Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Fragments: member

Just accept me.
Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on
I won't allow you to consume me.
Orochi's kagune's been destroyed!
But at that rate,
it's going to come right back!
As expected, you're tough.
Damn He's using his quinque
and kagune at the same time.
You gotta do better than that.
Here ya go.
I won't be able to regenerate in time.
Stand down.
That's an order.
almost seems like a different person
You're not getting through, Mr. Orochi.
You seem way more interesting
than those brats.
I think you're better off
not knowing about me,
He's This feeling is
Payback time!
"I'm dying, I'm dying, I'm dying"
Is that how it goes?
It looks like
you still haven't found salvation
Wait. Who's Nishio?
What? What am I saying?
Sorry We're out of time.
I'm calling off the pursuit of Orochi.
We'll be handling the SS rate ghoul Haise.
SS rate ghoul?
Kuramoto. Takeomi.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, got it.
Take a little nap, Haise.
So we failed to apprehend Torso and Orochi
I'm terribly sorry.
More importantly, how is
Investigator Sasaki doing?
Yoshitoki Washu
Bureau Chief
He lost control while fighting Orochi,
but with assistance from the Hirako
squad, we were able to subdue him.
I wonder if that means his encounter
with Orochi was a trigger.
Good work out there, Investigator Mado.
Please continue looking after the
Quinx squad and Investigator Sasaki.
Yes, sir.
The Quinx Project was spearheaded
by Director Washu himself.
He's also the person who chose
Investigator Sasaki to be
mentor for the Quinx squad,
despite him being half ghoul.
But what's his true motive behind that?
Investigator Mado.
What's the matter? You look so serious.
Investigator Kijima.
Shiki Kijima
Associate Special Class Investigator
I heard that you had a
rough time with Investigator Sasaki.
We were able to subdue him this time, but
The Quinx squad is made up of the
half ghoul, Investigator Sasaki,
and investigators who were
equipped with quinque
Nimura Furuta
Investigator First Class
An extremely curious match-up,
if I do say so myself.
Oh, look at the time. I must be going.
I have to make some preparations
for a guest from Germany.
If you'll excuse me, Investigator Mado.
Let's go, Furuta.
First, Haise Sasaki must be
treated as a human being.
Second, if he goes berserk
and there is no other way,
he'll be considered a
ghoul and exterminated.
Those are some rather cruel instructions.
I don't care if you lose an arm or a leg
Ghoul investigators need to know when to run.
I'm pretty sure I didn't
deserve to be slapped.
A squad leader isn't supposed to put
his squad members' lives at risk.
It's dangerous to show
your back to the enemy.
If you faced him head on,
you would've been killed.
You have infinite chances
as long as you're alive.
If you die, there's nothing left.
I'm relieving you from duty
as leader of the Quinx squad.
That's unacceptable.
That's an order.
You're just a ghoul.
Sassan risked his life to save us!
You're a piece of shit
that's worse than a ghoul!
I'll kill you right here, right now!
Just try it.
I'd like you to apologize to Sensei.
You useless hypocrite.
Shirazu, you can let him go.
You've been relieved of duty,
no matter what you say.
And the new leader's already been decided.
The new leader
will be Investigator Third Class, Shirazu.
Huh? Me?!
Uh, W-W-Wait, a sec, Sassan!
You need someone smart for this position!
I believe the leader should be
someone who works for the team.
If you're too rebellious,
I'm going to eat you.
I am a ghoul, after all.
Hey, Urie—
I-I've reached the max score?!
Ginshi Shirazu, huh?
Yes. Despite his disposition,
he's well aware of his surroundings.
Kisho Arima
Investigator Special Class
Urie is definitely efficient, but
An interesting choice, Haise.
It's very you.
I hope that Urie will use this opportunity
to better his personality
You almost sound like a parent.
You're so kind.
No They're all rather troublesome.
I yield.
Not bad, Haise.
Um Mr. Arima.
Did you hear the voice again?
Yes. He whispers into my ear
I'm sure that's my past self.
I know nothing about the
first twenty years of my life.
despite not having anything,
I'm pretty happy.
If my past self returns,
I feel like everything I've experienced
in the last two years will disappear.
That frightens me.
Don't you want to see your
previous family or friends?
I already have a family.
I'll stop by the chateau sometime.
I'd like to borrow another book.
Wait, you don't have to.
I can bring them to you.
It's fine. I'd like to
see my grandkids, too.
Even if I lose control again
and can't return to normal,
I know that Mr. Arima will
It looks like you still
haven't found salvation
found salvation.
I ended up coming because
Toru wouldn't shut up, but
if it's just a make-believe family
Reporting to CCG Headquarters
While the Shimoguchi squad
was searching for Torso
We were attacked by Aogiri Tree's ghoul,
Rabbit, and we've been wiped out
I repeat, the SS rate
Takeomi Kuroiwa
Investigator Second Class
Is Investigator Sasaki all right?
Our squad mentor isn't that weak.
I see. That's good.
Nothing's good, actually.
Despite being ordered to, I pointed
my blade at a superior officer.
Nothing's good, Kuroiwa.
Your father abandoned my father.
I'll never forgive him.
Why didn't he fight alongside him?
Do you know how it feels to have
your father in pieces in a coffin?
Do you?
Do you, Takeomi Kuroiwa?
Could you let me know when
it'd be all right to see him?
See you later.
Don't work too hard.
Actually, I hope you work too hard and die.
Investigator Shimoguchi
I'm sorry about your squad members.
I hate to ask this, but I need you
to tell me what happened that day.
You want me to strengthen your kagune?
You want to be like Investigator Sasaki?
I guess I should explain
how your bodies work again.
The concept for Quinx arose from
Inspector Sasaki, who is half ghoul.
We implant the kakuho taken
from a ghoul into a human body,
and five frame levels are placed onto it.
You are currently set to frame 2.
Your kakuho's rate of operation is 40%
So if my frame level is increased,
I'll be able to use an even stronger kagune.
I can't say I'd recommend it.
What do you care?
Please, Dr. Shiba.
Please get approvals from
your squad leader and mentor.
It's a little late to worry
about morals now, old man.
Rabbit, was it?
My father was also killed
by Rabbit and Fueguchi.
Investigator Kureo Mado
Mr. Arima told
me he was a very capable man.
He also mentioned he learned how
to use his quinque from him.
If Torso is also from Aogiri,
this case will leave our hands.
Squad S1, S2, or S3 will take over.
I wonder if Mr. Shimoguchi is okay
Well, he's the only one who survived.
It's hard
losing those you've spent time with.
Once you join Aogiri,
it won't be easy getting out.
You should think carefully about this.
I don't have anywhere else I can go
But Aogiri? How did this happen?
If I take advantage of Aogiri,
then maybe
Hey, Saeki.
Yes, um
It's Ayato.
Was there a guy named Sasaki among the Quinx?
Name: Haise Sasaki
Damn it. What a joke!
What's wrong?
It looks like we're going to
be taken off the Torso case.
Apparently it's because there's
a possibility that Torso may be
working with Aogiri Tree.
There's nothing you can do.
Squads S1-S3 are in charge of Aogiri.
Yeah, but look how far we got!
There's nothing we can do if
we're dealing with Aogiri.
All those lives lost because of the
war with Aogiri two years ago
You know about that, don't you?
Well, yeah, but
Hey, Saiko!
You aren't actually
planning to eat that ham
all by yourself, are you?
The King of Hams
Pork Ham
Saiko Yonebayashi
Investigator Third Class
So crisp and juicy!
So What's our next assignment?
Oh, apparently someone named Nutcracker.
Hurry Hurry and
Really? Are you serious?
Yes, I am!
So, Sassan
Where the heck is the
Shirazu Squad's new enemy?
Nutcracker, or whatever?
I wanted to look the part
Nutcracker She works out
of the red light district.
They're still determining her rate.
Who is this Nutcracker?
Apparently she likes
crushing men's testicles.
That sounds like it hurts.
By the way, Squad Leader Shirazu,
where are Urie and Saiko?
Lord Uri apparently wasn't feeling
well, so he went to see Dr. Shiba.
Apparently his frame isn't
doing well, so he might
need to stay in the hospital a few days.
You need to report things
like that to me immediately.
My bad.
And Saiko?
I tried to wake her,
but there was no response.
Not to mention, her door is locked.
Hopefully she didn't die from ham.
Well, well
I've got a very good feeling about this!
Why don't we get something to drink?
This aroma
This shop will definitely serve
us some delicious coffee.
That's what my nose kagune's telling me!
You seem excited, Sassan.
Apparently, it's his hobby
to patronize delicious cafés.
Hey, how many times do I have to tell you
to welcome the guests when they come in
This taste
She smiled.
A troubled smile
Also a little sad
And I thought,
"I never knew someone could be
so beautiful."
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
Master Shu
No Three of them.
Do you feel anything, Master Shu?
Whatever happens to them
doesn't matter to me.
What day is the auction?
We're going to become women.
We're going to avenge Director Urie.
Impossible! Quinx?!
Come now, Shi.
But Squad Leader Urie
I'm pretty sure I stand out!
November 11th.
will lead the squads.
The Night Before the Event
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