To Your Eternity (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Aspiring to Go Higher

Why am I who I am?
I couldn't do anything.
Gugu, I'm sorry.
It's getting late.
For four and a half days
since leaving his family,
Fushi walked silently.
He displayed many emotions on his path.
He was certainly trying to deal with
all the feelings welling up within him.
Following Gugu's death,
he seems to have gained
something invisible.
Show yourself, black-hooded guy.
"Black-hooded guy"? Is he referring to me?
What is it?
This is the first time
he has called out to me.
What should I do now?
Continue like this.
Become stronger in order to reclaim
what was stolen from you.
What am I?
What do you want from me?
As we spoke of previously,
you exist to collect information
and to protect this region.
I created you for this purpose.
You could say I am your dad.
No. You're not my dad.
To me, a dad is…
What's wrong?
Why am I the only one to live?
Why did Gugu have to die?
It's a matter of your nature.
I don't understand.
It's too early for you to understand.
But I am happy
that you have become capable of doubt…
Don't try to fool me. Tell me everything!
Things will collapse.
And that is why you are necessary.
You are the one special existence
in this world.
The enemy…
The Nokkers wish to control you.
The Nokkers.
The Nokkers won't come
if I'm not me, right?
I wish.
Let's find out.
They won't give up on you that easily.
If the Nokkers were to come now,
you wouldn't stand a chance.
And if you keep getting defeated,
you will eventually revert
into a sphere.
Once that happens,
you'll never return to what you are now.
I feel that this is more of a problem
for you than it is for me.
If you can say that much,
then why don't you fight?
You're strong enough to control me,
aren't you?
That is certainly true.
Yet, although I can control your body,
I cannot control your mind.
The Nokkers.
Their goal is to destroy us.
They won't stop until we are annihilated.
And the only one
who can stop them is you, not me.
I will eventually vanish.
It is essential that by that time,
you become capable
of fighting alone against the enemy.
That is how my goal
will eventually be accomplished.
I don't care
about your selfish goals!
Good grief.
You've grown up to be quite troublesome.
Darn it.
No matter what I do,
Gugu will not come back.
So it doesn't matter anymore.
Whatever happens,
or whatever I become.
Can you hold yourself to that?
Why? This scent…
I realized.
I brought you to Takunaha to help you,
but ultimately, I couldn't do anything.
So I'll continue to travel with you.
But what about Grandpa Beer
and the others?
Don't worry. I already told them.
Rean and Shin
will help keep the store afloat.
Rean understood what happened.
That's why I think
she was able to send me off.
Pioran, go back.
What? Are you going to reject
the proposal of this innocent old lady?
That thing will come for me again.
It's too dangerous.
I've been thinking.
What meaning can I find
in the little life left in me?
So I thought I should support you,
even if only for a moment.
That's what I think.
-I'll take you back home.
-They need you back there, Pioran!
Why won't you listen to me?
I don't want anyone to cry.
I don't want to see them suffer.
So, please. Go home for my sake!
Shut up! It's my life!
Let me do what I want with it!
Here. Have a sweet potato.
I don't want it.
Have some tea.
I don't need it!
Have some fish.
I said I don't need it!
It's cold, right?
Promise me something.
What is it?
Don't die.
A town.
I'm feeling hungry.
Why don't we stop there for a bit?
-Pioran, let's hurry up and leave.
I haven't had noodles for so long.
If they were to come,
I wouldn't be able
to protect this village.
All right. We'll leave in a bit.
Mister, do you have any beer?
We sure do!
Where are the Nokkers right now?
They are at a point
6 km northwest of here.
But for the past four days,
they are buried underground.
So I haven't been able
to detect their movements.
Are you always aware of where they are?
They feel like bugs crawling on your skin.
As small eggs, you cannot notice them.
But once they hatch,
they can cause intense discomfort.
Can you explain it
in a way I can understand?
Who are you talking to?
This is for you.
You can tell me anything.
A black-hooded guy?
And he told you to become more powerful
in order to fight off those Nokkers?
So? What do you want to do?
I don't want to follow his orders blindly.
But if the Nokkers come to attack again,
I will be the only one there
to protect Pioran.
As he said, I can't win like I am now.
Then I have no choice but to get stronger.
That brat! He led me to Pioran
so I would come to this conclusion!
You know,
I don't think that you need to protect me.
I'm fine living a fickle reed's life.
Is she really fine with that?
I feel like I'm forgetting something.
Those fruits look delicious!
Fushi, why not climb and get some?
You don't have to do that.
I'm not eating that.
It can't be helped then.
Why not assume March's form and climb,
like you always do?
You know who March is, right?
That little girl.
Haven't you taken her form multiple times?
Don't tell me you've forgotten her!
I remember.
I have memories of climbing trees.
Fushi! Go ahead!
Fushi! Give me a stick!
Surely, I…
You were stolen from that.
The Nokkers took away March.
A person who gave me a lot of things.
Here, "Thank you."
What a weird doggy!
If you become an adult,
you'll know a lot of things, right?
That was March, right?
That was something very important.
Have you finally realized?
It doesn't matter.
You cannot even remember what you've lost.
I see. So the enemy can even
steal your memories.
So if you were to be killed
while in Gugu's form,
his memories would disappear.
He would essentially die twice.
Rean, Grandpa Beer,
Parona of Ninannah,
and me…
Is being forgotten how we will truly die?
I won't let that happen.
I'll become stronger.
Now that I've decided, I need to think.
Even if this is exactly
what the black-hooded guy wants.
You were reacting to pain
when you created things, right?
So I just need to stimulate myself.
It's simple.
But turning myself into a rock
wouldn't be helpful.
I would lose consciousness.
The problem with living things,
I can't replicate them
as long as they are alive.
-What an unpleasant feeling…
This stuff is tasty.
Their eyes are filled with bugs.
So you can't eat them.
But the flower part is tasty.
We'll make a salad later.
And we'll boil it alive
with plenty of salt.
What's wrong, Fushi?
When I'm nearby,
their feelings are transmitted to me.
Vicarious pain and unease.
What? Has it always been
like that for you?
Yes, so whenever
we prepared fish or crayfish,
I always had Gugu do the dirty stuff.
I see.
All right. It's done.
-It's tasty!
I'm not prepared to turn into a crab.
All I can make is this dead husk.
I could probably make Gugu too.
A cold and unmoving Gugu.
How did you defeat the Nokkers
when you fought it last time?
Actually, I don't really know.
Gugu did some stuff with his fire,
then when it went into the water,
it exploded.
That's it!
Heated rocks will break
if they are cooled quickly.
We were successful back then.
But it's hard to say
if we'll be as lucky next time.
We'll be dead if we get thrown off.
There won't always be
a water source nearby too.
We must think of an adaptable tactic.
As for that, I know a great place!
From the port ahead,
there's a ship departing to Sarlnine.
That place is an animal paradise.
People don't come close.
You'll be able
to gain plenty of techniques there.
A ship. But if the Nokkers were to attack…
Show a bit of restraint!
If you worry about everything,
you'll never be able to get anywhere!
I understand.
Let's go.
Here it is. This is the ship.
Miss, this ship is at maximum capacity.
Let me guide you to the other ship.
Please come this way.
I'll take care of the donkey.
Thank you.
Let's get some sleep.
Ladies, this way, please.
Is that a rule now?
Apologies. This area is quite unsafe.
See you when we land later, Fushi!
And you go here.
Over here.
Get in!
-Curse you, let me out!
-Get back here!
I'll begin distributing tickets!
Hold out one hand!
Your turn.
Welcome, prisoners!
As of today, you are all family!
We're going to the only place in the world
that would accept the likes of you.
And there,
the end of your life will begin.
Welcome to Jananda,
the paradise of the underworld!
What in the world is going on?
Where is Pioran?
Hey, you. Where are your shackles?
No brand either? What the heck is this?
Don't tell me…
Shaba brought you here accidentally?
I'm sorry, sir!
It's my fault!
Is that so? Be more careful next time.
Trust is important
in this line of business.
Yes! I'll send him back right away!
This way.
Where's Pioran?
The woman who was with me?
Who knows?
She has probably
already been taken care of.
Don't worry.
Everyone who comes here
eventually comes to smile.
In what way though?
Because they are happy?
Or because they can't help but pretend to?
Hey, wait!
You can't just run all over the place!
What a pain.
She's on the other side.
Where's the entrance?
I can't find it.
I can't dig a hole.
I should be able to use this
to climb over.
Don't look!
Did you see that?
We saw it!
You were amazing!
Should we keep it a secret?
Let me borrow that bow.
How does this work again?
It's like this.
If I can get my hands on that bird,
I can cross the wall.
I have no choice but to do it.
All right.
No, it's not all right!
What are you doing?
This is my partner.
You can't do things like that.
Give my bow back.
Hey, wait!
If you're all alone,
they'll turn you into a guinea pig!
All right. So tell me.
How do I get across that wall?
No idea.
Me neither.
Me too.
You're looking
for your friend, Pioran, right?
I hate to break it to you,
but she can't leave this place regardless.
This island houses the worst criminals
from all over the world.
In other words, it's a prison island.
Once you're marked a prisoner,
you'll never be able to leave this place.
They mark everyone
in the palm of their hands.
It's the mark of a prisoner.
As long as she has that,
she's a resident of that island.
What prisoner?
You were the one who brought us here!
Sorry, my bad! I got the wrong person!
I swear.
Stop playing dumb! As if I would buy that!
Fine, as an apology,
I'll tell you the one and only way
to grant your wish.
This is it.
You must achieve victory in this arena.
Jananda, the land of abnormality
and lawlessness.
A place where prisoners
fight to the death for their wishes.
Fushi's immortal body
has granted hope to the five children.
Fushi has yet to notice
the quiet footsteps
from the past creeping up.
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