Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Eve: fresh

Master Shu,
please take this.
Do you sense anything?
I'm not sure
there's something nostalgic
about this, and
it's a nice design.
Master Shu!
How pitiful
For now, I don't feel any difference.
Please raise my frame level.
Why do you want to go that far?
Are you planning to avenge your father?
Enough with your inquiries
and just stamp your seal.
Kisho Arima
Kisho, apparently Urie wants
to release another frame.
What do you think?
Why are you asking Investigator Arima?
Are you aware of all of the risks
that come with the procedure?
Did you get approval from your mentor?
Then I don't see a problem.
I'm sure he'll be able to use those
powers to their fullest extent.
Kisho Arima actually acknowledged me.
I'll be able to do things better.
I won't go berserk like Sasaki.
The Night Before the Event
Oh, hey, Lord Uri. I guess they
let you out of the hospital.
I'm not back to 100 percent,
so I won't be able to participate
in missions for a while.
Oh, I see. Don't worry.
Leave everything to us, and get some rest.
Thank goodness, though!
Why are you touching me?
Why are you laughing?
I know
But what are we supposed to do?
Is something wrong?
The Suzuya squad tracked down Nutcracker,
but it sounds like it's going to get messy.
We'll be participating in the investigation
with the Suzuya squad starting tomorrow,
so we can't just keep letting
Saiko shut herself in.
Juzo Suzuya
Let's go to Yonebayashi's room.
Huh? But how?
Potato Chips
Caramel Corn
I got the new lion mask.
It's titanium Now, dance intensely!
They're coming closer
Two No Three of them.
Saiko! We know you're in there!
Get your ass out here!
I am but a clam.
It's not working.
We have no other choice.
Are we doing this?
Kagune! You two
Are you actually Quinx?!
So are you!
Why aren't you participating
in the investigations?
Well, that's I mean,
Squad Leader Urie was like
I'm the squad leader now.
Huh? Squad Leader Urie got fired?
Did you do something lascivious?
Shut up.
Don't worry about me.
Anyway, this is an order
from your squad leader.
Work, damn it.
Aw, but I can totally sustain a
NEET lifestyle with my current pay.
I guess you at least realize you're a NEET.
I'm going back to being a bagworm now.
Hey! Get back out here you bagworm!
Stop! Don't peel me open!
Bagworms are precious!
Did you know that the commission has
plans to relieve you of your duties?
Your life of leisure here is
financed by commission funds.
Waste will be eliminated.
That's how the world works.
It'd probably be hard to get by in
the normal world with that body.
Yeah, that'd sort of suck
You morons. Read the surgical
consent form we all signed.
The CCG would help us out even
after we retire from this position.
Wh-What should I do?
You need to devote yourself to the squad
and produce some results before
they finalize their decision.
That's your only choice.
Devote myself Before it's finalized
This stupid thing!
I'll log out now.
Squad Leader Shirazu!
Saiko Yonebayashi will now work!
R-Right Good. I mean,
that's just normal, but
Anyway, we'll be leaving at 7:30 tomorrow.
Make sure you don't oversleep—
Aye, aye!
I'm going to bed right now!
Right this instant!
Immediately and promptly!
Thanks for persuading her.
It pisses me off, but you really are amazing.
It really does piss me off, though.
It was impressive.
Why couldn't you act like that
when you were squad leader?!
I had some time to reflect
on there being a better way.
There are a few people still missing,
Hanbee Abara
Investigator Second Class
but let us begin.
As expected, it's impossible to improve
Saiko Yonebayashi's time management skills.
She's a cog that doesn't fit.
Hup, hup, hup.
If we try to actually get her to work,
it'll disrupt the squad from the inside.
Then the squad leader's position will
I'm late!
Good morning, Assistant Special
Investigator Juzo Suzuya!
Oh, hey!
Juzo Suzuya
Assistant Special Investigator
Hey, Juzo.
You're the best, Haise!
I'm so sorry we're late!
Shirazu, and Saiko.
I'm so sorry, Sassan! I'm so late!
No, it's okay More importantly,
thank you for bringing Saiko.
Please take a look at the
documents before you.
That's the list of ingredients that
were found at Nutcracker's house.
Ingredients, huh?
We believe that Nutcracker is kidnapping
people and collecting them for the auction.
They auction off humans they've abducted.
They auction them, then eat them, right?
They also make them into slaves.
It is believed that the
SS rate ghoul,
Big Madame is participating in these auctions.
Please conduct this investigation with
the fact that this may also end up as
a joint investigation
with Division II, as well.
This sounds like it may end up a
bigger investigation than I thought.
It's rare for us to ever work
with Countermeasures Division II.
Investigator Sasaki.
Oh, you have your exam. Take care.
Please excuse me.
Is he going to be okay?
Apparently his Rc value won't stabilize.
Maybe he's more delicate than I thought.
So you let Torso get away.
I'm sorry we failed, despite your assistance.
It's all right. Whatever happens
to him doesn't matter to me.
By the way, what did you
want to speak to me about?
Haise, what do you think about your memories?
You're conflicted between not
caring about your memories
ever returning or if that's really okay.
I'll rephrase the question.
What do you plan to do
should your memories return?
It looks like
you still haven't found salvation
Why did you just bring up my memories?
I have some personal interest
in a particular ghoul.
A particular ghoul?
He's definitely one of the keys
to unlocking your memories.
His name is
We're going to become women.
Master Shu said he couldn't sense anything.
Yes. So hurry up and get
rid of those filthy shorts.
Hartnäckig! A rose doesn't lie!
In any case, who do those belong to?
A ghoul investigator.
What's their name?
Haise Sasaki.
Guinea pig
You may have been one of
Master Shu's classmates,
but you're still a mere human.
Don't forget that I can kill you at any time.
Tsukiyama, huh? He seems interesting.
You're invited to the dinner show.
Answer me!
What do your eyes see right now?
Listen to this, Hori.
I found a very rare food.
When I savor it, I shall take an entire
night to tell you all about it.
Please tell me.
What is gourmet?
Hope you'll keep entertaining me, Tsukiyama.
Hey I'm pretty sure we're
At least, I'm pretty sure I stand out!
Now, now, Shi. Watch how you speak.
How do you actually look
like a girl, Sassan?!
That's enough.
You, too, Toru!
And then Saiko Well, whatever.
We can't help it.
Nutcracker's shopping list basically
consisted of young women.
We're acting as decoys.
Yeah, but
Look. There she is.
All right, fine!
Hey, you got a minute?
Guess not.
I wonder what we have to do
to get Nut's attention
Don't look at me.
Don't look at me, don't look
at me, don't look at me
It's okay. You look cute.
That's not exactly what
I'm worried about, but
Something tickles
One, two! One, two! One, two!
Oh, isn't that a familiar face, Roma?
Is that Haise that everyone's
talking about, Sis?
He seems different and he's cross-dressing,
too, but doesn't he look like Kaneki?
But He looks really happy, and
doesn't that sort of piss you off?
Kaneki is most beautiful when
he's agonizing in the pit of despair.
Goodness, you're so selfish.
How can we make him turn back to the
original, beautifully pale Kaneki?
Oh, I wonder if Haise just needs to die then.
Well, I guess wine spilling
is also a beautiful sight.
What do you plan to do
should your memories return?
If my memories return, I
What? That sounds pretty sketchy to me.
There'll be a lot of VIPs,
so you'll be able to make a fortune.
Wow! That's amazing!
I absolutely love your hair!
Toru What's he doing?
Do you have a job offer? I wanna work!
Apparently Mutsi had a drink.
She just offered me a job, so now
I can go deeper under cover!
Well done, Toru!
Now, I shall dance
The dance of victory!
I shall accompany you!
Hey! Saiko! Damn it!
If my memories return, and I'm
no longer Haise Sasaki
I hope I still remember you guys.
Assistant Special Investigator
Matsuri Washu is the brain of S2.
He's a rationalist and perfectionist
who doesn't mind some sacrifices,
Matsuri Washu
Assistant Special Investigator
and I also heard that he wasn't too
fond of the Quinx Project either
What day is the auction?
November 11th.
Have Investigator Mutsuki
infiltrate the auction.
Of course.
Just in case of a security check, he
won't be able to take his quinque.
He's a Quinx, so he should be fine.
But Investigator Mutsuki
isn't ready for such a—
What do you mean by "But,"
Investigator Sasaki?
Investigator Washu.
May I attend the auction, too?
Investigator Suzuya?
If we want to mess them up from the inside,
we should have at least one other person.
Very well.
Thank you very much!
Come in.
S2 squad, Suzuya squad, as well as
Investigators Hirako, Mado,
and Shimoguchi will all command a unit.
I will now explain the details
of Operation Auction Sweep.
Investigator Shimoguchi.
How are you feeling?
Is that sarcasm?
Just leave him be.
That's the kindest thing you could do.
Everyone who works this job will lose their
superiors or subordinates at some point.
The CCG is a gathering of people
who have suffered losses.
Become stronger, Haise.
Become stronger, and kill ghouls, Haise.
Those with the least to
lose are the strongest.
If you don't want anything
to be taken from you,
you have to be the one to do the taking.
That's how this world works.
You sure do like high places.
Ayato, I have a message from Tatara.
Tatara wants you to be Big Madame's
bodyguard at the next auction.
Who else is there?
Your team, Naki's, and I think Miza's, too.
I think.
All right.
Saeki, you'll also be participating.
You should get some experience.
All the jobs will be crazy from here on out.
O-Okay, Ayato.
Toru Toru
I miss cold bodies Toru
Don't just stand there! Cover!
Damn it!
Don't let go of your weapon!
This is completely no good!
The ghouls won't hold back on you.
One more time!
Mutsuki, Juzo,
please be safe!
We will now begin the mission.
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
We, the Clowns, shall be your hosts!
We hope you will enjoy tonight's
auction with all of your heart.
Is that an enemy?
Is that an enemy, Gagi, Guge?
I'll do it.
The Night Before the Event
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