Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Auction: main

Where am I?
I remember getting into Nutcracker's
car with Investigator Suzuya
This is Mutsumi. Come in.
It's no use
Take her.
Hi! Heya!
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all for waiting.
We will now begin the auction.
Your hosts and auctioneers
will be us, the Clowns.
Please enjoy to your heart's content.
Here's our first item for today.
The former popular actor, Yoshiki Okura.
Please don't
We'll start the bidding at 10 million.
Ten million!
Eleven million!
What's the value of some has-been actor?
It's easy to place a high
price on celebrities.
Regardless, this is just bad taste
Twenty million!
Twenty-four million!
Twenty-five million!
Thirty million.
All right. It's now a battle
between number 33 and number 1.
Thirty-one million.
Thirty-two million.
32.5 million.
Thirty-five million.
And sold to number 33.
Who is that?
He's called Croque Monsieur.
He's from a different group than Big Madame,
but he's an extremely wealthy ghoul.
I didn't know humans were sold like this.
Everyone's sense of value is different.
Though maybe they're able
to put a price on them like
they're things because somewhere
inside they have no value.
If only I had money
We'll start the bid at a million
or so I was about to say
This one has an unusual scent
You can't be serious.
A one-eyed ghoul!
This is it!
This is what I need to cheer up Master Shu!
Ayato! How can I participate, too?!
Toru! Toru's going to be sold!
What the hell are you talking about?
Well, well, this is indeed rare.
That just means we'll have to
start the bidding at 10 million!
Ten million!
Twelve million!
Fifteen million!
Seventeen million!
What? Someone please
tell me what to do
What can I What's the plan?
Do I have to fight all by myself?
Am I going to Sensei?
The plan failed. No one's coming to save you.
Seventy million!
Eighty million!
Eighty-five million!
One hundred million!
I can't let such a rare pet get away!
One hundred twenty million!
Looks like Madame's not backing down.
One hundred forty million.
But number 110 isn't backing down, either.
One hundred fifty million!
One hundred eighty million!
Two hundred million!
Sold, to number 1, Madame!
Master Shu
You may pick up your item at
the reception desk later on.
Two hundred million Two hundred million.
A kiss for two hundred million.
Two hundred million Two hundred million.
Now then, let us move onto the next item
while the excitement is still high.
I have a feeling this one
will also go at a high price
because we have a very
beautiful young lady here.
Such pale skin and large eyes
She looks just like a doll!
Madame, please look.
She will most certainly
Now, let us start—
No payment necessary.
It's Suzuya! We've got doves in here.
Madame, let's go!
My sweet little Juzo
Commence assault.
To all personnel
Your first mission:
eradicate all of the ghouls inside.
Out of all the ghouls, make sure
you completely take out Big Madame.
It's expected that the Aogiri
Tree will intervene,
but do not let this chance go to waste.
Your second mission: rescuing the civilians.
Put priority on all of the
civilians who were kidnapped first.
I need to say that or it'll
cause some problems later
The priority might be rescue,
but our primary objective is Big Madame.
Is that an enemy?
Is that an enemy, Gagi, Guge?
There's a lot of them.
Join up with my squad—
Oh, shut your trap, grandma.
At times like this
He who strikes first gets no laughs!
Are you watching me, bro?!
That dumbass!
Currently fighting on the front lines.
The White Suits! It's Naki from Aogiri!
Please send back—
Tateshima and Isai squads, come with me!
We'll take care of the white suits.
Hinami, how's it look outside?
I think there are units gathered
out front and on the sides.
So we're surrounded
Tell Naki and Miza to punch
a hole in their perimeter.
I'm going to secure Big Madame.
Got it.
A-Ayato, what should I do?!
Come with me, Mr. Saeki.
My sweet little Juzo
The one-eyed ghoul from earlier
I could use this panic
to my advantage
Go ahead.
I have something I need to attend to.
It just came up.
The Quinx squad has arrived at the entrance.
Aogiri troops confirmed.
Engaging them now.
Is that Haise Sasaki?
His movements are similar
to Investigator Arima's.
We've eliminated all of the
enemies at the entrance. We will now—
What's with that twitchy baldy?
Kokaku It's pretty big.
Investigator Sasaki, keep moving forward.
We'll take care of things here.
Investigator Ato
Let's go, guys!
Ukaku, back us up.
Make sure not to hit us.
Two hundred million! Two, two, two!
The main entrance is blocked!
Head toward the rear exit!
What's going on?
Who the hell snitched to the doves?!
200 million!
I might not stand a chance against this
bunny rabbit here unless I use Jason
The plan failed. No one's coming to save you.
Why would he lie?
Actually, why did they know about the plan?
What are you doing?
It's Naki. He's tough!
How many did he get?
I'm not sure!
I'll go!
S rate Triple Blade!
Thanks for coming, Miza!
Don't say my name, you dumbass!
We're definitely outnumbered
At this rate
I'm pretty sure I've seen your face before
Definitely forgot your name, though!
Fall back.
I'll take care of this.
Don't advance too far, Investigator Shibashi!
The days of you old folks is long over,
Investigator Shimoguchi, or should I say,
"Subordinate Killer."
The new generation will shape the new age.
You're just going to have to accept that.
So yummy!
That's why I You stupid punk!
You're not getting away!
Hey, Hirako.
The doves have reached the hall!
There are a number of Aogiri
troops we can't reach!
Lead Big Madame to the theater basement!
The Spine User showed up in front of Naki!
The Spine User
Lady Yotsume.
Are you all right?
All the Aogiri troops in the main
hall should retreat towards the roof.
After regrouping, we will send
reinforcements to Naki and Miza.
The Rabbit won't need any backup.
Security, continue guarding
Where did Mr. Saeki go?
This blitz!
Master Shu
I've found it
Welcome back
Groix reich
Thank goodness
Toru! It's me! Torso!
You're not getting away!
How dare you touch my Toru?!
You piece of trash!
How dare you attack me?!
If they manage to get away,
I'm going to come back and kill you.
Until then, sleep here.
Toru My
Seems like the tides are turning
Do you think we should insert the Owl soon,
Are you ready, Takizawa?
I'm starving
I'm sorry, Investigator Ato!
It's all right, just back me up.
The fact that they let
Investigator Sasaki advance
means that their squad is
more powerful than ours.
That sucks as an assistant
special investigator.
But their potential is indeed amazing.
New technology and fresh faces are
pushing us old guys out the door.
Mr. Marude, are you insane?
He's still just a child!
We'll know immediately if I'm insane or not.
Even for the most skeptical, there comes
a moment when they're touched by God.
That happens when you come face
to face with overwhelming talent.
witnessed God.
I saw God's inequity.
But even commoners that God or
the Devil care nothing about
can be adequate with a little
bit of hard work and experience.
It's like a freshly picked pineapple
Tokyo Ghoul: re
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