To Your Eternity (2021) s01e17 Episode Script

The Defeated

Now, a toast to our victory!
The battle with the Nokkers
caused a change in the relationship
between Fushi, Tonari, and the others.
So what are your dreams for the future?
-Yes. Something you want to do.
To become strong enough
to defeat the Nokkers on my own, I guess.
In order to win the tournament
so that they can leave the island,
Fushi and Tonari made a deal.
It has been a while.
How pitiful was that March girl.
All her hopes and dreams
instantly brought to nothing.
Yet what awaited Fushi in the final battle
was Hayase from Yanome.
Why did you come here?
Did you come to die?
On what purpose did you come here?
How does it feel to be a girl?
Light, soft,
and dexterous?
It's my gift to you.
Did you kill Parona?
Didn't I just say as much?
I'll kill you!
Freedom is never finding oneself
in a state of duress.
But is it wrong to be under duress?
It is a stepping stone to evolution.
How could it be? He lost.
Will we still be able to leave now?
This sucks.
After a fierce battle, we have our winner!
Let us invite the winner…
No, our new island chief
to give us her speech!
I extend to you my thanks
for watching over my Fushi.
"My Fushi"?
I've never heard anything about this!
I am Hayase of Yanome.
I wished to make an announcement
to the citizens of Jananda,
so I took the liberty
of joining this tournament.
It's about this immortal young man.
Will you help me
protect this bizarre boy?
About five years ago,
I found him,
not much more than a wild beast.
I guarded him and taught him
the ways of man for half a year.
But perhaps his human spirit
wasn't fully matured,
so he ran away.
I searched for him desperately.
And followed the rumors of a monster
to this land.
She's really playing this up.
To reunite with him in this land
was a miracle!
The only reason he's here
is because you had us bring him here!
No, you were guided by the heavens
to bring him here
to this land of strong and proud warriors
like yourselves.
He needs warriors like you.
Warriors who will stand by him.
Like when the stone monster attacks.
You know that it was he who stood
at the front line to fight it.
I don't know
what those monsters' origins were,
but he requires warriors by his side.
He who holds such mysterious
and mystifying powers.
He is the only one capable
of changing your fates.
Is this the word of God?
Will we finally receive justice?
As the one
who discovered this mysterious being,
the responsibility of his protection
falls on me.
Citizens of Jananda chosen by God,
shall you not join me in protecting him
and fighting those scourges?
No way! Who would worship that demon?
You're not even from Jananda!
And neither is the immortal!
I have no intention of forcing your hand.
You may make the decision for yourselves.
I would like to yield my position
as island chief
to a native of Jananda.
To a girl named Tonari.
-Who the heck is that?
I think I heard that name before
on Captain Skyfish's ship.
Let's run for it.
If you don't want that,
then proceed by your traditional methods
to select a new chief.
I will not interfere.
Kill Tonari!
Where is she? Is she around?
-This tournament is null and void!
-Who cares? Let's start the next one!
This is really bad.
I should have kept an eye on that woman.
What should we do now, Tonari?
To those of you
who shall hear these words,
I guarantee wealth and fulfilling life.
You don't need to serve me.
Only listen to my words
and heed them well.
I shall serve this land!
The holy land of Jananda!
-I'm the next island chief!
Get her!
I'm pathetic.
What's wrong? Have you given up?
It has been barely half a year
since you left, do you know that?
It feels like it has been so long.
If you can't take half a year,
what will you do about forever?
I just need to get used to it, right?
Even to the fact that Parona died.
Maybe one day,
the end will come for me too.
Can I expect that?
I may be immortal,
but I can't do anything.
But you have March by your side.
And Gugu too.
No, they're not there.
I'm just imagining that they are.
They're definitely there with you.
You can become anything.
And you can try as many times as you like.
You're the only one who can do that.
That's right.
For the sake of those
who can't do things over,
I'll succeed.
I'll save Pioran
and leave this island.
And in order to do that…
You seem to be enjoying yourself.
What are you going to do about her?
Will you kill her?
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Everyone, save me!
I don't have any strength.
How pitiful.
In the end, you're at the mercy of others.
Very soon now.
Immortal, where are you?
Immortal, wake up!
Immortal, where are you?
We're here to save you!
"My Fushi"?
Who does that hag think she is?
What a time to intrude.
It seems the drug is still working well.
That room over there!
Let's hurry!
Stop right there!
All of you!
There's no one here.
Did we get the wrong room?
Is something the matter?
Where is the immortal?
I had him taken
to the consecrated room deep underground,
where no one
will be able to see him.
Captain Skyfish?
Hello, Tonari.
What are you doing here?
I'll lend an ear
to the wishes of the new chief.
We're going to leave this place by ship
along with the immortal and Pioran.
Leave? But where will you get the ship?
Don't you know?
The immortal can build a ship
bigger than yours in only five seconds.
Let's go.
I cannot forgive those who try to take
what belongs to me.
If you don't turn around,
I shall have no choice but to kill you.
You're scary, miss.
You're not going to hand him over to us?
Since when does he belong to you?
Oopa, blow darts!
Captain Skyfish!
What did you do?
Give it up, Tonari.
Otherwise, you'll die.
You have ten seconds.
Return quietly or die here.
Make your decision.
-We're prepared for this.
-Madam Hayase!
-Don't move!
Or I'll kill her.
I mean it.
You should have been taken away.
How are you here?
It was just a shell.
It's well-played.
Listen up.
I know what you want to do to me.
I'll let you have your way.
I'll stay.
In return,
you'll let them leave this island.
Attention, everyone!
The new island chief
will be leaving the island.
This will be done on my ship, the Skyfish,
under the protection of the Yanome,
and the chief will be selecting people
to leave this prison island with her.
-Let me on!
-Please let us leave!
Me too!
The ship can only hold 700 people.
The chief will decide
who gets to be selected.
All right. Go ahead.
Who will you take with you?
The ones who will leave
this island with me…
will be my friends,
and all of the children
under seven years old.
Only children?
And why under seven only?
What about us? Stop messing around!
-Please let me on!
-Let me on too!
-Me too!
Because they have a right!
We have a duty to give the children
a chance to define their own lives!
That is why
we must let them leave this place!
Did you hear her? It's settled then.
Those who wish to leave,
line up over there.
Come on, go.
Please take care of my baby.
I'm not sure, but I'm probably seven.
So please let me be on the ship.
If you're seven, I'm five.
You'll have to stay here.
No, I don't want to go!
No. You must leave.
No! I want to stay with you!
Come with us.
It's all right.
I'll fulfill the immortal's promise
in his place.
See you later, Immortal.
Is this really goodbye?
I'll be waiting for you in Zedan.
I'm sure you'll die of old age
before you meet him again.
What are you doing?
-Take them away.
-Yes, Madam Hayase.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure
they reach their destinations safely.
I'll never let you go
if you lay a hand on them!
Now, it's time for us to go too.
Squad Leader?
Untie me.
Did they drug everyone?
No, only you guys.
They were blabbering
about the drug lasting for two hours,
but here you are, up in five minutes.
Why are you the only one
who woke up so soon, Tonari?
I wonder why.
We're leaving the port.
The time has finally come.
Squad Leader.
Please help me.
Are you serious about this, Tonari?
Are you really going back to save him?
That's enough.
Hurry up and lower the boat.
What am I going to tell the others?
Say this, "Don't look for me."
"I had a stomachache,
and the toilets were crowded."
What are you guys doing?
You're all right! Thank goodness.
I thought you were gone for good.
Head to the right!
It's a blind spot.
They can't see you there.
Don't get caught!
Thank you, Squad Leader!
What are you guys doing?
I'll leave the kids in your care!
What did you say?
I'll leave everyone in your hands!
Look, over there!
We have to report this
to Madam Hayase right away.
Don't cause trouble on my ship.
I decided on the spur of the moment
to add another chapter to my story.
A tale in which I would see the future
of an incomprehensible life form.
During the tournament, I was relieved.
I'll kill you!
To learn that even he has things
he can't forgive.
It makes him kind of human.
And a lot like me.
I want him in my future.
In order to save the recaptured Fushi,
Tonari returns to the island.
Meanwhile, the Nokkers appear once again.
Jananda was besieged by monsters.
Fushi and others
were greeted by an unbelievable sight.
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