Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s04e03 Episode Script


Get me everything you can
on Domingo Chavez.
[CHAVEZ] Chao Fah Sein wants out.
He said my entire operation was
controlled by the Triad,
and that whoever was running us in
Washington was in their pockets.
- So what are we getting at?
- Convergence.
The fusing of a drug cartel
with a terrorist organization.
[MORALES] They want me to seize the lab.
- [CHAVEZ] How much?
- Double.
[CHAO FAH] This was a money problem.
That's your department.
It was Jack Ryan.
He's the one that shut it down.
Pluto, I need you to turn it back on.
And do what?
Put Chavez back where he was?
[MILLER] You do not know
who these people are.
We were too late.
Now they're gonna come for me.

- [MAN] Everybody get back!
[NEWSMAN] Violence continues
on the streets of Lagos
nearly three weeks after the
assassination of President Udoh.
The so-called "death squads"
are believed to be supporters
of infamous warlord Ekon Ameh,
who's expected to make a play
for the presidency,
potentially ousting
Interim President Okoli.
The continued violence
has destabilized the region
as many global leaders
are left wondering
who will be in power once the
dust settles. The warlord
[ADE] Are you sure you still
want to land in Lagos?
[WRIGHT] We'll assess on the tarmac.
- Still appreciate the invite?
- [ADE] Oh, of course.
This is not typical of the CIA.
No, it's not, but I'm meeting
with a president under siege,
and I need someone
who understands his country
- as well as he does.
- Better
than he does.
So born and raised there?
Born, not raised.
Nigeria, extreme poverty, small village
constantly raided by soldiers,
watched my father killed in front of me,
grew up wanting to fight
until Mormon missionaries.
They came, restored our village,
raised enough money,
for me to get out of Nigeria
and go to school.
At the fundraiser, you said the
situation there was convoluted
in the eyes of politicians.
- Pretend I'm one of them.
- There are three major players.
The recently assassinated
President Udoh,
Ekon Ameh, the warlord whose men
probably pulled the trigger,
and replacement president, Okoli.
He's, um, a practical politician
who thinks he has
to carry on Udoh's cause
to reclaim Nigeria's resources
for its people at any cost.
Which is commendable.
[ADE] President Okoli's
refusal to compromise
in order to uphold old ideals
It's denying Nigeria's evolution.
Nigeria isn't just a country,
it's an opportunity.
It's a strategic hub in a world
whose global powers
they're equalizing.
We both know that you're not
just here for the optics.
You're here
to bring stability at a price,
and Okoli knows this.
- Excuse me.
- Mm. Yes.
Thomas Miller is dead.
The new shipment has arrived.
You can handle it.
Tin Tun has requested you be present.
He didn't say.
Tell him I'm busy.
For some reason,
he thought you'd say "no."
I think you should go.
Yeah. Understood.
I'm on my way.
What are you gonna tell him?
I have absolutely no idea.
But I'll think of something.
How we doing?
The cops think it's a suicide,
and the press is running with it.
All right, well, for now,
I say we let them run with it.
I wouldn't use the front door.
- [JACK] That bad?
- [MIKE] Ah.
Hey, buddy.
- What the fuck?
Say "welcome."
- Figured we could use the help.
- Any word from Chavez?
I've searched his hotel,
his car, airport.
- Nothing.
- It's all right. We'll find him.
Oh, yeah?
I've known guys like this
my whole career.
If he doesn't want to be found,
you'll never find him.
Yeah, unless you already know
where he's going.
Oh, where is he going?
To find Chao Fah.
His asset?
Oh, so you think this shit is connected?
What I think is, with Miller
gone, Chao Fah is all we've got.
And without his intel on
convergence, we've got nothing.
Miller being murdered proves
that this corruption goes way higher
than just the director of
the CIA, so we find Chao Fah,
we find who's behind all this.
Jack, just because
you know where Chavez is going
doesn't mean you know where he is.
Yeah, we do.
Even Chavez knows the only way
to get back in the game is
to start at the beginning.
Now wish me luck.
Good luck.
I was wondering where that key went.
Hi, Uncle.
[CHAO FAH] Why am I here?
Didn't Soe Wai tell you?
I wanted you to inspect the shipment.
That's not my job.
Well, this shipment is unscheduled,
and the powers that be
requested you oversee it.
Unless you'd like me
to relay your refusal.
Not here.
Because sometimes they catch
a chill, and sometimes they die.
The decimal's all that matters.
What are you waiting for?
Chao Fah
you're my brother-in-law and my boss.
But it is my sister
who matters the most to me.
Again, we're in agreement.
I know something's wrong.
I know you don't like Tin Tun,
and I know
What do you know?
I know I will do anything
to protect my sister.
That's admirable, Soe.
You're a good brother.
Now get in the fucking car.
[BACHLER] What the hell is going on?
A few days ago, I'm talking
about confirmation strategy.
Now we've got Lagos, Mexico,
and a dead CIA director
who may have been a goddamn spy.
Well, Miller was less of a spy,
more of a puppet, sir.
- For whom?
- I'm still working on it.
Well, how the hell
are you going to work on it
while still keeping the ship
afloat for Wright?
Actually, I'm not.
- What?
- Mr. President,
I humbly request to resign
from the position of deputy director.
Well, that is equal parts
unacceptable and absurd.
You swore an oath
to protect and serve
the agency no matter the threat.
Unless that threat is me.
Sir, you said it yourself.
We're in the middle of a storm.
A storm I desperately hope I can
steer us out of, but right now,
the Senate Intelligence
Committee has their sites
firmly trained on me.
You know that the closer
Director Wright is,
the more likely she is to get hit.
Ryan, you really expect me
to let you leave the agency unprotected
in the one moment
it needs protecting most?
Absolutely not.
That's why I've already found you
a far more qualified replacement.
- [MAN] All right, come on, guys!
- Set, hut.
You bullshit your way
out of this one, too?
No, but he did
bullshit his way out of a job.
Uh sir.
It's good to speak with you, sir.
An honor.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. I'm on my way.

I can't stay, tío.
Don't worry my boy, just eat.
No, listen.
I have to leave.
And, uh you should leave, too.
What is it?
There's gonna be people coming
to look for me.
Who? Who would be coming?
Your son.
Marquez and Marin think
that I betrayed 'em,
and the entire cartel's
gonna be after me.
- No.
- They-they-they know where you live.
So they're gonna come
to you to get to me.
I thought I was doing good,
I really did.
But I made a mistake,
and I need to make it right.
Welcome, Director Wright.
Thank you, President Okoli.
Acting Director at the moment.
[CHUCKLES] Please.
I cannot sit until you do.
Acting Director, yes.
I was told
this meeting might be premature.
Well, it's certainly possible.
But then, I watch your speech.
If it was sincere,
you're undoubtedly the most
enlightened CIA director
since its inception.
All I can hope is to be of service.
I feel the same.
My concern is that your political system
does not support enlightenment.
I fear the same of my own.
When you can't tell
whether the lights come
from electricity or fires,
nothing can be certain.
Tell me, what is it like?
A woman of your color,
in your position, in your country?
Well, that depends on the day.
Humor me.
Stressful, isolating.
And you must negotiate
the legacy beneath your feet.
Ekon Ameh?
Do not be alarmed, Director.
What is this?
Director Wright,
what purpose do you believe
could bring two sworn enemies together?
To prove whose hands are clean.
I did not kill President Udoh.
- Neither did we.
- [OKOLI] So,
now you know why you are here.
You must help us find out who did.
Yup. Said you had a temper.
[MIKE] Ryan.
How the hell did he find me?
Said something
about a tattoo on your arm.
Said people don't usually
memorialize happy dates.
Luckily for him, the Catholic Church are
the best record-keepers
in the world, so
here I am.
Pretty fucking good.
Yeah. I agree.
Let's just not tell him that.
Chao Fah?
Whatever it is, say it quickly.
When are you gonna contact him?
The guy that promised to help?
Even if he's still alive,
nothing could be more dangerous
than trying to reach him now.
Everyone is watching us.
Tin Tun, even your brother.
My brother only has
my well-being at heart.
Your brother is simple.
That makes him dangerous.
that can't have been our only chance.
Bennu can't keep living here.
None of us can.
But before we attempt anything,
we have to secure our position.
I don't understand.
We still don't have
a resolution on Mexico.
- Tin Tun suspects me.
- Oh.
I have to convince him
I'm not a traitor.
I don't know how.
Not yet.

I hear you're my new deputy director.
Yes, ma'am.
Investigators discovered a burner
phone on one of the assassins.
I want to know who he was talking to.
Yes, ma'am. Which number?
I'll send over the details.
And stop calling me "ma'am."
Yes, uh I will not.
Congratulations, James.
You deserve this.
I'm honored, Elizabeth.
We're getting the calls traced.
The moment we know something,
so will you.
This port,
this mouth to the ocean.
This is what my friend died for.
Nationalizing the port was
his first order as president.
A week later, he was dead.
And if you follow in his footsteps,
who's to say the next attempt
won't be made on you?
Maybe the right path lies
somewhere in the middle.
The path of compromise.
Is that how you attained your position?
I haven't attained my position.
Not yet.
[PATRICK] It's strange.
One number keeps repeating
in connection to the cell phone
- recovered in Nigeria.
- What is it?
A business called
"BizHub" out of Bethesda.
I hear congratulations are in order.
So all this shit is your fault?
Nah, I just told them I knew a guy.
And you didn't want to ask me first?
- Oh, you weren't the guy.
- Oh.
So that's all you have?
Yup. Turns out the CIA's not big
into bringing work home with you.
- You know what?
Keep it.
Good luck charm.
- [JACK] Yeah.
[MIKE] Hey, found him.
Central California.
- I'll send you the location.
- Wow. I'm just happy
- you two didn't shoot each other.
- I almost did.
Now he's making me dinner.
Yeah, maybe I'll save you some.
Very sweet. All right, I'm on my way.
You're gonna tell me?
Do you want to know?
Fuck no.
Hey congrats.
Thank you.
- Hello, there.
- Afternoon.
I was wondering if you could
help me with something.
This number.
Is this for someone here?
- That's my number.
- Your number?
Yeah, front desk.
And anyone calling here
They're probably looking
for someone back there.
- What's back there?
- Flex space.
Yeah, all these busy bees
are their own business.
And someone calling the front
desk asking for a business
They would have to go through me.
Do you have a list
of the current businesses?
I think so, yeah.
Ah, here we go. Full disclosure,
I don't know how old this is,
and the list changes from week to week.
You can keep it.
Thank you.

Greer's getting close.
What do you want me to do?
You got it.
[MIKE] I wasn't gonna shoot you.
So is it cool if I call you tío?
Hey, took you long enough.

You must be Mr. Ryan.
Yes, sir, I am.
You are going to keep my nephew safe.
Actually, I was hoping
he'd do the same for me.
That we shall drink to.
- Domingo.
- Tío.
Give him a drink.
[MIKE] Tío
- We need to talk.
- Tomorrow.
I want to enjoy this.
I may not get another chance.
- I don't have time for bullshit.
Neither do I.
The president asked me to stop
any threat of convergence.
Chao Fah Sein is the only chance
I have of doing that.
The way I see it,
with Miller dead, the only way
to get to Chao Fah is through you.
Ah, it's nice to be needed.
It's not gonna be that easy.
If he's still alive, the Triad
will be watching his every move.
And I have no way
of contacting him directly,
so I have to send him a signal.
What kind of signal?
I was thinking
about following his operation
all the way up the ladder
and burning every rung along the way.
So where do we start?
My cousin Marin mentioned a marketplace
where he first met Chao Fah.
That's our only lead.
Okay. And where is Marin now?
[CATHY] Hi, it's Cathy.
Please leave a message.
[ZEYARA] There are places in this world
that we don't want to admit exist.
Those are the places I wish to help.
Hmm. Are you speaking
of anywhere specific?
Do you know about
the pleasure casinos in Myanmar?
- Only by concept.
- There are dozens of them,
laundering money for drug
dealers and human traffickers.
The drugs are churned out in factories
they call "the machine."
Mostly yaba.
That's as addictive as our
version of meth, I've heard.
Yes, and it's pushing
the culture to ruin.
My mother, she came from that area.
Died young.
I think of her,
even before she was a mother.
A young girl. And
I think if only there had been people
around like you,
willing to risk
a little bit of themselves
to reach out a helping hand.
What a difference that would have made.
I understand.
The W.H.O. is the only organization
I've seen with the courage
to enter that heart of darkness.
Growing up, we could never
depend on governments,
but we could depend on you.
I'm wondering if you'd help me
bring a little light
into that part of the world.
I've learned that risk isn't
the downside of a relationship.
It's the foundation.
It would be my honor.
You coming?

Something wrong?
I guess so.
I know what's going on.
Tell me.
The day we were in Mexico,
Kyi and Bennu left the compound.
I checked with security.
Did you ask Kyi where she went?
because I know she will lie.
Ever since we got back from Mexico
she's been different.
You've been different.
Or maybe you're becoming paranoid.
I'm not stupid.
You're trying to get out.
I know it.
Let's say that I am.
What are you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna let you go.
Let me go?
How generous.
We go to work, like usual.
And then, you just leave.
I leave?
What about my wife and child?
They stay here with me.
Otherwise, they will never be safe.
Listen to me, Soe.
I'm gonna say this only once.
You could come with us.
- No.
- You could help us.
I remember where we came from.
If it's between those girls on that dock
and my sister
you know who I choose.
Then start the car.
It's all right, Soe.
It's all right. [INHALES SHARPLY]
We will do this your way.
Take a seat.
What do you want?
- I want you to call my cousin.
- Your cousin?
Your cousin is impossible to get to.
Marin still runs the operation, right?
Yes, but the only place
he'll go is to the port,
and you won't be able to get to him.
I will if I'm with you.
What makes you think
I work for the cartel now?
[CHAVEZ] Because you're still alive.
That means whatever operation was set up
with the Silver Lotus Triad
is still a go.
So you're gonna get us into that port.
[MORALES] I do this, I'm a dead man.
But with that kind of money,
a dead man can live well.
Yeah. That's what I thought.
Let's go.
[ADE] So,
was I right about Okoli?
Yes, you were.
He is a man torn between two extremes.
Most people find inspiration
in the extremes.
I'm sure you have colleagues who
see no way other than their own.
- And then some.
- Hmm.
In my experience, I find
those unwilling to sacrifice
cannot be trusted.
What are you willing to sacrifice?
- For what?
- Confirmation.
That's why you're here really, isn't it?
To show the world that you're different.
What makes me different
is that I face the world
without pretense.
I don't call that a sacrifice.
I call it realism.
To realism.
Jack Ryan, Mike November,
Lieutenant Morales.
He's gonna knock on the door for us.
You think you can get Marin down here?
Once we raid the lab,
in under 20 minutes.
[POLICEMAN] Lieutenant Morales?
[MORALES] Excuse me.
You trust him?
I trust the effect
money has on a man like him.
Hey, where do we get one
of these getups?
[MIKE] Oh, man.
I always wanted to be a Federale.
Oh, yeah? So the CIA was second?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Sorry.
Sit down.
Take them goddamn headphones off.
You know why I'm here?
To get a coffee?
Cut the shit.
Have you seen Miller's files?
No, um, but Jack mentioned them.
Yeah, the code Miller used
needs a deep dive,
and I need you to do it.
Be fresh eyes, okay?
- Okay.
- I'll get you access.
Also, see if there's any
association to BizHub.
- I hit a wall there, too.
- On it.
All right.
Oh, and, by the way,
you need to switch to decaf.
[MORALES] By order of the Mexican Navy,
I hereby confiscate
everything in this port!
[PANTING] I found your mole.

I assume you have good reason
for all this theater?
Just wanted to get your attention.
Well, you have it.
Follow me, please.
Tell me, Morales,
what is it that is worth dying for?
You're a traitor.
- To who?
- [MARIN] To your family.
To the memory of your father.
[CHAVEZ] I don't have
many memories of him,
and those that I do, I wish to forget.
[JACK] Where's the marketplace?
Who the fuck are you?
Jack Ryan.
Is that name supposed
to mean something to me?
No, probably not.
But it will mean something to
your friends when they find out
that we have photographs
of you and the CIA.
[JACK] So when we leave here,
everything will go back
to business as usual.
Otherwise, we'll make you famous.
Where's the marketplace?
What marketplace?
Where you first met Chao Fah Sein.
Where you're set to meet again.
If your mother only knew
Now do you know
what we're talking about?
- Huh?
- Hold on. Stay still.
Stay still.
[GROANS] Croatia!
- Where in Croatia?
The marketplace.
Run from Dubrovnik.
By who?
[PANTING] Olafsky.
Josip Olafsky.
You work with him?
No, but I know someone who has.
Well, that's settled.
Thank you.
Ah, locked.
Primo, there's nothing to stop.
It's all been built.
I can just take your thumb.
[JUNIOR] Hello?
Hey, son. How you doing?
Uh, I'm sorry about
the other day.
I was walking towards the game
and I got a very important phone call.
You wouldn't believe who called me.
Well, it was, uh
it was, uh
Well, it shouldn't matter, should it?
Well, anyway.
I'm sorry I had to leave. I'm
I'm sorry I wasn't there for you.
All good.
Same old shit, right?
Good night.
- Well, have a [SIGHS]
Good night.
Where have you been?
You sure you want to know?
Well, then where are you going?
What the hell is there?
A private marketplace
and, assuming he's still alive,
Chao Fah Sein.
We were right about convergence.
The path leads to Mexico
from a port in Croatia.
And we're gonna cut it off.
Jack, you stepped down.
You're out. I can't
Listen, with the confirmation hearings,
the amount of scrutiny
I don't think I'll able to
That's why I can.
United front, right?
You ready?
I am now.
Marin just gave us a direct line
to Chao Fah Sein.
Tough kid.
Excuse me?
Your son.
You shouldn't let him
talk to you like that.
You motherfucker!
I'm here with
much more important advice.
I don't need any advice from you.
Stop what?
[BILL] You're smart enough
to figure it out.
I'm using words as a courtesy.
You think you can threaten me
at my own house?
Now we both know
this isn't your real house.
And we both know
where your real home is.
So again
just stop.

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