Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018) s04e04 Episode Script


I humbly request to resign from
the position of deputy director.
I have already found you a far
more qualified replacement.
Congratulations, James.
I'm honored, Elizabeth.
[WRIGHT] Investigators
discovered a burner phone
on one of the assassins.
I want to know who he was talking to.
[BILL] Greer's getting close.
What do you want me to do?
[JACK] President asked me to
stop any threat of convergence.
Chao Fah Sein is the only chance
I have of doing that.
- Where's the marketplace?
- What marketplace?
[CHAVEZ] Marin just gave us
a direct line to Chao Fah Sein.
[JACK] [OVER PHONE] The path
leads to Mexico
from a port in Croatia.
We're gonna cut it off.

This is it.
This is a hotel, huh?
- Uh-huh.
- Mm-hmm.
I mean, sort of.
Mr. November.
- Hi.
- Welcome back.
[MIKE] Thank you. I was
wondering if, uh,
- Katarina was here.
- I believe she's with a client.
Would you like to meet with
someone else while you wait?
Uh, no, thank you. Can you just
let her know that it's me
and that it's urgent?
"Welcome back"?
I told you,
I-I took the whole CIA
firing thing pretty hard.
- Michael.
- Katarina.
- Mwah.
- Mwah, mwah.
I'm told this is
more business than pleasure.
- Yeah. Unfortunately it is.
- Oh, don't worry.
It will be reflected in the rate.
[SIGHS] Okay, Michael.
If I wasn't good enough
to be the reason for a visit,
then who was?
Seems you've really lost your charm.
We need to find him.
We're looking for a man who works
for the Mexican drug cartel.
- Uh, Mr?
- Ryan.
Mr. Ryan, Josip Olafsky
does not deal in drugs.
He doesn't?
He deals in dreams.
What do you buy when you have
nothing to lose?
Where is his marketplace?
Every sinner in this world
knows where it is.
It's getting in that's difficult.
Okay, how do we get in?
You don't.
Without Mr. Olafsky's
express invitation,
it's-it's impossible.
And now, if you'll excuse me,
I really have to go back
to work. [CLEARS THROAT]
Surely you can get an invite.
I'm no longer one
of Olafsky's women, Michael.
Katarina, we are trying to find
a man who can stop him
from hurting anyone else.
Do any of the women here have an invite?
Yeah, all of them.
I'm surprised your friend
didn't tell you they're all spoken for.
What friend?
The crazy one.
He's been hiding in
the harbor for weeks.
Yeah. Good luck.
Found someone with an invite.
- A friend.
- Friend of yours?
Both of ours.
- Deputy Director?
- Yeah?
I've got something for you.
Do you want to tell me from over there?
So, BizHub started operating
out of the Channel Building
in 2014.
I've gone through
all the businesses that have
- come in and out since then.
- Jesus.
And nothing?
There might be one.
Southwest Petro.
Remind you of anything?
Well, you always say that the CIA has
no imagination when it comes to shells.
Mainland Renewables.
That was the company that Miller used,
for Operation Pluto.
There's no proof that
these two are connected.
Well, that's the weird thing.
The paperwork for dissolution
for Southwest Petro
was filed July 10, 2022.
Wait a minute.
They shut down
the day after Miller left?
Whose name is on the articles
of incorporation?
Well, that's where things
get really weird.
It's registered to
a Dominic Sanderson in Bethesda.
[JENNINGS] So, how was
your trip to Lagos?
Positive outcome, I hope.
Yes, I think so.
We have a temporary peace
between President Okoli and Ekon Ameh.
In exchange for what?
Pursuit of a common enemy.
Well, that pursuit seems
to have brought about
some unintended consequences.
- Oh?
- I-I think what Senator Henshaw
means is that the perception among
some of our committee members is that
our hearings are not your priority.
Well, compared to national security,
they aren't.
[HENSHAW] Agreed, but
that statement, it draws
a more dangerous comparison.
You're simply another Jack Ryan.
High praise in my world.
I'm not talking about your world.
I'm talking about mine.
Look, don't get me wrong.
Like the president,
I know how important it is
for someone of your, uh
forgive the lofty term, but your spirit
to be behind your desk.
It's just, we're heading
into the home stretch here,
I want your eyes to be open
to the reality.
A lot of my colleagues
are up for reelection.
Yes, including yourself.
Right, and they or we
are staring down the barrels
of constituencies that are dissatisfied
with our over-involvement
in all these parts of the world.
They think that
we have plenty to deal with
- right here at home.
- And I could not agree more.
But you're telling me
to forget about our allies?
Just letting you know
where senators' minds go.
Like it or not,
you still need our approval.
Losing Jack Ryan,
that was a great first step,
but, rather than point out
any similarities
that y'all share,
I'd take a different direction.
His wake is long and getting longer.
My advice, stay out of it.
He couldn't have told me that
over the phone?
Senator Henshaw believes he leaves a
stronger impression in person.
- I'm sure he does.
- Mm-hmm.
Any reason you didn't think
I could handle that myself?
Oh, I wasn't there for you.
I was there to show him how many of us
want to see you confirmed,
but he's not wrong.
There's fear on his side
of the committee.
Yes, clearly a fear of change.
You may be more right than you know.
Well, what would you suggest, Senator?
Well, you got to do what's
necessary for the country
but also for yourself.
I understand.
It won't.
They have considered the events,
and they want you in Geneva.
Geneva? But I'm
Supposed to handle the deal
in Dubrovnik.
I'm now going in your place.
Did they say how long I'd be gone?
They did not,
but I anticipate one of two outcomes.
Both require you pack light.
This is the last song ♪
They're playing the last song ♪
The orchestra's tired ♪
They're sleepy, I know ♪♪
[GUARD] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- I'm sorry?
Turn around.
No, I No
- I don't know what the fuck
- Get the fuck off the boat.
Hold up. Right, no, this is my boat.
This isn't your boat.
It is now.
No! No, no, no!
I said no! Do you understand English?
No! No, no, no!
Okay, Zubkov, we know
you know that word.
Do you want to try something else now?
You don't understand shit.
Olafsky is insane.
If I help you, if he even suspects
[LAUGHS] You know,
personally, I take offense.
I mean, you really would have
thought, with everything
that we put you through,
we would've scared you
onto the straight and narrow, but, no,
from the looks of things,
I'd say you're right back
at the arms game.
Mm. Yeah, yeah.
No, no, not the arms game.
No? Then what?
I'm I'm a facilitator
- for Olafsky.
- A facilitator of what?
For party favors and
No! No, no, don't!
One minute.
What one minute?
You'll be dead in one minute.
No, please.
Mike, I want to help.
Huh? You know I always help you.
I want to help. [SCREAMS]
No! Sex! Sex! I deliver sex! Sex!
All kinds of sex.
And now we have a way in.
- Hello?
- Hello there.
You must be Mrs. Sanderson?
- Who are you?
- Uh, well, ma'am,
I'm actually looking for Dominic.
- Dominic?
- Mm-hmm.
You from the bank?
Uh the bank?
- Oh, no, ma'am.
- Huh.
Wait a minute, you look familiar.
You one of them coaches?
- Coaches?
- Football coaches looking at Dom.
Yes. We met you
down at the Boys & Girls Club.
Ah. Yes, ma'am, that's right.
Oh, you sure have quite the memory.
[CHUCKLES] I may be old,
but I ain't blind.
The hell you doing
all the way down here?
Well, you know, I just
happened to be in the area,
and I thought I'd come and
check in on Dom. See how he's doing.
- How he's doing?
- Well, you know,
I just wanted to make sure
he's staying out of trouble.
Figured I'd stop by and say hello.
Is he home?
Staying out of trouble?
Yes, ma'am.
Who do you think you are?
You know that boy isn't home.
He ain't ever gonna be home.
Uh I'm sorry.
Get off my porch,
or I'm calling in the police.
- You hear me?
- Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

She'll be here.
Told you.
Mike has given me assurances.
He has?
I help you get into the marketplace,
and your CIA helps me
and my girls disappear
Well, Mike knows that,
in order to do that,
we need to know what you know.
I know that your friend here
is more connected
to Olafsky than he let on.
Oh, come on, we do business.
I'm sure you've heard the whispers.
What whispers?
There's some kind of deal taking
place, extremely high-level.
No one's talking.
Zubkov can take one of you, and
I'll get the others in.
Thank you.
- Then you have our assurance.
- Good.
You'll need some clothing.
And a way out.
I'll get you out. The same way we go in.
Why are you risking it?
Because women like me never grow old.
Men like Olafsky make it so.
I plan to be different.
[WRIGHT] Thank you so much for coming.
Your file says you were
a political consultant
for years before taking
your current job.
Yes. I was a, uh, strategist
for three senatorial races
and one presidential. So,
you need an adviser?
I need advice.
Clearly, in the past couple weeks,
I've proven that navigating the politics
and the politicians of this town is a
newer experience for me.
Well, this town has proven
how much it needs new.
Mm, not according
to some committee members.
Hmm. Henshaw?
What do you know about him?
I know that he has
a tighter handle on the reins
than most of his colleagues.
My former Deputy Director Jack Ryan
- Former?
- Yes.
Jack decided it was best to step away.
I see.
We're very different creatures,
Jack and I,
but we share the same mission.
Same logic. If I'm thinking it,
he's out there doing it.
Feels like the right match.
In some ways,
but for the current moment
It's becoming problematic.
I would never describe Jack
as a problem.
It's for people like him that
I want to get confirmed.
But it's because of people
like him that you may not.
First, let me tell you something
that Henshaw won't.
This job
You in this job, specifically,
it's bigger than any office.
It's gonna shake this
whole place to its core.
Now, with that said,
if I'm reading
between the lines correctly,
it sounds like Henshaw
came to you with some advice.
Now, however coarse that advice is,
I would take it.
[CHAVEZ] Olafsky lives in
a monastery atop of that wall.
They chose it for the elaborate
cave system that it was built on.
[ZUBKOV] You don't understand.
There's no way you get into those caves.
Or if you do, you-you'll never get out.
Which tunnel?
To the right. Where the cliff
falls into the sea.
Jesus, Mike, I knew you were crazy,
but I never thought you were stupid.
Mm. Said the guy who's
only tasting freedom 'cause
he's secretly a CIA asset.
You never thanked me, by the way.
Please take a seat.

You may follow me.
- Thank you.
You ready?
[CHAVEZ] Let's go.
[NURSE] Okay, Dominic is in room 302.
It's down the hall to the right,
but visiting hours end in 20 minutes.
Oh, that's fine. I won't be here long.
[NURSE] Sure thing, Mr. Greer.

He's leaving the hospital.
[ZEYARA] Why do you think
I asked you here?
I'm no longer sure.
Tin Tun believed your
brother-in-law was inadequate.
He felt the same way about you.
Tin Tun is an old man.
When I partnered with the triad,
Tin Tun believed they
were selling themselves short.
There's nothing more hopeless
than a visionless man
who sees himself as a visionary.
It's why I chose you
to design my network
and why you're sitting here today.
Yeah, you and I are not so dissimilar.
We came from nothing,
and now we're proving
that those who survived
what we endured
are the only ones suited for power.
Why do you think Tin Tun
is the one at the marketplace?
It's a simple task backed by violence.
Simplicity and violence,
that's his skill set.
But you are ready for so much more.
What do you mean?
When we return to Myanmar,
the entire operation is yours.
Is November ready?
Looks like he's already on his way.
Does he think that delivering all this
buys him a night on the town?
I think that's exactly what he thinks.
- I like that guy.
- Yeah?
He likes you,
and I take no comfort in that.
So, let me ask you this.
Chao Fah's intel,
think it's good enough?
Good enough for what?
To prove that we were right.
Oh, you got to let that go.
Let what go?
Oh, the idea that there's
a right or wrong.
Life is about reacting.
You do things to survive.
You do things to push forward.
That's an interesting theory.
Oh, it's not a theory.
It's a fact. If you're still here,
that means you still have
something worth fighting for.
What are you fighting for?
A man's risking his life
to save his family.
That's how I know the intel's good.
- Hello?
- [GREER] It's fucked.
- Whoa, what happened?
- Southwest Petro,
they have a kid
that's a signatory. A kid.
- He's in a coma.
- That doesn't make any sense.
It's got to be somebody he knows.
- What?
- Look,
call Wright, but
only give her the bullet points.
I'm headed to the
Boys & Girls Club right now.
- Maybe someone there knows him.
- Boys & Girls Club?
Greer, hold on, slow down.
I don't have time to explain it.
I'll be back in the office,
two or three hours. Until then
[BILL] Oh, my God,
- I am so sorry.
Thank you.
Would you stop it? You look insane.
You're gonna get me killed.
With any luck. Let's go.
- ♪


This is the marketplace?
Yeah. Right through there.
All right, good.
- Ladies.
[MIKE] What the fuck?
Oh, what's wrong?
You never been to a farmers market?
Jesus Christ.
Oh, no, he left this place
a long time ago, my friend.
Where are the girls? Get them out.
Okay, calm down. Jesus.
Okay, girls,
keep your heads up.
Today it will be different. Let's go.
Let's go. Quickly, quickly.
Let's go, c'mon!
Back in the boat! Hurry, hurry!
Take them anywhere they want to go.
Get Mike out safe.
Wouldn't have it any other way.
Sir, he is here.
I think it's him.
[JACK] Who?
No. Chao Fah.
We're on our way.
Wait. What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Psst, psst.
Tell me you have a plan, huh?
So we don't die, huh?
I'm working on it.
That's Olafsky.
We can't go in there now.
It's too dangerous. Okay?
We're with Olafsky.
I said we're with Olafsky.
That was your plan?
"We are with Olafsky"?
- Yeah.
- [TIN TUN] Nice to meet you.
You could've told me
you had one of those cards.
[ZUBKOV] I didn't know it would work.
Actually, I wish it hadn't.
We're going to die.
Just shut up. Just shut up.
[TIN TUN] I can assure you
Is that fucking so hard?
all is in place.
[OLAFSKY] And Chao Fah?
He's engaged elsewhere.
Fuck. It's not him.
What do you mean it's not him?
It's not Chao Fah.
All right, we're coming to you.
[TIN TUN] The deal remains the same.
Everything is here.
So these are the five triggers?
And their destinations?
Already assigned.
Are these the only ones?
The only ones you are buying.
A trigger will be coded
to your thumbprint
or anyone you delegate.
After that,
it can only be activated by that person.
How far out are you?
[JACK] [OVER COMMS] We're close.
Move your ass.
Oh, Mike.
[TIN TUN] reason
to suspect otherwise.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
[MIKE] Ooh.
Are these for sale?
[OLAFSKY] I'm not sure you
understand what you're doing, but
you'd better put that thing down.
[LAUGHS] Everything's
for sale here, right?
I mean, this is
the marketplace, isn't it?
[ZUBKOV] Uh, Mike
How much?
Zubkov, is this an associate of yours?
I'm his guest.
Tell your friend to be smart.
[CHUCKLES] Hope you guys are close.
- What?
- Fuck it.
I'll take 'em all.
Get the fuck off of me!
Fuck you!
[MIKE] [OVER COMMS] Get the fuck
off me! You take my shit?
I'll be right back.
Be right back?
Door, door!
Fucking piece of shit, who are they?
More friends of yours? Who are they?!
Please. [PANTING] I
I will not ask again.
Don't ask me, he planned
the whole thing.
He got picked up by the CIA.
- Ask him.
- No.
No, no, no.
- Ask him.
- No, no, no.
No, no, no.
- You fucking mongrel.
- No. No!
No, no!

Get the door.
The hell took you so long?
Last-minute Christmas shopping.
- What'd you get?
- No idea.
Yo, party's coming to us.
We got to move.
What's on the other end?
A way to change the world.
- You can't be serious.
- Dead serious. We got to go.
You will be dead in a week,
you and your family.
I know where you live,
and nothing will stop me.
That will.
- You good?
- Yeah.
- Come on. Come on!
- Uh

Come on!
- Jesus, we're gonna die.
- Not tonight.
What do we know about your man?
Only that he did not know
he was working for us.
He does now.
We must assume
they're coming for us next.
[PATRICK] Forensics is working
on the knife you grabbed.
It had traces of blood in the joint.
- We're running what we can
- Did you see the knife?
Yeah, I saw it.
Did it look like
a Swiss Army Knife to you?
- No.
- It's a tactical knife.
It's called a tanto,
used by Special Forces.
So you think this guy is military?
No, he's ex-military.
Run that blood sample
through military database
going back 30, 40 years.
Isn't this what you do?
What else have you got?
We got city cam of the bridge,
but, uh
we can't get a clear shot of his face.
Are you sure you don't want
something to eat?
'Cause I'm gonna go grab a
- Patrick.
- Right.
I'm gonna go home.
Yes, good night, Patrick.
And here I am, coming to
make sure you weren't dead.
I appreciate that.
Who did this?
I've seen him before.
He came to my house with a warning.
- A what?
- Okay, no, Elizabeth,
it's all connected.
The convergence that Jack
is chasing down,
it runs right through D.C.
But Myanmar is the source.
That's where everything leads.
That call that you and I traced
from the assassin in Lagos
connects Miller.
Miller was running Chavez's team
for Chao Fah,
the head of the Lotus operations,
and the one who wants to get out.
How is all this running through D.C.?
The signatures on the shell company docs
that Miller started.
Um, Dominic
Sanderson. Who is he?
He's a kid. Had a football accident.
He's been in a coma for three years.
Somebody's been paying
his hospital bills
and using his name
on those shell companies.
That's why I was headed
to the Boys & Girls Club,
you know, to get whatever I could
Elizabeth, trust me.
Jack knows that Chavez's asset
is the only one who has the intel
who can put all of this together.
- We have to help him.
- No. No, I can't.
- My hands are tied.
- Look, come on, Elizabeth.
My confirmation is in three days.
If the committee finds out that I aided
another black ops program
with Jack involved,
everything I worked for is over.
Spoken like a true politician.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
I know you have to play the game.
More than most.
Please, just think about it.
Get some sleep. It's late.
So it's a bomb.
Well, that's certainly high on the list.
- Now, what the fuck is this?
- [MIKE] Marin's phone?
[CHAVEZ] Eleven bucks?
He deposited $11?
- Yeah.
- [MIKE] Let me see.
Mm, $11.62, actually.
Mm, there you go,
he's getting more generous.
- [JACK] How much?
- Three grand.
- This is better. Seven.
Let me see.
[MIKE] Why is Chao Fah
making these deposits?
This isn't money.
What do you mean?
Twelve digits.
These are coordinates.
Where are we going?

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