Tokyo Vice (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

The Information Business

Hey, it's me.
Why were you not at work last night? Why are you not calling me back? I'm starting to freak, okay? So call me, now.
- What are you doing here? - Hey, hey, uh, sorry.
I dropped by the club last night, but you weren't there.
Who told you where I live? You told me at dinner the other night.
Okay, well, it's not a great time.
Okay, I just wanted to They're apology sweets.
I know what kashiori are for.
The other night at the club, I, um, had a really shit day, but that's not an excuse for me to be an asshole to you, so I'm sorry.
Yeah, you were, but you brought me "I'm an asshole" sweets, so thank you.
Thanks for taking them.
It's good to see you.
You too.
Can I say one thing? Sure.
You and Sato.
- Yeah? - Be careful.
Excuse me? I know a lot about those people and how they live their lives Don't talk to me about this.
And I don't want you to get in too deep and to get hurt.
Go home and fuck yourself, Jake.
- Take 'em.
- Please listen to me.
- Take 'em.
- I'm just Fuck.
Fucking bullshit is what it is.
Hey, handsome.
What? Three different Tozawa profiles, three different Yakuza fan magazines It's all written by the same guy, Ukai Haruki.
So this guy is, like, Tozawa's publicist.
So? Can you help me find the listing? Okay.
Holy shit, Ukai Haruki.
I mean, you're Ukai Haruki, right? I'm sorry.
Do you speak English? How you find me? H-how you get this address? I got it from, uh, Tejima-san, the writer of the Crazy Boys fanzine.
I don't know Crazy Boys or Tejima-san.
Yeah, well, he knows you.
We all know you.
You're a rock star, dude, you know, especially with Tozawa on the rise.
This is the first thing that I ever bought when I came to Japan, and I'm obsessed with what you do, and - Good profile.
- Yeah.
- Tozawa-san was pleased.
- Really? Would you mind? Could you? - You want sign? - Please.
Look, I-I-I brought this for you, too.
- What's this? - Uh, sweets.
- You bring for me? - Yes.
Um, but if you I have these, too, if you please would sign.
Yeah, yeah, you you come.
- I come in? - Yeah, you come.
Oh, thank you.
Close the door.
This is incredible.
You probably know things about the big man that nobody does, huh? I mean, you know, I hear stories, but probably nothing that you don't already know.
You hear? What you hear? That suicide that was written up in the paper the other day, the banker? The word is, is that Tozawa is controlling that insurance scam.
- I know nothing.
- Come on, you can tell me.
You know, as a fan.
Just a little tidbit.
Anything not in magazine, I write in my book.
A book, really? I go piss now.
Sorry, I didn't mean to You smoke shabu? No.
But I'm cool with it.
You know, most people in Japan, they ps-ps-ps.
So stupid.
Smoke is better, clean.
Good to know.
Ah, yeah, his girlfriends.
Many, many girlfriends.
You took these photos? Mistresses no, no, taboo.
Yeah? This one, she talk to reporter once.
And how about her? Oh, you like her? She's pretty, right? Don't touch her, okay? Nice watch.
Are you following me? Or perhaps you like to watch women put on makeup.
I'm a reporter for the "Meicho.
" I remember.
My paper has a few questions they'd like to ask you.
And what would those be about? Well, one of Tozawa's mistresses went missing because she spoke to the press.
Would you care to comment? If I did have something to say, do you think I'd be foolish enough to say it to you? We could get lunch or a drink.
I'm a very good listener.
Hmm, that may be true, but you're also clearly insane.
I get that you're afraid of him.
It is you who should be afraid, "Meicho" -san.
You know how many messages - I left for you? - Okay, I got it.
I'm sorry.
Matsuo came in last night looking for you.
Did your money offer not work? When you did not show, I thought for a second maybe you decide it's better to run.
Then I think, no, 'cause Samantha would call her best friend first, right? Pol, I would never disappear on you.
- Okay.
- I promise.
I almost confront him.
Then I think maybe I make it worse for you.
I've done that before.
I know, listen, we'll talk about this later.
Right now we have clients.
Table five.
He's been asking for you.
I'm gonna ask you some things.
- Be my guest.
- Why? Your charms are to my liking.
How many sessions will it take? 12 is my lucky number.
- Seven's mine.
- Then ten it is.
- Are you a Mormon? - No.
No, the church wouldn't work with a man like you.
Who hired you? Your father.
He made it clear how much it wounded him that you abandoned the family and what he was willing to do to get you back.
It's very simple, Samantha.
You can take my offer, or you can go home and face him.
See you tomorrow at 7:00.
Who gave you this information? Yes.
And I know what you're gonna say.
He's clearly using me to hit back at Tozawa, but who cares? Because we're talking about stopping a plane full of meth from entering Tokyo.
How do you know Ishida is telling you the truth? He has no reason to lie.
So the plane's getting in tomorrow morning.
We're gonna have to move fast.
We do not have to move.
I will investigate when the time is right.
The time I don't understand.
I bring you this information.
I-it's tomorrow morning.
We have to move on it.
You just want to wait? A man was just killed when he fell from the roof of the headquarters of Chihara-Kai.
- When? - Two days ago.
It was kept quiet to keep the peace.
Who was it? The traitor whose name you gave to Ishida.
Everything you do has consequences.
With information, there is always a cost.
If there is a story here, it will be yours to write.
But you must have patience.
Trust me when I say that acting rashly could jeopardize many things.
Do you trust me? No way, baby.
Happy anniversary, baby! - Three months.
- No way.
- Party time.
- Okay.
I thought maybe we could do something different tonight, the two of us.
No, baby, tonight's a party.
Everyone wants to celebrate you.
Let's go.
- Get in.
- All right.
- It's gonna be fun.
- You always get me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
These are new.
What happened? Did they hurt you? No.
It's okay.
You don't have to explain.
There is my work and there is you.
I will keep them separate.
Me too.
Are you hungry? Yeah.
Ten minutes.
Polina, don't worry about him.
He'll be here soon and then with you for the rest of the night.
Come on.
You know you're Akira's favorite, right? Yeah, I can see that.
You do not have much to cook with.
I know.
I'd make a terrible housewife.
Who taught you to cook? My father.
He wanted to be a chef but needed money to support new family.
Life got in the way.
Yeah, it does that.
When I was a boy he showed me everything he knows.
He was very hard on me.
It was too much, the pressure.
But I can still do this.
Thank you.
- Good? - Yeah, really good.
What? "Choose the right.
" - The right what? - Path.
And your father, he gave you this? Right before I left, to remind me of my duty.
- To God? - To him.
And your father sent the man who found you? Who is this man? I don't know.
Baby, I really don't know.
What does he want from you? Who have you told about this? No one.
No one you.
I told you.
I trust you.
Baby I'm scared.
Kei, Kei, Kei, Kei! What are you doing here? I'm sorry.
I have a tip.
It could be a massive scoop.
And it's time-sensitive.
Kei! Fuck you! Sorry.
My brother.
Lot of spirit.
He he's not well.
He has he sees conspiracies.
- Oh.
- He doesn't go outside.
Listen, uh, I have a reliable source that says a large shipment of meth is being smuggled into the country tomorrow.
Whose is it? Tozawa's, and I know the airport.
I know the plane it's coming in on.
All I need is a cop to authorize the search.
I went to Katagiri, and he told me that I couldn't pursue it.
You don't work for Katagiri.
He can't tell you what to do.
Find someone else.
Jake, Jake.
No one at the office knows about my brother.
Please don't mention him.
Mention who? Ah.
My one true love.
Don't blow smoke up my ass.
I would do it.
- Hey.
- Come here.
- Baby.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Guys, uh, three months, right? - You're right.
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
I just told her that you should get some of the good stuff.
A magnum would be super nice, but, no, no, no, no.
You shouldn't waste any more money on me.
I don't know.
Maybe I get you drunk enough, you behave yourself.
Anything you want, baby.
It's your night.
Ray-chan! Hai, Polina.
Would you like something to drink? Yeah! Polina-san, Polina! Whoo! There's a drug shipment coming into Tokyo in a few hours by plane.
You promise me the exclusive, I'll give you the details.
Where did this information come from? A very good source that I cannot reveal.
You tell Katagiri about this? Why would I tell Katagiri about it? Everyone knows you're the better detective.
Don't bullshit.
I know you guys have a thing.
- We have a thing, too.
- What did he say? He said he wanted to look into it more, but we don't have time.
It's coming in a few hours.
Listen, this source they're in the world.
- You know what I mean? - Got it.
They've been right about this kind of thing before.
If they say this is happening, it's a good bet.
Tell me more on the way.
So let's go.
- Hai! - Hai.
There are no fucking drugs on the plane.
- Who gave you this tip? - I can't tell you.
You realize they fucked both of us? I will make it so no cop will talk to you ever again.
- No, no, don't do that.
- Ever.
It's not my fault.
Fuck you, and fuck your paper.
We could have interviewed every employee quietly, built our case strong enough to prevent any way for Tozawa to escape.
Now he'll change everything His location, his method, double his protection.
Because of you, we start from nothing.
I'm sorry.
I I-I needed a story.
I don't know what happened.
My source has been good Such entitlement.
Such a disappointment.
Aah! Why would your source give you bad information? I don't know.
They wouldn't.
It must have been uh, just a mistake.
It's not that great of a story anyway, and if we publish it, I burn two different sources for this one average-ass story.
You don't need to worry anymore.
Are you sure? Did you talk to him? It's over.
You're safe.
That's what matters, right? What did you do? What did you think I would do? Use the American.
Is that all I am to you? Just an American you could use.
Give me bad information.
Huh? Huh? Don't look at me like that.
Give me a piece-of-shit tip, huh? Keep your voice down.
There were no drugs on the plane.
That cannot be.
Can't be? What, were they invisible? - Hey, cool down.
- Cool down? No.
He fucked me.
You fucked me! You really fucked me over.
Or are you just such a dumb fucking Yak you didn't know the tip you gave me was bad? Is that it? You want to fucking go? - Don't.
- You want to go? Let's fucking go! - Please don't! - You fucked my career! - Jake, go home! No cop will ever talk to me again - Go home! - Because of you! Fuck you! I'll never trust a fucking source again! You're gonna hurt yourself! Please go home! Wow, you guys are made for each other, you know that? You make a great fucking couple.
Fuck you! Oh, God.

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