Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Night of Scattering

Where are you going, wildfang?
Where to?
So your wound already healed? Tolle!
That means that Master Shu will be
able to enjoy you over and over!
And if you're able to heal
That means that I can make you
a little easier to carry!
I'm late.
Nice job, Lord Uri!
It's a rinkaku-type.
This scent You're
Haise Sasaki!
The Crumbling Night
Good So good!
Jam, jam, jam, jam
It's no use He'll catch up to us.
How noble of you.
Give me some jam
We're about to take over the control room.
We'll be able to find out where
Madame and the others are.
Squad Leader! Above you!
That body You must be Nutcracker.
Look at that dirty, little body of yours.
She's a bikaku-type A.
With our numbers, she shouldn't be a problem.
Just keep your calm and charge!
Hold her!
Fueguchi here is extremely difficult to use.
It took me over a year,
but now I can use it like an
extension of my figure because of that.
You're trapped in the past,
and that's why you can't change.
I can't have him die just yet.
That means I should kill him now.
Trapped in the past?
My strength
My powers only exist in the past.
Resentment and sadness is all I have.
What could you possibly
Gagi! Guge! What the hell are you doing?!
Fire! Fire!
Protect our bro!
Hey, get a hold of yourself!
Gagi! Guge!
Don't leave me alone!
What's wrong?
Naki and the others
They need reinforcements?
Yeah, they need help.
I have to protect Madame.
Right. I'm sorry.
I guess I should fall back.
Out of bullets?
It's all your fault
It's all your fault
It's all your fault
It's all your fault!
Urie! Shirazu!
Master Shu
They got away
Splitting up their kagune
Something like that's possible?
She planted
her kagune here
This is Oshiba.
Nutcracker has more than one type of kagune!
She's using bikaku and koukaku!
Their estimated rate—
Sasaki here.
This is Washu.
It appears you've found Investigator Mutsuki.
The Oshiba squad has been annihilated.
The only ghoul they
encountered was Nutcracker.
We're upgrading her rank from A to S.
The Quinx squad will find
Nutcracker and get rid of her.
I'll send the Ato squad over, as well.
If we're going to be fighting an S rate,
there will be some dangers.
Investigator Mutsuki is both
wounded and exhausted,
making it hard for him to
go on with this mission.
Please allow him to retreat.
Very well.
Have someone accompany
him to ensure his safety.
Investigator Urie is
probably the best choice.
Investigator Urie?
Did you have someone else in mind?
I'll have Investigator Urie
accompany Investigator Mutsuki.
Thanks, Urie.
I'm just doing my job.
How am I supposed to get ahead guarding
someone who's just holding us back?
As pathetic as this sounds,
I'm actually a little relieved.
I had no idea what was going to
happen when I went up for auction.
I can imagine.
You did a good job.
I hope so
Not yet
I want to be acknowledged.
Let's go. The exit should be this way.
My bad.
Looks like my sense of direction
is off, just for today.
This is Washu.
The Ato squad is to head to the
administration building immediately.
Investigator Ato?
Roger that.
So good So delicious!
You're shaking so much. I understand.
You're scared?
It's because I'm different.
The reason we fear anyone is
because they're different from us.
So if we become the same,
you won't be scared anymore.
Y-You're Mr. Takizawa?
You gave us a lecture on
quinques at the academy.
It's me! Togi! You're Mr. Takizawa!
Don't you remember me?
The class clown that was talking to the
girl next to her during the lecture!
That was you!
Yes! That was—
You need to pay attention during lectures!
Mutsuki, don't you feel something is off?
All the bodies are of the
Aogiri and investigators
The audience
The audience was filled with masked ghouls.
Considering how big this place is,
there should've been a lot of them.
Where could they have all gone?
There it is.
The theater basement.
They might be hiding down here.
Want to go down?
Don't worry.
If we encounter the enemy we'll head back.
We're just going to have a look around.
You goody-two-shoes.
Gagi Guge
Get a move on, stupid Naki.
Can we handle these numbers?
Actually, even if we're able to take care
of at least some of them and then leave
Investigator Suzuya!
What are you doing here?
I was following them and ended up here.
You just had to butt in.
Do you have your communicator?
We should contact HQ.
It looks like we can't
get any reception here.
I tried earlier, but
Now that Suzuya's here,
he's going to take half the credit.
Like hell I'm going to
allow any reinforcements.
Did they find an escape route?
We're a little outgunned
But apparently we're just
going to have to do it.
Huh? What?
I also need to
There's one over here, too.
I'm scared
I'm also an investigator!
You've improved.
Your fighting's gotten better.
How high up have you gotten?
You're probably pretty
high up now, aren't you?
Got it!
Meaty, firm, and just enough
chewiness. I can feel it.
This nuggety texture
Suzuya's impressive as always.
He's too fast.
Which means
I have no reason to hold back!
Ooh, that's nice.
Just you watch, Takeomi Kuroiwa.
You can't beat me.
Because you're just a normal human!
No! Don't do that!
Let me go!
Wow, impressive.
Stand down.
Oh, dear.
You're not hesitating at all.
Could it be
that you hate him?
Could I
have those back?
This is great! This is the best feeling!
I'm going to use these
powers to their full extent
and become a ghoul investigator
that no one's ever seen before!
Madame's over there!
I'll head right over!
been chosen!
Well, aren't you a cute little boy.
I want to eat you right up.
There's no way Investigator Urie
would just agree to a bodyguard assignment.
Did he make a detour and find a
treasure, just I had hoped for?
Or is he dead?
Owl, where are you?
Up high.
Can you see anything?
Three yummy-looking treats.
You're from the Oshiba squad
I'm Hayashimura.
Are you hurt?
These bushes acted as a cushion,
so I just have some scratches, thankfully.
Look out!
Whoa! You actually stopped it!
I can't hold him!
So good!
What is this flavor?!
Stay back!
I see. You're
Eto, you sly little bitch.
Is this why you sent me here?
I wonder how your flesh tastes.
Yeah! Way to go!
You need to do better than that!
I'm used to this!
A one-eyed
Shirazu! You and Investigator
Hayashimura need to run!
This is Hayashimura from the Oshiba squad.
Investigator Sasaki is currently
engaging an unidentified ghoul!
His estimated rate is higher than S!
Higher than S?
Investigator Sasaki.
Yes, sir?
The preliminary rate of
this ghoul will be SS.
Investigator Sasaki will face him alone.
Investigator Hayashimura will accompany
the rest of the Sasaki squad
to the administration building.
Hey, what the hell?!
Are you telling us to abandon Sassan?!
And you call yourself—
Let's go, Investigator Shirazu.
Not you, too!
Take care of Saiko.
Well, aren't you a model superior?
I can appreciate that.
My boss was a great guy, too.
Let's talk about our secrets.
Just the two of us!
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
Should we put on a play?
Give me the strength to protect them
The difference between 100 and 99 is
I'm so strong!
Beyond the Boundary
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