Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

mind: Days of Recollections

The grim reaper of the CCG
Kisho Arima.
Oh I'm
going to die here.
Could I please
take custody over her?
On November 11, the CCG
carried out two operations.
The raid on the auction and transport
security for the transfer of quinque steel.
We received intel that the Aogiri Tree
was planning to steal the quinque steel.
We were going to use this intel against
them and were prepared for the attack.
Itsuki Marude
Investigator Special Class
Investigator Special Class
Itsuki Marude was in charge
of that operation, and it was
carried out by the S3 squad.
After Operation Auction Raid commenced,
the Aogiri Tree attacked
the convoy as predicted.
However, the S3 squad
successfully fought them off.
After their mission, the S3 squad
headed toward the auction venue.
Kori Ui
Investigator Special Class
It's time to go.
Kosuke Hoji
Investigator Special Class
Split up as much as you can and retreat!
Hinami's still inside!
There's nothing we can
do against those numbers!
Matsumae, we're going to have
to find food another way.
Yes, Master Mirumo.
It's Mado
Because the quinx squad acquired
intel confirming the auction,
eradicated the Nutcracker
as well as Big Madame,
and supported the Suzuya squad,
they were considered a huge part
of the success of the operation
and they received recognition.
Someone had attacked the members of
Aogiri Tree that were on the run.
The bodies of the fallen ghouls
showed signs of cannibalism.
If Takizawa survived, could it have been
No, I'm expecting too much.
Expectations, huh?
The Days In My Memories
Ginshi Shirazu, Saiko Yonebayashi.
I now appoint you to
investigator second class.
Miyuki Mikage, Mizuro Tamaki, Hanbee Abara,
Kuki Urie, Takeomi Kuroiwa,
Toru Mutsuki.
I now appoint you to
investigator first class.
Wow, they got promoted.
Kuramoto Ito, Keijin Nakarai,
Naoto Hayashimura,
Haise Sasaki.
I now appoint you to senior investigator.
Senior Investigator Akira Mado,
I now appoint you to assistant
special class investigator.
Juzo Suzuya, Matsuri Washu.
I now appoint you to
investigator special class.
You and Lord Uri end up
investigator first class?
So now you guys are the same rank
as Sassan was up until today.
Honestly, it feels surreal to me.
Congratulations, Urie.
So he defeated a ghoul with his bare hands?
Who cares?
Get out of my sight.
Investigator Kuroiwa.
Iwao Kuroiwa
Investigator Special Class
Investigator Urie.
It's quite a feat to reach senior
investigator at your age.
Thank you very much,
Assistant Special Investigator Akira Mado.
Stop. You're embarrassing me.
By the way,
how's Fueguchi doing?
We've been continuing our interrogation.
It's true that she's a very
reliable source of information,
but make sure you're not spending
too much time with her.
Fueguchi is involved in
Akira's father's death.
That fact that I have her in custody might
just be fanning the flames for Akira.
I'm me, and you're you,
but we only have one body.
Please, Haise, next time
Don't make me disappear.
Investigator Shimoguchi.
We've been appointed to the
Shimoguchi squad starting today.
Shion Satomi
Investigator First Class
Former Shibashi Squad
I'm Investigator Shion Satomi.
Miho Toga
Investigator First Class
Former Shibashi Squad
Likewise. I'm Investigator Miho Toga.
It's a pleas—
I know.
Nothing good is going to come
of you joining my squad.
We know.
CCG Research Facility
Nutcracker is almost done.
You should look forward to it.
Koitsu Chigyo
Head Researcher
She'll make an excellent quinque.
More More.
I'm not going to lose to Kuroiwa!
So while these knives are up in the air,
you slice with the ones in your hands.
As you keep the ones up in the air,
you add ones into your hands.
That's a bit too much for me
I think my limit might be two.
Really? But you're really
good with knives, Toru.
are you ever scared about
getting hurt from your knives?
Nope. I have a high tolerance for pain.
Are you scared?
The one who wins in battle is the
one who has their weakness in check.
Weakness in check?
That's a good saying.
I got it from someone else.
From my mentor.
Thank you very much.
Yes, good work, everyone.
Investigator Sasaki.
Instructor Tokage.
Gomasa Tokage
Second Academy Instructor
Thanks. When we have active duty
officers come by for lectures,
the students feel much more motivated.
Please call me back at any time.
My students are a bunch
of morons, aren't they?
No, they're a lively and fun bunch.
We have a number of kids who
have previous records so.
By the way, how's Mutsuki doing?
That one's a troublemaker, too.
Not at all.
He's very responsible and a hard worker.
Lately, Investigator Suzuya's
been mentoring him.
Ah, Suzuya
I'll be going, then.
I see
But the investigator who defeated
the ghoul gets ownership over them.
I think Nutcracker will
become a powerful quinque.
The stronger your quinque is
the better the chance you'll have
against even stronger ghouls.
You're right.
Welcome back! How did it go today?
Was it fun? You didn't get hurt, did you?
Come on. Hurry up and wash
your hands and get changed.
I invited a very important person over today,
so you'd better be on your best behavior.
You seem to be having fun, Sensei.
Well, we're having a home party
that's doubling as a celebration.
Come on, you two. Help me out.
Okay, fine.
Saiko, it's on fire!
I believe this is called flambé!
Where are you going, Urie?
I'm going to go train.
I'm not going to lose to Kuroiwa.
But we have someone coming over.
I don't need to be a part of that.
Here, I need you to go shopping.
Sorry about that, Urie-kun.
That must've been really heavy.
It's fine.
Also, there's a package for you.
I wonder what it is.
I told you to stop trying
to flambé things, Saiko!
But I will not repeat my mistakes!
Thank you guys for all your help.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Thanks for having us.
Welcome hom— I mean,
welcome, Mr. Arima and Akira.
It's so good!
I believe they call this noms
We have some curry, too, Akira.
I'll have some.
I made it to your liking.
It should be a perfect reproduction
of the Mado family taste.
It's good And very nostalgic.
I'm just gonna have a tas—
I wouldn't do that.
The spiciness of the Mado
family's curry is SS rate.
Hey, are you okay, Lord Uri?
Oh, no!
You defeated a ghoul with an umbrella?!
Well, I didn't have my quinque, but there
just happened to be an umbrella there.
There are plenty of crazy stories
about Investigator Arima.
Juzo told me that he had fallen
asleep during a battle before.
That's a bit far-fetched, isn't it?
I was really tired.
Man, I'm stuffed.
I'm so full.
But there's always room for dessert!
You're not done eating?
I have something to give you all.
Are you sure?
Yup. It's to celebrate your promotions.
Thank you so much!
You, too, Akira.
A present for your promotion.
Thanks, Haise.
You really are like their parent.
You think so?
I got one for you, too, Mr. Arima.
But I didn't get a promotion.
But you're always helping me out.
Thanks. I'll take good care of it.
And that should be it.
Urie, where are you going?
At this hour?
Don't push yourself too hard.
Stop acting like a parent.
Since my pay went up, I think I'll
be facing even tougher ghouls.
I can't let my guard down.
Well, that's true, but
Don't try to handle everything
by yourself, okay?
What you lack in skills can be
made up by working with your team.
Such nonsense.
Though I guess he has a point.
A mask It's also an eyepatch?
Ken Kaneki
I wonder how it's written.
If I can figure out how he wrote his name
Sen Takatsuki
The Hanged Man's MacGuffin
Sen Takatsuki
To Ken Kaneki
Sen Takatsuki
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki
Sen Takatsuki's book and this mask
Who could've sent them?
I'm pretty sure they weren't sent by mistake.
The mask had an address
Does it belong to someone
involved with Ken Kaneki?
The Hanged Man's MacGuffin
Should I go look for them?
Oh Thank you.
I wonder why
This smells so nostalgic.
Toka, get me some coffee.
Get it yourself, stupid Nishiki.
Uta, what's going on with the Clowns?
What are you going to do with Ken?
Who knows?
I don't know what the
boss is thinking, either.
What do you guys want to do?
Are you going to wait for Kaneki?
I'm just going to continue what I decided on.
Thanks. Your coffee is still the best.
to me
he's still a special client.
Your number seem to be normal.
I see.
I heard that you almost lost control.
Who told you that, you geezer?
How did you calm back down?
I can keep it under control,
as long as I concentrate.
I see.
Sir, about Mutsuki
What is it?
I can't answer any personal questions.
Never mind, it's nothing.
I guess there's no way
a doctor wouldn't know.
If you'll excuse me.
Haru, your bro's moving up in
the world. Isn't that awesome?
My pay went up, too. Hm? Well
I'll be making even more
money, so just wait for me.
Don't worry. I won't do anything rash.
I've got friends to help me out.
Everyone's so awesome.
Lord Uri and Toru even got promoted
to investigator first class!
Well I'll let you meet them some day.
They're all really great.
Don't worry. You're beautiful, Haru.
There were no documents
about Ken Kaneki at the CCG.
It was almost unnatural.
The only things I managed to find were
the article regarding the incident
where some steel beams came crashing down,
and the fact that he's been missing.
He was a student at Kamii University,
and doesn't have any relatives.
As for friends I wonder if he had any
What is this place?
Master Shu
It hurts I'm so hungry
Isn't there something?
Anything will do Anything
Ah, Master Shu
My poor sweet lord My poor sweet lord
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
I will be in charge of this operation.
Someday at a café
Isn't this fun, Tsukiyama?
It's a trap.
I'm a gourmand!
The One That Wriggles
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