Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e07 Episode Script


Moebius that, Moebius this.
Could you please stop yelling
our name so many times?
You mid-school babies.
You are Osanai!
I heard you guys were planning
to pick a fight with Moebius.
So we come to you ourselves.
-Let's do this.
-Dance, mid-schoolers.
Look, they're so scrawny.
This is war.
We come here for you.
Mikey-chan from Mid-School Infant Alliance.
This is bad.
The dispute between Toman
and Moebius will start!
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
A surprise attack of this scale
against mid-schooler?
You're as scummy as
I imagined, Osanai-kun.
Huh? Can't hear ya', pipsqueak!
Like he imagined?
He's completely different
from what I imagined!
12 years in the future
and now
Is he really the same person?
What happened that made him like that?
Why are you staring at me like that?
You were looking down on me, weren't you?
I hate that look more than anything else!
Your opponent is me, bastard.
Stop it, Pah-chin.
You must not fight Moebius.
Back off.
You better not underestimate
Pah-chin, Hanagaki.
Pah-chin is a full on fighter,
even among those in Toman.
He's the kind of guy who takes on
an entire team empty-handed and wins.
There's no way he would lose
to someone like Osanai!
That's not the problem here.
At this rate, Draken will die!
Then Akkun and Hina will!
Even though I must stop them
Just stay still and watch.
This is Pah's fight.
What's wrong?
You practice boxing, don't you?
Oh no! He took a clean hit!
You can't even kill an ant
with a punch like that!
This is bad! He's going to pass out!
No way!
What is he? A monster?!
I told you to stay still and watch.
Sorry, Mikey.
Stay still and watch?
Aren't you being too cruel, Mikey-kun?
Pah-chin's nose just broke and
he's seconds away from passing out!
This won't end well! Pah-chin will die!
Let's stop them!
He hasn't given up yet.
He's smiling?
That's awful, Mikey-kun
This is nothing but a torture.
That's nasty.
Look, this guy passed out
while standing!
so pathetic.
What are you talking about, Pah-chin?
You didn't lose.
The heck are you saying?
How the hell did he not lose?
What nonsense are you talking about?
Hey, Mikey! Hurry up and
get down on your knees!
Not like we'll forgive you, though!
All of you, strip naked and dogeza!
Try not to piss your pants, okay?
You can cry all you want,
but we ain't gonna forgive you!
Get ready for a spanking!
You want some?
Not even Mikey-kun can
take on a guy like him.
You will be dead in 10 sec
All of you who thinks
Pah-chin lost, step forward.
I will kill you.
Toman belongs to me.
As long I'm still standing,
we will never lose.
Sorry, Ken-chin.
I did it.
Nothing can stop you, right, Mikey?
Mikey, watch out!
Let me tell you why you lost.
It's because you strayed
from the way of delinquents.
You attacked a guy's parents
and raped his girlfriend.
Those are things only a scum would do.
You hear me? If you dare to do
such scummy things ever again,
we will track down every single
one of you and kill you.
These guys are nuts!
Are they seriously mid-schooler?
Our boss Mikey just defeated your boss!
Any of you got a problem with that?!
If there isn't any,
then from today onward,
Moebius will be under the command
of Tokyo Manji Gang!
Amazing! They won!
So this is how Toman got big?
Let's run!
Crap, the cops are coming.
Eh? You mean the police?!
Are they here to celebrate our victory?
Let's run, Takemicchi!
Ah, yeah!
Why are you so relaxed?
Hey, Moebius!
Don't run away by yourself,
give Osanai here a help.
That dispute was merely the trigger.
That's what Osanai said,
but everything is over without trouble.
Does that mean this is not over yet?
A trigger? Did I miss something?
I can't forgive you just like that.
What are you doing, Pah?!
Pah-chin where did you get that knife?
Eh? He stabbed him?
Osanai! Osanai!
Are you kidding me?
That guy seriously just stabbed him!
Run, Pah!
I'm leaving the 3rd Squad to you.
I'll turn myself in.
Stop screwing around!
Don't just stand there, Mikey!
Pah! Come with us!
They will catch all of us!
Dammit! Why this happened?!
Oh no
My consciousness
Where's this?
Emma-chan?! Wait!
That was a complete accident!
That's right!
I lost my consciousness.
Ah, what about Mikey and others?
Is everyone okay?
I got a call from Draken.
And when I come, you're here.
Where's Draken-kun?
He started fighting with Mikey-kun.
Eh? Does that mean
F-Fight? Why?
I don't know.
But it gets serious every single time.
Now there's like a Mikey faction
and Draken faction,
and Toman got split into two.
No way!
Everyone was arguing over
Pah-chin getting arrested.
And they started fighting
The infight in Toman
With that fight as the trigger, everything
happened exactly like Osanai said.
All while I was unconscious!
Emma-chan, don't cry.
Draken will be fine, right?
I don't understand anything anymore.
Takemichi-kun, are you okay?!
What is this?! Lewd?
What do you mean?
T-This is not what it seems, Hina!
This is just
It's now August 1st.
Toman has been split in two.
At this rate, the infight will
happen just like Osanai said.
And on August 3rd, Draken will die.
During all that, I've been
sleeping because of my injuries.
I did it.
I have so much free time that
I completed a giant 2,005-piece puzzle!
What an meaningless sense
of accomplishment
Oh man, you're out of bed already?
How are we supposed
to meet pretty nurses now?
Are you really okay now?
You were told to take proper rest, right?
-Where's your porn?
-Well, I'm feeling good enough.
Do you know anything about
Mikey-kun and Draken-kun?
Well, yeah, kinda
Is it really that bad?
-What's this?
-It's so detailed!
Looks like you can move this piece.
Hey, don't touch that!
It took me three days to finish that!
-So you were bored, huh.
It can't be helped, okay?
The doctor told me I should
not leave my house and rest.
Takemichi, it's really serious.
Mikey and Draken.
It's already the point of no return.
They say it's only a matter of time
for Toman to split in two.
As I thought
Eh? What is it?
Sorry, we were just joking.
They're fighting for sure,
but I heard it's no different from usual.
Besides, there's no way Mikey-kun and
Draken-kun would argue with each other.
Who'd you say is arguing with who?
I came to check up on you, Takemicchi.
This room is hot as hell.
Is it 'cause it's full of dudes?
Huh? Why are you guys standing for?
I bought watermelon. Let's eat it.
Pah won't get out for at least a year.
What about Osanai?
He's alive.
If he doesn't, Pah will get
locked until he's adult.
What about Mikey-kun?
That bastard is full of crap!
Ah, sorry.
My three days of hard work!
Didn't I already apologize?
Yes, I'm fine now.
I only spent three days
losing sleep to finish it.
Anyway, I'm cutting my ties with Mikey.
Toman's over.
W-What are you saying?
Toman's over?
-You're kidding, right?
-I'm going now.
Please wait!
So that story about Toman
splitting into two
was for real?
The infight is actually happening!
I must stop them!
What do you mean by Toman's over?
Please explain the situation to me!
Huh? Why are you here?
Huh? More like, why are you here?
This bad! This bad!
Mikey-kun's here!
At the worst timing!
Critical situation!
I'm here to check on Takemicchi.
Same goes for me.
Huh? Takemicchi is my buds.
He got nothing to do with you.
Isn't that right, Takemicchi?
Eh? Well
Huh? What are you talking about?
You're my best buds, right?
Move out, you useless meat wall.
You're blocking the way.
Huh? You move, pipsqueak.
W-Wait! Please wait, both of you!
He's trying to get between them!
Does he have a death wish or something?!
Just right after he survived the last fight!
I don't know what happened,
but fighting is no good!
So both of you, please calm down!
Who do you think you are?
So scary!
It's impossible!
I can't stop them from fighting!
He finally listened?
That's my precious bike, Hayate!
My memories!
Are you freaking insane?
That's the golden bat I hit my first home
run with in my 4th year of elementary!
If you wanna start this,
then I won't hold back!
That's the lantern I got from the
first festival my dad took me to!
That's my precious skateboard that
I bought after saving up my allowance!
You wanna finish this here?
Bring it on.
You bastards
I'm losing my patience now!
I just want to be right next to you
Next to your slightly sweaty shirt
The rain falls all of the sudden
So I kissed you on that lonely night
If you look back, I will always
be there and smiling at you
Give up on that unachievable future
Take it now
In the real new world
If I have to give you a name,
it's "My Hero"
That straight wish
Will go beyond the stopped time
"I don't need anyone but you"
I will keep living here
Break down that crooked needle
Shout out that firm words
Kick away that unmeaning destiny
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