To Your Eternity (2021) s01e19 Episode Script

Wandering Rage

Just when Fushi and Tonari
were preparing to leave Jananda Island,
the Nokkers appeared once again.
This time, the Nokkers possessed the dead
and launched a series of attacks.
To protect the islanders,
Fushi, Tonari, and the others
joined the battle.
However, Oopa, Mia, and Uroy,
one by one fell.
Fushi learned that there were many
who believe in him,
and there were many
whom he needed to protect.
His battle continues.
You can come out now.
I've taken care of the rest.
Thank you, Madam Hayase.
We're indebted to you.
Lead these people to the shelter.
Yes, Madam Hayase.
What an unpleasant sight.
Now then, what should I do?
Monster, what is it that you desire?
Do you wish to control Fushi just as I do?
If so,
you'll have to be
a bit cleverer than that.
How do you plan to control him
with such a terrible appearance?
You won't be able to control him by force.
You must be kind, like me.
Just a little farther, Tonari!
We will be able
to cut them off at the root!
Is that so?
I also need to be a bit cleverer.
The face?
The stomach?
The neck seems the fastest.
Will you
kill me?
How laughable.
What's the matter?
How is it that
when given a chance like this,
you still fail to kill me?
Are you that scared of killing?
If you don't kill me quickly,
your friends will die.
I'm fine.
Get down!
My arrows!
Are you all right?
Get behind me!
I'll burn them all!
Did we get all of them?
We did it!
Well done, Fushi.
There are only three of them left.
Immortal, where are Mia and Uroy?
I'm sorry.
I couldn't save them.
I'm sorry.
No, it's my fault.
Everything. I've caused all of this!
Ever since I was eight,
I've always messed up badly.
Seeking only for my benefit
and never thinking things thoroughly.
No, that's not it!
Nobody wanted this to happen!
None of us are to blame!
If you get too close,
they'll spread through the ground.
You guys, get behind me.
Stay away from them.
What are you going to do?
What should I do?
Tonari, the decision is yours.
How about…
I kill them for you?
She's only asleep.
For now.
So should I kill those children for you?
Rather, let me kill them.
For your sake.
You want to lead a pristine life.
Without killing,
without hurting,
and without stealing.
Not even your dear friends
who have been possessed.
Is that not what you desire, Fushi?
Is that why you couldn't kill me?
You don't have the guts
to dirty your own hands.
Isn't that right? I praise your attitude!
And to protect you,
I've taken on this terrible role.
For now, let go of Tonari.
Then we'll talk.
Please don't move.
Unless you want to see
this girl be burnt alive.
Tonari has nothing to do with this!
These are negotiations, Fushi!
Would you rather kill your friends
and dirty your hands with their blood
than accept me?
You need me.
It's a simple proposition.
I will not kill this girl.
In exchange,
I will kill those three.
If you wish to save this girl,
you only need to go along with my plan.
If I could choose my own destiny now,
this would be it.
I'll join you there soon.
Thank goodness.
I made it in time.
She'll be all right.
I just put her to sleep.
Come on, stand up.
Oopa was sold off
by her parents for a silver coin.
she grew up kind and thoughtful.
She was a great kid.
Mia taught me the meaning of friendship.
I was able to laugh on this island
only because of her.
Uroy was like a kind older brother.
No matter what happened,
he would always pull out his sword
to defend us.
They were
my reason to live.
Regarding what I said last time…
I'm sorry.
I called all of you
That wasn't right of me.
We all knew.
We struggled against the way of living
on this island by going against it.
But afterward, everyone was laughing.
That's right.
They were like,
"As if you're one to talk."
It's time to move the corpses.
What? Why is Chief here?
Haven't you already left?
And didn't they leave with you?
We came back
to fight with this island
in its time of need.
How could this be?
These children have done nothing wrong.
And yet, for the sake of people like us…
This island needs a leader.
Could you give a few words to everyone?
No. I can't do that.
What happened here was my fault.
Chief, can you give us a few words?
How about this?
A mountain of corpses
will only attract evil.
So stop the needless murder
and live to help others.
Thank you, Chief.
I'll tell them right away.
I hope your words spread
across the island.
So Fushi,
what will you do now?
If I stay here, the Nokkers will return.
I have some time,
so I'll go for a round of the island.
And when everything is going well,
I'll leave.
I see.
What about you guys?
Well, we were talking about this earlier.
We'll stay on this island.
Are you sure
about not leaving this island?
I want to purify
this land's muddied waters.
I'm sure violent people
will continue to come to this island
and try to make it more violent.
But I don't plan to let that happen.
I want to make this island,
the one that would purify them.
I want to build a means
for people to change their own fates.
Well, I'm not sure
what a 14-year-old girl can do,
but I'll try.
Here are the materials.
Thank you.
Let us know if there's anything you need.
I can get a lot more.
How are your injuries?
Thank you.
No problem.
There are a lot more. Don't worry.
Thank you. Sorry for the trouble.
Please have this.
Please come visit again.
Do you need anything else?
Thank you.
-Me too!
-Me too!
-Me too!
-I want some too!
-I want one too.
-Thank you.
Well, it's time for me to leave.
All right. Be careful out there.
Are you really going to take her with you?
Don't worry.
I'm more worried
about her lackeys looking for her.
-And attacking you.
-Madam Hayase! Where are you?
Madam Hayase!
Who knows?
But don't worry.
We won't lose to small fries like them.
All right, you'd better leave
before someone comes.
All right.
Then thank you for everything.
For what? We haven't done anything.
Fushi, take care!
Fushi, I was thinking
of visiting you someday!
Just kidding.
Follow him.
You'll be freer.
Then one day,
lead me to him.
Tell me.
What are you after?
My wish is simple.
It is simply to stay by your side.
Did you need to kill them?
March, Parona.
They were trying to monopolize you.
To steal you away from me.
Don't you understand my feelings?
I have loved you
since we first met.
How sad.
You don't know anything about love.
Just for a short while.
If you would give me just one night,
I would teach you what love is.
Kill me, Fushi.
I want you to kill me.
Then we'll be together, won't we?
Kill me and become me.
I'm stronger
than any of your current vessels.
Isn't that a nice suggestion?
Don't go, Fushi!
You need me!
I've been rowing in random directions,
so I don't know where this is.
If you want to survive,
it's up to you.
Don't come close to me ever again.
I hate you.
I wouldn't care if you died.
I know.
How was it? Did you enjoy Jananda Island?
Who knows?
More importantly, guide me to land.
Ligard will guide you.
When I first arrived,
I hated it every day.
I wanted to leave the island
as soon as possible.
But now…
I feel lonely.
waited for Fushi for a long time.
After several dangerous encounters,
Fushi has decided
to spend the rest of his time with her.
May their peaceful journey
continue to last.
And yet…
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