Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e09 Episode Script


Are you prepared?
I lost everything because of him.
I will kill Draken.
Look what I found!
Ouch! Let go of me!
Once this is over, I will
blame everything on you.
Sorry for leaving you alone like that.
I'm so pathetic.
I can't change a damn thing!
I can't save anyone!
Of course I can't.
Just how can someone as worthless
as me save anyone?
How stupid am I?
That's not true.
Leave me alone!
I'm just a garbage human.
It's my first kiss.
I give it to you because
you're special to me.
You're not Draken-kun nor Mikey-kun.
You are you.
You would shed tears for others,
and you would worry about
others from the bottom of your heart.
You're Takemichi-kun.
There is no other guy as cool as you.
Hina, thank you.
I didn't do a thing.
It'll be okay!
I'm sure you will succeed.
I must go now.
This time for sure
I will stop Kiyomasa-kun!
And I will put an end to this life trauma
I've been running away from!
This is bad, Mitsuya-kun!
Draken-kun gonna get attacked!
Yeah, I know.
-By Kiyomasa-kun!
-By Peh-yan, right?
Wouldn't they already go home
because of the rain?
Oh, Peh, what's up?
What's with the sash?
Peh-yan believes that Toman
abandoned Pah-chin.
But that's not true.
That dumbass Peh teamed up with
the remnants of Moebius
and said he will give Draken a lesson.
That means
It's Draken hunt.
Why are you looking
so serious, Peh-yan?
Take this and stay back.
Still don't agree how it went down, huh?
You can't stand me, can you?
You wanna fight?
I'll take it on.
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's face and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
We must tell Draken-kun!
Since Peh-yan's bike was there,
the fight may have already started.
On August 3rd, 2005,
in a parking lot in Musashi shrine,
at Tokyo's Shibuya-ku,
50 people from a Bosozoku had a brawl.
A 15 years old middle
school student passed away
after being stabbed in
the abdomen with a knife.
That middle school student is Ryuguji.
It's the parking lot.
Is there any parking lot other
than the one we were in?
I think there's one on the back.
That's it!
Please make it in time!
-It's just around that corner!
It's Moebius!
Hey, Mitsuya.
Takemichi! Mitsuya!
Peh-yan, you bastard!
Why are you working with Moebius?!
Shut up, Mitsuya! We will kill you too!
It's the 2nd Squad Captain Mitsuya.
He's strong.
Peh-yan, this is unfair!
You guys attacked him from behind
with a bat and gang out on him!
And you call yourself a man?!
I'm tired.
Draken-kun, are you okay?!
Seems like this is my limit.
I'm leaving the rest to you.
Got it.
My head hurts.
You guys really think you can
win with just the two of you?
Shut up, dimwit.
Kiyomasa-kun is not here.
This is bad.
I don't even know where
he's going to attack from.
With all these people surrounding us,
how am I supposed to protect him?
What should I do?
Take all three of them out.
Let's do it!
Right about time.
This exhaust sound
It's Mikey's Bobber.
-Hey, isn't that
-Are you kidding me?
No one told me about this.
Thank goodness!
Now we can stop Peh-yan!
I see.
You called me out elsewhere
so you guys can attack Ken-chin.
Someone planned this out?
So you're planning to blame this
on me and split Toman in half?
I just want to save Pah-chin
This is not how you do things.
Who told you to do this?
Does that mean there's someone
behind Peh-yan pulling the strings?
All of that was part of that man's scheme.
According to him, someone was
plotting to start an infight in Toman.
And Osanai was being used for that.
Does that mean Kiyomasa-kun
is also being used by someone?
Oh, that's unexpected.
Didn't know you're that
sharp in the head.
Who are you?
Who is this guy?
How dull.
It doesn't matter who I am.
But I'm in charge of Moebius.
For this moment, at least.
I'm Hanma.
(Moebius "Temp" President - Shuji Hanma)
So you're the squirming creep
behind all this?
You're a pain in the ass, Mikey-cha
That hurt.
He blocked Mikey's kick?!
There's no need to rush, Mikey.
My goal is to crush Toman.
But it's a pain, so I was trying to
make you fight amongst yourselves.
But well, it all worked out in the end.
Because now I can take on
the "invincible Mikey"
and kill you with my own hand!
Is this guy the one behind everything?
Moebius's entire gang, 100 people!
Versus four guys from Toman!
Don't wuss out like you
did last time, you fools!
I'm not that soft like Osanai was.
Yes, sir!
If you run away, I'll hunt you down
and beat you 'till all your teeth are gone!
Yes, sir!
Take on Mikey, Draken,
and every one of them
and kill 'em all!
What's this?
Naoto didn't tell me anything about this.
I stopped the infight,
but a different fight just started.
Could this be my fault?
Did I changed the history
into a weird direction?
This is way beyond just
about stopping Kiyomasa-kun.
What should I do?
-They made it.
Look how big you made this into.
(Tokyo Manji Gang 5th Squad Captain -
Yasuhiro Muto)
Infighting's not really my thing.
(Tokyo Manji Gang 4th Squad Captain -
Nahoya Kawata)
But if it's against Moebius,
we can go all-out!
(Tokyo Manji Gang 1st Squad Captain -
Keisuke Baji)
Which means tonight's the big showdown.
You guys
The entire Tokyo Manji
Gang's now here, jackass!
Which one of you wants to die first?
Peh! I'll kill you first!
This is getting fun!
This is bad!
I can't even tell how many
people are here now!
A big brawl on the day of the festival
It makes your blood pumpin'.
Isn't that right, Mikey?
You're right, Ken-chin.
This is bad.
Let's go!
Kill 'em all!
This is bad! It started!
I must protect Draken-kun no matter what!
You bastard!
Down you go! Die you go!
Up we go!
Who's next?
Why are you just standing there?!
I'm sorry!
It's useless after all!
I'm sure Draken-kun will get killed
by Kiyomasa-kun in this fight.
must protect Draken-kun in this past.
I don't want to see that ever again.
Akkun's death Hina's death!
I will stop Kiyomasa-kun.
And I
will change the future!
Don't you get carried away!
Got 'cha!
You bastard!
You shit!
C'mon, what's wrong?!
Is that all?!
It's their boss.
Let's get him!
The invincible Mikey is just shit!
Why you attacked Ken-chin?!
You bastard!
You knew that Ken-chin
and I made up already, right?
Don't use Moebius to fight dirtily with us!
You guys can't just come to
an understanding that easily!
I won't accept it!
We're done arguing over Pah.
It's not done yet!
Pah-chin got arrested, and you just
gonna sit still and do nothing?
Don't make me laugh!
This is the only thing left I can do!
Pah-chin was everything to me!
If Toman gonna abandon Pah-chin
then they're my enemy!
Come at me, Mikey!
Why won't you punch me back?!
You can just beat me in one punch!
Look at me.
Am I laughing?
How can I laugh over Pah-chin's arrest?
It hurts.
It is sad that me and Ken-chin fought
and Toman got split in two.
That's what Takemicchi told me.
He told me that everyone would
end up fighting because of that.
And I never even thought about it.
Punch me as much as you like, Peh-yan.
I don't want to fight you.
Vent all your anger with that
and come back to us.
I'm in a hurry!
I can't find Draken-kun or Kiyomasa-kun.
Just where did the two of them go?
There he is.
I found him! Kiyomasa-kun!
I will kill Draken.
I will stop him no matter what!
I did it! I finally did it!
I just want to be right next to you
Next to your slightly sweaty shirt
The rain falls all of the sudden
So I kissed you on that lonely night
If you look back, I will always
be there and smiling at you
Give up on that unachievable future
Take it now
In the real new world
If I have to give you a name,
it's "My Hero"
That straight wish
Will go beyond the stopped time
"I don't need anyone but you"
I will keep living here
Break down that crooked needle
Shout out that firm words
Kick away that unmeaning destiny
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