Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e16 Episode Script

Once Upon A Time

I'll help you with that.
Please wait a minute!
Baji-kun, you helped found Toman
alongside Mikey-kun and the rest, right?
How can you betray them?!
What a joke.
That guy is a founding member too.
Kazutora resented Toman.
I can never forget.
In 2003.
That summer of our first year
of middle school.
We ran wild.
It was a bit chilly for a mid-summer day.
(Vice-President - Draken)
Ocean time!
(Vice-President - Draken)
(Special Attack Unit - Baji)
Hell yeah! This feels good!
(Special Attack Unit - Baji)
(Special Attack Unit - Kazutora)
Feel that sea breeze!
(Special Attack Unit - Kazutora)
(Bannerman - Pah-chin)
Hey, can't you pick up the pace a little?
(Escort Unit Captain - Mitsuya)
We can't, remember?
(Escort Unit Captain - Mitsuya)
'Cause he's too slow.
(President - Mikey)
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Listen, Mikey.
How long are you gonna keep
riding on that moped?
You're the President, you know?
Just switch out for
a motorcycle already.
This is fine.
Are you making fun
of my precious ride?
My CB250T 50cc model!
Street Hawk!
Street Hawk my ass.
That's just a moped.
You can't even make
engine noises with it.
And when someone tried to,
he'd accelerate out of control.
That's you, Mikey.
Ain't a problem
'cause he's slow, though.
I know you said you don't
want to ride anything but a Bobber.
But you got no Senpai to get one from,
so why so stubborn about it?
Hey, hey, hey, look at that!
We got pipsqueaks in a Tokko-fuku
ridin' a moped over here!
Tokyo Manji Gang?
Never heard of 'em.
Where you punks even came from?
If you brats want to play pretend,
do it at home!
Stay outta Yokohama!
Well, since we're so lucky to meet
(Shonan Mermaid)
I'll trash that moped for you.
(Shonan Mermaid)
You don't need that crap, right?
If you put one finger
on my Street Hawk
I'll kill you.
Ah, whatever.
Prepare for some beating if we
see you again in Yokohama!
We'll torch all your bikes!
Just go home and study!
What now? Kick their asses?
Sounds good!
It should be an instant win for us!
Forget it. They already left.
I'm a moron, so I'm cool with whatever.
It's all Mikey's fault
for riding a moped.
You got that right!
Huh? What the hell?
Everyone are too soft.
We should've just beat
those bastards.
Mikey has gotten really soft since
he started hanging out with Draken.
I'd just beat their asses
without hesitation.
What's wrong?
Looks like I'm out of gas.
You knew it'll be a long trip, right?
Really a man without a plan,
aren't you, Mikey?
Head for the gas station, then.
We'll be waiting at the beach.
Huh?! This is a serious problem!
A serious problem for Toman!
No, no, no. That's just
your problem, Mikey.
This is not just my problem.
So we gotta decide who
will go to the gas station
Mikey, are you about to
There he goes.
with rock-paper-scissors!
I knew it!
So hot
Why do I have to do this?!
Mikey, that dumbass!
Beach time!
Let's go, Mitsuya!
I ain't losing to you!
Whoever swims to the open water
and back first, wins!
When we have so many
hot babes right here?
Man, this is what they call
a feast for the eyes!
Come to think of it, where's Mikey?
There ain't any gas station anywhere!
It's one of those lame brats again!
You outta gas?! So lame!
All alone?
We said we'd torch your bikes
if we saw you again, didn't we?
This brat just won't go down, huh?
Let's just start trashing
that moped already!
Are you kidding me?
You bastards!
If you dare to touch
Mikey's precious ride, I'll kill you!
Is that moped really that important?
What are you smiling for?
Losers in a herd.
You guys don't even
deserve to ride a bike!
Say that again!
Shut up, pipsqueak!
Let's tear it into pieces!
Huh? What is it?
Some more trash rolled in.
I forgot my swim trunks.
Street Hawk!
You trashed it yourself?!
You shit-heads!
How dare you hurt
what's important to me?
But you did it to your own mope
Baji, you're not too hurt, are you?
Sorry I had you sacrifice yourself
for something like that.
You can stand, right, Baji?
Let's slaughter these clowns!
Insolent brats!
Since that time,
Mikey was an invincible badass.
(August 13th, 2003)
Where are we going?
It's almost Mikey's birthday, right?
We're gonna give him a present!
What present anyway?
A Bobber.
But none of us got a Bobber.
It's okay, just follow me.
This is the place.
A bike shop.
A Bobber.
Let's steal this.
Eh? We shouldn't just steal it!
Even if we get him a Bobber that way
Mikey won't be happy at all.
We just don't have to tell him that.
Mid-schooler like us can
only ride bikes given to us
or ones we steal.
What are you so scared of?
There should be some gas
on that bike, trust me.
It'll be easy.
You idiot! That's not the issue here!
I'm telling you, stealing is a bad idea!
But you want to see how
happy Mikey would be, don't you?
It's the bike he's always
dreaming of having.
That's true, but still
You might complain and all
but you always go along
with whatever I'm doing.
Let's go.
We're really doing this?
It's open!
Huh? The alarm's not going off?
What are you doing, Baji?
Are we really doing this, Kazutora?!
Keep it down.
We can't turn back now.
Man, just shut up.
Is this the way?
Baji, look.
A Bobber.
So cool!
Seeing it up close,
it's not exactly new.
Yeah, this Bobber is in
the middle of maintenance.
It got some nuts customization!
Look at those fat tires!
This bike
I bet Mikey will look really
cool when he rides this!
Okay, gimme that.
It just won't cut through.
It's so hard!
Got it!
Alright! Let's get it outta here!
It still has some gas!
We can get it running!
It's still too early.
I'll go outside and open the shutters.
Uh? Yeah. Okay.
Looks like we're gonna
pull this off, Kazutora!
Yeah! I can already imagine
how happy Mikey's gonna be!
We will make this your best
birthday ever, Mikey!
What we got here? A thief?
There was somebody here?!
Whose shop do you think you broke into?
Get out.
Crap! He's got a weapon!
What now?!
You think you can
play around with me?
You're not getting away, punk!
What should I do?!
He saw my face!
Even if I escape, I'll be arrested!
What the hell should I do?!
Hey, haven't I seen you
somewhere before?
Aren't you Keisuke?
Why are you here?
This is my shop, you know?
Your shop?!
Kazutora, stop!!!
Let's get outta here, Baji!
What the hell did you do, Kazutora?!
What else should I do?!
He saw your face!
No! That's not what I mean!
This is Shinichiro-kun
He is
Mikey's older brother!
Mikey's older brother?
What should we do?
What should we do?
He's not breathing!
No way
The bike we tried to steal
That Bobber belongs
to Mikey's older brother!
What should we do?
What should we do?!
Not me
I didn't kill him!
That's right! The ambulance!
There's no way I would ever
kill Mikey's older brother!
We must call the ambulance.
Kazutora, let's call
the ambulance and run!
I did this for Mikey
S-So why?
What was the number?
Just why?
I did this for Mikey!
Crap! It's the cops!
Let's get outta here for now!
Just why?
This is all Mikey's fault
That's why
I must kill Mikey!
We captured two boys who were
trespassing the bike shop.
And take one man in
cardiac arrest to the hospital.
We believe the man to be
the shop shopkeeper, Shinichiro Sano.
One of the boys was holding a tool
believed to be used as a weapon.
Why did this happene?
Mikey how could you?
Why? Why?
What is it?
What happened?!
I'm sorry!
Kill must kill
A sword is perfect for
an earnest fella like you
You're a hero with no fire
You are weak and powerless
in front of a gun
It's not something to take lightly
Just try it, just try it, just try it
There is no correct answer
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
An obvious pray to god,
bye bye to next life
Your number of excuse is wonder
Vomiting prejudice and urge
Most emotions are soda
Say it
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
Goodbye bye bye to next life
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