Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

turn: In the End

I see. You're
Call my name.
if I call your name,
I hear footsteps
Badup, badup, badup, badup, badup
Arrival and
What a nice stage.
Shall we put on a play?
Your lines will be Let's see
"I don't want to die Actually, I do."
Beyond the Boundary
200 million where are you?
My 200 million
Saiko, back me up!
Wh-What exactly does that entail?
No! Don't jump!
From above?
She's able to split up her
kagune and use them as traps.
Be careful when you're
near the ceiling or walls!
Another one that can split their kagune up?
In that case
It's no use It's not enough firepower.
Investigator Yonebayashi, support me!
What exactly does that entail?
That was close.
I almost seriously turned into Shirako
This kagune
Could it be
I knew it. This is
My corpus linguae is in
contact with the core
Credit, credit, credit!
More, more, more, more, more, more
Gimme more!
Outta my way!
So much fun! What is this?!
My head is filled with me!
Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me
Because I'm so strong!
I'm so friggin' strong!
So this is frame 4
Talk about crazy
Now I've got y—
Who do you think you're up
against, you little shit?!
Why is it always me
who has bad luck?
No fair.
Why is it Kuroiwa?
Why is it only me?
Even though I'm working so hard
Sasaki, Shirazu Everyone in
that house I hate them all.
I'm a burden to Sasaki
I hate all of you.
Die All of you.
You should all die.
It's hard and painful, being alone.
It's okay, you're not a burden.
It's all right.
I see You're
I see
I'm irritated to the max now!
I won you in the auction,
so I'm taking you home with me.
As for the brat there, I'll chop him up
and eat him!
Hello, Mama.
Please, Saiko, we need your powers!
But I should probably level up first
Are you ready yet, Investigator Shirazu?
I can't
Sassan said that she doesn't notice it,
but Saiko has the most potential
That's it! Sassan!
Let's defeat Nut and go save Sassan.
Sassan will die.
My Maman?
So, Saiko, please!
I'm pretty much at my limit.
Thank you.
All right, let's do this as planned.
The way her kagune works is pretty simple
It reacts to something close
and pierces!
Move! You weaklings!
What are my bodyguards doing?!
Juzo! Rei! You're going to defy your mother?!
But I raised you! Do you hate me?
Is that it?
Pardon the incision.
We've taken over the monitor room.
Well done. Transfer the system over to us.
Ghouls that are extremely dangerous
come with a cash reward.
As long as I have money
How much are you?
I want
money If I have it
I want to be
Stop sounding like
a human
Scars were all I had received from you.
Only my scars take me back
No matter what others may say about you
I had never held a grudge against you.
You shitty little brat.
I'll tell you something
The only reason I kept you is because
you happened to have beautiful
form, you dumbass!
Don't get the wrong idea!
I've never loved—
Your ears, if I may
Did you know that there's a huge
difference between first and second?
The difference between 100
and 99 isn't one point
I think I want to prove that you
are Doctor Kano's masterpiece
But who knows now?
So weak!
Weak. So weak!
Weak, weak, weak, weak, weak
Hey, now I was being
compared to someone like you?
Sasaki No
Ken Kaneki
That voice
Saiko Maman
Awesome! Thanks, whoever did that.
I just thought of something good.
I'll poke you full of holes,
and have all of your friends
hear your vibrations, too!
I've shut off the audio!
Investigator Washu,
who is Investigator Sasaki engaging?
Answer me!
Investigator Washu
Thanks to the footage from the monitor
room, we've located the remaining ghouls.
I will now give updated orders to all squads.
Sir, what was that audio?
It was a slip-up. Don't worry about it.
Yes, sir.
We'll have Investigator Sasaki
buy us a little more time.
Until we have them in a checkmate.
All that screaming, and no back up.
Poor guy. I feel for ya.
But that's who you work for.
They'll use you and then
throw you out like trash.
You're empty, a sausage packed with no meat.
A person with no reason to exist.
At least give me some meaning.
Don't want to disappear
That's it. I'll make you into dessert.
Why are you getting in my way
He should still be useful.
I need you to go back up Rabbit, Takizawa.
I'll decide that for myself!
Even if you're empty
or just a vessel
Even if you can't tell who I am
If this person is the only
vessel for your soul
Then, I'll protect him.
I won't let you fight alone anymore!
Ow, ow
You're so strong, Hina
You've got me
all excited!
Ayato, this isn't good!
All the doves are headed this way!
I know.
Go support Ayato and Naki.
Leave the ones on the east side
to the Clowns and take shelter.
Damn it
Giving me all this trouble
to deal with Fueguchi.
So this is Owl's power.
Go back! Go back!
I didn't eat it! I didn't eat it!
I'll protect you.
That's enough
I'm not the person you once knew anymore
Even though my body is Ken
Kaneki I'm Haise Sasaki.
He's not just a vessel
Even if he doesn't have any memories
He's still Ken Kaneki.
I can disappear now. So
Give me the power to protect
are you afraid of me?
Because You're strong.
I have this void within me
and I'm being consumed by it.
A giant hollow.
And the loneliness needed to fill it
I can't win.
I can't win against you.
I don't even know who's
controlling this body anymore
I'm just going to disappear
I'm losing consciousness
Haise, listen.
I'm not strong.
Look at me.
I'm Ken Kaneki.
erase me.
I guess
you were also scared.
I'll save
Tokyo Ghoul: re
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