Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e23 Episode Script

End of War

Just what should I do from now on?
(Tokyo Juvenile Detention Center)
They told me to expect
a ten-year sentence.
It's short for what I did, though.
I won't run anymore.
I've got to face up to this.
That's what he taught me.
That's why
I'm planning to get proper
rehabilitation this time.
Don't die, Kazutora.
I know exactly what you're thinking.
Don't even think trying to make up
for this by killing yourself, okay?
But what else am I supposed to do?
I just don't know!
Here's a message from Mikey.
"From now on"
"You're a member of Toman."
"I forgive you."
Is this good?
(November 14th, 2005)
Man, it's cold out here.
(November 14th, 2005)
That's winter for you.
I hope you'll do okay.
Oh, right.
I also got a message
from Mikey for you.
From Mikey-kun?
He said, "I have something important
to tell you at our next gathering."
"So you better show up."
Something important to tell me
What could it be?
I'm scared, to be honest.
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
In the end, I couldn't do anything
during the Bloody Halloween.
Baji-kun died and
Kazutora-kun got arrested.
Mikey-kun didn't kill Kazutora-kun.
So it should prevent the future where
Kisaki takes over Toman from happening.
And everything should be made
clear in the next gathering.
Where are we going?
My home.
It's close by, so come over.
Close by?
But we're right in the middle of Shibuya.
Eh?! This is where you live?!
Shut up, it's not a big deal.
You're so lucky!
How so?
You're such a city boy!
It's nothing but trash everywhere.
Ah, sorry. This must be the wrong
I'm back.
Oh, it's just you.
You're home early, Ken-bou.
Can't be a good delinquent that way.
Since you're here, go carry
the towels on the back.
Change the bulb on the lounge
while you're at it.
Geez, can't even catch
a break around here.
Sorry, but wait for me
in the waiting room over there.
It's a brothel.
Draken-kun lives here?
Is that even possible?
Why is that guy been trimming
his nails this whole time?
Now then, off to the restroom.
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Thank you for requesting me!
I'm Remi!
Right this way.
Eh? Ah, okay.
You're young.
Go on and take a shower first, okay?
You're so my type, so I'm glad!
So could this be
A surprise present for me
to graduate from being a virgin?!
So I can become a man?
Mind if I
come in?
Can I do this?
Is this okay?
Thank you, Draken-kun!
What the heck are you doing?
Seriously? You're one of
Ken-bou's little friends?
You really should check who's
the costumer first, Remi.
The waiting room ain't
your personal parlor, dumbass!
Never shuts up, doesn't she?
I'm so confused right now.
I don't have any real parents.
So everyone working here
raised me, basically.
He told me his shocking childhood
as if it's nothing
Pretty cool, right?
You're the first guy I ever
invited over besides Mikey.
This is your room?
There's no place like home.
Take a seat.
I think I know why Draken-kun
seems so mature now.
So many pictures!
Oh, it's Mikey-kun!
And Emma-chan, too!
So you really do care about her, huh?
Shut up!
They're all precious to me.
If anything ever happens to them
I also wanted to kill Kazutora.
I knew that's wrong.
But still.
Thank you for stopping Mikey.
I couldn't have done that myself.
I think I understand how he feels.
Because I'm also doing my best
for someone precious to me.
That aside.
All things considered,
Draken-kun also like Emma-chan.
Hang in there, Emma-chan!
If you stay faithful,
I'm sure your feeling will come across!
Oh, Emma-chan?
Speak of the devil.
Hey, wait!
Just now I was
I love you, Mikey.
This can't be!
You got to be kidding me, Emma-chan!
You went to Mikey, out of all people?!
He lives right near here!
If Draken-kun ever see this
What have you done with
Emma, you bastard?
Huh? Emma is mine!
We're enemies now,
you ungrateful piece of turd!
Bring it on! I'll kill you, punk!
I-It's over! It's really over this time!
Toman's final battle is about to happen!
It's Armageddon!
This smells like a case.
My Dear Watson.
And Naoto?
Sorry to surprise you like this.
We were out shopping and
happened to spot you.
I-I see
Quit clingin' on me.
Emma-chan is obsessed with Draken-kun,
so there's no way she would do this!
There must be something behind this!
Isn't that right, Takemichi-kun?!
I will solve this mystery!
In the name of my grandfather!
I hope you can play along
with her, Takemichi-kun.
She's really into detective stories
right now. A bunch of them.
Hurry up you two!
We must follow them!
Where did you get that smoking pipe?
Observe, My Dear Watson.
That look in Emma-chan's eyes.
Her eyes?
Those are undoubtedly
the eyes of someone in love!
My womanly instincts says so!
I see!
That's so convincing!
She certainly looks
like she's in love.
Perv! Where the hell are you looking?
There it is.
Her sleuth strike.
Oh, it's Takemichi!
Hmm, quite case you got there.
So we're following them
to find out the real story.
We haven't found the decisive proof yet.
I've heard rumors about that Emma girl.
I heard that she was often seen leaving
Mikey's house with him, all friendly-like.
And it's always during the morning.
So we can safely assume she regularly
stayed overnight at his place!
For real?
It's a shame, but
This case has been cracked.
She is, without a doubt
No way!
We need to hear confessions
from the people involved.
Huh? You're just gonna barge in?
I don't think that's a great idea
But we need to make sure of this!
If it's true, then poor
Draken-kun will be sad!
True. Things will get really bad
if Draken-kun finds out about this!
No way!
Why is he here?!
Who will be sad, you said?
Bad timing!
Huh? Hina?
Please explain to me what's going on!
Emma together with
I-It's not what it looks like, Draken-kun!
It's over!
You're really taking your little sister
out for her birthday, Mikey?
Shut up.
Little sister?
Takemicchi, you didn't know?
They both are half-siblings.
With different mom.
They do sorta resemble
each others
Hmm? But I told Hina
about it before, though.
Ms. Detective?
And Yamagishi-kun.
Look, look! This parfait looks yummy!
Oooh! Everything looks fluffy!
You totally forgot about it, didn't you?
Here you go.
Happy birthday.
Oh? Isn't that the one you
wanted from the arcade last time?
That's all. I'm outta here.
So cool!
Good for you, Emma-chan!
I've never seen her
looked so happy before.
I hope things work out
between them.
I hope things work out between us, too!
It will surly work out!
Eh? They completely forgot
about us, didn't they?
They're really beyond help.
I'm home.
Thank you for taking us back home.
See you later!
Hey, Takemicchi!
So gaudy.
Mitsuya called you here, right?
He got his hand busy right now,
so I come to get you instead.
Follow me.
Ah, all right.
I didn't know you two
go to the middle same school.
Yeah, we're in the same school
and in the same squad.
You got a problem with that?
(Home Economics Room)
Over here.
(Home Economics Room)
Eh? The Home-ec room?
I just can't stand that girl.
Hmm? That girl?
You're here to cheat
our president out again?
He's busy right now, so leave.
I'm just
And again with that getup!
It's your stupid outfit that gets
the teachers to mark on you, you know!
What's going on?
President! It's Hayashi-kun again!
Oh, Takemicchi.
Chill out, Yasuda-san.
I asked Peh-yan to do something for me.
You're the only delinquent
I don't hate, President.
So you're the club president here,
Yeah, c'mon in.
President, could you look
at this for me?
Could you check on this, too, President?
In order, okay?
He's the president of the crafting club?!
Hold on, Takemicchi.
It'll be ready in a sec.
Yamada-san, a half back stitch
is better for that one.
Ah, all right!
Kawai-san, you should darn
that with blanket stitch instead.
Don't hurt yourself while at it, okay?
He's in a gang but he handles
his school life just as well!
Mitsuya-kun's amazing!
What'll be ready? Is he making something?
He's making Tokkofuku.
You better appreciate it.
Mitsuya has personally
been working on your uniform.
Mitsuya-kun is making my uniform?
It's the first other than
the founding members, right, Mitsuya?
For us, our most formal wear
is our gang uniform.
It's my way to express
my thanks, Takemicchi.
For saving Draken on the Battle of 8/3.
And snapping us back to our senses
during Bloody Halloween.
That's why I want to make sure
That I'd be the one to make your uniform.
Thank you very much!
I'm doing this because I want to.
It's done.
Try it on, Takemicchi.
I'll adjust the size later.
Gotta look forward for
tomorrow's gathering, huh?
(November 15th, 2005)
Hurry up, Takemicchi!
It feels kinda embarrassing.
It's time for your debut.
It's Hanagaki.
Takemichi Hanagaki
Doesn't suit you at all, huh.
I know, right?
Totally feels like someone
just dressed me up.
Once again.
Welcome to the Tokyo Manji Gang.
Pleased to be with you!
All right.
The gathering will start!
This gathering is gonna be
an important one for you.
So prepare yourself.
And Chifuyu?
Today's gathering will be a rough one.
The final settlement of Bloody Halloween.
A sword is perfect for
an earnest fella like you
You're a hero with no fire
You are weak and powerless
in front of a gun
It's not something to take lightly
Just try it, just try it, just try it
There is no correct answer
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
An obvious pray to god,
bye bye to next life
Your number of excuse is wonder
Vomiting prejudice and urge
Most emotions are soda
Say it
Just a no no,
for a lazy lazy head
Look, for a fast and furious
Be-bop lifestyle
Stagnate, daydream, it's bad no no NO
Goodbye bye bye to next life
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