To Your Eternity (2021) s01e15 Episode Script

A Girl Named Tonari

In living infinitely,
what meaning will he find in living?
I don't understand
things like "meaning" and "living."
It's too difficult for me.
And what about you?
What did you use your life for?
You, who could die.
Were you happy to have been able to die?
It's wrong to look for meaning
in life and death.
It's almost like she's telling that to me…
An excellent vessel she is.
Parona of Ninannah.
It is good she died quicker
than I expected.
Every word you say is disgusting.
They are horrible.
I respect how you feel.
I told you yesterday that you don't need
to find pain in human death.
But pain is an important means
of spurring growth.
Go away.
My heart hurts.
I know I did some bad stuff.
Like bringing you to the island.
I've repented. Like twice!
But you know, I was desperate!
Like a hermit crab who lost its home!
So do you want to go get
some food together? Sounds good?
It smells so nice!
Your hair is beautiful.
What do you wash it with?
It would be nice to have such fair skin.
It's so soft and smooth.
What is this form?
How is it that you were able
to acquire this body?
Tell me more about you.
Welcome back, Tonari.
The food is ready.
Immortal, drink this.
What's that?
Cow blood.
We prepared it especially for you.
I don't need it.
That's horrible!
After all the trouble we went through.
The competition must have been rough.
You didn't want to kill them, did you?
How much longer
are you going to follow me?
I get it! Something must have
happened in the past, right?
What are you doing? Stop!
Please spare my life!
There are people in this world
who are better off dead.
That guy you killed today, for instance.
He killed over 50 people.
You should have killed him.
You know what?
I want for us to be like a bow and arrow.
I would be your bow. I could help you
draw out your maximum potential.
I will not be controlled by anyone.
If you understand, just go away.
What can I do to make you like me?
I won't.
It was by your hand
that Pioran got locked up.
I'm sorry.
She must have been close to you.
She was practically family.
Even if she killed people?
I choose to believe in Pioran.
I know.
You believe in those you hold dear.
Me too. My dad killed people.
I believed that it couldn't be so.
But I can never know the truth.
Because he is already dead.
I felt so hopeless at the time.
But I believed that
you would be able to change fate.
That's why I brought you on the ship.
And thanks to you,
we're in this messy situation!
Pioran, she…
The moment we arrived, she disappeared.
I think
the person at the port who wanted me
to get you guys on the ship
must have done something.
Is that person still on the island?
That's right. I can do that!
I can speak with the crew members
and find out who he is
and where he is from.
I'll work with you to save Pioran!
Don't worry!
In order to overturn fate,
you'll need the help of others too.
You're Tonari, right?
That's right!
Well then, I'm off to investigate!
When you're sad, you should smile!
Tonari. I still can't trust her.
How could she say,
"Some people are better off dead"?
If you can gain something in death,
then it becomes a death with meaning.
But Parona didn't believe in that.
Parona was probably repulsed by me too.
But I want to treasure her thoughts.
Because in the end, that's all I can do.
Work hard to save lives
like Gugu and Parona.
I did it!
I'm finally here!
I can tell from the scent.
Pioran is right there!
Dang it!
That voice.
Pioran, it's me!
I came to save you!
Is that you, Fushi?
Why did your voice change?
I've taken Parona's form.
She probably died.
Is that so?
Well, given her personality,
she must have died proudly,
protecting someone she loved.
"Died proudly"?
I'm here due to my own foolishness.
Fushi, you can escape this island alone.
Turn into a bird or a fish or something.
We'll leave together!
When it comes down to it, I'm a criminal.
I've been imprisoned several times.
I'm just back to where I belong.
I don't care about that!
I'll save you now!
You fool.
This room is locked from the outside.
Even if you can get in here,
how are you going to get me out?
Listen. Parona truly loved March.
If you want to honor her death,
do as she would have done.
Exert yourself for those who need you,
and save the weak.
Hey, Immortal!
I got some useful information!
Come back!
Fushi, go.
I'll come back and save you!
I'm envious that you can say such things
without a moment's irresolution.
"Irresolution"? What does that mean?
It's time to sleep.
We need to be prepared for tomorrow.
Hang on!
Didn't you say you found some information?
Tell me.
Are you going to play dumb again?
I said I had found it.
Not that I would tell you.
If you win the third round, I'll tell you.
And so the third round begins!
Of the four warriors today,
two will proceed to the finals!
Just like before,
to finish them without killing,
just give their heads a twist and bam!
You'll be able to win
without killing that way.
Let the match begin!
He won't let me hit him!
-Stop fooling around!
-Finish him!
-Get him, Immortal!
-Now's the time!
If you're going to surrender,
now's the time.
He doesn't look like
he wants to surrender.
Should I hit him again?
-Kill him!
-Put a sword through his chest!
I'll kill him!
Stop it! What are you doing?
-You're not going to kill again?
-This is some boring competition!
Don't underestimate the audience!
The immortal boy wins!
He will proceed to the finals!
It's all my fault.
Good job.
Let's celebrate with everyone tonight!
My brother!
I'm still alive, Immortal.
You're a real pain.
Why won't you kill?
Because painful things are bad.
And so I don't want to do them.
What the heck is that?
What a weird guy.
How did someone like you
end up in the competition?
Because there's someone I want to save.
Me too.
My mom was brought here as a criminal,
but she died last year.
I no longer have any reason to be here.
And so, there was only one thing left
for me to do.
For your little brother?
That's right.
I knew it was a stupid decision, but…
You're a kind brother.
I know someone like you.
To think people like him
exist on this island,
people who risk their lives
for the sake of others.
Pioran called it "pride."
What would Parona think of it?
Once I've won, I'll take you outside.
It's just something
we're both trying to accomplish, so…
Did I say something weird?
No. Thank you.
I'm so happy.
How much longer
are you guys going to keep talking?
If you want to talk to him more,
you'll have to pay me intermediary fees.
Why do you keep bothering me?
I'm only doing this to make sure
you don't get any fleas stuck to you!
That's right!
You said you'd tell me after the match!
The information about Pioran! Tell me!
Would you believe it?
Captain Skyfish ate too many sweets
and gained 29 kg!
There, I said it.
Let's go.
Hey, wait!
What sort of information is that?
I won't be fooled by you any longer!
You're always spouting nonsense!
Try being serious for once!
Mr. Immortal,
why don't you stay over
at our place tonight?
Can I?
Hey, kid! I already have a reservation!
What? This fire won't start.
Will this do?
Thank you!
Fushi, take the boy's form.
They're coming.
You're the immortal guy, right?
I am. What's the matter?
Just what are you trying to do
on this island?
I'm not trying to do anything.
What business might you have with him?
Our people are putting their lives at risk
to participate in the competition!
But what's with you?
You don't fight or kill.
All you do is ridicule our will!
You've gone too far!
If I did something that upset you,
I'll apologize.
I heard you're not from the island.
Well, well.
Laws have always been rather lax
on this island.
Victory comes at the price
of the sacrifice of others.
Well, it's not like an immortal like you
could ever understand that!
-That's right.
-That's right.
I'm the one who brought him here!
If you have complaints, say them to me!
Hey! What are you doing?
-How dare you?
My brother.
Hide behind me.
Are you all right?
Did you hear anything?
It's like a rumbling…
What's that thing?
Quickly, run away.
Just like last time.
Just like last time. I'll use fire to…
How did I use fire back then?
What is that thing?
Did you summon it?
Why are you still here?
Run away!
It's coming for me!
Are you going to beat it?
Are you going to beat that thing?
Yes. And don't follow me this time!
Got it.
This way, Nokker!
Beware of the consequences
of sudden death.
At that moment, it will steal your vessel.
All right. There's no one here.
Right now, I have Parona, the wolf,
the crab, and that little guy.
What can I do?
Those gaps! That's it!
I can do this! And then I'll bite through!
I guess I have no other choice,
but to bite through them one by one.
Gosh. Not again.
This here is Jananda-style chair fighting!
Why did you come?
Didn't I tell you not to follow me?
Did you think I was just a side character
who would run away?
I won't!
I'm Tonari of Jananda!
What are you saying?
It doesn't matter! Get away from me now!
Otherwise, the Nokkers will kill you!
So it's called the Nokkers.
Please listen to me!
People have died fighting the Nokkers,
trying to protect me.
See? Aren't you glad I'm here?
I would much rather be alone!
How dare you try to lay waste to our land!
How's that, monster?
That guy's body
is made entirely of boulders!
What should we do?
In that case,
it's time for Escape Plan Number Seven.
Now? Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sure.
All right!
What's going on?
What should I do?
What can I do?
Everyone, get back!
There must be something
I haven't tried yet!
That wasn't enough?
Let's fire another round.
Aim for the gaps between the boulders!
Give that to me!
You missed it!
Parona, lend me your strength.
One more try.
Try this one instead.
It's light and easier to handle.
Hold it down!
We did it!
Let's do this too!
We're out of gunpowder!
Don't worry.
We have plenty more.
Look! You can see the sea
between the peaks!
Either way, March wants to know
everything she doesn't know.
Growing up means learning
and knowing more and more things, right?
I've brought you back, March.
And the Spirit Bear
that March cared for dearly.
And Gugu.
Once again,
destruction follows in my wake.
I'm sorry.
There is no death. We did well.
To overturn fate,
cooperation is often necessary.
A hundred arrows
are more effective than a single one.
You make that face again!
Are you going to say
I'm spouting nonsense again?
Thank you.
As I said, thank you.
What is it?
I just didn't expect you to say that.
The joy of victory.
The five children
talk about their dreams with Fushi.
Tonari, who is relieved for the moment,
recalls her past.
Fushi stands in the arena,
preparing to leave the island,
with this final battle.
An unforgettable enemy
finally appears before him.
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