Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s04e02 Episode Script


Can you assure this committee
that the CIA
had no involvement
in President Udoh's death?
Anything inherited from former
Director Miller is now on you.
He had everyone in his office
learn how to muddy every file
that went across his desk.
We boiled it all down
to nine operations.
I'm gonna shut 'em all down.
Things are changing
in our operation. There are some things
much bigger than drugs at play.
We have to abort mission.
Turn Pluto back on. You have 24 hours.
Any accounts active in or around Berlin
in the past three years should
Sorry to interrupt.
Jack Uh, Deputy Director.
It's okay. Do you mind
if I borrow him for a second?
Uh sure.
Great. Grab your stuff. Come with me.
I don't actually have any stuff.
Okay. Just the second part.
Place looks great, by the way.
Are you sure I should be sitting here?
What exactly am I looking for?
Anyone involved in Pluto.
most of this is beyond
my clearance, Jack.
Uh, it would take me hours, maybe
Yeah, yeah, that works, too.
Slow down, Anonymous.
Mr. Sein.
Open the gates.
Stay here.
He said you were
taken by surprise by a naval ship.
If that's who they really were.
Marquez's competition
was already wiped out.
Then perhaps our payments didn't
make it to the right people.
Have you contacted our team in Mexico?
I haven't contacted anyone.
And since Miller left office,
all communication to that team
has been through him.
Now, if you'll excuse me
- I might ask you to wait.
- For what?
They want to speak to you.
Luckily they have my number.
I'm going to see my family.
They still don't know I'm alive.
I might ask you to wait.
Don't ever tell me what the fuck
to do or when to do it.
I no longer answer to you.
Nor I you.
The only reason you're
in this position
Because your family
sold out the operation,
and the new partners want
a check against the son
who believes he's entitled
to the throne.
You used to complain about
your lack of responsibilities.
Now your power has grown.
I hear reports of you avoiding
the new work.
Perhaps you don't
have the stomach for it.
The stomach for it?
I'm the one who saw our people
get shot down.
I'm the one who escaped.
You saw a decimal move.
That decimal is all that matters.
Stop. What's this?
His profile ties to every mission.
Get me everything
you can on Domingo Chavez.
Don't leave this room.
- Jack.
- Yes, ma'am.
Where you off to?
- I have a meeting.
- With me, I hope.
My first confirmation hearing
is in two days,
and the lawyers are working 24-7
to make sure I didn't offend
some station chief 20 years ago.
But I could use your help
on my opening statement.
Absolutely. And you'll have it.
I just need to take care
of something first.
Does this have to do with Mexico?
I don't know yet.
But I will soon.
Oh, my God.
We didn't know what happened.
- We assumed
- Shh.
Where's Bennu?
Where do you think?
And you said she ran away?
That's too bad.
I had a gift for her.
Seems like someone's
hiding from me
What's in there?
Come sit, I'll show you.
But first I want to know
were you well-behaved
for your mom while I was gone?
Oh, yes. I did everything she told me.
- Did you go anywhere?
- Yes.
- Where'd you go?
- To the airport.
- No, Gawa, you didn't.
- But
Did you know some families
can have the same dreams?
Well, what do you mean?
We all dreamt you went to the airport.
And if you got on that plane
you would've woken up
safe and sound with us.
But that dream wasn't real.
And now we must face what's real.
So if anyone asks if you went
anywhere while I was gone,
you tell them you went
to the doctor, okay?
Now, this is Mun.
Mun is very special.
Because he cannot talk,
he's very good at keeping secrets.
The best in the world.
- Really?
- Yes.
And for that reason, you can
tell Mun anything you want.
About your friends, about your feelings,
or about your dreams.
Even the one where
you went to the airport.
There's nothing to turn back on.
The money's gone.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
I have no use for you anymore.
But, boy, they had use
for you, didn't they?
That's what I'm trying
to find out, Domingo.
Domingo Chavez?
Born January 12, 1976, East Los Angeles.
Yeah, I know who I am.
From what I read, you were
the top of your BUD/S class,
devoted to your country.
Not someone who would
hold a gun to my head.
That sounds like the life you
were trying to run away from.
Thomas Miller.
That name mean anything to you?
The director.
Any interactions?
We were run by this guy Walters. CIA.
Who now I know is anything but. Why?
Well, because the director of the CIA
doesn't usually personally
handle finances of ops.
And yet Miller's signature was
on every single page of Pluto.
- What else you got?
- Very little.
File's a cipher.
But from what I could translate,
it sounds like you carried out
over 15 SOG missions across the globe.
Every single target a confirmed kill.
Never really clear
on who you were killing or why,
but it was clear why Miller chose you.
On paper, you might be
the deadliest operator
the CIA's ever employed.
See this? Now I'm blushing.
You know what?
You don't need my help.
But I sure as shit need yours.
I need to find out exactly
how deep Miller's rot goes,
and to be honest with you
you're all I've got.
- Hungry?
- I'm starving.
Mr. Sein. Uh, I-I'm so sorry,
- did you have an appointment today?
- No, no.
I was just wondering if Dr. Thaung
might have a brief moment for me.
Oh, of course. I'm sure he does.
Mr. Sein.
Wonderful to see you.
Is everything all right?
Oh, this? Everything's fine.
Dr. Thaung, three days ago,
my daughter Bennu was feverish.
She was hallucinating,
talking about moments
that hadn't happened
and forgetting others that had.
- Oh. Well, maybe
- She doesn't even remember
coming to see you.
- Me?
- Yes.
Three days ago, my wife
and daughter visited you
to discuss her fever.
That wasn't me.
- I-I can assure you
- It's all right.
I'm not upset. I'm simply
worried you don't have
the right paperwork to back it up.
No. I don't.
An easy fix.
They came at around 8:15 a.m.
Bennu had a mild fever.
I'm wondering if you might
inform your receptionist as well.
Of course.
Thank you.
And if anyone comes asking,
I would encourage you
to rely on these facts,
because anything they may
threaten against you,
in comparison to what
I will do, is simply
we understand each other, right?
- You mind?
- Of course.
Looking for clarity.
On my way to contact Miller now.
And if the reason isn't sufficient?
What about the strike team? Our man?
His name is Chao Fah Sein.
Head of operations of the
Silver Lotus triad in Burma.
And I have no way of contacting him.
How'd you meet him?
14 months ago, I embedded myself
in the Marquez cartel
through my cousin Marin.
Cartels have more intel on
each other than we can ever get.
I was told to carry out
Marquez's wishes,
which was to eliminate competition.
Emilio was the last mark.
That's when Chao Fah contacted me.
What did he want?
He wanted to tell me the truth.
He said my entire operation
was controlled by the triad.
That whoever was running us in
Washington was in their pockets.
When I tried to call bullshit,
he told me every detail
to every operation I ever carried out.
In Mexico?
Fucking Mexico, Iran, Afghanistan.
He knew everything.
The names of the commanding officers,
team members, alive or dead.
Now, these operations you're running,
what did you think you were doing?
I thought I was helping.
You know, the-the man upstairs
says "Take out this target,
you save American lives,"
I rose up.
I didn't ask any questions.
Now I realize that those answers
are what buried my men.
But why would he reach out to you?
I mean, he wants out.
You know, he promised hard evidence.
He said the CIA is just the beginning,
and so were the drugs.
You're saying
the triad's using the cartel
for something other than drugs?
- You have evidence?
- No. No.
I mean, some assclown
named Morales mentioned it,
but I think he just
made it up for leverage.
But Chao Fah, you trust him?
Yeah. I stood right in front
of him, shook his hand.
And I guaranteed
the safety of his family.
Why would you take that risk?
For a name.
What name?
Thomas Miller.
All right, wait.
We need to know what Miller knows.
Well, I promise you, I'm gonna find out.
I mean, without you
sending him to the hospital.
I know someone who can talk to him.
Oh, yeah?
Is he as fucking pissed as I am?
Now that you mention it, always.
Thomas Miller.
James Greer.
How did I get so lucky?
Mind if I, uh?
Do I have a choice?
What is he drinking?
- Lagavulin 16.
- Well, damn.
You must have done something right.
Uh, I'll have just a Bud.
But put it in a fancy glass.
So, what's the occasion?
Meeting somebody?
Just my Thursday.
Yeah, no shit?
Walk me through it.
I come here, catch the game,
drink what I want.
If I have one too many,
I get myself a room.
Ah, responsible.
Yeah, it's a long drive back to, uh
Where's that spot again?
- Peregrine Cliff.
- Yeah.
Never been, myself.
You kept those parties,
uh, pretty exclusive.
- Unintentional.
- Yeah, by that point,
I was used to being
shut out of the room.
Like I said, didn't mean any offense.
You meeting somebody here?
- Me?
- Yeah.
I'm meeting you.
Now, why would we do that?
I have some questions for you.
- Work-related.
- I don't work anymore.
Now, that's not what I hear.
Is there something
I can help you with, James?
Oh, it's not me.
This does sound like
his particular brand
of patronizing bullshit.
Yeah, does it?
You've got to change
We were working the other night
and came across
one of your, uh operations.
Couldn't make heads or tails of it.
Yeah? Which one?
'Cause I don't wanna have to leave
You sure you can drive home?
If you ever bring that name up again,
I promise you, Jack Ryan
will take the fall for it.
So will you.
Oh, shit.
Fuck, it's hot.
What's up, Deputy Director?
Fifty-fifty you'd even pick up.
Eh, I'm already regretting it.
I'm gonna need your help.
Of course you do.
I'll catch you next week, fellas.
So, what do you got?
- Dad.
- I'm sorry.
It's James Greer and Jack Ryan.
They're looking into Pluto.
And I'm putting you on alert.
Alert is why I answer the call.
Is this official?
Don't call again
until it's something official.
What the fuck is going on?
- Look, I
- You were supposed to be handling this.
- I was.
- Then what happened?
Chavez. He went dark.
When? Why the hell didn't you tell me?
I thought I had it under control.
With the confirmation hearings,
my name is everywhere.
Just figured Chavez was
waiting for the dust to settle.
Well, it hasn't.
The operation is fucked.
I was almost killed,
and my people think you're responsible.
Who else?
This was a money problem.
That's your department.
And now they see
that the money has transferred
into one of your accounts.
Yeah, but that's our protocol.
I got pulled out too quickly.
It was Jack Ryan.
Ryan, the new deputy director.
He's been on the Hill just this week.
He's the one that shut it down.
Even if I believed you, they don't.
So either turn the operation back on,
or get the hell out of there.
I don't even know if Chavez is alive.
I am.
Wow, that's really good.
Who was that?
What happens next?
I make things right.
These seven men
they were my family.
They were my brothers.
And you killed them.
Read their names.
Go ahead.
Read their names.
You don't deserve to touch 'em.
Listen, Chavez, I can do
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're gonna listen,
and I'm gonna do all I can
not to shove one of those
down your throat.
Instead, here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna contact Jack Ryan.
You're gonna tell him
everything you know.
And you're gonna do whatever he says.
Then what?
I don't know.
What were you gonna do with me
when the project closed?
Thank you for your time, care
and consideration
on such important matters.
I hope you enjoy
the rest of the conference.
Thank you.
That was unreal.
It felt pretty good.
I could have hit disease reduction
from environmental factors
just a little harder, though,
- don't you think?
- Cathy.
- Wonderful job.
- Thank you.
- It's great to see you again.
- Likewise.
If only it didn't have
to be about global addiction.
I couldn't agree more.
Listen, about that,
I'm sure you're busy,
but would you be willing
to schedule a lunch?
- Yes, of course.
- Fantastic.
I'll have my people reach out.
You ready to join us?
I'm ready to read you in.
So, where is Chavez now?
I don't know.
Do you believe him?
If you take what he's saying,
the details of who's
involved and where
imagine the worst-case scenario.
There's someone else
who needs to hear this.
Two nights ago,
a man named Domingo Chavez
broke into my home
and put a gun to my head.
And he's one of ours.
Black ops.
He asked that I turn back on
Operation Pluto.
Which is?
One of the operations I had shut down.
The kind you and I discussed.
- And?
- And it involves Miller.
Sir, I believe that the former director
may be an asset for Myanmar's
Silver Lotus triad.
That's a hell of an accusation.
Well, sir, Miller was manipulating
Chavez's black ops team as a weapon.
- To what end?
- To eliminate the triad's competition.
To consolidate power
for one Mexican cartel,
allowing for the Silver Lotus to use
that cartel's infrastructure
for their own benefit.
So it's a power grab,
the merging of cartels?
- Obviously a problem, but
- Well, actually, sir,
it may be worse than that.
Chavez's asset alluded to the fact
that his triad was using the cartel
for something far worse than drugs.
- So, what are we getting at?
- Convergence.
The fusing of a drug
cartel with a terrorist organization.
Unlimited resources
paired with undying hatred.
Wait, do we know if this triad
even has terrorist leanings?
This is not about them
having terrorist leanings
or even the country of Myanmar.
This is about them
creating an open market.
The Burmese triads
are some of the most elusive
criminal enterprises in the world,
with access far beyond
anything we've ever seen before.
If just one of them
were to provide those resources
to any group in the world
That, combined with the cartel's
access to America,
they could move anything.
- Like what?
- Humans.
Suicide bombers.
Sir, we know that the drugs
that are stopped
at the border every day
are a fraction of what
actually gets through.
Imagine applying that same ratio
to terrorist threats.
Where is Miller now?
We have our best man on him.
And this Chavez? Operation Pluto?
Unfortunately, sir,
I can't control Chavez.
But all that matters right now
is his mole Chao Fah Sein.
This man is the head of operations
for the entire
Silver Lotus organization.
If I can work Miller
to reestablish contact,
he will be an invaluable asset.
And if you can't reconnect with him?
If this mess in Mexico
gets traced back to you?
Well, sir, you just said it yourself.
My fingerprints are
all over Operation Pluto.
So, if they come
to blame Director Wright,
you pin it on me.
This is not how I wanted
things to start, Jack.
Nor did we.
Director Wright is about to walk
into the Senate
and promise a restored CIA.
And that's exactly what
we're gonna give them.
Thank you, Jack.
I'd like a moment with Director Wright.
Of course, sir.
You need to manage this.
- Yes, sir.
- How are you going to do that?
Well, you and I both
learned the hard way that Jack
is a bit unorthodox.
But I think we can trust him
to handle this.
Because right now
you are all about image.
I understand.
Then there's something
I'd like you to consider.
President Okoli
reached out to me personally.
The situation in Lagos has gotten worse.
The warlord Ameh is now accusing him
of helping the CIA
carry out the assassination.
So I've heard.
Okoli would like
to get to the bottom of it.
How does he propose to do that?
He asked me if you might
consider visiting personally.
An unusual request, I know.
Especially during
the confirmation process.
But it sends the right message.
The director of the CIA no
longer sits in an ivory tower.
No, sir. I do not.
Meeting's tonight.
Eleven o'clock, Waterfront Park.
- Good.
- Will you be there?
Because I don't want to kill him
before you get what you need.
This is Acting Director Wright.
- Is this Ade Osoji?
- Speaking.
I have an impromptu trip to Lagos.
I'm meeting with President Okoli,
and given your passionate views
the other night,
I was wondering
if you might want to join.
As an advisor.
You have all the political angles,
and I'd like to go
into this meeting armed
with the necessary viewpoints.
It's an honor to be considered,
but I'd have to think about it.
It's been quite some time
since I've been back.
Let me know by this afternoon.
- Ms. Wright.
- Ms. Wright.
Meeting will be called to order.
Ms. Wright, I would ask you to
stand and raise your right hand.
Do you swear to tell
this committee the truth,
the whole truth
and nothing but the truth,
- so help you God?
- I do.
Please be seated.
Thank you, Chairman Henshaw,
Vice Chairman Jennings,
and members of the committee for
allowing me to be here today.
I have spent my career
in service of the United States.
But my journey did not begin
in the far-flung outposts
the CIA so often likes to send us.
It began on the streets of Queens.
In my neighborhood,
we had a microcosm of America.
And everyone had a different way
of communicating.
Sometimes those differing
forms of communication
sparked conflicts,
often entirely unintended.
I wanted to be the person
who stood between those conflicts.
Understood them.
And I wanted to be the person who acted
as a mollifying agent to end them.
- I need you to turn it back on.
- And do what?
Put Chavez back where he was? No.
Who's Walters?
Was that who Chavez was answering to?
- Walters is nobody.
- Mm-hmm.
And Chavez can be dealt with.
He doesn't know what he thinks he knows.
What does he think he knows?
Do you understand the cost
of what you've done?
You could have asked me.
You could have come to me
before you started
switching off the breakers.
How big is the circuit?
You, the cartel,
Chavez's strike team, that it?
Or does it go higher?
Do you think I could really
handle something like this
without the highest levels
of protection?
You don't look like you're handling it.
And it certainly doesn't
seem like you have protection.
This country was
is in crisis.
We had an opportunity.
We were killing drug dealers.
Is that how they sold it to you?
Oh, fuck you.
I was promised real results if
certain targets were eliminated.
Lower drug trade resulting
in less crime, and guess what.
- Those results were delivered.
- By who?
Private interests with more
power than the U.S. government.
The sun has set on empires before.
If you want to make a move,
you got to do it while
While there's still some light?
Boy, you really work hard
for these metaphors.
Listen, you little shit.
You keep this up, it all turns on you.
Who the fuck do you think
you really work for?
The American people.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You actually believe that, don't you?
You do not work for the American
people, you fucking sap.
You work for the man
you turn to for permission.
And they do the same. Over and over.
You know what you have
at the end of all that?
A bunch of people looking the other way.
Through my choices tough choices
I have made this country better.
And whether he knows it
or not, so has Chavez.
Zealots like you would
rather go down with the ship.
I can still help you, Miller.
Just put me in contact
with who's really in charge.
We know we'd both be dead
the second I made that call.
And you know I'm not turning it back on.
Oh, fuck!
You do not know who these people are.
I'm sure I'll meet 'em soon enough.
- What?
- Well, if this goes as high
as you say it does, then they're
probably watching us right now.
You're right.
I see the mission of the CIA
in precisely the same way.
I see the Agency as a weapon of peace.
- Hello?
- Your way didn't work.
Now we try mine.
A weapon I will wield
by way of transparency,
honesty and morality.
But there is always time
for stepping back.
For remembering why
this institution exists.
It exists to protect every
American from the violence,
cynicism and greed that is
rising across the globe.
All of us feel it.
This sense of exhaustion,
that seductive pull to just
throw in the towel and take what we can
and see where the chips fall.
not on my watch.
My watch is defined
by an assurance to Americans
that there are people who won't give up.
Who are willing to take
the risks others are not.
And who will work tirelessly
to keep you safe.
We were too late.
Now they're gonna come for me.
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