Tokyo Vice (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Everybody Pays

- Sumimasen.
- Hai.
- Domo.
- Hai.
Please take us here.
Your Japanese is excellent.
Thank you.
First time in Japan? First time anywhere.
Long flight.
Must be tired.
I'm fine.
I've never been better.
Our Heavenly Father, thank You for this day and for this wonderful group of people in Kitakyushu.
Sister Porter Please help us to share Your teachings Good morning! Would you be interested in free English lessons? And love to those who need it in Japan.
Excuse me.
Free English lessons? In the name - of Jesus Christ - Amen.
Would you be interested in free English lessons? Let's start.
What's your name? - Free English lessons? - How old are you? Arigato gozaimasu.
I am 21 years old.
Where are you from? I'm from Utah.
Would you be interested - in the teachings of the Lord? - No thanks.
Would you like to learn the teachings of the Lord? What are you doing here? - Can I come in? - Yeah.
I'm in trouble, Pol.
So you were like a nun? No, we don't have nuns.
I was a missionary.
For how long? Eighteen months.
And you did not kill yourself? It's considered an honor.
I loved it.
I just I couldn't go home when it was over.
Why? I stole 4 million in cash from the local mission fund.
- You you stole $4 million? - Yen.
Not dollars.
Because for a moment, I thought, like - No, like 40 grand.
- Yeah.
Just to get to Tokyo, get myself set up, - build a life.
- In Tokyo? You should have taken more.
It's not funny, Pol.
It's not funny.
This is bad, okay? If this guy, if he turns me in and the church requests it, they could extradite me.
Send me home.
I'm immigrant.
I know what extradite is.
But just for 40 grand? You can pay that back with interest.
It's a crime.
I committed a crime.
I would never be able to come back here.
- Mm, I get it.
- I love my life here.
I don't wanna lose everything that I made.
I made this.
This is me.
I cannot go back there.
So this guy who found you, he didn't turn you in yet, right? Mm-mm.
So what's it gonna take to make him go away? Hello? Seriously, Joshua, how many messages do I need to leave before you call me back? Ma.
Should I make something up? Tell you someone's died? Would that warrant a check-in? Jesus.
Really? Hey, so yeah.
Is everything all right? - How's everything? - Everything is not all right.
Your sister's getting worse.
She's slipping back.
- That's why I've been calling.
- Okay.
Uh, I don't know what she's telling you or not telling you, but Jessica is fine, okay? She's not that fragile anymore.
Can you trust me on that? Oh, why, because that's what she says on the on the tapes that she sends you 6,000 miles away, and you think you're getting the whole picture? If you were here, you would see.
Just come home.
A short visit, that's all.
I have a job.
Well, you also have a family, Joshua.
It's Jake.
Not Joshua.
- Jake.
- That's not your name.
And if you don't wanna hear about your sister from me, you can hear it from your father.
Do not put him on.
I do not wanna I do not wanna talk to him.
- Hey, Eddie.
Eddie! - No, I Do not put him on.
You two need to work this out.
Eddie, it's Joshua.
Pick up the phone.
Pick it up.
I will do my best! Ahh.
Ah-ah This is real Aikido, huh? It's Aikijutsu.
Get up.
You okay, old man? I'm no old man! You're good.
I saw you bring coffee the other day to Katagiri.
Jealous? That lone wolf shit of his, it makes men enemies.
A man without enemies is no man at all.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Listen to what I'm telling you.
Uh, what, he's got enemies? What, on the force? Not just on the force.
Cops like me, we bend the rules so we can get the job done.
But Katagiri, he ignores the rules because everything he does is for himself.
Be careful who you put your trust in.
The information you requested about the mole in Chihara-kai.
Thank you.
That's great.
Thank you.
Why don't you just give it to him? Um, don't you think that would be better or more appropriate? No.
If you don't mind me asking What do you get out of this? How does this help you? Who have you been talking to? No one.
I'm just curious why you would go through all this trouble for Ishida.
For Ishida? Yes.
Ishida says the cops think he is bribing one of them.
Don't you think it's our own interest to find out if that's true? No, absolutely.
In fact, the mole inside Chihara-kai works for Tozawa.
Ishida has a traitor in his house who's spreading rumors on behalf of his enemy.
Giving Ishida the name of that traitor puts those rumors to rest.
Have you made progress with the information I provided? The loan sharks? Yes.
Then we hit a bit of a dead end.
But I'm not gonna stop.
I'll keep pushing.
I won't let you down.
If Ishida will be grateful for that, he will offer a favor in return.
Do not take it.
Why? When you accept favors from the yakuza, you open a door.
Once open, it is very hard to close.
Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas.
Got it? Wait, is this advice that you give to all your reporters or Why are you helping me? You are like the son I never had.
Really? I don't know what to do with him.
My sister and her husband threw him out because they were at each other's throats.
But everything I have him do at my store, he fucks up.
And I lose customers.
I need someone to make a man out of him.
Before it's too late for him.
I understand.
You talk to him.
Wanna be a loser all your life? I'm asking you a question.
I was just like you.
But now What we do? It's cool.
Cool clothes.
Cool cars.
And you make money.
Money for you.
Money for your girlfriend.
Money for your family.
You can either be at this address this afternoon or stay a loser all your life.
Choice is yours.
"Choice is yours.
" You wrapped that up nicely.
You told me to recruit him.
When I was recruiting you I knew you'd be worth the investment.
Whatever happened with your gaijin girlfriend? You straighten the bitch out? Yeah.
Your help is appreciated.
Now, what can I do for you? Nothing.
Thank you.
Women, perhaps.
- No.
- Money then? I'm okay.
Thank you.
I'm off now.
Perhaps you could use another source of information, one that operates freely within a world that is otherwise closed to you.
Yours is a competitive profession.
Not everyone succeeds.
One must find an advantage wherever he can.
There is something I want to ask you.
Do you know this company? I do.
I know this company.
Is it your organization? This is not Chihara-kai.
Yes we are in the loan business.
All major yakuza are.
But this driving customers to suicide to collect insurance payouts, this is not the righteous path.
If I wanted to figure out who they were, how would I do that? Do not look for the people who gave the loans.
Look for the people who didn't.
We've been looking in the wrong place.
Come on.
The people we spoke to originally I just called some of them again.
Each of those families, before they ended up here, they went here first.
Suzuno? My parents have a home loan with them.
- They're legitimate.
- That might be true.
But all of our victims went to Suzuno first, got turned down, and then were specifically directed to these sketchy fucks.
And then we know what happened next.
Chase it.
This way please.
Excuse me, your appointment has arrived.
Go ahead.
Adelstein, yes? Yes.
Uh Thank you so much for taking the time at your work to meet with me.
No problem.
Um, I'm comfortable speaking English, if you please.
Oh, wait.
You don't like my Japanese? - Oh, no, no.
I loved it.
- Just joking.
Well, the view here is amazing, huh? - Yes, it is.
- Great office and oh.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So you are an American journalist.
I'm American and a journalist.
You're with, uh, "The Wall Street Journal"? No.
I wish.
I'm I'm just doing some research today for a colleague of mine who's doing a st Sorry, I forgot.
Uh, do you mind if I, uh, record our conversation? - Oh, not at all.
- Thank you.
Uh, the story is about the growing personal debt crisis in Tokyo.
It is truly a problem.
But the reason why I wanted to speak to you specifically, Mr.
Sugita, is because Suzuno Financial's profitability has remained admirably stable during this tough time, has it not? - Yes, it has.
- And your record for avoiding customer loan default is very low.
We are very discerning in our client selection.
I see.
I see.
Oh, uh, can I show you something? Sure.
Who are these people? You should know.
Your very discerning bank turned them down for loans here and sent them elsewhere, to this place, where they were driven to suicide to collect on a life insurance policy.
I am not responsible for this.
You have a lovely family.
So did they.
I know this wasn't your idea.
I know you were forced into it.
Right? I'm gonna write the story with or without your help.
Give me Tozawa And I'll leave you out of it.
He confirmed everything That he was the one funneling clients to the predatory lender and that there was yakuza involvement.
He went on record? Well, not on the record because he said he has wire transactions incriminating Tozawa.
He's gonna give them to me as soon as he gets off work.
- Where? - At his house.
What's the address? I'm sending someone with a document scanner.
- I can do this myself.
- Obviously not.
You shouldn't have let him out of your sight, Jake.
Let's hope he hasn't changed his mind.
Give me the address now.
You have to watch the heat.
So the fabric doesn't burn.
See? Try it.
Go away.
Didn't I tell you what would happen if you lied to me again? I just talked to Duke.
You never straightened out that gaijin bitch, despite what you told me.
The boss wants to see you.
So you can answer for your life failure.
On your knees.
A man must take responsibility for his actions.
Did you really think you could take what was mine? Kume.
You're so desperate to hold on to what's yours, you've lost sight of the future.
What could Tozawa have possibly offered you to make you betray me? Hope! You cling to these worthless traditions while Tozawa innovates! Pushes boundaries! He's got plane routes right now bringing in shabu from North Korea! He sells poison, so we should sell poison? Then how are we meant to survive? I watched while you let others reach into your pocket and take what's yours! And why? For "the righteous path"? The "path" will make us extinct! What am I supposed to do? Jump.
Do it with your own hand! No.
He will.
Kill him.
Kill him.
It's all right, little brother.
You were never made for this.
Are you a part of Chihara-kai or not? Choice is yours.
With respect, I told you we should have paused our arrangement! Now the press is involved! What are we supposed to do now?! There is no "we.
" This is your problem, Sugita.
Then what do you expect me to do? I expect you to do what is necessary.
And immediately.
Excellent tea.
Could you excuse us? Of course.
Thank you for calling me first.
So what do you plan to do with Kume's body? You know our policy regarding traitors.
You do that, it won't look like a suicide.
The police will be arriving soon.
If they find a body that's been tampered with, they'll have to investigate.
You don't want that.
The traitor was exposed, justice was exacted.
An escalation of hostilities would be bad for everyone.
Especially you.
Especially me? Perhaps Chihara-kai could've crushed Tozawa ten years ago.
Be smart about this.
Not reckless.
Can I depend on your cooperation? No answer.
He said to meet him at this time, so Hey, wait.
The door's open.
Hello? Sugita-san? It's Adelstein from the "Meicho.
" Anyone home? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
There's music playing.
I'm coming in! Sugita-san? Not here.
No, he's not here.
He's upstairs maybe.
No, you can't just go up there.
Excuse me.
It's Adelstein from the "Meicho!" Sugita-san? There he is.
Sorry, I heard the music, so I Sugita-san? - Sugita-san - Don't.
Don't Touch.
We should call the police.
He left a note.
Fuck! Are you my greeter? I regret to tell you that Tozawa-san cannot make time in his busy schedule to speak with you today.
Then you will do me the courtesy of relaying a message.
An associate of yours, Kume, is dead.
There will be no war between you and the Chihara-kai.
That may be a message better delivered to Ishida.
I delivered it to him myself.
And he in is agreement.
I will convey this information to Tozawa-san.
We will consider your request carefully.
You do that.
Would you like this Forgive me.
It is all my fault.
Yesterday, you were so strong and hard it make me sore so now I was timid and cautious.
Thank you for your patience.
You'll do better next time, Misaki.
Fucking suicide note He took responsibility for everything.
He let Tozawa completely off the fuckin' hook! Lower your voice.
Why? Why would he do that? Why would he do that? He killed himself because of us.
It's our fault.
And you worry about your story? Dude, this is our job.
You carry the stupid scanner back to the press club.
Step back.
Excuse me.
That's my house.
Are you a family member? Yes.
Go ahead.
Ukai is here.
I'll be there in a minute.
My Master! I have written about your greatness.
My latest article.
I hope you will appreciate it.
Excuse me.
What news from the honorable detective? Our friend in the Chihara-kai It appears he's been Discovered? Unfortunate.
Should we expect a response? No.
If Katagiri is to be believed, Ishida has agreed to a truce.
Without reprisal? Yes.
He is weak.
A greedy banker runs a loan sharking scheme, he gets found out, and kills himself.
That's the story.
Not the whole story.
We know the yakuza are behind this.
I just need a little more time to find the proof.
There is no time! What's news today is shit tomorrow! With respect, Jake is right, Baku-san.
If we go to print now, we miss the greater conspiracy.
The only conspiracy I see here is between the two of you imbeciles, teaming up against me.
We run with what we have! Jake.
Jake! Jake if you go in there now, you'll say something that gives him no choice but to fire you.
And from what I've seen today, that would be a loss.
For all of us.
The cops already raided the lender and shut 'em down.
I know.
So another one'll pop up and take its place.
But it's a great start, right? It's good.
I mean, maybe it was good until they hacked all the balls off of it.
So everything about Tozawa's gone.
And that surprises you? My father He was very Japanese.
"Very Japanese"? There are degrees.
He owned a little market.
He stocked his shelves, kept his books.
Had a small wooden Buddha on the counter where he met his customers.
And on this figurine was carved: "Not knowing is Buddha.
" It means, not knowing is peaceful.
So ignorance is bliss? I did not say it worked for me.
You know, I don't think not knowing is really part of our job description.
My father just wants me to come home.
Is it wrong for a father to want to be close to his child? No.
Of course not.
It's just, you know, I did my time there.
I spent time with them, and I'm here now doing my own thing.
And the only thing he says to me is, "Come home.
" Maybe he could just be a little bit proud of me, you know? Last time we spoke, you had come to a dead end with the investigation.
I'm curious.
How did you crack it? I guess it was just your standard reporter's ingenuity.
You know Sugita-san, the banker who killed himself I can't I really can't help but think that he wouldn't have done it if only I hadn't confronted him.
The banker He dug his own grave.
That kind of thinking will drive you mad.
Tonight, get yourself good and drunk.
You'll feel better tomorrow.
Oh, thanks.
Rough day? Me too.
That problem your boss had, did you work it out? Problem solved.
Thank you.
- Care for a bottle? - Yeah.
Set the table, please? Come on.
I can't believe I'm actually defending America, but at least in America they have a thing called fucking investigative journalism, right? Mm-hmm.
You know, here, you can pay for someone to diaper and spank you.
But if you rock the boat Don't fucking rock the boat.
Nah, fuck it.
Let's rock this boat.
Let's rock this boat.
- Let's see what falls out, right? - Okay.
What? - What? Am I boring you? - No.
What is I spent half a week's fucking salary on this bottle.
Do you realize that? Am I entitled to your undivided attention or not? - You had a bad day.
- Yes, I did.
- You wanna talk as friends? - Yeah.
- I we can do that.
- Okay.
Not during work hours.
Pay attention.
This is my job.
Respect that or leave.
Got something for me? What is it? Nothing.
A fan letter.
And take care of table five.
Can I get some water? Hai.
Oh, good.
You're pulling my arm now.
You boys are so needy tonight.
You need to take me serious.
There are rules! What are the rules? I would love to know the fuckin' rules.
Everybody pays.
Everybody pays! Oi.
Oi! I paid.
We good now? I'm sorry.
I don't - Good evening, Jack.
- Josh.
- Jake.
My name is Jake.
- Oh, okay.
What's your name? Polina.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You you wait for Samantha? She left.
Back door.
With the yak.
- They left? - Mm.
I do not meet my boyfriend for two hours or so.
You want to see my favorite place in all Tokyo? I'll change.
Meet me outside.
Five minutes.
This is not fair.
It's special, no? Yeah.
Do you know these ones? - No.
- They're the best.
They're little chocolate biscuits shaped like mushroom.
I hate real mushrooms.
Back home, they put mushrooms in everything.
When Akira first give me these, I said, "No way.
" But he had me taste, and now they're my favorite.
- Have some.
- Mmm.
What's that mean? "Love comes through the stomach.
" What's your star sign? Um I don't know.
You don't know? Come on.
You know.
Well, when is your birthday? December 8th.
What? Samantha is Taurus.
Very practical, very stubborn.
You are Sagittarius with the big dreams, shooting your arrows.
It will never work.
It's not right time anyway.
She has she has lots of shit to deal with.
What is time? - It's 1:30.
- Oh, shit.
I must go.
I'm sorry.
You have to go? Can can we get something to eat first? Jake, we will not be fucking.
You will find right woman.
But she must be fire sign.
Then you be happy, huh? You are very cute.
I can't figure you out.
What do you mean? Okay.
I grew up in a pretty religious family.
- Really? - Mm.
My dad held a sort of high position in our local parish.
We never missed a service.
We'd sit there, back straight, eyes front.
If we made a sound, my dad would go crazy.
But I actually didn't mind going.
Because there were these times that you felt this hum inside you.
Every part of you just alive for a moment.
A sense of connection.
And I haven't felt that in a while.
And then you.
You made me feel that.
That sounds weird.
I feel connection when I'm with you.
Thank you.
You okay? A friend of mine he died today.
Close friend? More than that.
He was my aniki.
I know I am not like him.
But if I continue like this.
I'm afraid I will end like him.
If you wanna change your life, change your life.
It's really, really hard.
But I did it.
I made mistakes, but I got out of my cage.
You can too.
Come in.
What is that? Money.
Fair price for you to go away.
Look, you've been paid to find me.
I'm paying you to say that you couldn't.
Everybody wins.
I'm not interested in your money.
If you had not left our dinner so abruptly Well, if it isn't money, then what the fuck do you want? I want what you will not sell.
No fucking way.
Not now.
You stink like cigarettes and sweat.
I want you showered and rested.
So you'll meet here tomorrow night for our first session.
As long as I continue to get what I want, you will get what you want.
Everybody wins.
Fuck you, you fucking sicko.
Fuckin' who comes up with Samantha! One call, and you'll be back in the States before the week is over.
You have an opportunity here to make this all go away.
Don't test me.
What are you here for? Fuck you.
Oi! Aah! Aah! Ahh!
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