To Your Eternity (2021) s01e14 Episode Script

Jananda, Island of Freedom

After losing Gugu,
who was like a brother to him,
Fushi left the home they were raised in.
Along with the old lady, Pioran,
they came to a strange island.
Having fallen into a trap
set up by an unknown person,
Fushi and Pioran were separated.
Faced with a situation
where he needs to act alone,
Fushi is having a hard time
utilizing his skills to the fullest.
Hurry up and begin already.
The first group will be starting soon.
Those who will be participating,
line up over there.
There are so many people.
It's the primary source
of entertainment on this island.
Everyone wants to know who's going to win.
The winner is granted
full authority over the island.
You can do whatever you want if you win.
You can become a king
and even save your captured princess,
or leave this island altogether.
How about it? You should try it out!
All right. If I can save Pioran…
All right. That's the spirit.
So do your best!
What should I do to win in an arena…
Hey, what do we do in the arena?
How is everyone doing today?
It has been three days
since the last Chief passed on.
Now the 5,000-or-so
Chief selection tournament shall begin!
The rules are the same
as last time, got it?
First, we'll hold
preliminary fights in eight groups.
The last man standing will proceed
to the one-on-one section!
-Shut up and get started!
-We're sick of listening to the rules!
Bring any weapons you want!
The last one alive is the victor!
So I just need to not die…
I can win!
Now, members of group one, enter the--
Start the match!
He's the last man standing!
We have a victor!
There's one other person still standing!
It looks like you're in the wrong place.
What should I do? Everyone is watching.
They'll find out I can't die.
Fushi, you mustn't display
your ability before others.
If they find out about your ability,
there will be chaos.
Should I just collapse here?
But then I can't win.
No, I can't waste time
thinking about that.
It doesn't matter what they think of me.
It doesn't matter what happens to me.
That's why I protected Rean…
Right, Gugu?
-That guy is tough!
It hurts!
Now that I think about it…
I have a hangover!
-What the heck?
-You must be kidding me!
Good job!
It was amazing!
I was so surprised!
I was all like, "Nice!"
Who are you?
I'm Tonari.
I look forward to working with you.
You were amazing!
What is your body made of?
Eat this. I tried my best to make it.
Eat mine too.
Your hair is so pretty!
Hey, isn't my kid cute?
That's so nice. Marry me then!
If you want to speak to our great victor,
pay two silver and get in a line!
Only the first hundred! Hurry!
Hey! Who gave you the right to do that?
Tonari found him.
So he belongs to Tonari.
There will be actual poison
for the next person who complains.
All right.
Let's have your names, one by one.
What are you guys doing?
Everyone wants to be your friend.
Because you're the one most likely
to become the next Island Chief!
Once you gain control of the island,
you'll be able to grant wishes.
Including leaving the island.
Until now, power struggles
have always caused
the death of the new chief
in a matter of two weeks.
But this time, it's different.
You are immortal.
They want to gain your favor!
-That's what this line is for.
-All right. Line up now.
And we're your mediators!
We'll charge 80% of the proceeds!
Thank you for the business!
I don't really understand.
Tonari, what is the meaning of this?
I thought you took him back to the city!
Why is he in the tournament?
Good timing, Squad Leader!
Please prepare a lot of ships!
We're going to leave this island together.
Those who haven't committed wrongdoing
don't deserve a life full of it.
But what will they think of this?
The captain may kill us.
The reason this island is so lawless
is that there has never been
a proper lawgiver.
But I've found one!
One who can rule for eternity!
We can put off the ships until later.
But at least,
turn a blind eye to this matter.
Leave him to me for now.
All right.
Hey, where are you going?
If you're alone, they'll mess you up!
I'm Uroy. My favorite food is chicken.
I'm Mia. I like looking for curly hair.
I'm Sandel. I'm 11.
And she's Oopa.
This guy is a three-toed owl.
Its name is Ricard.
So? Why are you following me?
Aren't you bored?
We'll give you a tour!
The city on this island
has an arena at its center.
And it's surrounded by three churches.
The place we were at earlier
is Bennett Church.
The Monjo Church is in the north,
and the church of Zumla is in the west.
But they've mostly been converted
to residential areas.
It's as if these remaining churches
are trying to appeal to the outside world.
"We can be bastons of this order!"
"Even beyond religions and borders,
we can oversee these prisoners!"
This zone has been allocated for farming.
We raise livestock and others too.
We're fully self-sufficient.
What the heck is that?
They probably stole
some produce or something.
Killing to maintain public order
is well acknowledged here.
It's common around here.
So you'd better get used to it.
You people live in a place like this?
Of course there are people who leave.
But boats and resources are limited.
If those are taken away,
it will cause public anger.
Everyone spies on everyone here.
Traitors are killed immediately.
So for now, we only try not to die.
But we'll take our chance
to escape when the time comes.
This island was first established
as a prison for some countries,
and it was managed as such.
It's hard to keep it under control
since the population has grown too big.
It wasn't long before the wardens
of the island disappeared,
and the islanders took the law
into their own hands.
And one of the things we do
is collect prisoners from other countries.
No prisoners are allowed
to assume this work.
Only people who are greatly trusted.
And I'm one of those few.
This isn't a prisoner's brand.
It's a brand for their family.
Prisoners have a circle in the middle.
There are prisoners
living normal lives here?
But didn't you say
Pioran was locked up?
Did I say that?
Don't play dumb!
Why is Pioran the one getting locked up?
Who told you to bring us here?
Big-time criminals
are specifically locked up,
aren't they?
I've heard the rumors.
It's said that a long time ago,
Pioran poisoned ten people of the Yanome.
That can't…
I've never heard of…
I am a criminal.
She's so dear to you,
yet you know nothing about her.
Let me tell you the truth.
I intentionally had both of you
board the ship at the port.
A certain person told me to.
I didn't catch his face well.
But he boarded the ship
for Jananda as well.
-Where are you going?
Stay with us!
I don't want to be with you guys.
Not only are you guys liars,
but you're also not even normal.
Hey! What do you mean "not normal"?
The fact that you can live here
and yet still laugh.
Black-hooded guy, are you there?
What is it?
I don't want to waste any more time.
You can use your powers
to save Pioran, right? Help me.
I'll only help when it's necessary
to advance your development.
I don't care about that.
I just want to hurry up and see Pioran.
What about the tournament?
I'm sick of it.
It hurts. And…
the next match is one-on-one.
I don't want to kill my opponents.
And I don't want to suffer
the pain of those thoughts.
You've already killed so many,
haven't you?
For example, that Gugu kid.
What? No! I didn't kill him!
But if not for you, he would have lived.
What is that supposed to mean?
That's different from this matter!
I'm not lecturing you.
I want you to realize this.
Death of the flesh happens to all beings.
And humans have the ability
to choose when to welcome it.
When the time came for Gugu,
he had the option to live.
But he chose not to.
He chose to hasten his death
in order to save you.
In a way, it was suicide.
Those in the arena are the same.
In order to pursue their goals,
they have chosen to hasten their deaths.
There's no reason to worry about the fates
of those who have chosen to die.
Enough. I'll save her myself.
Darn it! If only I were stronger.
Hey, Immortal.
The match starts in two hours.
You'd better be there.
Don't make that face.
I've already forgiven you
for what you said yesterday.
Tonari, can I speak with you?
Our customer has run off somewhere.
You have any idea where?
The immortal is over there…
-Not him.
I mean that woman who came from Yanome.
She's strong!
Does she intend to win the tournament?
You mean the customer?
No way!
The captain is going to be so angry!
That scent.
Where have I…
What's that sound?
No. Don't die.
There's no reason to worry about the fates
of those who have chosen to die.
You didn't even choose to die. And yet…
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
Was it digging holes?
Even though there are only rocks here…
There are gaps
that only its body can enter.
What's going on? I can't see clearly…
But I think I get the idea.
All right. Now, from here, I…
What's going on? Let go of me!
It's almost time.
Will the immortal guy really come?
He fell from the sky!
How did he do that?
Let's go.
The second match is about to begin.
The eight valiant fighters who emerged
from the first round have come to fight!
We present to you the one-on-one rounds!
Fighters, enter the arena!
Victor of the second block!
The veteran holy warrior,
Berserker of Zumla!
Victor of the first block!
The empty-handed immortal fighter!
What will he show us this time?
Like last time,
I should win by scaring him off.
I see.
Please surrender.
You can't beat me.
-What are you doing?
-Immortal guy, get him!
Stop this! What can you hope to achieve?
I wonder.
Life behooves us
to search for chances to overturn fate.
Does this make me immortal too?
No. He's not scared at all.
So what about this?
It's no good.
How about this?
What's wrong? Why won't you attack me?
Come on! Attack me!
Is there anything else
I can transform into?
A crab?
That small thing from this morning?
Am I an idiot?
I should have obtained something else!
Something even more fearsome and strong!
Otherwise, it's meaningless!
What did I just recall?
What is "meaning"?
Is it a question of utility?
It's wrong to look for meaning
in life and death.
Right. I remember hearing those words.
Who was it?
Who said that?
I remember.
It was this person.
I want to eat her! I want to bite her!
My body is light.
Please! Just one bite!
Are you still alive?
Once again, we witness a miracle!
Floating like a flower petal on the wind,
our warrior ends the battle in one hit,
and will proceed to the third round!
Tonari agrees to help Fushi rescue Pioran.
Fushi finds it hard to trust
a maiden full of mysteries.
The Nokkers make their appearance again.
In order to reclaim the memories he lost…
The battle
is about to begin.
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