Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Departed Spirit

Run! Run! Run! Run!
Master Shu!
Master Shu! Where are you going?
Where else?
I must see Kaneki
I must go!
His name is Haise Sasaki.
That's the new name that Ken Kaneki
was given after he lost his memories.
Master Shu,
please do not forget
he may look exactly like Kaneki,
but he is currently a ghoul investigator.
He is an enemy to us ghoul—
Master Shu! No!
There's nothing to fear, Kanae!
Everything will go well!
There's no way that Kaneki would forget me!
Let us enjoy a nice day together, Kaneki!
Master Shu!
Let us make up for lost time!
Are you all right?
What a crazy suit
Excuse us
I wonder if he's okay
How strange
He should know me.
He's lost his mind
to appear in front of doves
That's a ghoul
Hello, Uta.
Welcome, Sasaki.
It has to be, right?
I'm going to have him make
masks for all of us today.
Why masks? We aren't ghouls.
We're going to become ghouls.
First, we cross-dressed,
now we're going to be ghouls?
We have kakugans,
and abilities similar to them.
Which means we'd be able
to impersonate ghouls.
And why are we going to impersonate them?
We're going to infiltrate
the world of ghouls.
Your teeth are all jagged
and you look really cool.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Uh, no I don't.
Do you like girls?
Is there anyone you like right now?
Uh I'm not really sure.
You look really serious and smart.
Can I make your mask really weird?
Because it seems fun.
This guy is totally a ghoul.
Shouldn't we be questioning him?
You're so small like a koro-pok-guru.
The name's Saiko.
What are your hobbies?
Food, games, sleep, snacks, manga and anime.
That eyepatch is cute. You like them?
Um Yes?
You have such a cute face.
You're muscular yet delicate.
I think you'd even be able
to wear girls' clothes.
I feel like I've heard this voice before
Sassan, it's great that we got
all our measurements taken,
but did you get permission
from the brass for this?
I'm going to right now.
Absolutely not.
Impersonating ghouls?
Your dignity as an investigator
would be questioned.
Sasaki, what justice is
there without common sense?
Please excuse me.
I think the mask plan is a pretty good idea.
They'd look like awful superheroes.
Superheroes, huh?
Can I have a smoke?
Your wife will get mad at
you, Investigator Fura.
And that's why I'm smoking here.
Are you sure you just don't
want Sasaki getting ahead?
He's dangerous
Mr. Arima! Haise is
He's lost his ability to control his Kagune.
That idiot.
Kori, I'll take care of him.
Sasaki is
a ghoul.
I heard that Shu went out for a bit.
That makes me happy.
This is a good thing
Master Shu's appetite is
becoming normal again.
Where is Shu now?
I believe he's in his room
researching something.
You don't remember me
That just won't do.
I have to make you remember.
Shall we begin with squash?
How nostalgic.
Master Mirumo!
The CCG website?
Hello, Rosé.
For our own convenience,
we've been calling you Rosé.
I thought we'd report on how we're dealing
with your comrade we took the other day.
We've continued our interrogations
but it appears that
he has absolutely no intent on talking.
And in that case
I figured he wouldn't
need his tongue anymore.
Oh, dear. If you ask me, he has many
other things he just doesn't need.
I'm the only one who knows of this location.
I am Shiki Kijima.
I'm sure you'll never forget this face.
Come kill me at any time.
I'll be waiting, Rosé.
Investigator Kijima.
What are you trying to do?
The general public is able to see that video.
Yes. It appears we've gotten a
lot of views because of that.
You're trying to lure them out
by tormenting one of their own.
Are you trying to bait yourself?
Don't you realize how dangerous that is?
I do realize the risks,
but I'm not worried about my life.
This violates countermeasure law.
Indeed, it does. I'm on my
way to an inquiry about it,
so if you'll excuse me.
If I'm not removed from the team,
I'm sure I'll see you soon.
You crazy bastard.
Did you see the video?
That method
it's just too cruel.
There has to be another way.
we're just going to be killing
them, in the end, aren't we?
It's nothing.
It's my fault that Yuma was taken.
Aliza is very hurt.
In order to prepare for my meals,
all of you have been hunting
excessively, haven't you?
Master Shu, if I may,
we were acting on our own.
It was our own incompetence
that saw Yuma captured.
You shouldn't feel responsible, Master Shu.
Matsumae, Milo.
I just
want to see Aliza smile again.
A rescue plan?
Yes, and Kaneki will be key.
If we use his position as an investigator,
don't you think we can
find an effective means?
But, Master Shu
Will Haise Sasaki listen
to what you have to say?
True, it would be difficult in his position.
But since he's Kaneki, it'll be no prob.
He will accept my request,
as long as he regains his memory.
Tout va bien.
I know deep down Kaneki doesn't really
want to be a ghoul investigator.
I'm glad that Master Shu's
become so optimistic, but
I see.
I figured he'd react that way.
Okay. Now give him the second picture.
All right.
Respect his wishes, no matter what
I don't need the Little Mouse to
tell me that. That's my Gebot.
Together forever Glorreich.
Oh. We met the other day
Thank you for the other day.
Ah, Kaneki
You seem to be feeling better today.
Do you mind if I have a seat next to you?
Sure, go ahead.
Do you really not remember me?
All those vivid days
So you like books?
Yes. I'm usually reading
whenever I have the time.
Of course!
I love reading, too.
I bet you like Takatsuki's works.
I know more about you than
you do right now, Kaneki.
I do, but they're not my favorite
In all of her works, someone close to the
protagonist, or the protagonist
themselves, always die.
It's tragic.
I-I see
Hey, hey, why? Be cool, me
As you can see, I'm not well.
I don't have many friends my age.
If you don't mind, maybe we
can talk about books again
Kid investigator nuisances
I'm sorry. I have to get back to work.
Please take care.
Master Shu
It's nothing.
I'll have more opportunities.
Shirazu! We're late to the meeting!
Those little brats keep getting in the
way and I can't be alone with Kaneki.
Master Shu, take this.
help us
find him!
If you have any information on
his whereabouts, please contact us.
Literature department,
specializing in Japanese literature
Ken Kaneki
Did Hori do this?
My little friend
She understands me so well.
Please tell me
What is gourmet?
No idea.
Figure it out yourself.
Hey, Tsukishima,
would you have died for an ingredient?
I'd like to have a chat with
that little mouse again.
I wonder what happened to the others
The people of Anteiku,
Little Hinami and the others
Do they know Kaneki's alive?
I'm sure they all want to see him.
Master Shu
I will buy you some time.
Are you with the Aogiri Tree?
I have a job for you.
How's the progress of the other squads going?
I don't think we've had any strong leads.
It appears that the enemy is on
their guard ever since that video.
So we're just waiting for
them to go after Kijima.
was at the auction
Shirazu! Urie!
The boys are on the move.
Shall we?
Now we've got you.
A perfect chance to test out my skills.
Don't you need, your babysitter?
Shirazu! Urie!
This them?
Look, Shosei, we've got a bunch of kids.
White Suits
What are ghouls from Aogiri doing here?
Man Do we all need to be here?
Hoeguro. This is a very important job for us.
The more prepared we are, the better.
Yeah, we're going to finish
what Naki couldn't!
I'll back you up!
No, get to Shirazu and Urie.
Roger. Let's go, Saiko.
Hey, was this guy in that picture?
I'm not sure.
So, what's this job?
I want you to get rid of
certain investigators.
Your targets are in this photo.
Can you take care of them?
Four doves
This is your advance payment.
For every one you kill,
I'll double that amount.
I don't remember
So let's kill him anyway!
Sensei will be fine.
More importantly, we need
to find Shirazu and Urie.
I came.
Oh? Did you change your hairstyle?
It looks really nice. It's cute.
Saiko, go hide somewhere.
You're strong
No, you've gotten stronger. Amazing.
My Toru is the best!
I want to make you mine,
even if it's by force.
We're connected through your knife right now.
I think I'm getting excited.
Okay, let's connect even more, Toru!
Stab me, stab me, stab and stab and stab,
stab me, stab me, stab me, stab me!
You all right, Torso?
Toru Toru
I guess I don't have a choice.
Toru, Toru, Toru
That's not a kagune
a quinque!
My kakuho
Now I can't use my kagune!
What are you doing, you moron?!
Use your quinque!
That's right My quinque
Great job, squad leader.
I'll just have to..
eradicate him myself!
What the
How much stronger did he get?
I'm going to break your neck.
Damn it!
They escaped. That's fine for now.
Knowing I had him is enough.
Let's go.
It's a trap.
She's quick
Just one more push
I got yo—
Interesting We're both bikaku users.
Let's see who's better.
My name is Grave Robber.
I'll be taking your quinque!
Mutsuki, stand back!
Work, damn it!
Leave it to me!
They have an ukaku user, too.
I need to fall back
Are you all right, Toru?
We're heading back.
I was told to hide, but I'm unsure
when I'm supposed to come back out
Is Mutsi okay by himself?
You're super cute.
You're like a manju bun.
Chewy, chewy, chewy chewy, chewy
I'll break it. If you move,
I'll break your bones.
What the
Forget this! He'll eat us alive!
Guys. Are you all right?
Yes, somewhat.
Why did they come after us?
I'm not sure.
But there seems to be
some kind of connection
between the Aogiri Tree and Rosé
Where's Saiko?
Non, non, non, non, non
I'm starving!
Thank goodness. Are you all right?
Maman, there was a huge guy in black.
Tokyo Ghoul: re
Next Time
Hello, Kanae.
I hope you'll let us continue to do that
My How pitiful
Shu A ghoul from the Tsukishima Group.
I came here as soon as I could.
That's what Investigator Sasaki said, too.
It'll be a while until the
helicopter gets here.
I hereby charge you with Tsukiyama
Family Eradication plan.
Don't move.
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