Tokyo Vice (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Read the Air

Any problems in the bedroom? Please stand up.
Turn your head and cough, please.
Please lie on your side.
All right.
Now flex.
Now lie on your back.
This may feel a little cold.
As always, no alcohol, tobacco, red meat, stress Sugita isn't scheduled.
He says it's pressing.
Tozawa-san in light of recent events perhaps we would all benefit from a reconsideration of our business model.
I'm thinking of your exposure.
As well as mine.
We shall continue as we have.
I am grateful for your time.
Excuse me.
Oh, my God, Joshua Jacob Adelstein, you have been holding out on me.
Philips says you once beat up some kid in his classroom.
Is that true? And you're right.
He sucks.
I'm going to graduate high school knowing nothing about chemistry.
And Mom's, like, seriously freaking out.
Please call her more, or I'm gonna lose my mind.
She's, like, batshit crazy.
Seriously, you you smashed this kid's face into his desk? Do Mom and Dad know this? Arigato gozaimasu.
Tengu! Tengu! A Tengu is here! What's wrong, Natchan? I apologize.
Not at all.
I am often mistaken for a goblin.
May I speak with Detective Katagiri? That would be difficult, Mr Adelstein, as my husband is not home.
But I will tell him you came.
Do you expect him soon? I apologize if you have traveled far.
Please, take the ice cream.
Natsumi! Ice cream! Yay! And the beer.
Thank you.
Beer and sweets.
Let me guess.
The "Meicho" told you this is how you recruit a cop.
I was just hoping that it would get me through the door.
Last night, when you convinced that guy just to hand over his gun, what'd you say? - It's complicated.
- Hmm.
Is there is there anything else that you can give me? - Give you? - Yeah, I didn't write anything about the other night, like you asked.
I helped you.
Now can you help me? It is late.
Thank you for the beer.
What do you really want, Mr.
Adelstein? I want to learn how this city What's beneath the surface how it works.
Then I can write what is actually happening.
But right now, I can't do that.
The truth is, I don't know what I'm doing.
"A path opens to those who are honest.
" Sit.
You sound like my dad.
A cop? A coroner.
I have known some good coroners.
No, thank you.
At the bar, what was that? Off the record.
The roots of the yakuza run so deep, we can never get rid of them, so cops are encouraged to maintain peace among the different gangs.
Tokyo has been stable these last few years.
But now Shinzo Tozawa and his men have come from Kansai to try and claim a local gang's territory.
That's what you saw.
A low-level move on Chihara-kai turf.
But you didn't tell the world, so they can pretend it didn't happen.
Maybe they don't retaliate, and peace can hold.
So I'm the one who kept the peace? Cheers! Oh! Listen up! Polina, do that thing you do, please? Sure.
Frog jump jump, three jump jump, altogether jump jump, six jump jump Polina! You're better at it that we are! Excuse me.
Samantha-san, please.
Please excuse me.
Bye! New customer.
Wants you.
This is Momo.
And a very good evening to you.
If you're trying to impress me, mission accomplished.
I'm Samantha.
A pleasure.
Like Matsuo Basho? You know Basho? You kindle the fire and I'll show you something wonderful a big ball of snow.
"Sick on a journey, in my dream, staggering over withered fields.
" Mm.
And he was dying when he wrote that.
To old poets And new friends.
This is your turf war.
Who pays for this? Who told you to serve Tozawa guys? You expect me to ask the customers which gang they belong to? I called you when they wouldn't pay, and then your guys wrecked my bar! Oyabun says he'll give you a month's protection for free.
Protection like this? If I can't rely on Chihara-kai, maybe I should ask Tozawa.
Who told you to hit him? He said he was going to switch to Tozawa.
That was negotiating.
That asshole would never switch.
He knows I'd kill him.
You having trouble? With what? What do you mean, with what? With this.
What we do.
You've been off lately.
Remember when I found you in that arcade in Meguro? You stank like fish guts.
Working sixteen hour days, your life decided for you.
Like every other sucker in this country.
And what'd I do? Huh? I set you free, little brother.
You want to go back, say the word.
I'm good.
And what happened there in the bar? There's a time for talking and a time for fists.
Learn to know the difference.
- How? - Read the air.
Control yourself.
Yeah? Hai.
All right, we'll do the pachinko place now, then Man sets himself on fire with gasoline.
So many suicides.
Welcome to Japan.
And it seems like they're all done in public.
- Why? - So the landlord does not sue your family if you burn his building down when you set yourself on fire.
- Seriously? - It happens.
That's fucking wack.
- Wack? - Uh, bad.
"Wack" means bad? Yes.
I do not believe you.
You're wack.
- Get it? - No.
Meicho Shimbun.
City Desk.
My paper wasn't delivered today.
Who's in charge over there? Uh I am very sorry.
What address? What are you, a gaijin? Put your supervisor on! Maruyama-san.
How may I help you? A woman now? After the gaijin? Put a real employee on! Women and gaijin are all we have today.
Thank you.
I need you to go through these scrapbooks for the last three years.
Find me any articles about single women murdered by Meicho Shimbun! One moment.
Of course.
Thank you.
What address? You stay behind me, no matter what.
If you hear gunfire, hit the floor.
Good morning, and thank you.
My name is Makabe.
Allow us to make amends for the altercation Nakamura caused at the bar last night.
We are also sorry the Chihara-kai man was stabbed.
Here is the man who wielded the knife.
We have banished him from the organization.
This is the document of proof.
Indeed, your man Nakamura owned the gun in violation of the Swords and Firearms Control Law.
He did not, however, own the bullets in it.
There were two bullets.
So I will be arresting two more men.
You got some balls.
That's highly irregular.
What your men did was irregular.
Drawing guns, in a Chihara-kai bar? Start a war with Ishida and you're starting one with me and the TMPD.
Whatever Ishida is paying you, we'll double it.
Say that again.
I regret giving Nakamura a bullet.
I am very regretful of my actions.
Take them.
We thank you for your cooperation.
Hey, this is totally harassment! That's right! What are the charges? Answer us! Can I have one of those? Thank you.
No quotes from what you heard up there.
The rest is yours.
The raid, the arrests on suspicion of firearm possession, investigation is ongoing.
An exclusive.
With my compliments.
One! Two! Three! The cops took three! Man, they went for it.
One beer, please.
Right away.
Read it and weep.
It's not bad work.
"Gunshots in Kabukicho bar, "three Tozawa-gumi men arrested.
"Around 1:14 a.
on October 4th, the Shinjuku Police" All right.
We get it.
Come on, man.
Jake's scoop got published.
Hey! How did you get to go along with these police on an office raid of Tozawa? Here's the thing, Tin-Tin.
Please stop calling me that.
Should we stop calling him that? No.
We should not.
Do you know what Baku said to me today? "Even the gaijin writes better than you, and he is half-ape, half-Jew.
" I was a fucking literature major.
First of all, I'm full Jew, but you're a great writer.
A really good writer.
So fuck Baku.
Fuck Baku.
I endorse that sentiment.
Careful, man, that glass is cracked.
You hit it too hard.
Oi! Girls, thank you for your work.
What do we sell? Hmm? Do we sell liquor? No, ladies, we sell dreams.
You go sell dreams.
I'll sell liquor and make commission.
- Huh? - Hmm? Number one this week, as usual, is Luna.
Show off! Tell us your secret.
Shut up.
Samantha is number two.
They understand how to sell a dream.
Unlike some of you as we can all see by this skinny envelope.
No table requests, no away-dates, because you have the grace of a peasant.
You stink of desperation.
I hate him.
I hate that man.
Why didn't you tell me anything? Is he still doing this shit? Has he done anything else? I do what he wants, or I'm gone.
Then fuck him.
Go do something else.
Do what? I have no degree, no experience.
My visa expired.
And my family needs money.
And I am their money.
- Without this job - Listen.
Listen, you're gonna be okay.
I got you.
Tell me next time.
Okay? I'm gonna tell you something.
I'm gonna start my own club.
I have money saved, but I can only I can only bring a few girls.
Look at me.
Tell no one.
Is this Dolce & Gabbana? Who fucking cares? Look, Malee.
Some dresses fell off a truck.
- I'll buy you one.
- Really? Really? Really? I'm not paying that much for this.
Prices are non-negotiable.
You didn't pay a fucking thing.
Listen, bitch, you pay what we say.
That's not right.
Hey! Treat these ladies with respect.
She can't talk to me like that Unhappy girls means unhappy clients means less money kicked up to Oyabun.
You think that's fine? So shut the fuck up.
Ladies, our apologies.
Prices will be reasonable.
None are right for you.
Oh, you know my style? I know what will look good.
Try it on.
It's not bad.
I'll take it.
It's not for sale.
Take it off, and bring it back.
Come with me to host club tonight.
- I'm gonna go home.
- Please? You should go home.
You don't want me to be happy? I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, fine.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You got somewhere you gotta be? - Hungry? - Yeah.
- You want to get some food? - Yeah.
How'd you end up working at Onyx? This the interview part of the dinner? I'm just curious about, you know, how you ended up doing what you do.
Well, um I started teaching English, and then I decided to do something that gave me time to pursue my interests.
Which are? Which are fucking Tokyo.
Bars, karaoke bars, gorgeous onsens, way too much manga.
- Fucking love manga.
- Really? Yeah.
"Dragon Head"? So good.
Do you know "20th Century Boys"? - Yeah.
- Hmm.
Do you listen to Kahimi Karie? - Wait, she's fucking amazing.
- So good.
- You - Really good.
"Elastic Girl," that's by far my favorite song.
Yeah, that album is super cool.
Yeah, it's like, the beginning of that song with the harmonica and the guitar rad.
- You listen to that? - Yeah.
Okay, ask me.
What? Dude, you've been wanting to ask since we sat down.
Don't be a pussy now, Mr.
Big Hotshot Reporter Man.
Okay, fine, if you want me to ask you, I'll - Fucking ask me.
- Are you a prostitute? Like, $125 for a hand job.
$375 for a blow job.
Grand for a threesome.
Three grand for Oh, my God.
Wait, so those are That's Those are the real numbers? Do you think that I would give someone a hand job for $125? Do I look a prostitute to you? - No.
- Is that what I look like? Really sorry if that ruined something for you.
You want anything else? You done? Two more beers.
We'll be here a while.
I'm just really curious, and I'm gonna keep digging until you tell me some more about you.
Yeah, I know.
What do you want to do? - Ex-pats origin story? - Sure.
- Okay, let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Make it quick.
15 seconds or less.
You go first.
Ready? - Okay.
- Go.
My father, who you just wish would shut up with the high expectations and disown me already.
My mom can't accept that my little sister is not gonna try to kill herself again, so every call she makes to me is full of guilt.
So yeah, I think coming here and trying to make my own way makes a lot of sense, don't you? Whoa.
- Not bad.
- Go! Dad's a judge turned politician, assumed I'd follow in his footsteps, expected me to go to law school, work on his next Senate campaign, so he's disappointed.
Mom's so hopped up on Vicodin, I doubt she's noticed I'm gone, so yeah, I think making my own way here makes a lot of sense, don't you? Come on.
That's a great story, but that's not your story.
Tell me one real thing.
I haven't talked to my family in four years.
Anything else? We're still hungry.
Surprise us.
We hope Chairman Tanaka is in good health.
For a man of eighty, he has extraordinary stamina.
As you may know, the upcoming conference will include a number of foreign dignitaries visiting Tokyo.
So the TMPD would like to keep things uneventful.
How many we be of assistance? They didn't drink the tea.
Oyabun is fucking us! Damn it.
I apologize for my rudeness.
Any more talk of this, and I will punish every one of you.
Your life, your future, is protected by your Oyabun.
And you question his loyalty? Three Tozawa-Gumi men arrested.
Your last tape was lame and short.
Seriously, what are you spending time doing instead of oh.
Oh! You're getting laid.
I have lost you to "hide the sausage"? Oh, wait.
My bad.
It's still you we're talking about.
I know I made you laugh, pea brain.
Put down your book and call me every now and then.
I need you, and I miss your face.
Hey, did you remember to flush this time? Shut up.
Sato likes to fuck in the bathroom.
He banged that gaijin bitch from Onyx last night last night in the toilet.
What the fuck are you talking about? I saw you disappear with her in the back.
To sell her a dress.
Yeah, I'd deny it too.
The bitch is filthy.
That true, Sato? Hell, yeah it's true.
She's a whore.
She'll fuck anyplace.
Sato! You gonna take that? You gonna let him say that? All I'm saying is If I was lying, he'd fucking do something.
You coming? Whoo! That's enough! Oi! You're done now.
Forgive me.
You are no better than a wild beast! You put one of your own brothers in the hospital! What were you thinking? Do you want to lose your finger? Forgive me, Oyabun.
Forgive me.
I cannot make up for your loss.
But perhaps I can bring you something better.
What do you mean? Hello Katagiri-san.
Hello Tengu! Come plant with me! Oh, hai.
Jake-san, "he who does not work, neither shall he eat.
" Of course.
Why don't you set your bags down first? Oh, hai.
- Mmm.
- Mmm.
Yummy, right? Eat slowly! It's falling apart! How long will you stay in Japan before you go home? This is my home now.
Thank you.
That was delicious.
Girls, your father is very brave.
- We know.
- We know.
And generous.
He did a very kind thing for me.
And I am very grateful.
Your article was good.
What you chose not to say, it was Edited brutally.
Then your editor is a man of wisdom and discretion.
A woman, and yeah.
- She might be.
- Mm.
Where did you get this? I witnessed a man light himself on fire with them.
I already interviewed his wife.
He was being threatened.
"Isn't your family ashamed of you? Why aren't you dead?" Another man was stabbed for the same reason.
A loan-sharking business, right? Yeah, but I cannot pursue it.
- Why? - It's - complicated.
- Complicated? - It is yakuza business.
- I figured.
But which family or group within that family Almost impossible to know.
Why? This logo.
It's smoke.
These companies move constantly Change numbers, open and close their stores.
So by the time a cop or reporter finds an address It's gone.
I know.
I I saw.
So how do we find them? And get them? All companies get a registration number when they're established.
No matter how many times a company moves, that number doesn't change.
The registration number.
With this you could dig until you found the man who started it.
I can be fired if I share evidence with a reporter.
I'm sorry.
I need to put my daughters to bed.
Hey, tengu! Hmm? When my father was out, I removed this from his drawer.
So he has not breached the National Public Service Act.
But I am very ashamed! Thanks for the doll! Thanks.
DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE May I leave a message for him, please? Yes.
I can meet Detective Soma anywhere, anytime, at his convenience.
When is fucking dinner? Five minutes! Sorry about that.
Ah, hai.
My name is Emi Maruyama.
Thank you so much.
Don't raise your voice when I'm on the phone! And then what did you say? Oh, my God.
No, I had an awful day.
I was with a realtor for five fucking hours, up and down stairs all over Tokyo.
Oh, and you won't believe this.
They say I have to have a guarantor.
Pol, did you borrow my Oh, no.
I found it.
Here it is.
I found it.
A guarantor Uh, a man to say that I'm good for it to the bank.
Uh, no, I'll be there soon.
Keep an eye on Malee for me.
Ciao, Polina bella.
Good evening.
For two.
- Two? - Yes.
- All right.
- Two beers, please.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Everything all right back there with that guy? Which guy? In the alley.
You're mistaken.
I was alone.
Where's Tin-Tin? Running late.
He'll meet us at the cages.
I got something I want to show you guys.
What? Thank you.
Pfft! Strike! Okay, okay, okay.
I'm expecting more out of you, American.
Pss! Man, you suck.
Pfft! No, the question is Is, who's the person behind these scumbag loan-shark companies? Who do you think it might be? Well, I don't know, but I think that we have enough information in that folder to give us a pretty good lead.
You could play for the Hanshin Tigers.
Fuck you very much.
You're welcome.
Hey! Damn.
Jesus, you ever miss? What kind of American loves yakuza but doesn't know how to swing a bat? Two more swings and it's yours.
Not interested.
Baseball is prosaic.
What can I do You're playing.
Come on.
Why not? He doesn't know how to have fun.
- Yeah, you don't.
- No, come on, no.
- Don't be a party pooper.
- What? Who is Aderu-stein? No one here with that name.
You come with us.
I'm sorry? We're gonna take a drive.
I'm telling you, I don't speak Japanese.
We told you to come with us! Who the fuck are you? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay! Okay! Okay, I'll come! Okay! My jacket - You okay? - I'm good.
Don't follow us.

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