Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s04e01 Episode Script





Let's go.
To the right.
[TEAM LEADER] Approaching target now.
Stairwell, through the hall
on your right.
[TEAM LEADER] Affirmative.
[TEAM LEADER] We're on
the landing. Where now?
Room across the hall. Move.
Taking confirmation sample.
We're blown.
Then I would suggest you leave.
Let's go.
Move, move, move.
Take cover!
We're taking fire. Do you copy?
All done for the day, Mr. Walters?
All done.
- Well, you have a good one.
- You too, James.
Thank you.
DNA pending, target eliminated.
The Lagos shipping lanes are cleared.
He'll see you now.
There's a lot of rumors
floating around about Lagos.
What do we actually know?
Well, unfortunately, sir, not enough.
I mean, it's an ongoing process,
but President Udoh
certainly had his fair share of enemies.
He made a name for himself
when he promised
to nationalize
his country's resources, but
he upset a whole lot
of foreign interests.
A modern-day Mosaddegh,
but with a less aggressive edge.
And these "death squads"?
Exaggerated, but real.
What about the prisoner?
They were able to capture
one of the assassins.
Unfortunately, sir, they just
sent through some photos
of his weaponry and his equipment.
It's ours.
You can confirm that?
- who do we think is behind it?
- [WRIGHT] Ekon Ameh
is the obvious choice.
He was his opponent
and is a known warlord,
but with the natural resources at play,
that part of the world is
a game board of changing hands.
Best guess?
Honestly, sir, we couldn't say.
Meaning, you can't tell me if
your own agency is responsible.
Meaning it's an ongoing process.
Careful, Ryan,
you keep using lines like that,
and you're ready for politics.
God forbid.
No offense.
None taken.
This is bad timing.
Your confirmation hearings
begin in a week.
They're gonna be asking similar
and they're gonna need a hell of
a lot better answer than that.
Like it or not,
anything inherited from former
Director Miller is now on you,
and with everything going on,
the Senate Intelligence
Committee is asking, for a briefing.
Yes, sir.
[BACHLER] Bottom line,
if you don't know which operations
your agency is running,
they're gonna use that against you.
Good luck, Jack.
Thank you, sir.


Hola, Emilio.
[HENSHAW] Dr. Ryan, would you
please rise and raise your right hand?
You swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
- so help you God?
- I do.
[HENSHAW] Dr. Ryan, two days ago,
a strike team assassinated
Nigerian President Udoh.
Can you assure this committee
that the CIA had no involvement
in President Udoh's death?
Can you elaborate on that?
[JACK] Only to the extent
that I have no answers.
We have no reason to believe
the CIA was involved.
Well, former Director Miller
warned this committee
on several occasions about the threat
that President Udoh presented.
Ideas that the acting director
and I do not share.
[HENSHAW] And yet, you cannot prove
that we weren't involved.
Doesn't that concern you?
No, sir.
It terrifies me.
The CIA is a perfect microcosm
of the American people,
which means
we are in danger of being splintered.
More easily controlled
by outside interests,
both foreign and domestic.
Interests that intend to use the Agency
for their own advantage.
But I believe that
the president has chosen
Acting Director Wright
and myself for a reason.
We believe that the CIA cannot exist
unless it has no other interests
but those of the American people.
Do you have any evidence
of these supposed "outside interests"?
Sir, proof is why I'm here.
It is my job to eliminate
any and all doubts
left behind by our former predecessor,
and I will not quit until I do it.
Well, you may not have
the luxury of quitting.
Acting Deputy Director Ryan,
could you please inform the committee,
did you recently take part in a mission
within the borders of Russia?
Uh, Senator, I believe
that intelligence is classified.
Well, everyone here has
TS/SCI clearance, so
Did you assemble a SOG team?
- Without proper authorization?
- Senator
[JENNINGS] And then order that team
to approach an active
U.S. naval destroyer
that just happened to be at DEFCON 2?
And did you leave the fate of the world
in the hands of a Russian officer
when you were specifically
advised against it?
Senator, respectfully,
it is my goal to brief you
on all relevant intelligence, however
I do not report to you.
- Yeah, but you see my point, though?
- Not yet.
Uh, well, my point is that
you might appear
to be our saving grace when
you may in fact be part of the problem.
I think what the senator is saying
is that change starts from the top.
- Yes, sir.
- [HENSHAW] Well
going rogue is the example
that you set at the CIA,
why should we expect anything to change?
You shouldn't.
Not yet.

You did well, cousin.
Marquez is impressed.
Was it difficult?
- No.
- Hmm.
So why the picture?
Those hands hold the keys.
- The keys to what?
- To Asia.
To pure product.
To the Silver Lotus Triad.
You really think you can trust them?
Trust them? We will control them.
Do you have any idea what a direct line
to Southeast Asia will mean?
No more piecemeal operations,
no more product shortage,
and we'll be their only gateway
to the U.S.
Why else would they invite me
back to the marketplace so soon?
- What marketplace?
- The marketplace.
They want to connect us
to their mutual contractors.
Strengthen our shared network.
Know what that says to me?
Without us,
they are nothing.
So why would they choose Marquez?
Now that we eliminated the competition,
we are the last cartel standing.
That means we are the Federation.
- And what now?
Now, they come to us.

What is the timeline?
We're on schedule.
And the first shipment
will be ready for delivery
when Marquez takes control?
You really don't understand it, do you?
What do I need to understand?
We're creating a network.
Invisible, untraceable.
An opportunity to do something unique.
The floodgates of America will open
and then the rest of the world.
The only thing it needs to do
is make money.
The form it takes is irrelevant.
And that's why you'll never
rise above your station.
You have no vision.
I've survived this game
far longer than you.
Oh, thank God.
That's what I thought.
I figured you could use
a little cheering up.
All you got.
Wow. Smells amazing.
I'm sure whoever cooked it
would love to hear that. [CHUCKLES]
My friends,
let me ask you something ♪
Hey, you know what?
You want to talk about it?
No. I have this so I don't
have to talk about it.
- You want me to?
- Ooh, boy.
That is a loaded question.
Well, I mean, there's the obvious,
which politicians tend to miss.
Please, enlighten me.
Without what you did in Russia,
there would be no home to protect.
[WHISPERING] You don't know
what I did in Russia,
- remember?
- Oh
I really don't want to have you killed.
- It's so boring
talking about me. How are you?
Interesting day at work. The W.H.O.'s
keynote speaker
for the drug relief conference
just came down with the flu,
so you know what that means.
- Vocal exercises for you?
- Yeah.
I'm a little nervous.
I just heard that The Lemos
Foundation is interested
- in a stronger partnership.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Tell them to join the club.
Do you want to write my speech for me?
Oh, I would love to.
Problem is, you are way smarter than me,
and Wright already asked me
to help with hers.
You know she's lucky to have you
as her deputy director.
After today, is she?
I don't know.
Nothing but vipers beyond these walls.
That's why I try to keep you
inside these walls.
Girlfriend number two?
Oh, shit.
- Oh, shit.
- Boyfriend number one.
Uh, I didn't know you two, uh
- He begged.
- I did not beg.
Why would you say that? That's not fair.
Okay, I'm gonna let you two talk.
Wait, what? Where are you going?
- Home. Remember?
- Okay.
No distractions.
See what you did?
- Will I see you tomorrow?
- Probably not.
Well then I'll see you
when I see you.
- Thank you.
- Of course. Bye.
- Don't.
- Ooh, you sneaky motherfucker.
- No.
When were you gonna tell me?
Oh, thought that was obvious.
- Never.
Must be nice.
Well, she's definitely
making me work for it.
Well, let me give you
some advice. Do that.
She came over here to lift you up, huh?
Something like that.
Well, I came over here
- to knock you down.
- Oh.
Thank you. That bad?
Well, I wasn't the one
who just told a Senate committee
that we might be behind an
assassination of a foreign leader.
- Is that what I said?
- Yeah.
That was dumb.
Well, the good news is,
when I get fired,
we can finally go
into business together.
Oh, a little mom-and-pop
P.I. agency, huh?
Ryan and Greer. In that order.
You still thinking of getting out?
Taking those big money meetings?
Yeah, Jasmine wants me to.
I remind her that
we are no longer married,
and she reminds me that's
because I didn't take those
- big money meetings, yeah?
- Big money meetings.
But that Miller
he was a tricky motherfucker.
- Tricky how?
- Well, put it like this,
he had everyone in his office
learn how to muddy every file
that went across his desk.
- Muddy?
- Yeah.
They translated everything
into a shorthand.
To Miller, it made sense.
To the untrained eye,
mostly gibberish.
Deniable at best,
unreadable at worst. But
there is one guy
that knows how to read them.
Who's that?
Who's that looking at me like that ♪
Throwing bars on brass ♪
With my seat laid back ♪
Better go hard ♪
We coming all day ♪♪

Let's go.
- We just got here.
- We did,
and now, we're going to Mexico.
James Greer.
Still flirting with the private sector?
Oh, I'm playing hard to get.
And they'd better move fast
because, once you're confirmed,
- I consider myself taken.
Speaking of, we've been invited
to a fundraiser this Friday.
Nigerian aid.
Usually, the lawyers
would advise against this,
but since we're disavowing
any involvement
No, it's time to step in front of it.
- Unified front.
- Indeed.
[GREER] Step in front of it?
You never did that shit for me.
[JACK] Saving your life doesn't count?
[CHAVEZ] Lieutenant Morales.
I know what's going on.
The chances of that are radically small.
Don't treat me like I'm fucking stupid.
When you first arrived, I thought,
"Why not take your money?"
The police stood no chance
against the Federation.
- And now?
- And now,
there is no Federation.
There is only Marquez.
And me.
From the perspective of my superiors,
the cartel has never been weaker.
You're wrong.
They're finally unified.
They've never been stronger.
Maybe not.
There is pressure from the top.
They want me to seize the lab.
They want you dead that bad, huh?
They have people on the inside, too,
and they know a shipment's coming.
How much?
I do not think you understand.
How much?
Double. And I need the money now.
Payment will arrive the morning
of the operation.
And if it doesn't?
Feel free to storm the castle.
Just remember to consider the chickens.
The chickens?
I'll feed you all you want,
but the day you ask for more than seeds
is the day I chop your head off
in front of your fucking family.
We take the flight to Cancún,
take a small shipment
to the cove. Just a test.
We'll examine the lab.
See how the processing goes.
More importantly,
we'll ensure the
distribution lines are intact.
Why would we have to go?
We've never gone before.
Things are
changing in our operation,
- would you agree?
- Yes.
Now, with our new partners,
there are some things
much bigger than drugs at play.
But the only way for us to survive
is to adapt.
- I understand.
- Make sure you do.
Because if your loyalty
is ever questioned,
you, me, your sister,
we all disappear.
That will not happen
because, in the end,
all that matters is family.
In Mexico,
it's all about territory.
The infrastructure is fractured.
A federation of cartels at war,
none of whom trust the other.
We have consolidated by elimination.
That is the gift I give Marquez.
If he's strong enough,
he becomes our sole distributor
in Southern Mexico.
If not,
we dispose of him like the rest.
But I cannot know
until I've looked him in the eye.
I expected muddy, but
this is a goddamn sewer.
Remember when you told me
you could read Miller's files?
Yeah, but these are different.
There's an extra layer, you know?
Handwritten code words, paper only.
I'm willing to bet good money
that you're never gonna find them.
Nine operations with no evidence
they even exist,
and I got nothing,
and the only common denominator
is "Mainland Renewables."
Found that in four of these files.
Got to hand it to the CIA,
we know how to name shell companies.
What exactly did the president say?
- In so many words?
- Mm-hmm.
Any operation you can't explain
Are no longer operational.
- That's it.
- Hmm.
- Aw, shit.
- What?
Goddamn it. I'm gonna be late.
You're giving up already?
Ah, you know, I would stay
to help you out,
but, uh, some things
need to start taking precedence.
Well, tell Jasmine I'll take
any and all leftovers.
Hi, Daddy.
Uh, did I get the wrong house?
Don't be stupid. Come on in.
Oh. You look nice.
I know.
How was school?
Nice opener.
School's fine.
What little you see of it.
She's got more clubs than classes.
Am I lying?
I don't know what you two
are laughing about.
FIT doesn't even
give scholarships, so
CIA handing out bonuses this year?
- Oh. Okay.
- Ooh.
- There she is. Yeah.
And how are you doing?
I'm speaking to you.
Just 'cause you're back
doesn't mean you're ever coming home.
You just gonna walk away?
- Jim, just
- It's all right.
It's all right.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
[SCOFFS] They're your kids, too.
No, no, no. Um
Thank you for
what you were trying to do tonight.
It means a lot.
I know it did.
Good night, Jim.
It was nice to see you.
Nice to see you, too.
- Hello?
- [JACK] It's Jack.
We boiled it all down
to nine operations,
Miller made sure they're
too dark to decipher.
- And?
- And
if we want any chance at
exposing the people behind Lagos,
there's only one option.
I'm gonna shut them all down.
Cut off the money.
Well, is that a question or a statement?
Go ahead.

You done making us right
with the man upstairs?
All good. All right, gather round.
Okay. The meet
will happen here.
I want Sam, Kelson and Diggy
with eyes on us
from this vantage point.
You'll be close, but out of sight.
Once I have our man in hand,
I'm gonna give him to you and Jake.
We'll be wheels up and ready to move.
Yeah. Window's gonna close fast.
- All good?
- We're good, boss.
We all come home tonight.
All right?

You should have told me
you were changing the plan.
It was a bad plan.
If you let Marquez
come to them at the docks,
you're sending a signal of weakness.
The Triad's not gonna respond
the same as a cartel.
Are you an expert now?
I'm smart enough to know that
it's gonna hurt us on this deal.
And Marquez will blame you.
You know, these bastards
have a tanker of chemicals
floating somewhere
off the Progreso Pier.
They knew they would do business here,
just not with which cartel.
And we've made sure they know.
And now we take the upper hand.
I'll handle the transport personally.
If this Chao Fah wants
to do business with Marquez,
he goes alone.
Eh. We're not scared
of some fucking chow mein.
Good, because they're not Chinese.
They're from the jungles of Burma.
It's a mix of backgrounds
and experiences.
They're like pirates,
except they're worth
ten times what we are,
and they've kept it that way
for a thousand years.
You know how?
Respect and honor above everything,
even death.
If your father heard you say
any of this shit
Yeah, he'd roll in his miserable grave.
What the hell?

Chao Fah Sein. Welcome to Los Cedros.
Right this way.
Mr. Marin will join us shortly.
We're operating under
Sun Oasis Organics.
Vitamins. Superfood powders.
We've had good luck
with health products.
People seem to feel guilty
about searching them.
I can't tell you how excited
we are for your ingredients.
We've never had this level
of quality before.
Up until now,
it's been a-a real mishmash.
Where are we at with distribution?
How greased are the lines?
Mr. Marin can speak to that.
He's head of distribution.
what do you think?

Chao Fah Sein.
Mr. Marin.
And this is?

We're in position.
- Standing by.
- We were told that
Mr. Marquez would come and greet us.
Where is he?
He's waiting for you at his hacienda.
He requests you see him alone.
- Unacceptable.
- It's all right, Soe Wai.
And your men?
They stay here.
Chavez will take you.
Can you guarantee my protection?
Yes, I can.
Shall we?
What the fuck?
Hey. Come here.
- Okay.
- This way.
Stay down.
[SOE WAI] We got to go!
Go, go, go, go!
Damn it!
Sir, we have to abort mission.
- Wait, wait.
- Come on.
Extraction is fucked.
Okay. When?
- Let's go.
- [SAM] We got to go! Go!
- Go! Go! Go!
- Go, go, go, go!
- Move, move, move!
- Let's go!
Follow me.
Stay down!

[KYI] Bennu, let's go.
[BENNU] Mom?!

- Good morning.
- Anything but.
I need you to take a look at this.
Mexico claims foreign operatives
were at the port shoot-out.
Any reason to think this is
connected to those Miller ops?
I mean, there's no way
I can say with any certainty
until I dig in, but
- I'll find out.
- Please do.
If I'm reading about it here,
we only have so much
of a head start on the Senate.
I hope you brought a change of clothes.
No offense taken.
Excuse me.
- Is this okay?
- Is it okay?
- Do you want to get out of here?
After the traffic I just went
through, you owe me a drink.
Oh, I owe you all the drinks.
[ADE] And that's what's making
a more than clear situation
of what's happening in Lagos.
Hopelessly convoluted
in the eyes of politicians.
The only thing clear about Lagos
is that Nigeria's suffering.
And when foundations such as my own
attempt to raise money for aid,
the message becomes muddled by
special interests
and the people who represent them.
[ADE] Mm.
Well, I challenge that your invitation
found its way to my mailbox
because you admit to the reality
of those interests.
Now the situation
in Lagos is far more dire
than anyone cares to admit.
And if
if it wasn't for the people I represent,
we all know where this ends.
Do we?
- Director Wright.
- Please continue.
What were you saying?
I was saying that the death
of President Udoh
has emboldened Ekon Ameh,
the Nigerian warlord
I know who he is.
And it's only a matter of time
before his supporters take out
the new president.
So what would you suggest?
We provide support
for the new president?
Only if you can dispel him
of his nationalistic leanings.
That was the policy of Nazi Germany.
Now in the past,
we could rely on America
to intervene, but
now you've become too scared
to do the right thing.
And what is the right thing?
To not look away.
If you'll excuse me.
Ms. Wright, thank you
- so much for coming.
- Of course.
The thing is, practicality is
[WRIGHT] He's quite a character.
That's Ade Osoji.
He's an oil lobbyist from Nigeria.
I find his advice
aggravating, but
also necessary.
- Dr. Ryan.
- Senator.
Don't you mean "Deputy Director"?
Not when it's interim.
Uh, whiskey straight up, please.
I appreciate your candor the other day.
I really hope you are the change
you were talking about.
We are.
And I hope they're wrong about Mexico.
Such a disaster right
on the heels of Lagos.
- [BARTENDER] Here you go.
- Thank you.
we certainly appreciate your concern.
Acting Deputy Director,
I don't want to get started off
on the wrong foot here.
But if I'm to take you at your word,
I think we're after the same thing.
What's that?
There she is.
I'm ready to leave.
Wow. I know exactly how you feel.
Let me guess, senators?
Lobbyists, but there are
a few bright lights.
Speaking of
our host for the evening,
Ms. Zeyara Lemos.
Oh, Ms. Lemos.
So pleased
to finally meet you, Dr. Ryan.
It's not often you get a bona fide hero
- at these things.
- Oh, I don't know about that.
I mean, I think there are people
at this very table
who would disagree with you.
Dr. Mueller,
such a pleasure.
And likewise.
Your support for the W.H.O.,
it really means the world to us. And
I heard about your desire to partner.
We're absolutely thrilled.
Your organization means more
to me than you'll ever know.
Will you be at the relief conference?
Yes, I'm actually keynote.
Look for me. Front row center.
- I will.
- Nice to meet you.
Wow. Somebody knows everybody.
- Every now and then.
- Come by my office in the morning.
I have an idea to run by you.
Okay. I'm sorry, are you leaving?
Yes. My small talk quota
just got filled for the year.
Are you regretting
your decision to walk?
No, it's beautiful.
[LAUGHS] Wright's a good
influence on you, Jack.
Okay. What does she have on you?
You want something real to eat?
I'm up in five hours.
Yeah, I really wish
you'd forget about that.
I'll take a glass of water.
All right.
Water it is.
Turn it back on.
Turn Pluto back on.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, you do.
You have 24 hours.

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