Tokyo Vice (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Kishi Kaisei

Get out of my way! Bastard! Wait, bastard! Help! A guy with knife is chasing me.
Get out of my way! Lower the knife! - I'll kill you! - Lower the knife! He's a pervert! I can explain.
I'm a reporter from the Meicho.
Then why were you asking my wife about her panties? Excuse me, I'd like to make an appointment to see your listing in Shibuya.
Miss, acquiring property in Tokyo is a very complicated endeavor.
Yes, I'm aware of that.
Could we set an appointment for tomorrow? I'm afraid there are many steps that must be taken.
I've taken those steps.
I'd like to see the space.
I'm afraid the owner of that space wouldn't be interested in renting to you.
I see Then I'll find someone who is.
Thank you for your time.
this panty thief in Kabukicho yesterday, and Maruyama-san wants two paragraphs on it for the evening edition, but so far, I have nothing.
I've been running around Kabukicho all morning asking women about their panties, and I almost got killed.
I have not slept in two days.
Yeah, but you got a story published, right? - About traffic safety.
- Still a story.
Every one I turned in, nope.
Tears apart.
Meanwhile, I got my own story.
It's better than any of this stuff.
You remember that guy who set himself on fire in Shinjuku? Hmm.
I think that he's connected to that stabbing I covered.
And by covered, you mean wrote up as a murder so Baku almost fired you? "Gaijin! Gaijin!" You like busting my balls, huh? [LAUGHING.]
It is the great joy of my life.
All right.
I gotta go.
Clock's ticking.
Hey, Pol.
I have emergency.
Are you stuck at Akira's again? Rat bastard can't put you in a fucking cab? Stop.
He is love of my life.
I need help to pick a birthday present for one of my regulars.
- Kimchi breath guy? - No, Hasegawa-san.
Hairy eyebrows, close talker.
I buy him good present, he buy champagne all night.
Please, I beg you.
You have taste that is so good.
I gotta stop by Onyx.
I'll meet you in Shibuya at 4:00? What are you doing now? [COFFEE SPLATTERS.]
- Fuck! - I gotta go.
I'll meet you.
I've been chased by worse than a man with a knife.
It's a hazard of the job.
I understand that, Maruyama-san.
I just need a little more time.
You have until 3:00 p.
No later.
I-I-I-I don't have the lead.
I don't have anything.
Everyone I speak to, they don't know shit about this and Jake, Jake.
Stop walking.
Now, step back and think.
Who else can you go to? Miyamoto-san.
"I just have to have to say I find your dress extraordinarily flattering.
" It worked, right? That was a good line, right? Yeah.
Hey, no one knows Kabukicho like you, right? Well, true.
Do you know anything about this panty thief? [IN JAPANESE.]
Panty thief? 'Cause I've been writing this story and I I got no leads.
I shouldn't tell you this, and if you quote me, I'll deny it.
There's no panty thief.
Really? Some ladies lost their underwear to a windy day.
Wire service wrote it up because papers love a story about a pervert.
Thank you.
Wait, wait.
- Anyone else know about this? - No one yet.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Rewrite it.
Will do.
Rewrite it.
No good.
Alright, you worthless piece of shit.
Let's try this again.
You're crossing the street, minding your own business, when this jogger comes out of nowhere and slams into you And? What then? What do you want me to say? The truth.
In your words.
The victim had an accidental run-in with a thug.
Wrong place, wrong time.
Funaki, you don't really believe that.
We have his prints on the knife and a signed deposition.
What more do you want? A low level Tozawa goon just walks in off the street and gives himself up? Feels like the fastest way to kill an investigation.
Investigation? Our job is to clear cases.
This is going in.
That's the third shop in the last month.
All under our protection.
He's trying to prove we can't protect our territory.
We have to hit back.
And risk war? But this is war.
We hit back, Chikara-kai will be seen as the instigators, and the cops will come down on us.
Are you idiots?! No.
No retaliation.
For now, we increase protection fees.
We use the extra money to close ranks and prepare.
Kume Hai.
Kobayashi Hai.
If a war is coming with Tozawa, we'll be ready.
Oyabun likes them chopped fine.
Tip stays on the board, one smooth motion Damn, Sato.
You think maybe you went into the wrong business? Hope you're as good with that knife outside the kitchen.
Should we go find out? Sato.
Go make the rounds.
They've already paid this month.
Now they're paying more.
Don't fuck up the onions.
Be quiet.
You need to stop using so many adjectives.
It will run in the morning edition.
Really? You show initiative, and this is real news.
Keep it up.
Not bad, Jake-san.
That's my first article, man.
Yeah, I know.
Why do I feel like the greatest investigative journalist - that ever lived? - [CHUCKLES.]
Because you're an American, so you think you're more talented than you actually are.
That's right.
Or maybe I'm just lucky.
What time do we have to be back at the Meicho for Ko-etsu? [CLEARS THROAT.]
About 90 minutes.
We all have to do it.
It's the final check, Jake.
You can't be late.
Considering the evidence, and now this confession, we expect an easy conviction.
I hope this will bring you and your family some measure of comfort.
Forgive me if this is too painful to revisit but I understand, from the statement you gave Detective Funaki that your husband was having financial problems.
I went through all this with the other detectives.
They didn't seem to think it was relevant.
Of course.
I'm just following up to ensure nothing's been overlooked.
We borrowed.
Too much.
We missed one payment and the interest rate became ten times higher.
So my husband pushed back.
How so? He was gathering information to bring to a lawyer.
About these lenders and their methods.
Do you happen to have that information? Yes.
May I help you? My name is Jake Adelstein.
I'm with the Meicho Shimbun.
I'm sorry, I've been asked not to speak with the press.
Really? But just a few minutes is enough.
May I have some of your time? I'm afraid I have company "Takahiro Aoki has borrowed a large amount of money.
"How do you feel about a dirtbag like him living in your neighborhood?" [TENSE MUSIC.]
Well, then, can I ask you one I have nothing to share.
I will come again.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
Once again, my deepest condolences.
Hey, he looks like real yakuza, right? Wanna play? [CHUCKLES.]
He's gonna kill this.
You have two lives left.
Got you! You have one life left.
Got you! You're dead! [IN JAPANESE.]
With my humble regards.
- Ooh.
- Oh sorry, I didn't expect - Malee.
Usually no one is here so early.
What are you doing here? I forgot my hair brush.
Malee, hurry up.
I don't have much time today here's that hairbrush that you forgot.
Why don't you wait outside? I'll give you a ride home.
She's bad with customer, so I give her lessons.
Bitches who meddle get sent back to America.
Don't fucking threaten me.
I have a work visa.
Try to fuck with me, I make one phone call, and you're out of here.
And I walk out of here with ten of your best girls.
How will your business be then? Huh, Duke? [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY.]
Go home, Samantha.
Ah, had to make a quick stop to fuck your mother.
What? Y-you fucked my mother? Jake-san, why did you do that? No, not really.
In America, we [LAUGHING.]
- I got him.
Those things stink.
They're French.
That is not true.
The French have very good hygiene.
Renaissance Europeans, especially French aristocrats, - believed that taking a bath - Okay, Tin-Tin.
- Right.
- Tin-Tin.
I see that.
pronounced "Tahn-Than," and he is Belgian.
Belgian, French, same fucking thing.
First of all, Belgium is a monarchy, and France is a republic.
Okay, Tin-Tin.
Fuck you.
Trendy Haiyu.
A trendy actor, yeah? You got nice hair, like an actor's.
Gaijin! Hai.
Read this.
Out loud.
Underwear thief captured Today at 12:30 p.
, the Shinjuku police arrested an office worker, age forty-one, a resident of Shinjuku-ward Kabuki-cho Block 1, on charges of theft.
The police raided his apartment and found 400 pairs of women's underwear, color-coded and sorted.
But according to you, there is no underwear thief.
We can't trust you to report one simple story.
That's why you're shit.
Go to scrapbooking.
You're done here.
Last time I checked, Katagiri, loan sharks don't kill people, because dead men pay no debts.
You don't find it suspicious? That just before filing a lawsuit against the lender, the man is murdered by a low-level yakuza? We've been down this road before.
Or don't you remember? Ohara-san, this is different.
The difference is this case has a deposition, a murder weapon, and a violent criminal behind bars.
It's closed.
How you like it.
He's just [IN JAPANESE.]
Racist nationalist.
You've got those too, right? You could be living in Missouri.
That's true.
in the paper, or this is your last paycheck.
It does have armadillo on it.
I think armadillo looks stupid, but it's Hasegawa's favorite.
He says it's only animal with armor, so it's like samurai of animal world.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I boring you? No, I'm fascinated by armadillos.
I know, I know.
But it looks expensive, right? I cannot afford more than this.
Why is that? What? What? Should I be like you? Save everything and have no fucking fun? Look, if you want to blow your money on Akira, that's your business.
Something's wrong.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
I'm tired.
All right, I'm going to get this.
You heard me.
I said shut up.
What part of that don't you understand? Shut the fuck up! Right now! [SIGHS.]
No no don't you don't you look at me! Did you hear me! Don't you fucking look at me! [SIGHS.]
Check out Yuta! Looks like he needs to take a dump! Fuck you.
Fuck all of you.
I'm back.
Please check these.
Who's short? Duke.
Said he'd have it next month.
All that money going through the club every night, he can't cough up an extra hundred thousand? You're sure he didn't offer you house credit in the meantime? Some shit about how, "You could have a good time here with the girl of your choice?" What the fuck are you looking at? Sorry.
Don't ever lie to me again.
your father could help you get a great newspaper job near us.
Maybe in St.
I have a job already, and it's for one of the best newspapers in the world.
Then at least come home for a visit.
- We miss you.
- I know.
I miss you guys, too, but I can't come home right now because I just started.
Joshua, we are your family.
It's-it's nice that you called, but we have not seen you for three years.
Your sister needs you.
Her treatments they aren't working anymore.
Ma, Jess is fine.
Can you trust me on that? But I have to go.
I love you so much.
You owe me a story.
How much did you pay for the information I gave you? Nothing.
Yeah, and that's what it was worth.
It's transactional.
Nothing is free.
Everybody's for sale.
Right now, you are treating me to a nice steak dinner, so I'm treating you to my years of wisdom.
If I don't get a real story as soon as possible, I'm gonna get fired.
Japanese saying.
Kishi Kaisei.
- Kishi Kaisei.
- Mm.
Wake from death, return to life.
What's that supposed to mean? Don't be such a pussy.
What? Now's the time to ask.
While you are paying for it.
Do you know anything about this? Looks like some financial services firm.
Why? Well, I'm trying to figure out who they are.
- You call the number? - Yeah, it's disconnected.
Then why ask me? [IN JAPANESE.]
So good.
Excuse me.
Yes? Another of everything.
And an extra serving of short ribs.
Extra serving.
Delicious, eh? I gotta take a leak.
Excuse me.
You're leaving? We're busy today, huh? [SIGHS.]
Cute tie! Hurry up, will you? Sorry.
Hey! What the fuck are you sitting down for? Table 7.
Go! Laugh, be who they want, and take their money.
I'll handle Duke.
You got this.
Where's my Imperial Brut? I've been waiting a while.
One moment.
but she forgets their names, their drinks.
I'm working with her.
We can't all be as good as you.
That is true.
Give me the rundown.
The skinny guy is the fat wallet.
As soon as you see me pour out the last of this bottle I'll swing by and see if Mr.
Fat Wallet wants another bottle.
Excuse me, here's the check.
Let's raise our glasses.
Excuse me.
Samantha, you are being requested.
All right.
If you'll excuse me I'm very sorry.
Here's Nana instead.
I got that second bottle.
The hostess always pours.
You never touch the bottle.
It's my job.
And if you smoke [WHISPERS.]
We light your cigarette.
Do you smoke? No.
- You will.
- Oh.
- And we fold things.
- Uh-huh.
Lots of linen folding.
How often do you rotate between the tables? - Every 30 minutes.
- Mm.
You're spending money right now.
Is this really what you want to talk about? Absolutely.
I have time.
Who's this girl over there? [LAUGHTER, INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
She's been here the longest.
Classy as they come.
Only deals with long-term regulars.
And who's that? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
That's Luna.
She's our star.
She's really very good.
You'd like her.
I think so.
Uh, the guy who just walked in, who's that? [IN JAPANESE.]
That blonde girl, Samantha.
This way.
you and your notebook should stay away from.
Will you excuse me for a moment? She will be right with you.
Excuse me.
You have a customer.
You know what to do.
You came alone this time.
Gives us a chance to chat.
You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you? You should see the other guy.
Why? What happened to him? Nothing.
He's my aniki.
Tattoo Cool kicks.
- Dunks? - Yeah.
Dunks are shit.
What? You mind if I join? You think Bapes are cooler than Dunks? This is the this is the real McCoy right here.
This came first, you know? That's a copy.
He doesn't understand fashion.
I understand fashion.
I just know, is that fashion, or is it stealing? Jake this is Sato.
He's not as brooding as he seems.
Sato-san, this is Jake.
He's not as annoying as he seems.
Excuse me Hey! What? Why is that gaijin in Sato's booth? It's fine.
I figured it out.
I have it under control.
But these are Wrangler.
You know Wrangler? [IN JAPANESE.]
From America.
501 Levi's.
- Yeah.
- Leather patch.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know? Yeah.
We got one of their machines.
Now we make and sell, uh [IN JAPANESE.]
You can't tell the difference.
Really? Uh-huh.
I could write about that.
- Yes.
- Yeah? But then I'd have to kill you.
- Ah, shit.
- What's up? I'm going to miss my train.
I gotta go.
Hey, listen, it's been illuminating.
- I'll see you around.
- Later.
This is today's last train.
This is today's last train.
Please hurry.
This is today's last train.
Please hurry.
- Hey.
- I missed my train.
Don't worry.
You can have it.
Yeah? I have to go to a detective's house and wait outside until he comes home.
You know, Jake, I was so happy to get this job until it started.
When I was a kid, my family used to get two newspapers delivered every day.
And I remember one day asking my dad at breakfast while he was reading the paper, "What's in there? What's so important?" And he said, "Every day", "the knowledge of the world increases a little bit, and this newspaper is a record of that.
" So that's what we get to do.
We get to increase the world's knowledge every day.
By emptying ashtrays? He didn't mention that.
Some company for the night.
Hang in there.
Is this tape being listened to by Joshua "I want to call myself Jake now" Adelstein, the big brother who never sends tapes to his sister? This is tape 23 from me to you, which officially totally makes you a loser and yet I forgive you.
Why? Because I'm awesome.
Speaking of awesome, as of last Saturday, I have my driver's license.
Does this scare you? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, try being Mom and Dad.
When I ask to borrow the car now, they look like they're going to throw up from fear at the same time in the same toilet.
That made you laugh, right? I know you.
All those cool Japanese people you're hanging with, they don't know you half as well as I do.
Who's that? No one.
This is an urgent announcement from the Police Department.
An organized crime incident has been reported in the Shinjuku precinct.
Possibility of crime involving the use of firearms or knives.
Effective for Shinjuku, Yotsuya, and Harajuku precincts.
Crime scene located at Kabukicho, District 4, Lot 1, Building 2, IDS building [TENSE MUSIC.]
Shut the fuck up! Try me if you got the balls.
I'll fucking shoot you! - Nakamura, put the gun down! - Don't, Nakamura.
We we can talk about it.
Please, let me explain.
This is who you pay to protect you? These Chihara-kai punks can't protect shit! Listen.
We go where we want, we drink where we want! This district, this city belongs to Tozawa now.
You tell Ishida that.
Just shoot him.
Fuck it.
Nakamura! [LOW TENSE MUSIC.]
Nice watch.
From Hong Kong.
Looks as good as a real one.
Meicho reporter I see.
Your camera.
You hear me? Hai.

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