Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


You bastards
I'm losing my patience now!
Takemichi's lost it!
This is bad!
You've taken my precious memories
Goodbye, Takemichi!
and trashed them!
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
I didn't notice
Don't screw with me!
Are you okay, Takemicchi?
You don't even care about
my memories, don't you?!
Well, well, just chill, okay?
Just chill?! Screw that!
It was you guys who started this!
Stop it, Takemichi!
Do you want to die or something?!
Shut up! Let go of me!
Do you even care about people around you?!
I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't mean to hurt you.
That's because you don't even care!
Just stop it already, Takemichi!
You don't care about anyone
That's why you're fighting, right?
I bet you don't even know how much trouble
you cause for everyone when you fight.
It's not just about you
Everyone who looks up to the
two of you will start fighting, too!
It's not just the problem
between you two!
Everyone in Toman is going
to be split in half!
That's just sad!
I don't want that!
I don't want to see that happen!
I want you guys to be cooler than that.
Forget it! Just leave already!
Listen this whole time
You got poop on your head.
EEEH?! What the heck is this?!
That's gross, Takemicchi!
Why didn't you tell me sooner?!
Because you were being so serious!
Of course I was serious!
You guys are
Let's run, Ken-chin! The poop is coming!
They made up?
But man, my head stinks.
What should I do with this
-You stink!
-Don't you run away from me!
You guys are so cruel!
That was hilarious.
It has been a while since
I laughed this hard.
And it was stinky as hell.
I already washed my hair, okay?
I'm sorry, Mikey.
It's fine.
I'm sorry, too.
But why were you
guys fighting, anyway?
-I forgot.
-I forgot.
But Ken-chin's right.
Pah turned himself in.
I'll turn myself in.
Mikey wanted to free
Pah-chin from his crime.
Even though he knew that'd be wrong.
Mikey who wanted to save
Pah-chin as his friend.
Draken who wanted to
respect Pah-chin's resolve.
They both have principles
they refuse to bend,
and that's why they started fighting.
Let's have a huge party
when Pah gets out.
Let me in.
Toman is cool as I thought!
You were awesome!
You actually made those two stop fighting!
You're the best!
Since I made them stop fighting,
the dispute won't happen.
And on August 3rd
Draken won't die.
I changed the past.
Mission complete!
I did it!
I'm here too.
What's wrong?
C'mon, just ask him.
Are you free on August 3rd?
She's saying she wants to go
to the festival with you!
Yes! I'll go!
See? Told you he will say yes.
He's your boyfriend, isn't he?
Whoa! Mikey-kun, you're good!
Yo, Emma!
Eh? You guys made up?!
What happened? You two
were so mad at each other!
Emma, shut up.
Did we?
I was worried, you know!
(August 3rd, 2005)
Sorry, kept you waiting!
You sure did.
Naoto, I'm sorry.
Please wait a little bit longer.
I do deserve a little reward, don't I?
Hurry up.
Got it!
Let's go, they'll leave us behind.
That! That! I want to eat that!
Huh? You'll get fat.
Leave it.
Eh?! Why?!
Do your best, Emma-chan!
I'm cheering on Emma-chan.
I mean, Draken-kun hardly
paid any attention to her.
Even though she's so cute.
Since when you become
friends with Emma-chan?
When I was helping her out.
Emma-chan is a pure girl.
But she's so in love with Draken-kun that
she goes a little out of control sometimes.
Like when she tried to do "that" with you.
I still haven't forgiven you for that.
I understand Emma-chan's feeling now.
But I'm not forgiving you yet.
Well, but that was
I-It wasn't like that! Hear me out!
Let's do that.
Huh? Shooting range?
If you hit the grand prize,
I'll forgive you.
You said it.
I'll make her forgive me!
(Knock down the target
for the fabulous prize)
I'm sure he did something
to make it stuck or something.
It's raining!
Hina! Over here!
I'm all wet.
Dang it!
I spent a lot of time
doing my hairdo today!
Now it's just the two of us
It's not stopping
What is it?
I think my geta are the wrong size.
Ah! You're bleeding!
Are you okay? Can you walk?
That was close.
I'm sorry! Are you okay?!
Don't move.
I'll forgive you.
Because you were really wonderful,
doing your best back then.
C-Could this be
she's giving me the go sign?
She's telling me
I can kiss her now, right?
I will do it
I will do it!
I will do it!!!
Your phone's ringing.
Who called me at such an important moment?!
Oh, Takemichi?
Man, what a rain, isn't it?
You bastard, don't call me
for crap like that!
I'm having my life-changing
moment right now!
Are you with Mikey-kun
and Draken-kun right now?
I was with Draken-kun a while ago.
Mikey-kun said he couldn't come today.
What about that?
-Sorry, Hina. It's Yamagishi.
-Then tell Draken-kun to be careful for me.
Eh? Why?
I just got this new intel.
I heard some guys from Mikey faction
in Toman are targeting Draken-kun.
Eh? What do you mean?
I mean, the two of them already made up!
But seems like not everyone
agrees with what happened.
Looks like some guys even
got heated up because of it.
The second big dispute is about to start.
The dispute still hasn't ended!
Hey, Takemichi, are you listening?
What's wrong?
No, it's nothing.
I'm sorry Hina!
Please wait here for a bit!
-I'll be right back!
Sheesh! You will catch a cold!
Dammit! I got carried away!
I thought the dispute will end
once they stop fighting!
On August 3rd, Draken will die!
Today is August 3rd, dammit!
Why? Why did I let my guard down?!
Are they with Mikey and others?
Why is Toman meeting up with Moebius?
Are you prepared?
I lost everything because of him.
I will kill Draken.
So the culprit who killed
Draken was Kiyomasa?!
Look what I found!
Let go of me!
The hell? What's Hanagaki doing here?
Why are you trying to kill Draken-kun?
Oi, Hanagaki!
Buy us some juice.
Get me a coke.
My body is shaking
I want coffee.
Where's the answer?!
I'm sorry!
Why am I apologizing?
A slave like you don't have
the luxury to worry about others.
Looks like this guy need
some training to know his place.
That's right.
I didn't get stronger or anything.
By hanging out with Mikey-kun
and others,
I deluded myself into thinking
I have become stronger.
This is who I am.
I'm very sorry.
Hey, get the duct tape.
Your eyes.
I hate it.
You don't understand a damn thing.
Once this is over, I will
blame everything on you.
Just lay there like a caterpillar.
You scum.
What is this? What happened?
Stay still, I'll peel this off.
Sorry for leaving you alone like that.
I'm so pathetic.
I tried as hard as I could.
It's painful.
It's exhausting.
But I tried my best.
And yet
And yet I can't change a damn thing!
I can't save anyone!
Of course I can't.
Just how can someone as worthless
as me save anyone?
How stupid am I?
That's not true.
Leave me alone!
I don't want you to see me
so pathetic like this!
If I were Draken-kun, or Mikey-kun,
I could've dealt with
those guys with no problem!
I'd just beat them up
and get the stuff done!
But I'm
I'm just a garbage human.
It's my first kiss.
I give it to you because
you're special to me.
You're not Draken-kun nor Mikey-kun.
You are you.
You would shed tears for others,
and you would worry about
others from the bottom of your heart.
You're Takemichi-kun.
There is no other guy as cool as you.
Hina, thank you.
I didn't do a thing.
It'll be okay!
I'm sure you will succeed.
I'm so lame.
Don't cry again, okay?
I am not crying!
This is from the rain!
I must go now.
This time for sure
I will stop Kiyomasa-kun!
And also
I will put an end to this life trauma
I've been running away from!
Eh? It's just you?
Where's Draken?
This is bad, Mitsuya-kun!
Draken-kun gonna get attacked!
Yeah, I know.
Eh? You knew?!
And how'd you know?
-By Kiyomasa-kun!
-By Peh-yan, right?
Mikey tried to save
Pah-chin with money.
But Draken was against it.
Not even us captains can stop them
from fighting, so how'd you do it?
Well, about that
Thank you.
If you hadn't stopped them,
Toman would be in big trouble.
I didn't do a thing.
What a modest guy.
And plus, the situation
is still as crucial.
What is it?
I knew it, it's Peh-yan's bike.
Thanks to you, everyone
in Toman agreed that
nothing could be done
about Pah-chin's arrest.
Peh-yan is the only one
who couldn't let it slide.
Should I give Hina-chan a quick call?
Wouldn't they already go
home because of the rain?
Oh, Peh, what's up?
What's with the sash?
I just want to be right next to you
Next to your slightly sweaty shirt
The rain falls all of the sudden
So I kissed you on that lonely night
If you look back, I will always
be there and smiling at you
Give up on that unachievable future
Take it now
In the real new world
If I have to give you a name,
it's "My Hero"
That straight wish
Will go beyond the stopped time
"I don't need anyone but you"
I will keep living here
Break down that crooked needle
Shout out that firm words
Kick away that unmeaning destiny
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