Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Those Who Hunt: START

Creatures that blend in with the
masses and consume human flesh.
Despite looking human,
they are not.
People call them
Urie Kuki
Investigator Second Class
Quinx Squad Squad Leader
This is fine.
Wait, right here?
I'm a ghoul investigator.
It's easy to tell when you
just wash it off lightly
The smell of blood.
A quinque, huh?
Is he rate A? No, B.
He's not Torso.
Looks like you're unarmed, human.
Let me eat you.
Let me eat you!
Shirazu Zanshi
Investigator Third Class
Third Class Shirazu, your attack hit me.
The nuisance just had to show up.
What's this? Where's your quinque?
Did it break? Oh, dear.
Come on, Squad Leader.
Third Class Shirazu.
May you rest in peace.
You're ghouls!
We Quinx
use your abilities.
He's my catch.
You can't be serious.
I'm the one who lured this ghoul out.
It's all about how much you contributed.
You merely followed me here.
That strike you just did was
80% possible because of me.
You never stop talking, do you?
Don't let your guard down.
Those Who Hunt
It appears as though the ghoul that
Investigator Urie and Shirazu from
the Mado Squad encountered
yesterday was not Torso.
We are in charge of Torso,
after all, so we'd like for
you Mado Squad members to
concentrate on something else.
By the way, there were reports of a ghoul's
moaning being heard the other day,
and after our days-long investigation,
Shimoguchi Nobu
Senior Investigator
it was apparently just a stray dog?
Seriously, it's exhausting, isn't it?
Sasaki Haise
Investigator First Class
Quinx Squad Mentor
Wipe that smile off your
face, Investigator Sasaki.
Ito Kuramoto
Investigator First Class
Those Quinx subordinates of yours
All they seem to do is eat up our
budget and not produce results.
Hirako Take
Investigator First Class
Never mind the fact that
Mado Akira
Senior Investigator
allowing people we can't confirm
as human or ghoul to investigate is just
You didn't finish off that
taxi driver yesterday.
What's the point of letting
such a useless ghoul live?
Pardon me, but
Did you actually feel sorry for that ghoul?
I guess I wouldn't be surprised.
You are a ghoul after—
Investigator Shimoguchi,
I will be the one who will discipline
my subordinate, and I will do so later.
Investigator Mado,
it appears that you're not
disciplining him enough.
I say this again, but I am
in charge of the Torso case.
Since you're taking so long
with the investigation,
I'd say we couldn't help
but try to lend you a hand.
Who do you think you're talking to?
Investigator Shimoguchi, Investigator Mado,
I believe that's enough.
In regards to the Torso investigation,
I ask that the Shimoguchi Squad and the
Mado Squad work together on the matter.
We, the Hirako Squad,
will continue going after Orochi.
This ends our meeting for today.
You need to lose your kindness in battle.
That kindness will kill you.
You need to be stricter as a mentor.
Your kindness will also affect the Quinx.
Do not defend the ghouls, if you
don't want another Mado punch.
Mado punch
Anyway, we're going to get to
Torso before the Shimoguchi Squad.
It can even be Orochi.
Investigator Arima has high hopes for you.
Mr. Arima does?
The Quinx Project
Creating someone greater
than Arima Kisho, huh
A-Are you Orochi?
Wow, is that what they're calling me?
You're a ghoul! Why are you after us?
Uh, I don't have to explain myself to
a sub character who's about to die.
Hey, ever hear of a ghoul named Torso?
N-No! I—
And that's enough. Goodbye now.
Squad Leader, you're being a jerk.
Not to mention, Sassan told
us to stick together.
I don't plan to stay under
Investigator Sasaki.
I'm going to hurry up and
get promoted and go to S3.
What the hell is S3?
It's none of your concern.
Anyway, just make sure
you don't get in my way.
Who gave you permission to boss me around?
Wanna settle things right here, right now?
Of course I have permission.
I'm the squad leader.
If you insist.
You guys are looking for a
ghoul named Torso, right?
Want some information?
You're such a wuss, Mutsuki.
Mutsuki Toru
Investigator Third Class
I just can't
Whenever I see blood, I just
Are you able to use your kagune now?
No, not yet
So how are things going in the Quinx Squad?
It's the same as usual.
Everyone's doing whatever they want.
It would appear so.
You and Urie are the only two who've
shown up for your physicals.
Shiba Ryojiro
Quinx's Doctor
I'll talk to them.
It's not like they're going
to listen to me, but
Miss Hori Chie
And you're 24 years old?
I sell the pictures I take, as well as
any information I happen to gather.
So, what kind of information
do you have on Torso?
Here's a picture of Torso
while he was feeding.
It's gonna cost you.
How much were you hoping for?
One million.
one of Sasaki Haise's personal items.
The rest of the information will follow
after we give her what she wants.
Let's just ask Sassan for his underwear.
Huh? What's wrong?
Shirazu, you need money, don't you?
Where'd that come from?
Investigator Sasaki is our mentor.
If we report to him and
capture Torso as a squad,
that would reflect well on the squad.
Well, yeah, obviously
Don't you get it?
Depending on how he reports this,
he could get all the credit.
The hell? That's no fair!
Exactly, it's not.
You need money, don't you?
Then you need to hurry up and get promoted.
And for that to happen,
you need some results.
But how?
On your own
You need to produce results on
your own, rather than as a squad.
That'll get you to your goal quicker.
All right. I'll do that.
I'm not gonna let Sassan
No, Sasaki get in my way!
Thank goodness you're a moron
who's easy to manipulate.
Where's Urie and Shirazu?
Out looking for Torso.
Of course, they're acting
on their own again
And Saiko?
She's probably in her room playing games.
Saiko, dinner's ready!
Let's eat.
Help yourself.
It's delicious.
That's good to hear.
Welcome back. Dinner's read—
Don't want any.
Hey, Urie, about the investigation
Total 890yen
Asahi Taxi
Please don't worry about me.
I'll capture Torso on my own.
Please use those receipts
toward my expenses.
I guess everyone wants to
investigate on their own
All right, fine.
Apparently I'm going to have to
get serious with those two
Let's go, Mutsuki!
We'll capture Torso on our own,
before Urie and Shirazu!
Just watch, you little fledglings!
You, too, Investigator Shimoguchi!
I'll show you all what
happens when I get serious!
23rd Ward Ghoul Detention Center
Donato Porpora, otherwise
known as Priest. SS rate.
If I remember correctly, he was
feeding on the children in his care
So you brought the newbie
with you today, Haise?
He looks delicious.
So this is a Quinx?
I would love to split open his belly and
fill my mouth with his plump innards
So, what brings you here today?
I'd like to ask you about
a ghoul named Torso.
The areas where he's fed
are rather spread out.
All of his victims are women.
In each case, only their torsos were taken.
I see, so he lives up to his name.
Since he's moving in such a wide
area, he must be using a car.
Why is he so spread out?
Is he afraid of being pin-pointed?
Then he's probably a ghoul
who's blended into society,
and he's very knowledgeable about the roads.
He's a taxi driver.
Urie already realized this.
I have a message from the
Aogiri Tree, Mr. Torso.
You're feeding too much.
It appears as though you're being tracked.
By the CCG?
Have you ever heard of the Quinx?
Despite being human, they apparently
have the abilities of a ghoul.
Please be on your guard.
Quinx, huh?
Almost sounds like you, Brother.
Those're Sassan's underwear.
Sniff, sniff.
Don't worry.
I brought a pair that were
washed and hung out to dry.
Then, here's this in return.
What's this?
Pictures that were dropped
near the crime scenes.
His victims are in the pictures, right?
I think they were taken by Torso.
A special kind of film from overseas was used,
and they only sell it in certain places.
And this is the person who
bought a bunch of that film.
His name is Saeki Karao.
His occupation is
A surgical scar from an appendectomy,
a surgical scar from a C section,
and a scar from an injury
The thing that all the victims have in common
is that they all had scars
somewhere on their torso.
But how can we tell if they had a
scar there before they were attacked?
Take a look at this.
The spots where Torso fed upon his victims
spread out in a radius around the hospitals the victims had gone to.
Let's split up and check out the hospitals.
Oh, but even if you see someone suspicious,
make sure you don't act on your own.
I guess we're going to have to
visit them one by one, but
Pardon me. I need a ride.
The city's full of taxis.
Just shut up and find him, you useless fool.
Mutsuki: In pursuit of Torso
Mutsuki's in pursuit of Torso?
Huh? Where is he?
Make a U-turn.
Which one are you, sir?
Go faster.
You're going to make me break the law!
I don't care!
You're great You're wonderful.
That number That has to be him.
It's Torso!
Damn it!
What the hell? What the hell?
I don't have my mask today
The tires!
Aim for the tires with your kagune.
Better not complain even if I miss!
You suck.
I told you I'd probably miss.
Don't make me drop you.
You on the bike and the taxi
in front, stop immediately.
They're in pursuit of a ghoul?
Let's help them out.
You in the taxi, stop imme—
You bastard!
A barrier?
Is it Investigator Sasaki?
I can aim just fine if I'm not moving!
So they're Quinx?
They're basically ghouls.
They're definitely not human anymore.
I have to fight, too.
Come, come, come, come,
come Come on, kagune!
It's no use
Both of them can use theirs
so efficiently, and yet I
He's regenerating really fast.
Don't hold back on your attacks.
We'll hit him with all
we've got and capture him!
Yeah, about that
Those plans are canceled.
What are you called again? Quinx?
You can use kagune, right?
S-rate Orochi!
That's him?
Honestly, the Doves do
pretty shitty things, too.
They're no different from the Aogiri.
But while we're at it, let's play!
Sorry, I won't hold back on any Doves.
What the hell was that? A pea shooter?
It didn't even scratch him?
My kagune
In the end, you're all just fakes.
Urie is struggling that badly
Does that mean I have any chance at all?
What? There's another one?
Then I guess I'll take care of you fi—
Point-blank bomber!
Toru, run!
Ugh, not only are you lame,
you're annoying!
Let's fall back for now.
My kagune's done. We need to retreat.
I'm sorry, Kuki.
The squad leader stayed behind and ordered
the rest of the S3 squad to retreat.
I'm sorry,
we couldn't protect your father.
You can't be serious!
Hey, you idiot! What are you doing?!
I'm feeding so I can activate my kagune!
Ascend, ascend, ascend, ascend,
ascend, ascend, ascend!
Seriously? Yeah, we're done now.
Oh? Who the hell are you?
Are you the king of those fakes there?
He's There's something
Don't you dare
lay a finger on my subordinates!
Quit scuttling around!
Man, you guys are flimsy.
You're almost like tofu.
Guess I'll aim over here.
Hurry up and retreat!
Hurry up, and go!
Too slow!
He's strong.
It's been a while since I've
encountered a ghoul like this
You're weak, Haise.
At this rate, he's going
to kill your subordinates.
You won't be able to protect a thing.
Look at me.
Why are you being so cold?
You know very well that you need me.
Hey Just accept me.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on
Shut up!
I won't allow you to consume me.
Mutsuki, contact Ms. Akira.
Ms. Akira,
Mr. Arima
Give me
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
Haise, Haise
At this rate
That's an order.
It's better off if you don't know about me.
Like die, die?
It's nothing, really.
I'm actually pretty happy.
All in?
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