To Your Eternity (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

The Children's Dreams

The cost of losing his past
was huge for Fushi.
March's dexterity,
the Spirit Bear's strength,
and Gugu's flames.
Unable to transform to any of these forms,
Fushi was caught in a difficult struggle
when the Nokkers came knocking again.
Yet with the help
of the residents of Jananda Island,
Fushi was able to defeat the Nokkers
and reclaim his past.
The island is guiding Fushi
to become a more mature human being.
Now, a toast to our victory!
Fushi, this is for you.
It's cow blood.
There's more food?
So tell us the rest of the story!
About the black-hooded guy!
The forms I can transform into
are from people, animals,
and plants I've known who have died.
And the Nokkers have come
to steal those forms from me.
That Nokker looked like that
because he had stolen
the form of a bear from me.
That means you can transform into a bear?
So why don't you just transform
into a Nokker
and beat them up?
I'm a genius!
I've never tried that,
but the Nokkers just don't feel the same.
It's as if they're empty.
And so you're doing
what the black-hooded guy wants?
Well, I'm only putting up with him
because I don't want to lose everyone.
So what are your dreams for the future?
-Yes. Something you want to do.
To become strong enough
to defeat the Nokkers on my own, I guess.
-That's a bit weird.
-I think it's cool.
Not like that. But something more normal.
My dream is to become
the model of a famous artist.
Well, there's still so much I don't know.
I think after I leave this place
and learn even more,
maybe something will change.
That's right.
Our first dream is to escape.
And once we get out,
we'll do whatever we want
in a place where we can!
I want to keep lots of pets!
I want to become a doctor!
My dream has already been fulfilled.
What was it?
I wanted to know where the sun rises from.
And I got to see it over the ocean.
Oopa was born here.
So she doesn't know much
about the outside world.
What about you, Tonari?
My dream is…
To surprise my dad.
What do you mean?
Isn't your dad dead?
You're going to leave this island
and become an author, right?
I heard the final match
is tomorrow morning.
Also, about the ships.
It's no use. Captain Skyfish…
He won't listen at all.
I figured.
What? We can't use the ships?
If you help out, it will work out fine.
Well, eat up, everyone!
Tomorrow is the final match!
We have to get our spirits up!
-Is this all there is?
-Is this all there is?
Don't complain!
Eat as much as you like.
Did you make all of these from your body?
Tonari, try this! It's great!
So delicious!
Everyone? What's wrong?
Morning glory from the west works wonders.
I'm sorry. I completely forgot!
"Today, I'll definitely
invite him for dinner."
"I want to make all the people
who worked for my sake happy."
I'm sorry
for bringing you here.
This is my story.
Hey, Ligard, what's your dream?
My dream is to surprise my dad!
"Where did this book come from?
It's so interesting!
I wonder who wrote it?
It's my own daughter!"
Your dad is home.
I was seven years old.
You've worked hard, dear.
Welcome back, Dad!
I'm home, Tonari.
It was written in a book.
It said that before one turned seven,
their fate lay in the hands of God.
It was a cold day.
When I woke up that morning,
my mom was dead.
The church condemned my dad as the killer.
In that area,
accusations of murder led to exile.
So I was forced to make a decision.
To stay as an orphan
or to follow my dad into exile.
I decided to follow my dad to the island.
Because I believed him.
Because I believed my dad wasn't guilty.
What welcomed me into exile
was a world in which men
had given up their humanity.
The exiles and their families
on that island
created a new culture.
A culture that recognized
every freedom imaginable.
Every freedom
including murder.
There was no organization to control that.
Of course, there were benevolent people.
But everyone on the island
was obsessed with one shared passion,
the tournament
determining the chief of the island.
But it was obvious
that they didn't want to become a leader.
They just wanted to satisfy
their desire to rule.
I think I will participate
in the tournament.
Don't do it, Dad!
There seemed to have been victors
who used the tournament
to leave the island.
But it's dangerous.
I know it is.
But with all the surveillance
on the island,
it's not realistic
to escape on our own strength.
In that case,
it's safer to leave it proudly.
I'm really sorry.
I know you don't like this place.
those people are killing so happily.
If you're around me during the tournament,
it will be dangerous.
When the tournament is over,
wait for me at the Ivo Port.
Don't worry.
I won't die.
I prayed to God
that my dad
would be the last one standing.
Yet my dad wasn't standing there.
This is everyone from the first round.
There'll be more soon.
Where is my dad?
Where are you?
Where are you?
I haven't found him yet.
Wait a bit longer.
He's probably going to be
the new island chief.
Yes, he's strong!
Erran G. Dalton, was it?
Happy birthday!
With this book,
weave together your dreams.
Sincerely, your dad, Erran G. Dalton.
I'm sorry,
The poison took effect. He's dead.
That's what he gets for killing Klef!
What should we do?
Toss him into the ocean.
Eight years old.
I decided I would write my story.
Why are you crying?
Nine years old.
I found a place I could live.
There were many other kids
like me there.
When we leave this place,
what will you guys do?
Ten years old.
We shared our dreams.
For the first time since coming here,
I truly laughed.
Eleven years old.
We created a plan to escape.
Twelve years old.
I joined a shipping crew.
It was our only opportunity
to escape the island.
I wanted to use it as a means of escape.
But their eyes were always on me.
That hurts.
Get out of here!
Criminals shouldn't be here!
Thirteen years old.
I realized that the world outside
wouldn't show us any mercy.
For a moment, I lost sight of myself.
Fourteen years old.
I met him.
Pure white.
Have that boy board the ship.
He will undoubtedly win the tournament.
He will become a legend.
He will upend everything.
Jananda's fate
and yours.
Guide him.
That person was a "passenger."
Other than handlers,
there were occasionally people
who came to watch the tournament
and buy prisoners that interest them.
What that person said was true.
As soon as he arrived,
he captivated everyone here.
He was an immortal!
They say that
every story has a turning point.
Right now might be the time.
It must be!
You fool. You're finally here.
Pioran, I'll be able
to get you out of here soon.
But this room is locked from the outside.
The Spirit Bear
can break down that door easily.
Tomorrow is the final match
for the position of island chief.
Once I win,
I'll be able to prepare a ship,
and we'll be able
to leave this place proudly.
Fushi, you've become so strong.
Ligard is calling me.
I'll be leaving now.
Don't push yourself too hard!
I won't.
See you later.
And so the final match finally arrives!
This battle will decide
the next island chief!
Immortal, let me see your hand!
If you have trouble
making them faint or give up,
use these.
Oopa's blow darts.
Thank you.
I thought you wouldn't come.
I'm glad you did.
Don't worry.
I'll win, and free everyone.
Participants, enter the ring!
It has been a while.
How pitiful was that March girl.
All her hopes and dreams
instantly brought to nothing.
You killed her.
It's you.
But there's nothing to worry about.
Death brings freedom.
It's a bear!
-Kill her!
-Get her!
You can do it, Immortal!
What's the matter, Fushi?
Skewer me through my chest,
as you did back then.
How inadequate.
In that form,
you can't even lay a finger on me.
Why did you come here?
Did you come to die?
On what purpose did you come here?
I don't have a good feeling about this.
How does it feel to be a girl?
Light, soft,
and dexterous?
It's my gift to you.
I wasn't sure where to strike
at that time.
But I would feel bad
if I were to pierce through her belly.
So I went for her face.
But I had a bit of trouble.
And in the end,
I didn't have a choice,
but to take her head.
I wasn't able to finish it in one strike.
And caused her unnecessary suffering.
Did you kill Parona?
Didn't I just say as much?
I'll kill you!
It seems
you're still unable
to defeat me.
You may be immortal,
but you're quite weak.
Morning glory of the west works wonders.
-The immortal monster has fallen!
-No way!
-Our victor has been decided!
-I don't believe this!
A new island chief has been selected!
Hayase, who becomes the new island chief,
makes a shocking proposal
causing a riot
among the residents of Jananda.
Hayase takes Fushi away
and intends to claim him for her own.
Tonari fights to resist her actions.
And once again,
she is pushed forward
by her feelings for Fushi.
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