Tokyo Revengers (2021) s01e24 Episode Script

A Cry Baby

(2005, November 15th)
What's going on?
(2005, November 15th)
Hey, hey!
(2005, November 15th)
Why is that guy here?
What is that bastard from Valhalla
doing in Toman's gathering?
Chifuyu and Hanma?
What is going on, Mikey-kun?
The Bloody Halloween.
Valhalla's 300 versus Toman's 150.
Despite an overwhelming disadvantage,
each one of you held your own
and secured us victory.
Shuji Hanma, the Vice-President of
the gang we defeated has a message for us.
I'm Shuji Hanma from Valhalla.
Valhalla never had a leader.
So, in the wake of our defeat,
we decided to join under Toman's banner.
-What is he saying?
Valhalla will now join as part of Toman!
E-Eh? 300 guys from Valhalla
are joining our gang?
So that means Toman
has 450 guys now?
Toman rules!
Just how much bigger are we gonna get?
I'm all fired up!
Toman rules!
Toman! Toman!
Toman! Toman! Toman!
Hold on a sec
Even though
Even though Mikey-kun made it
through without killing Kazutora-kun
If this guy join Toman
If Valhalla becomes a part of Toman
Then things will get worse!
As for this.
There's someone who helped us connect.
Thanks to him that our gangs
are able to join forces.
Could it be?!
Please, step forward!
Tetta Kisaki!
Kisaki's our enemy.
He will take over!
We got our collars grabbed
and took an intense punch
After we got beaten up
Together we crouched
The anticipated rain came
"This should clean your bruise"
you lied with a smile
Even though you're bad at argument
So stop making such lame jokes
It's so bad I teared up
Getting blue bruises all the time
I cry, cry, and cry
Leaning our unstable heart together
We fight against the rotten Bad End
I wonder why
The pleasant pain was more vivid,
even more than the happiness
Clicking our tongue over our wet clothes
We look at each other's faces and laugh
The Revenge we swore in that rainy night
Even though Baji-kun gave
his life to protect Toman
Kisaki is taking over Toman!
Now Toman gonna turn into an
evil organization in the future!
I failed again
There's one more thing to discuss.
Though we gained something
from Bloody Halloween
There's also something we lost.
Our 1st Squad Captain.
Keisuke Baji, died that day.
We must reflect deeply on this reality
and take it seriously.
You should say the rest.
1st Squad Vice-Captain, Chifuyu Matsuno.
I was planning to quit Toman.
But our President
stopped me with his words.
"Will you snuff out
the 1st Squad's flame?"
Sorry, it was you who suffered
the most from this.
Leading the 1st Squad as Baji-san's
replacement is too much for me.
So I talked it out with our President.
For days and days.
And arrived at this conclusion.
I'll decide the guy that I wanna follow!
Takemichi Hanagaki!
I want you to be the next
captain of the 1st Squad!
No way, did he say Hanagaki?
That Hanagaki?!
What are you saying?
I believe this is what Baji-san
would've wanted.
Our President and I have decided
that Baji-san entrusted this to you!
Takemichi Hanagaki!
Raise your head and give us your response!
I'm sure you can save my sister!
Please save everyone.
Our crybaby hero
There is still
I'll become the top member of Toman!
I'm leaving them in your hand.
I don't want the person
I love to die, too.
It's not over yet!
I can still change Toman!
There he goes crying again.
Get yourself together.
Man, seems like I'll have
to rework his uniform again.
You raised your head too much, idiot.
The situation is getting worse.
But there is still hope!
Isn't that right, Naoto?
There must be something
we still can do!
(2017, November 18th - Saturday)
It's 2017. I'm back.
(2017, November 18th - Saturday)
To the rental shop.
And the manager.
Nothing has changed.
I apologize for keeping you waiting.
The video you're looking for doesn't
appear to be in stock at this store.
What's with this watch?
And expensive-looking bag
What's with my hair?
Eh? A-Ah, then it's okay.
Thank you very much.
You're late, Takemichi.
You sure love this rental store, huh.
Let's go.
So scary
Get on the car already.
I got in just as he told me
Umm, where are we going right now?
Huh? The hell do you mean?
We're goin' to your place.
My place?
Erm, but we just passed my apartment
You're the one who ordered it.
Right, Koji?
Yes, sir!
I ordered? What are these
guys talking about?
Is it okay if I smoke?
Didn't I already tell you not to?
I'm giving orders to these
scary-looking dudes?
This makes no sense!
Ah, that's right!
I must call Naoto!
I don't have his number?
Hey, Takemichi.
What are you on about?
We're here.
A-Ah, yeah.
What now?
I can't get in contact with
Naoto at this rate!
-Good afternoon, sir!
You're sure late, Takemichi.
And there are more scary dudes
I don't know popping out!
But those two
I feel like I met them before
Yamagishi! Do your job better!
This guy is that Yamagishi?!
Tch, shut up.
He's the one draggin' his own ass.
Like wanting to rent a DVD.
So that means
He's Makoto
And he's Takuya?!
They're all my friends from Mizo Mid!
C'mon, let's get going.
Your right-hand man is
getting impatient, Boss.
Hmm? Eh?
Could it be
I'm successful in the future?!
I rose up to the high class!
Thank you for having us!
This is my house?!
You should pick up your phone.
Thank goodness, Chifuyu!
I've got no clue what's going on here.
Huh? The hell are you talkin' about?
We got a manager meeting, let's go.
Eh? Manager meeting?
Who? And manager of what?
C'mon, Partner.
Who else but you/
Tokyo Manji Gang's Top Manager.
Takemichi Hanagaki.
I've became a Toman Manager now!
This way, sirs.
Which one of you ordered this jellyfish?
Damn, that's spicy!
Too much sichuan pepper!
Hey, where's the fried rice?!
Here you are.
Am I really a manager of Toman?
If I'm really a manager now,
I might be able to get closer to
the untouchable core force of Toman.
But why I don't have
Naoto's number in here?
For starter, about this year's
payment reports
Before that.
Where's my goddamn friend rice, idiot?
(Toman Top Manager - Haruki Hayashida)
Besides, we're still waitin' on someone.
(Toman Top Manager - Haruki Hayashida)
Quit whining, Pah.
Just shut up and eat your food.
I think he's that guy from the 5th squad.
(Toman Top Manager - Yasuhiro Muto)
I think he's that guy from the 5th squad.
(Toman Top Manager - Yasuhiro Muto)
For the guy we're waiting, you mean Mitsuya?
There's more who aren't here yet, dumbass.
And where's my freaking fried rice?!
How am I supposed to keep
eating without rice?!
You moron.
Fried rice comes last, bald head.
(Toman Top Manager - Nahoya Kawata)
It's the 4th squad captain.
(Toman Top Manager - Nahoya Kawata)
Huh? Moron?!
(Toman Top Manager - Nahoya Kawata)
Who do you think you're talking to?!
Pah-chin's head is made out of air,
you moron!
Then go order the fried rice yourself!
They really haven't changed at all.
Even after 12 years,
they're all still in Toman.
Would you guys just
stop blabbering already?
Toman Top Manager - Hakkai Shiba)
Damn oldies.
(Toman Top Manager - Hakkai Shiba)
Don't you get uppity with us, Shiba!
Shut up!
Who do you think provides your meals firstly?
(Toman Top Manager - Seishu Inui)
Who do you think provides your meals firstly?
(Toman Top Manager - Seishu Inui)
All you've got is your seniority,
and you don't even pay much.
Arrogant, cocky bastards.
-Say that again?
Eh? Wait
(Toman Top Manager - Hajime Kokonoi)
You're too blunt, Inupi.
(Toman Top Manager - Hajime Kokonoi)
Who are these guys?
Acting like they're better than us.
Just because they're
Ex-Black Dragons.
Black Dragons?
What's up with Mikey, anyway?
Like hell he'd come to see
a loser like you.
Mikey this, Mikey that.
You oldies are all like, "Mikey! Mikey!"
whenever something happens.
What are you, goldfish poop?
Let's take this outside, Shiba!
How dull.
What is this, middle school playground?
Shuji Hanma!
So he's still here in the present, too!
We're not holding this regular
meeting to talk about payments.
Koko's public IT business,
Shiba's corporate front,
and several companies our gang manage
were searched by police three days ago.
That means
We have a mole among us.
Somebody snitched?
A traitor
Like hell any of us would do that!
No one snitched on their own gang!
If no one here snitched, how can so many
places get searched on the same day?
I told you! Who do you think
you're callin' a nincompoop!
Moron and nincompoop means
the same thing, you bastard!
I'm the one who called him a moron.
Shut up!
If you're pickin' a fight with Koko,
then I'll take it on!
Want some beating, you scamp?!
Bring it on!
Having fun, aren't here?
Good evening, sir!
Enough with the formality, guys.
It sure is rare to see you show up
for our managers meeting, Kisaki-san.
I've got some minor business
to deal with.
This guy is Kisaki?
He seems like a different
person somehow.
Takemichi, Chifuyu.
Could I have a moment
with you two?
Uh Sure.
Nice place, isn't it?
I had this built recently.
Really? Wow.
Well, have a seat.
Uh yes.
You should sit, too, Chifuyu.
I'm not in the position to do that.
Uptight as ever, aren't you?
Tetta Kisaki
One of the most important individual in
Tokyo Manji Gang and the acting president.
Even with the police's best effort,
they still can't find a lead on this guy.
Is this guy really that Kisaki?
We've known each other for
a long time, haven't we?
I never thought I'd still hang out
with the same friends I had
all those years ago.
Did I say something unexpected?
Uh no.
Takemichi, Chifuyu.
What do you think about me?
You hate me, don't you?
It was around this time,
12 years ago.
When Baji died.
That was all my fault.
I set up the Bloody Halloween.
Of course I knew.
I knew, but
Why is he telling us that now?
I used Hanma, get Kazutora Hanemiya
involved, and created Valhalla.
Then I had it clash with Toman.
Why did you do such a thing?
I wanted power.
I wanted to achieve something
worthy of praise.
If I could settle that conflict,
everyone would bow before me.
I was desperate.
I didn't think Baji would end up dead.
I mean it, Chifuyu.
I'm sorry.
I always wanted to apologize to you.
After 12 years, I finally understand.
What's really important are friends.
Do you regret what you did back then?
Not for even a day.
You may still hate me.
But have a drink with me,
just this once.
Cheers for Baji.
Umm, you got any beer?
I'm not really used with
expensive drinks.
C'mon man, a manager should
be able to handle his drinks.
I see.
Don't force yourself.
Unexpected development!
Could this be a really good future?
I haven't had this much fun in a while.
Can I say one last thing?
I said I didn't think Baji
would end up dead.
That was a lie.
I used Kazutora to kill Baji.
And today I will continue what I left out.
That's right.
This place is
I can't move!
What is this?
What is going on?
What happened to you?
You sure are quite a sleeper.
Did he drugged us?
Chifuyu Matsuno.
You've always been
an annoying guy to deal with.
You still held a grudge over
the thing from 12 years ago,
and tried to sneak up on me.
Trying to get revenge
for Keisuke Baji?
Kisaki, stop it!
Just admit it, already.
You're the rat, aren't you?
Good grief!
You little snitch!
Stop it! Kisaki!
Stop it!
The police did that on their own!
All I was trying to do is
to get you out of Toman!
How long are you gonna chase
after Baji's mirage?
You small-minded rat.
Toman's gone rotten.
I just wanted to change that.
Just like you said, I'm the rat.
Takemichi has nothing to do with it.
Don't tell me
You've been avenging Baji-kun
for the past 12 years?!
I get to decide whether
he's involved or not.
Hey, Hanagaki.
Why have you been acting like
you're not involved in any of this?
I told you Takemicchi has
nothing to do with this!
He doesn't know a damn thing!
Just shut up.
We're friends, aren't we?
My leg!
It hurts!
You lunatic.
Well then, do you have any last words?
Takemicchi, listen.
These are my last words.
A lot happened over the last 12 years.
Mikey-kun disappeared and
Draken-kun got death penalty.
Before we knew it,
we got involved in some foul business.
We've done a lot of terrible things.
But deep down,
I'm sure we haven't changed!
Baji-san's feeling
And Toman.
I'm counting on you, Partner.
No way!
This must be a bad dream!
There is no way Chifuyu
would die this easily!
How does it feel to have Toman's fate
rests on your shoulder?
Don't worry.
I'll let you join him soon.
The hell's wrong with you?!
Is that all you've got?!
It's a pity.
See you.
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