Tokyo Ghoul: re (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

think: Sway

That pretty boy
The next time I see him, I'll kill him.
For sure.
Hello, Kanae.
Who are you?
A ghoul? No This strange
scent Which are they?
It's a different scent, isn't it?
A ghoul? A human? Which do you think I am?
If you're correct
I'll give you an apple.
Who are you?
You're a survivor of the
Rosewald family, aren't you?
How much do they
Are you mocking me, child?
I'll consume you, too!
Where did you
Consume me? I'm not sure if
you could consume all of me.
A one-eyed ghoul?
Yup, correct!
Are you full now?
I wonder why God put the Tree
of Wisdom in the Garden of Eden.
See? It's basically begging you to eat it.
The God that I envision
isn't the Almighty Father,
but a child with immeasurable power.
What are you talking about?
Well, isn't this world filled
with defective things?
For example, you
No matter how hard you tried,
your master couldn't regain his senses,
and yet, Haise Sasaki appears
and he regains them immediately.
You want to kill him, don't you?
Haise, I mean.
You didn't actually wish
for your master to recover.
That's not true!
I care for Master Shu
from the bottom of my—
But he doesn't love you.
Shut up.
There's no reason for you to love
someone who won't love you back.
Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up! Shut up!
Let's break that.
Master Shu is My loyalty is
You're just being possessive.
All you need is an apple.
Your life in exchange for knowledge.
I'll become your god.
Hey, wait, Lord Uri!
I told you not to act on your own!
I don't need to take orders from you
when you can't even use the quinque
you just got and have a half-ass kagune.
If you can't fight, just quit, you moron.
Where are you throwing that?
Brother, my eye itches.
Let me see.
Yeah, it looks like you've got something.
You'll be fine.
Let's have the doctor look at it.
I want to be pretty
Like a princess
Money I need money.
I have to make money.
And I have to kill ghouls for that.
I need to kill more and more
and keep making more money.
Oh, you're in Sasaki's squad.
Mr. Fura.
You can't use your quinque?
Well, I guess that's not the
first time I've heard that.
Pretty standard for a newbie.
Sassan— Investigator Sasaki
said the same thing.
I couldn't use the quinque that came from
the first ghoul I killed for a while either.
Huh? How did you get over that?
Well, you don't just suddenly get over it.
Regret and guilt plague your mind for days,
you try to get over the conflict,
and then I think you finally come up
with an answer you're satisfied with.
I'm really indecisive,
so it took a really long time.
Hey, Shirazu.
I think the people who are so
worried about the ones they hunted
are much better off mentally.
It doesn't matter if you're an investigator.
The thing we're taking are lives.
The things we're taking
are lives
I'll leave the rest to you.
Hey, Shirazu. How's Nutcracker
working out for you?
If you don't want it, I'll take it.
Mr. Hayashimura
Could you give me a cut?
A cut?
Wh-What happened, Shirazu?
D-Did you do something wrong?
I won't get mad, so you can tell me.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry I held all of
you back the other day.
I'll get even stronger as squad leader.
Thanks, Urie.
I feel fired up because of you.
How does it end up like that?
So there's a possibility that Rosé and
Aogiri Tree are working together
This is only a theory,
but there might be a possibility that
they're retaliating in response to that video.
Oh, dear.
It appears that the video has produced
some excellent results in unexpected ways.
Excellent results?
Pretty sure it just created a bigger mess.
Are you sure about that?
This is the opportune moment
to find out more about Rosé and
Aogiri Tree in one fell swoop.
How could you possibly call this anything
other than an excellent result?
Investigator Ui, I agree with Mr. Kijima.
There's no problem as long
as we defeat them, right?
Whoops. My bad.
It's sheer folly to widen
our investigation without
determining how powerful our enemy is.
So we just need to find out how powerful
our enemy is, right, Investigator Ui?
Investigator Ui, please reconsider
the plan from the other day.
Investigator Sasaki,
please explain it to the others.
Yes, sir.
You really look the part, Sassan.
You think so?
Did you get the information?
Yeah. I infiltrated the
18th ward but apparently
Three Blades Miza was in charge of that area.
If everything goes well,
we might be able to run into
a member of the Aogiri Tree.
I see.
What about you guys, Urie?
We conducted an investigation
of the 6th ward,
but all of the ghouls we
encountered were highly guarded,
so we'll probably need
to investigate further.
I think they might be even more
suspicious after the Rosé incident.
I see.
I guess they would be
suspicious of outsiders.
How'd it go for you, Sassan?
The Eyepatch ghoul
The ghouls recognize my mask.
I need to find out about
the Eyepatch ghoul
Kotaro Amon
Kotaro Amon had died on duty.
But no one knows how.
Kotaro Amon Died on duty
Regulation on information
The Eyepatch ghoul
Eyepatch Ow!
I killed him.
It's all my fault
I killed
Master Shu
I'm sorry
Yuma was taken because of me.
Master Shu I
I don't want to lose him.
I'll do everything in my
power to get Yuma back.
Sorry about the other day.
I actually wanted to see you, as well.
Oh? Well, isn't that convenient.
Are you a ghoul?
I'll rephrase the question.
Were you someone who knew Ken Kaneki?
What am I supposed to do in this situation?
I had actively avoided
finding out about myself.
But finding that out
might console him
And you don't care if this will
affect the life you know now?
I do.
I want to remain a human,
despite how my body is.
I don't want to accept Ken Kaneki,
who was feared even among the ghouls.
I want this life
to go on forever.
But I have to remember one day
It must be something like fate.
If you know about me,
please tell me.
I don't think I know anymore
What I should tell you.
Would you have died for an ingredient?
Hori.. I think you probably knew
that I couldn't die.
There are too many precious things
in this world for me to just die.
I was definitely enjoying
the entertainment that was
put in front of me
The days where I could just watch.
enjoyed that very much.
It seems that it paid off to have information
of my sightings to be spread about.
But how pitiful
You came here all by yourself
to save your friend
even though he'd already passed.
Truly pitiful.
But I can't shake the feeling that your
lips might be too loose for a servant.
Such an innocent young girl.
Far too innocent
The Tsukiyama Group has a history
expanding over a hundred years,
and is a huge company that has twenty
subsidiaries, specializing in various fields.
Tsuneyoshi Washu
If the truth becomes public,
there will be pressure from other
groups, affecting our investigation.
I request that the information
about this investigation
be withheld and I ask that we may conduct
an investigation on the Tsukiyama Group
and all of their subsidiaries.
Very well.
Investigator Uri, squad leader
of the S1 squad,
I hereby charge you with the
Tsukiyama Family Eradication plan.
Yes, sir!
Investigator Washu.
Can I help you?
The S2 squad will be supporting
you, so I'm here to greet you.
I will be in charge of this whole operation.
It will be a pleasure working with you.
I'll be looking forward to what you can do.
You're not getting the credit
for this one, you hyena bastard.
Stupid Arima-following brat.
You seem pretty determined.
Ms. Akira.
What are you trying to find?
Um I was looking through
some old documents
You mean about Kotaro Amon?
He was a colleague of mine,
and he died during the Owl
Suppression Operation.
What else did you want to know?
What about the Eyepatch ghoul?
There's no need to know about him.
Why are you hiding it?!
Why is there no need for me to know?
Is it because I'm the Eyepatch ghoul?
Is it because I'm the one
who killed Kotaro Amon?
Do you know how scary it is to
wake up and not know anything?
How I feel because all I can do
is rely on what's given to me
Where did I come from?
Who am I?
I'm not Haise!
Haise. You're
Your name doesn't matter.
I've poured you some coffee.
Thank you.
It's not good to overthink things.
Your coffee is amazing.
It wakes me right up
Yes, sir.
Look after Shu for me.
Mirumo Tsukishima.
Don't move.
I don't plan on running or fighting.
We are gentlemen here.
Lies from a filthy ghoul.
My servants are beyond here.
They are also ghouls, but have
lived their lives as people.
Please let them do so until the end.
We've secured Mirumo Tsukiyama! I repeat!
We've secured Mirumo Tsukiyama!
Right. Time to go home.
The mission's already over?!
You can't be serious! Retaliate more, Rosé!
Let us get the most from this hunt!
Something's fishy
Something's going on here.
So he's a decoy
Just who are they protecting that the
family head would offer himself as a decoy?
His wife? His child?
If he's considered there might be
security checkpoints in the area,
he knows they won't be able to get far
Get me a list of all the buildings
that the Tsukiyama Group own.
Yes, sir!
Tricky little insects.
Good morning, Master Shu.
Where are we? Where are we headed?
We're going for a drive, sir.
Please look me in the eyes and answer me.
Where is my father?
Master Mirumo stayed behind at the mansion.
The other servants are there, as well.
The Tsukiyama family's social authority
has been completely lost as of 7 PM today.
W-Wait a second. That means
It means that the Tsukiyama
family is finished.
Master Mirumo plans on holding back the
CCG himself until we're able to escape.
So we can run away?
This is just like
Matsumae! Go back to the mansion!
I cannot.
I must save my father!
We cannot.
Because of our incompetence,
the history of the Tsukiyama
family is coming to a close.
But as long as you survive, Master Shu,
both blood and history can change
their shapes and continue on.
will take responsibility
for everyone's lives?
That's what it means to
be the head of the family.
So this is how it felt
No wonder I couldn't stop them
All right.
There's no time.
I'm going to be flooring it a bit.
They are all the ghouls
of the Tsukiyama Group.
We heard you were in trouble
and came right away.
It'll be a while until
the helicopter gets here.
We will do everything we can to protect you.
There are so many
My father is a great man.
The family created all of this.
Wow, I haven't seen him since he was little,
but he grew up to be quite handsome.
Indeed. It's very endearing.
I wish he would've modeled for me.
He would've been a really successful model.
A billboard for all ghouls, eh?
That would've been great.
This is for Mast Mirumo.
Let's repay our debts to the family here.
Let's give our lives to repay that debt.
I hear the superiors are quite efficient.
I guess we don't really have
time to be sentimental.
Begin extermination.
Kanae, in order to become
someone's precious person,
you must take what's precious to them.
I'll give you one of my bones.
Don't worry. I'm sure he'll love you now.
I mean
Look how cute you are.
Tokyo Ghoul: re
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