Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

TAKe: One Who Writhes

Master Mirumo, I have a report.
Master Shu is indiscriminately hungry
and currently cannot control his kagune.
At this rate, Master Shu will
Master Mirumo.
Pardon. I lost myself for a moment.
Master Shu
Are you Kanae von Rosewald?
I'm Shu Tsukiyama.
I heard we got a new attendant.
Have you gotten used to life here yet?
A "forest of roses," huh?
Come, little boy.
I'll show you a true forest of roses.
Noble German roses.
Kanae, my very distant sibling
who shares common blood
Do not cry alone.
Live proudly and beautifully,
just like a rose.
That is the duty of those who
belong to the Tsukiyama family.
M-Master Shu is
Master Shu!
Please forgive my rudeness!
Who do you think I am?!
I'm the Gourmet!
Hurry up and bring me the ultimate dish!
Something that will satisfy me!
The inhibitor!
Master Shu!
What are you doing here?
I was cleaning your room
while you were sleeping.
I see.
Thank you
I apologize for the state that I'm in.
It's nothing
Please continue
taking care of
this family
Hass Hass Hass
Hass Hass
Even this loyalty of mine
I hate it all.
I want
to be beautiful
I want to be beautiful
The One That Wriggles
No one can escape from Cochlea twice.
How many times must I tell you that?
Aogiri needs Hinami's powers.
Ayato, who died and made you an adviser?
You have no say in this matter.
What's so funny, Takizawa?
It's so funny seeing a ghoul
care about another ghoul.
It's so tasty and so funny.
It's you and Fueguchi
who deviated from the plan.
We'll just have to get
someone to replace her.
Yamori, the Bin Brothers
All the people we've lost
Are the members of Aogiri just
replaceable pawns for you?
Yes. Dogs need to act like dogs.
This is
You rarely ever get to see
a natural chimera quinque!
Well? Shiragin, aren't you going to open it?
I want to be beautiful
A-Are you all right?
There are a lot of people
who get grossed out by them.
Especially when you first get your
quinque from a ghoul you captured.
That's not it. I'm fine.
Hey, Sassan.
The reward for exterminating Nutcracker was
1.7 million.
Is that a lot?
Who knows?
If you're going to cry, just quit!
You're so annoying, you stupid little brat.
What's so funny?
I'm sorry.
It's just
When you're mad, you look just like Toka.
It made me feel at ease.
Thank you for the information.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you I appreciate it
I'm me, and you're you.
Before, when I was feeling down,
you brought me books like this.
Even now
I'm not sure how I should react.
I think a lot of people feel that way.
Because everyone loved you so much.
I can't become Kaneki.
I'll come by again another time.
Why am I sympathizing with a ghoul?
When the time comes, she's going to be
Do I want to help her?
am I?
Oh, I'm sorry
I wasn't trying to hide, or anything.
Is this where you were slacking off, Furuta?
Well, well
My name is Kijima.
I'm Haise Sasaki.
I'm fully aware.
I believe we'll be working
together on Rose
I hope you won't be too hard
on me when that happens.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Let's go, Furuta.
Excuse us.
Little mouse
Why are you so interested in Master Shu?
Well, Tsukiyama's a lot of fun.
I think that's why.
Let's hear it, little mouse.
This supposed way of saving Master Shu.
Chie Hori, correct?
You've been suspected of assisting
ghouls acquire their prey.
Please come with us to HQ.
Hold it!
Tsukiyama, you may not believe it,
but I'm really scared of dying.
I want to at least die the
moment I think I'm ready.
So until then, I want to
have as much fun as I can.
Come on, Saiko. Wake up!
Not only was I forced awake, I didn't
even get to have breakfast
That's because you were sleeping
until the very last minute!
I am Kori Ui, the S1 squad leader.
I will be leading this investigation.
It's a pleasure to meet all of you.
Kori Ui
Investigator Special Class
Hairu Ihei
Senior Investigator
Taishi Fura
Senior Investigator
Because they don't feed on the spot
and they seem to be kidnapping
victims en masse,
we believe that Rose is a group of highly
trained and highly organized ghouls.
They barely leave any traces behind,
so this will be arduous.
We need to come up with an effective
method of investigation.
Effective, huh?
There's barely any information, right?
You're the Quinx squad, right?
Y-Yeah. Wh-What's up?
Are you nervous, Shirazu?
No, you idiot!
You go, pervy squad leader.
Um, I'm Investigator Ui's partner,
and my name is Hairu Ihei.
I'm actually around the
same age as all of you.
So I was hoping we could all get along.
The same age?
And you're partnered with an investigator
special class? That's awesome.
That's strange
was there someone our age that was powerful
enough to pair with a special class?
Let's go, Senior Investigator Ihei.
Senior Investigator Ihei?
She's in Mr. Arima's squad and
participated in the Owl Operation.
She was on the front lines of that battle?
That airhead?
Hairu Ihei joined the 74th class.
She's three years our senior.
Oh, no wonder we don't know her.
Squad leader, I require nourishment.
I heard there was a yummy bakery over there.
Why don't we find out?
We're supposed to be gathering
information right now.
Oh, fine. I guess you didn't get breakfast.
All right, let's go.
It smells so good!
Man, they really do look good.
Welcome— Huh?
You're Kuroiwa, right?
You know her?
Here, have some coffee.
The bread was delicious!
Thank you very much.
So you became an investigator, Kuroiwa?
Your dad was a ghoul investigator, too.
Was Kuroiwa always like this?
Yes. He's always been quiet,
but he definitely had a presence
because he excelled in sports.
You became a baker?
Yup. I always wanted to make
bread for a café or something.
Crap. We gotta head back,
even though we don't really
have anything to report.
We can at least report on this excellent
bakery that we've discovered.
The bread was really good.
Come again, Kuroiwa.
What the hell
That shitty boss
Furuta, you always make an excellent decoy.
That's not exactly a compliment
Even if there's no trace, we can
predict where you'll show up.
So this was a trap
A wall
So she has detachable kagune.
Let's go.
You're not going anywhere.
Good evening. Are you open?
Yes. We're open.
Is there something in particular
that you were looking for?
Oh, um
I wanted to inquire about this
It was delivered to my place,
but it was sent from here, right?
I'm indeed the one who sent it, but
That's strange. Maybe I
got the wrong address
Oh, really?
By the way,
did you also send this book?
No, I didn't.
I see. I'm sorry to have bothered you.
Oh, pardon me for asking, but your eyes
Oh, it's a tattoo.
You inject ink into the white of your eyes.
The color fades after a few years.
I-I see
That sounds painful
Oh, you can have that mask back.
Oh, that's all right. You can have it.
It must be some kind of fate that we met.
Oh Well, thank you.
Is it possible to have a mask custom made?
What a lovely circus trick.
In that case
They attack like moles!
I'm finally getting warmed up.
Who is this girl?
She's able to dodge, even from this distance?
I'm fast, aren't I?
Thanks for distracting
them, Investigator Ihei.
S1's in charge of Rose?
Yeah. Apparently, they already caught one.
Well, I'm also a special investigator
I want to use everything I learned
in Germany against Aogiri Tree.
We won't be able to defeat Aogiri
with our current director.
With our current director, that is
The only thing you learned in Germany
is to let your men die in vain.
I'm terribly sorry, Master Mirumo.
This is all my fault.
It's all right, Matsumae.
I'm glad you made it back safely.
Wh-Where's Yuma?
I'm sorry.
The CCG has figured us out.
Our future hunts will
prove to be difficult
But at this rate, Master Shu will be
Does it hurt?
It's all right. I'll be
fine after a little rest.
You do what you must.
There are some photos in the envelope,
so could you give them to Tsukiyama?
You should help Tsukiyama
with whatever he wants to do.
I can tell
I'm sure you won't tell me anything,
no matter how much we interrogate you.
Because of that, I'd like to send
your friends a little gift
Which part do you think they'll like?
Just promise me one thing.
No matter what,
you'll respect Tsukiyama's wishes.
If you can do that, give him these photos.
Tell me more
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
So that's them
There's no way Kaneki would forget me!
You okay, Torso?
I just wanted to tell you that.
That's some bun.
Next, try giving him the second photo.
He's basically a ghoul, no
matter how you look at it.
I'm starving
I'm going to kill them!
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