To Your Eternity (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

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The captured Fushi
was awakened by Tonari's voice.
Fushi regained his freedom.
Pioran, Tonari,
and the others were released.
They were finally able
to leave the island.
Fushi was captured and imprisoned
by Hayase once again.
All right. Just keep going.
I overheard that the immortal
was imprisoned here.
All I have to do now
is to give him this letter.
turn into a mole and get into this glove.
From, Tonari."
All right.
Hey, what are you doing?
Weren't you supposed to be on the ship?
"Turn into a mole
and get into this glove."
Did you come to save me?
Yes. What about it?
You know I'm immortal, right?
Also, the walls in there are so fragile.
I broke them with my hands.
It was hardly half the height
of the prison Pioran was locked in too.
I could just stay in there,
but it was too boring,
so I dug a hole and came out.
What about you?
Weren't you supposed to be on the ship?
Your goal was to leave this island, right?
Why did you come back?
I felt bad because you were captured
by that Hayase.
I took pity on you.
You did something unnecessary again.
That means all my efforts
went to waste, isn't it?
What do you mean by "unnecessary"?
It took a lot of work getting back here!
You still don't get it, do you?
If the Nokkers were to attack right now,
I'll have one more to protect.
What do you need to protect?
You, of course.
We were the ones
who protected you last time!
Well, I guess that's true.
Never mind. What do you plan to do next?
To leave the island by boat.
What's wrong?
Hurry up and get on the boat.
The waves are getting stronger.
A storm is coming.
Let's not set sail tonight.
Don't worry. It will be fine. I'm here.
What are you talking about?
Do you know how far Zedan is from here?
We'll sink to the bottom of the ocean
before we reach there.
The last time you were attacked
by the Nokkers, you were in this form.
You should be careful.
All right.
Do the Nokkers attack you
at a specific time?
I don't know.
But don't worry.
I told the black-hooded man
to alert me when the Nokkers come.
I was careless last time.
The Nokkers appear
because they want to defeat you, right?
I don't know.
The black-hooded man said
you were created to preserve all things.
But why?
Is the world coming to an end?
The world is coming to an end?
Say a disaster or some other factors
resulting in a biological extinction.
If he had created you
for the day something like that comes,
then he's kind of kind, I think.
He's not a god, is he?
What's a god?
The creator of this world and us.
He created everything from nothing.
He is kind to those who are kind
and harsh to those who are evil.
Just like a parent.
He's not a parent.
So he's not a god.
Then is he a devil or something?
That would mean
the Nokkers are sent by the gods
to stop the devil's plans, you know.
Devils are those who oppose God.
For instance…
those guys who kill for fun.
Someone like my dad.
Your dad was brought here,
but he never killed, right?
I'm sorry. I lied.
At the time,
I did believe that he didn't kill.
But that only lasted for a while…
When someone you trust kills,
you will try to find a reason
to explain their actions.
That's what I thought too.
That my dad must have had a reason.
But when my dad was left
standing in the arena, he smiled.
I couldn't understand
why he could smile after killing.
He was probably glad, right?
That he could become the island chief
and get you out of this place.
But what I thought back then was…
"So that was how Dad killed Mom."
I think…
why and how your dad killed your mom,
and how he killed in the tournament
are two different things.
It's too late.
A daughter who no longer trusted her dad
had long changed her view of him.
My dad was a scumbag
who killed his own wife.
He's a waste of life,
just like those criminals on this land.
All of them should die.
You should be able
to understand this feeling, right?
After seeing people
fighting and killing on this island,
you should be sick of all of this by now.
But I've become someone like them.
I've already killed all of them
in my heart.
That's why I could do something like that.
As if I was a god.
Can someone like me live peacefully
in the outside world?
After coming to this island,
I've gradually become tainted
just like them.
Telling you that
only gives you a headache, right?
Let's hit the hay, shall we?
Tonari, whether our parents
are evil or not has nothing to do
with us.
We should do whatever we want
for ourselves.
And thank you for coming back to save me.
That night, I had a dream.
Mom, Dad, I'm back!
Welcome back, Tonari.
Read this, Mom! It's my latest work!
Let me see.
It's Tonari's precious hard work.
I think it's time for me
to paint a new dream.
That's right.
I'm sure that's how the future will be.
Good morning.
Let's set sail!
I don't see anything.
This is bad. How are we going
to explain this to Madam Hayase?
How is the immortal faring?
Madam Hayase!
Something has happened in the town!
Let's go, Immortal.
What's the matter?
The Nokkers have risen from earth
and are attacking the town.
It is 20 minutes west of here.
Sorry, Tonari. I have to go.
Are the Nokkers here?
Don't bother!
We have saved everyone
who should be saved!
The only thing to do now
is to leave this place!
I'm worried about the islanders.
Half of those islanders are criminals,
and the other half are those
who carry their dirty blood!
If this place is still worth saving,
then God will do something about it!
Leave by yourself, Tonari.
That was the correct decision.
The Nokkers may be fearsome,
but if you do not fight them,
they will become even more so.
Shut up and tell me where they are.
No need to rush.
A single sword
should be enough to end this.
Why didn't the Nokkers come to me?
Who knows?
Perhaps they have other plans too.
There, Madam Hayase.
That thing bubbling up in the corpse heap.
What is bubbling up?
What is this?
Are all of them Nokkers?
I can't sense any pain.
Are these guys really Nokkers?
Leave the rest to me!
Run! Get out of here!
You came!
Gosh, why must they take
the form of humans?
Don't hesitate!
These things came from the corpse heap!
You missed it. Aim a bit lower.
Don't run off alone, Immortal.
Tonari! Why are you here?
There's only one boat.
I'm taking you back with me.
Behind you!
Tonari, are you all right?
This place stinks.
Why did you guys come back?
Tonari, that line is lame.
Two is better than one.
And many are better than two.
Right, Immortal?
Thank you, everyone.
But be careful.
Until we destroy their internal core,
they'll continue to move.
Got it.
Leave it to us.
I'll do my best.
We'll finish them before the sun sets!
Let's go, everyone!
How many are there?
I don't know.
But probably as many as there are corpses.
Hundreds of people die
and get tossed into this heap every day!
We'd better be prepared!
I'm heading into the corpse heap.
Cover me!
Got it!
Let's all charge together!
We'll blitz through town!
What's wrong?
Where's Oopa?
She tripped!
Are you all right? Here.
It's below you.
Run away!
Black-hooded man, tell me a safe spot!
Run six minutes north from here,
and you'll have three minutes' repose.
Hang in there, Mia!
We have to stop the bleeding!
Immortal, make something!
Got it.
We should be able
to close the wounds with this.
So should I take this out?
I read somewhere
that it will bleed more if you remove it!
Then what should we do?
Wait! Let me think!
Let me think!
If we keep dragging things on, Mia will…
Fushi, can you do anything else?
Something else…
Can't you do anything else
besides making tools?
Like healing wounds?
Quick, Fushi! Save Mia!
Otherwise, she'll die!
I'm not capable of everything.
Saving someone is one thing
I've never done.
We have no choice, everyone.
We have to do it.
Where are you going, Immortal?
Immortal, don't…
Don't kill her.
She's already dead.
Tonari, why are you crying?
Life is better spent smiling…
Sorry, Mia.
It's my fault.
Don't say that, Tonari.
What about Oopa?
It wasn't her fault.
The Nokkers were controlling her.
I know.
I know.
Sorry, Oopa.
She is a good kid.
I can't do it.
Let's run!
I'll handle the rest. Leave without me.
Get them back to the hideout!
-Got it!
Tonari, let's go!
No. Uroy, Mia!
I guess it's too late.
Shrink, Fushi!
I'm counting on you, Ligard!
Don't worry, Fushi.
Even if I die…
I'll enjoy…
the other world.
The Nokkers control the dead.
Faced with his transformed friends
and the tears of his friends,
Fushi hesitates.
Hayase forces him to make a decision.
Tonari decides to take destiny
into her own hands.
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