Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e17 Episode Script

No Way

Where are we going?
It's almost Mikey's birthday, right?
We're gonna give him a present!
What present anyway?
A Bobber.
This is the place.
A bike shop.
Let's steal this.
Eh? We shouldn't just steal it!
We just don't have to tell him that.
Mid-schooler like us can
only ride bikes given to us
or ones we steal.
It's open!
Huh? The alarm's not going off?
Are we really doing this, Kazutora?!
Man, just shut up.
Is this the way?
Seeing it up close,
it's not exactly new.
Alright! Let's get it outta here!
It's still too early.
I'll go outside and open the shutters.
Uh? Yeah. Okay.
We will make this your best
birthday ever, Mikey!
Whose shop do you think you broke into?
Hey, aren't you Keisuke?
Why are you here?
Kazutora, stop!!!
Let's get outta here, Baji!
What the hell did you do, Kazutora?!
What else should I do?!
He saw your face!
He is
Mikey's older brother!
Mikey's older brother?
The bike we tried to steal
That Bobber belongs
to Mikey's older brother!
We captured two boys who were
trespassing the bike shop.
And take one man in
cardiac arrest to the hospital.
We believe the man to be
the shop shopkeeper Shinichiro Sano.
Why did this happen?
I must kill Mikey
What is it?
What happened?
That's the day we became separated.
I had a brother ten years older than me.
He died, though.
Mikey-kun's older brother died.
And they're the ones who killed him?
Kazutora stood up for me,
so I didn't end up in juvie.
I've been waiting for
Kazutora to get released!
So Baji-kun was on Kazutora-kun's
side from the start?!
He didn't leave Toman on a whim!
That means it's impossible
to bring him back!
Nice, Baji.
In that case, we're happy
to have you abroad!
Valhalla's uniform!
Give this message to Mikey.
A week from now, on October 31st.
In the abandoned car lot.
Valhalla vs. Toman.
Our decisive battle!
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Baji-kun is an enemy from
the very beginning.
And the big battle is next week.
Your job is to get Baji back
before we clash with Valhalla.
It's impossible, Mikey-kun.
There is no way I can bring
him back in just a week!
And if you fail
I will kill you.
What should I do?!
I couldn't sleep.
Even though I'm 26.
How should I tell Mikey-kun
about Baji-kun?
Hey! You, the blonde one!
Come here!
Sit down.
Eh? Who?
So scary!
And he's beat up all over the place!
He's clearly not a good news!
Just ignore him.
Yesterday was a total disaster
for both of us, huh?
Baji-san's a total badass, isn't he?
You're Baji-kun's friend?
Tokyo Manji Gang.
1st Squad Vice-Captain.
Chifuyu Matsuno.
(Tokyo Maji Gang 1st Squad Vice-Captain
Chifuyu Matsuno)
You're the guy Baji-kun
beat up to a pulp!
So are you.
You better thank Baji-san.
Eh?! W-Why should I?
You ruined the 3rd squad captain
nomination ceremony.
That's why worse thing
would've happened to you
if Baji-san hadn't punched you.
Baji-san beat me up to join Valhalla.
But he didn't join them
for crushing Toman.
Baji-san has some other goal in mind.
It's Kisaki.
Baji-san joined Valhalla so
he could get a clue on Kisaki!
(Sano Family Grave)
I see.
So he told you about my brother.
Shinichiro-kun was a really cool dude.
We know, too.
That nothing can
be done about that incident.
Neither Baji nor Kazutora
wanted that to happen.
That's right.
I know there's nothing
we can do about it.
Deep down, I still can't accept it.
The Bobber Baji and Kazutora tried
to steal was my brother's.
He was planning to give
that to me as a birthday present.
That Bobber is a memento
from my brother.
Now, it's my beloved ride.
It's been two years since then.
I've forgiven Baji.
Even if he didn't know
Even if it's too late to
change the past
I will never forgive Kazutora
for killing my brother!
And I can't forgive Baji for
siding with Kazutora, either!
I asked you to bring Baji back.
So why his squad's vice-captain here
But Baji isn't?
Just what do you want to accomplish?
Do you really want to die that badly?
Just what
do I want to do?
Baji-san is trying to investigate
Kisaki by joining Valhalla.
So that means there's a connection
between Valhalla and Kisaki?
Baji-san is trying to investigate
from within Valhalla.
So I'm going to investigate
from the outside.
Help me out, Takemicchi.
If I don't do something
He will fly outta control
on his own soon enough.
Did Baji-kun himself told you
that he went to investigate Kisaki?
Huh? No, he didn't.
But I can tell.
I know how he thinks.
I've stuck with him
for a long time, after all.
What I wanna do is simple.
I want to help Baji-san.
Takemicchi, what about you?
On that 3rd squad captain
nomination ceremony.
You punched Kisaki during
the worst moment possible.
Just what are you trying
to accomplish, anyway?
I want
The thing I want to do.
That's right.
Mikey-kun told me to bring
Baji-kun back.
I thought if I succeed,
he'd kick Kisaki out.
If I can get Kisaki kicked out of Toman,
the future will change
And Hina might be saved!
That wasn't what I swore
to do that time!
I want to be the top member of Toman!
I will make you acknowledge
that someday, Mikey-kun!
That's what I want to accomplish!
That guy is an idiot.
He sure is.
You sure you're okay in the head?
You went way beyond failing
to read the mood.
Yeah, I guess so.
Why'd I even say that?
My heart is still pumping hard right now.
How about this?
I'll help you to become
the top member of Toman.
So, help me out with
what I wanna do!
Does that mean you think I can
really be the top member of Toman?
Not in the slightest.
I knew it! You're making fun of me?!
But I will help you.
I will help you out, too!
I'm counting on you, Partner!
By the way, we're the same age,
so you don't have to be so formal with me.
Eh?! We're the same age?!
Why didn't you tell me earlier?!
You switched gears real quick.
I mean, you are a vice-captain,
so I thought you're my senior.
Ah, but you are my senior in Toman.
Mmn? Then in situation like this
First off, I want to properly investigate
the connection between Kisaki and Valhalla.
Got any leads?
I do.
This is your lead?
Let's go.
You got visitors!
This guy is Moebius's former president!
Who the hell are you guys?
You're Osanai-kun of Moebius, right?
The hell you want?
On first impression,
he was just some plain kid.
If you work with me,
you can rule Tokyo in no time.
I won't ask for any reward.
I'll take it myself.
I know myself.
The moon can't shine on its own.
That's how I met Tetta Kisaki.
I beat up anyone I didn't like.
And there was nobody
who could stand against me.
But before I knew it, I was alone.
That's when Kisaki approached me.
That Kisaki is just "some plain kid"?
As weird as it sounds,
everything went smoothly
whenever I listen to what he says.
In just a year,
I went from an idiot who
was only good at fighting
To the guy in charge of Shinjuku.
In just a year?
So, Osanai-kun, you're saying
you became Moebius's leader
thanks to Kisaki?
You can't make a gang if winning
fights is all you got.
So that means Kisaki
was your confidant?
I was nothing but
a stepping stone to Kisaki!
I learned that during the battle of 8/3.
The battle of 8/3?
You mean when Draken-kun got stabbed?
That fight was all arranged
by Kisaki in the first place!
Kisaki drove Pah-chin into a corner
and created a reason
for Toman to fight.
And he made it all my fault!
No way
That was Kisaki's doing?!
Then, after I got stabbed
He approached Mikey, saying
he didn't like how I do things.
And he said he'd get Pah-chin
pardoned to curry Mikey's favor.
Why would Kisaki go
to all that trouble?
Kisaki's plan on the battle of 8/3
was to use it to get Draken killed
and take his place as Toman's
So Kisaki was behind all of it?!
Kisaki abandoned me.
But now he's got a new weapon.
His new weapon
it's Shuji Hanma!
Hanma? As in Valhalla's acting leader?
If you know that much,
then why didn't you take down Kisaki?
He completely made a toy out of you!
If he was just someone
who's good at fighting
or someone a little bit crafty,
I'd be dealing with them.
Kisaki is different.
I don't know how to describe him
But he's dangerous!
He's the kind of guy who could kill
people without getting his hand dirty!
If I mess with him, who knows
what he will do to me
Anyway, I don't want to be
involved with Kisaki anymore.
Now we know one thing.
Valhalla's leader.
The mysterious gang
with no leader.
Otherwise known as the Headless Angel.
The leader no one knows
It's Tetta Kisaki!
Kisaki is in Toman right now!
That's why Valhalla
doesn't have a leader!
Kisaki is Valhalla's leader?!
Then why'd Kisaki join Toman?
Why does he want them
to fight Valhalla?
What is Kisaki trying to achieve?
There's so much I don't understand!
In that case!
Sorry for having you putting
up with my request, Naoto.
Don't sweat it.
I'm used to it already.
What are you going to
ask him this time?
You're here again, Takemicchi?
Sorry to keep bothering you.
Didn't I tell you to leave Tokyo?
I just wanna ask you one thing.
Twelve years ago.
Do you remember the Bosozoku
gang with no leader, Valhalla?
Was their leader Kisaki?
No, he wasn't.
Valhalla's leader was Mikey.
Valhalla was a gang created for Mikey.
No way
That can't be! It's impossible!
Mikey is Toman's leader, right?!
You remember too, don't you?
What is he talking about?
I was there, too?
Twelve years ago, on October 31st.
The Bloody Halloween.
Valhalla took over Toman,
and a new Tokyo Manji Gang were created
with Valhalla as its parent organization.
That's the one that exists today.
Bloody Halloween?
Could that be the day of the big battle
between Toman and Valhalla?
Toman suffered its first defeat that day.
What?! Toman lost?!
How could they lose with
the Invincible Mikey on their side?!
It's Mikey's fault that Toman lost.
Mikey-kun's fault?
That day
Why didn't I realize it sooner?
Mikey was just a 15-year-old kid.
With an enormous cross to bear.
Mikey, stop!
That day.
Mikey attacked Kazutora.
And killed him.
A sword is perfect for
an earnest fella like you
You're a hero with no fire
You are weak and powerless
in front of a gun
It's not something to take lightly
Just try it, just try it, just try it
There is no correct answer
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
An obvious pray to god,
bye bye to next life
Your number of excuse is wonder
Vomiting prejudice and urge
Most emotions are soda
Say it
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
Goodbye bye bye to next life
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