick it ourselves.
I know of only one place
where this flower blooms.
You know of it too, right, Gugu?
Of course.
We'll definitely go together.
I love you.
No. It can't be!
Gugu isn't dead!
Gugu isn't dead!
He isn't dead!
It has escaped.
It's heading to the west.
You must go after it.
Lift this rock!
Get more people!
Is this all right?
A part of you lies in that escaped core.
You're up.
Shin? What are you doing?
Can't you see? I'm carrying you.
Gugu! Welcome back!
Looks like you've healed up.
All your wounds are gone.
You look so nice.
You're right!
Come on! You made a promise!
Let's go pick flowers together!
What happened to the enemy?
Did we manage to defeat that huge thing?
What about Fushi? Where is he?
I see.
Are you really going to leave, Fushi?
You don't have to be in such a hurry.
The enemy will keep coming for me.
I can't let anyone else die because of me.
Shin said
he would deal with the aftermath.
So I don't need to be here any longer.
Shin, it's time.
You bought so many buns.
Where are you taking them?
To my little brother's place.
Are all of those for your brother?
He's a lot bigger than me.
Lady Rean!
I had a dream.
It was the very epitome of happiness.
But something was missing.
And now I see that it was my true self.
I have no regrets.
What's wrong, Fushi?
What should I do? I look like this.
What should I do?
You're all right! I'm so glad!
Gugu, I love you!
-Why am I who I am?
-Why am I who I am?
Gugu, are you all right?
I'm fine.
Right. What about Fushi?
He's around, right?
Fushi died.
No. It can't be.
Here. This is his grave.
He was a brave and wonderful person.
Come, Gugu. Leave the rest to us.
You need to be going soon, right?
Yes. That's right.
What? Where are you going?
Well, shopping.
I'll go too. I'll help you.
Don't worry, Rean.
He'll be fine on his own.
Another time, Rean.
Then when you come back,
let's go pick flowers together.
At the place we promised.
I'll be waiting for you there.
Great! I'll be waiting!
That's right.
I have something to return to you.
Your brother asked me to return it to you.
Do you remember this?
You should keep it.
It will remind you of Gugu--
It will remind you of me.
I'm so happy! Thank you!
Here, Gugu. Take these.
It's not a lot,
but here's some food and money.
Be careful out there.
Thank you.
Rean, we've been
looking for you everywhere.
Goodness gracious.
As soon as you wake up,
you come here and stay here
until the middle of the night.
It's bad for your health.
Come on. Let's go back.
Dad, I…
I won't get married.
I have someone I love.
I must meet him.
he's no longer here.
He's surely "together" with him.
In the face of great power,
a life and memories were taken away.
Someone accompanies and stays
by Fushi's side, despite his annoyance.
Fushi embarks on a new journey
with determination.
And new encounters
are coming soon.
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