Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

Open Fire

Kisaki's plan on the battle of 8/3
was to use it to get Draken killed
and take his place as Toman's
The leader no one knows
It's Tetta Kisaki!
Kisaki is in Toman right now!
That's why Valhalla
doesn't have a leader!
In that case!
Twelve years ago.
Do you remember the Bosozoku
gang with no leader, Valhalla?
Was their leader Kisaki?
No, he wasn't.
Valhalla's leader was Mikey.
Valhalla was a gang created for Mikey.
No way
That can't be! It's impossible!
Valhalla took over Toman,
and a new Tokyo Manji Gang were created
with Valhalla as its parent organization.
That's the one that exists today.
Toman suffered its first defeat that day.
Why didn't I realize it sooner?
Mikey was just a 15-year-old kid.
With an enormous cross to bear.
That day.
Mikey attacked Kazutora.
And killed him.
Mikey didn't get arrested.
Kisaki had prepared him a decoy.
Since then, Mikey's heart
has fallen into darkness.
Valhalla took over Toman.
With Mikey as the president and
Tetta Kisaki as the acting president,
they grew into a huge organization.
Thinking back on it now,
Kisaki joined Toman
because he had his sights set
on Mikey from the start.
Please wait a second!
Mikey-kun killed Kazutora-kun?!
No way!
Mikey-kun would never kill someone!
Imagine yourself in Mikey's position.
Can you be sure you can stop
yourself from killing Kazutora?
He's the guy who killed his brother.
And on that day
Baji was killed in front of his eyes.
Kazutora-kun killed Baji-kun?
You were there too, weren't you?
What is this vision?
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
(October 29th, 2017)
Mikey-kun is not the type of guy
who would kill someone.
I know that
I believe that
But after talking with Draken-kun,
it flashes in my mind!
The vision of what happened that day!
I don't know why it happened,
but my mind just overflowed
with memories I shouldn't have!
Baji-kun, lying on the ground.
And Mikey-kun, covered in blood.
I can't tell if it's all real!
Mikey-kun looked so sad!
I must save Mikey-kun!
The Bloody Halloween battle
ended in Toman's defeat.
They lost because Manjiro Sano
killed Kazutora Hanemiya.
And Tetta Kisaki plotted it all.
Sano killed Hanemiya,
because Hanemiya
killed Baji-kun,
Mikey-kun's best friend!
In that case, I'll save Baji-kun.
If I do that, I can stop Mikey-kun
from making that big mistake!
And you'll put a stop to Kisaki's scheme!
Protect Keisuke Baji.
That's your mission this time.
Just like that time with Ken Ryuguji,
this is all we've been doing.
It's about time we got this settled.
"About time," huh
You sure say it like it's easy.
Considering how difficult
the mission is.
It's nothing.
Please do your best.
You might actually be pretty amazing.
I'm going, Naoto.
I promise you
I'll definitely protect Baji-kun!
Thank you for walking me home.
Could you wait here a bit?
Uh, sure.
What a shock.
Hina out of nowhere.
Were we walking home from school?
Here, got you a present.
I've been meaning to give this to you.
What's the occasion?
Can I open it?
This is
The same one as the one I gave you.
Now it's a pair.
It seemed to be her favorite.
She always wore it like
it's the most precious thing.
She must've loved you very much.
What? You're moved to tears?
No! I'm not crying!
You really are a crybaby, Takemichi-kun.
Thank you.
I will cherish it.
You sure act so mature sometimes,
I-I do?
Why'd you call me out
all of the sudden?
It's been a long time.
This fight
You wanna call it off?
Whether we win or lose against you
I won't be happy either way.
I just don't get it, Kazutora.
Why do you hate Mikey?
Mikey gave a good testimony
for you, you know?
You got out early thanks to that.
-Do you know how he felt
-Shut up!
Two years
Two precious years of my life
wasted inside those bars.
I'm not the same guy I used to be.
Even so, I'm still your friend.
That's the part I hate about you, Draken.
We will crush Toman
the day after tomorrow.
Mikey doesn't want this!
Is there really no going back?
What will my brother do?
Who knows.
Why don't you ask your bike?
For as long as you like it.
(Sano Family Grave)
(October 30th, 2005)
The fight is tomorrow.
Before that, come with me,
Huh? Where to?
I'm sorry for calling you
all of the sudden.
Do you want me to punch you more?
Have you got any lead on Kisaki?
You're acting as a spy
for Toman, aren't you?
I did some looking myself and found
out that Kisaki is a pretty nasty guy.
You don't have to stay in Valhalla anymore!
What the heck are you saying?
Tomorrow, if the fight starts
You'll become Toman's enemy for real!
Didn't I tell you this over and over?
Don't trust anybody but your friends.
I'm part of Valhalla now.
We're gonna crush Toman tomorrow.
Do you mind if I have
a talk alone with Baji-kun?
I don't have anything
to talk about with you.
I don't know what you're
trying to accomplish.
In fact, I don't care about it.
Please make it through tomorrow alive.
Please don't die.
Because Mikey-kun
will be really sad!
He's my enemy.
I will kill him tomorrow.
Tell him that.
I see.
When I was little, I used to play
with Baji on this jungle gym a lot.
We fought all the time.
But we'd always make up right after.
But it looks like we will have
to fight for real this time.
I'm sorry I couldn't bring him back.
It's not your fault.
Nothing can be done if Baji
doesn't wanna back down.
Baji betrayed Toman.
The fight is tomorrow.
Toman's members are
now in battle mode.
I've made up my mind.
As the President of Toman,
Mikey-kun has already decided
to take Baji-kun out.
The pre-battle meeting for our battle
against Valhalla will now begin!
Thank you for gathering here today.
We're going to clash
with Valhalla tomorrow.
They're the one who started this.
There is nothing for us to gain.
And Baji has sided with the enemy!
We don't go easy on traitors!
That's Toman's policy!
There's no stopping this now.
Can I
be a kid for a while?
I don't want to fight my bud.
That's my answer!
So everyone, please
lend me your strength!
Tomorrow, we will crush Valhalla
and take Baji back!
That's how we fight our battle!
This is it!
The thing I've always wanted!
Sorry, Ken-chin.
Did I fail to act like a proper President?
Then this cheer should be the answer.
(October 31st, 2005
The Day of The Battle)
Eh? Who are these people?
They're all spectators.
Toman versus Valhalla.
Whoever wins today's conflict
will be one step closer to ruling Tokyo.
This fight's caught the attention
of all influential delinquents in Tokyo.
Yeah, looks like nothing
but bad dudes out here.
Like those two guys over there.
The Haitani Brothers.
They can summon a hundred
men with just one shout.
Those brothers are like
celebrities in Roppongi.
A hundred men?!
And that fatty over there.
The one on that car.
He's Leanman. He controls Ueno.
I hear he's an absolute juggernaut.
It's party time!
Toman and Valhalla ain't worth a damn!
Good work, sir!
(Safety First)
I'm the one overseeing today's fight.
The name's Hansen,
from Ikebukuro Criminal Black Members.
He's one of the big fish
from the '88 group!
He's our overseer today.
It's like a referee.
Hansen, the Haitani Brothers,
and Leanman
They're just going to watch today.
But they're normally fierce
rivals with Toman.
Are they really just
gonna sit and watch?
Are you guys ready?
Tokyo Manji Gang!
We gotta go too, Takemicchi.
It's Mikey.
The Invincible Mikey.
Thank you very much for
overseeing this fight today.
If this fight sucks,
I'll beat you all myself.
Representatives from both teams!
Step forward!
A five-on-five with your best guys
or an all-out brawl with everyone.
Which will it be?
Valhalla picked this fight with us.
You decide, Kazutora.
We just have one condition.
To rescue Keisuke Baji.
If Toman wins this battle,
we will take Baji back.
That's all.
Baji joined our gang on his own!
You're making no sense.
We're taking Baji back.
That's all.
You bastard
Bring it on!
Hey, don't start just ye
So lame!
Overseer? Condition?
You guys think this is a game?
We came here to beat
your asses to death!
Shall we begin, Mikey?!
Let's do this, Toman!
A sword is perfect for
an earnest fella like you
You're a hero with no fire
You are weak and powerless
in front of a gun
It's not something to take lightly
Just try it, just try it, just try it
There is no correct answer
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
An obvious pray to god,
bye bye to next life
Your number of excuse is wonder
Vomiting prejudice and urge
Most emotions are soda
Say it
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
Goodbye bye bye to next life
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