Tom Swift (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

...And the 4b Curl

1 I'm Tom Swift, inventor, billionaire, shoe collector extraordinaire.
But none of that was good enough for my dad.
I thought if I built him a spaceship to Saturn, I could earn his love, but his mission ended tragically.
Or so I thought.
Turns out, he was sabotaged.
My father survived the attack and sent me a message capsule with the data I need to rescue him from space, but it exploded when it entered the atmosphere.
Now I have to find the pieces of that capsule and reassemble my dad's message.
A global conspiracy called The Road Back is standing in my way, so I can only trust my squad: my best friend Zenzi, my bodyguard Isaac, my adopted brother Lino, and my AI Barclay.
Together, we're going to find my father and bring him home.
Tom, we're 100 yards from the capsule piece I found.
We'll have to go on foot.
Zenzi, you didn't wear heels, did you? No, but you did.
- Jodhpur boots have a natural lift, okay? - Uh-huh, yeah.
How much of your father's message is in each capsule piece? We won't know until we reassemble it.
Wait, that's a capsule piece? No, it's just wreckage.
Putting this capsule back together is gonna be more difficult than I thought.
The capsule piece we're tracking is the "brain," right? Yeah, and it unlocks the other pieces.
Without it, we're screwed.
I don't understand what happened.
I-I don't think Barclay messed up, but I did build him when I was eight.
I'm running a defrag and a source code analysis just in case.
Oh, could you translate that out of nerd? Okay, think day spa but for an AI.
A software mani-pedi, then recalculating the landing vectors by hand.
I'd translate, but you'd only understand if you hadn't gotten a four on AP calc.
Oh, did I get a four, or did I tell you I got a four to make you feel cool? Don't come for me.
I'll hack your test scores.
And I'll post your eighth grade school photo.
Ooh, remember when you tried the one-brow look? O-okay, okay, you cannot let Isaac see that.
- I have a reputation to protect.
- Oh, ooh.
Speaking of Isaac, he mentioned an ex-girlfriend.
I thought he was gay.
He watches your shirt move when you yawn.
I can't help it if he enjoys the ab show.
Many people do.
Yeah, I know.
I've seen the IG comments.
Okay, a lot of those people need to pray.
So he's trans and bi ? No, he's not bi.
He's pansexual.
He's open to falling in love with people across the gender spectrum.
Hmm, well, judging from how he brings you coffee, he's Tomsexual.
And I don't date men who are interested in Tom Swift.
Operating level: Beyoncé Formation Tour.
What did I miss? Thank God you're back.
I used the satellite data I got from Justin to model the size of each capsule piece.
Yeah, to show how all the missing pieces will eventually fit back together.
Now, Barclay, remind us what it looked like when the capsule broke apart.
The heat of the reentry threw off my ability to lock on.
Okay, I did some vectoring to recalculate a landing point for the actual capsule.
Ooh, Zenzi, shame about that four.
Sorry, we're gonna have a couple more math words here.
Stream to map.
If you hadn't been so busy flirting with the proctors that got you that two on AP geography, you'd know that's the Darby estate.
- Chris Darby? - Mm.
I hate that family.
They are pretentious and rude and Kind to us all the time.
- Isaac, they're lovely people.
- I'll reserve judgment.
The Darby estate was built in 1937 when the family discovered oil.
They are literally oil barons.
How cliché.
Look, who even uses gas? Your private jet.
The resources are protected by a state-of-the-art security barrier.
30 feet tall, steel and concrete, countermeasures unknown.
Why would your father send it there? Couldn't it just land here? He needed to protect it.
If he sent it here, it could end up in the neighbor's pool or smash through a coffee shop.
Yeah, the Darbys have over 200 acres for it to roam.
Should I DM Chris? No.
Look, we can't tell anyone.
We don't know who's been compromised by The Road Back, or what they'll do to us if they know my dad is still alive.
What are the angles, Isaac? It looks impenetrable.
How about explosives? Can we try asking nicely? A dinner? An expensive bottle of wine? Are we saving your dad or not? I am out of shape.
- Are you kidding? - I'm serious.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, interloper.
I need to talk to my mom.
Can you go sweat through a shirt somewhere else? Thomas Alexander Winston Swift, apologize to Claire at once.
You're full-government-name mad? I'm sorry, Claire.
Can I get you a glass of water? You know, as always, you look parched, girl.
Tom, I am only here to help.
I'd be a great mentor if you would let me.
Thanks, Claire.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
See you, dear.
I do not understand your distaste for her.
You know, she's my friend.
She plays tennis in track pants and a headband.
Is she 12? You are incorrigible.
I try.
So, I need a favor.
Plan a dinner with the Darbys.
There's a mineral on their property that I think could be a powerful fuel source.
But you know them.
They won't let me explore without kissing their asses first.
Well, they did tell us they'd love to see us after the funeral, but people never mean those things.
Well, pretend they did.
We'll have a casual, somewhat boring meal, you'll help me out, and What's wrong? It's my first social event since your father.
You know, he was always he always made these things so easy.
Well, I guess I can plan a menu and wear black, and try not to slap someone if I hear "everything happens for a reason.
" No, I don't want you to go through that.
I'll take care of it.
No, no, no, no.
If you need me to arrange this dinner, I'll do it.
Thank you.
And after the dinner, there are some things that we need to discuss about the Tubman Social Group.
I will be your attentive student.
Right after we charm the Darbys.
And I expect you to be on your best behavior.
And wear something respectable.
Like your father's cuff links.
August 30, 1983.
The day Guion Bluford, the first Black man to go to space, took off.
Remember how we cracked this open when we were 15? Uh-huh.
I got in and out so easily, my dad never noticed that his watches went missing on Friday and didn't come back until Sunday night.
This would make Jay-Z feel broke.
Actually, I heard he came to a fundraiser here once, stopped rapping, started buying stocks.
It's in my memory cache, but I can't find the creation metadata.
I've been trying to figure out why this photo is here at all.
It's the congressman's bodyguard Rowan.
Wait, this is from last week, when you spoke to the congressman.
Watch your tone when you're talking to the congressman.
Rowan put his hand on your shoulder during that meeting, as I recall.
Tom didn't seem to mind.
What if Barclay held onto his image because Rowan used that moment in the office to compromise him? We need to shut down your I fixed him.
It's fine.
A-and Barclay is not a device.
He's my friend.
We need him to locate that capsule.
And his internal audio and camera are on a closed loop anyway, so nobody can eavesdrop on us.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I tracked the location of the capsule piece.
It's in their drill mines.
Oh, that is supposed to be dangerous.
Something about acid and vines.
Did you ever go in them? Portions of the property were corrupted by drilling runoff Okay, we don't need to hear any more.
I'm not going in those mines.
Uh you're not going into the mines? We'll find another way.
And if we can't? Wow.
You look wonderful.
Your father would be proud.
So excited to see you.
- Zenzi.
- Hmm? What text has you smiling like that? Oh, it's from Chris Darby.
I wonder if he's still with that Delta from UPenn.
Barclay, when was the last time Chris posted a simple-looking girl with a flea market purse? Ten weeks ago.
And it looks like she's deleted him from hers.
Oh, he's single.
- That's interesting.
- Yeah, Chris is smart.
He's Black.
We grew up together.
It could be, as Aunt Lorraine says, interesting.
Chris "trifling and also bucktoothed" Darby - is interesting? - He is not bucktoothed anymore.
He's pretentious.
He's rude.
And he thinks he's the smartest person in the room.
Oh, so you don't like him because he's you? Now, now, Zenzi, Tom, the Darbys are just a little extra.
You know, it's the constant one-upsmanship I can't stand.
- Mm.
- And they are obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses.
Or the Swifts.
Remember when Dad special-ordered - that blue Maybach? - Oh.
And Mr.
Darby hired a private detective to find him one in the same color.
- People buy blue cars.
- Mm.
Maybe he just liked it.
Or maybe they're tacky, thirsty and pressed.
I got that out.
Let's go kiss some Darby ass.
A toast to our most gracious friends Mr.
and Mrs.
Darby and Chris.
We are so moved that you'd join us for dinner on such short notice.
We're happy to be here, Tom.
I thought you invited us here instead of coming to dinner at our house because you still thought our ancestral home was a tacky tract house that smelled like feet.
Did I say that? - Oh, yeah.
- Uh, you know what? I just needed to mature before I could appreciate sophisticated design.
Oh, uh-huh.
Zenzi, are you back permanently? Mm.
- All done with Atlanta.
- Mm.
And done with that Marcus, I hope.
See, I never understood you two.
It never seemed like a, a good fit.
So this is, uh this is good news for me.
How are you holding up? You know, everything happens for a reason.
And with friends like you all to support us through this difficult time, I'm sure we'll be able to manage this weight.
Zenzi, I thought that your speech at the memorial - was absolutely beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
It was touching.
It was moving.
It was everything a eulogy should be.
Yes, yes, it was.
Well, words sometimes fail us.
But Tom's actions to build the company speak for themselves.
I used to love your pool parties so much.
- The giant, giant ice cream trucks.
- Oh, yeah.
- Ice cream sandwiches.
- Yeah.
You loved those, Tom.
Yeah, I sure did.
My favorite.
Thank God for cardio, right? Look at your boy now.
Remember you used to follow the lifeguard around? - Oh.
- Oh, yeah, he was about 20.
He went to Sarah Lawrence.
Oh, you were obsessed with him.
Zenzi, uh, didn't Tom steal one of his, um his Speedos? Wait, uh, you you did what? - A lifeguard? I I did not do anything.
- Yes.
He had to drive home in a towel.
Your dad found it in your backpack.
Yeah, no, I-I think I remember this.
Well, I certainly remember.
Remember we had to pay him double.
A little boy-crush fee.
Hey, guys, he-he left it in the bathroom and I just brought it back.
It was No towel involved.
It's okay, Tom.
I looked at a few bras myself.
I never, uh, took any home with me, but, you know Oh.
Wait, your dad was so upset.
He was yelling his son had, um sugar in his tank.
You see, I'm just so glad you guys got to a place of acceptance.
That never happened.
You know, we're having such a lovely time laughing at my expense.
But you know what I think is funny? My parents and I have always had big laughs over how every time we buy something mm-hmm the exact same thing ends up at your place after you see it.
Hmm? Hmm? It-it's almost like you guys are so desperately insecure that you have no choice but to copy and paste yourself a life based on ours.
And I think that's hilarious.
It's just, it's Tom.
You know, Tom, you-you've got all of my humor and-and none of my tact.
Barclay, thanks for doing this drone flyby to scope out the Darby wall.
My pleasure.
I love secret recon.
The security fence seems to be modeled on classified technology.
I wasn't able to access blueprints, but it has motion sensors, heat tracking And sound, right? Exactly.
How did you know? I've seen one of these before.
Hello, old friend.
Thank you.
You need to go deal with that.
I am so sorry, Mr.
The wine got the better of me, and I just We are aware of your limitations, Tom.
And I am grateful for your patience.
Swift Enterprises is looking for a special mineral, which only occurs in your area, for some conductivity experiments.
Since they're no longer in use, could Zenzi and I perhaps explore the drill mines? Absolutely not.
You have got to learn to think before you speak, Tom.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't help it.
You never can.
You wanted to talk to me about my Tubman responsibilities? I'm tired.
Not tonight.
You don't belong here, Rowan.
- Wait, what what's going on? - Mrs.
Swift, I've been trying to reach you all day, and your staff told me to come back.
I work for Congressman Eskol, and he asked me to bring you an invitation to his spring fundraising dinner.
He makes you be a human e-vite? Well, you thank the congressman for us and tell him that we will be happy to continue to support his campaign.
He saved my life, Isaac.
He's harmless.
Of course he is.
Can I talk to you about business for a second? I worked with Barton for ten years.
And and now I'm spearheading a new consumer-facing model that will bring Swift Enterprises into its next 50 years of dominance.
And Tom is leading the engineering.
Tom is doing wonderful things with the company.
But as you said, he needs guidance.
Swift Enterprises needs a leader who is ready on day one.
So when my term as interim CEO is up, I'd appreciate your support in becoming permanent CEO of Swift Enterprises.
Lorraine, I didn't mean to It's okay.
It's all right.
It's just You're right.
You're right.
Tom isn't ready.
He behaved so poorly last night at dinner.
He insulted our guests.
But I can't take this away from him.
He's wanted this since he was a child, and I'd break his heart.
Just like he's breaking mine.
I understand.
I'm sorry I get emotional.
Um, it's just I've barely slept in weeks.
I think we can help you with that.
I'm sure there's something in our pharmaceutical department that can help you get the rest you need.
Thank you, Claire.
Of course.
Work, let's work, work, work ♪ Want to go for a round? Wouldn't be a fair fight.
Question - what's going on with Zenzi? - She's just her usual high-strung, rule-following, fabulous self.
Why? She's been going on about that Chris guy since dinner.
- Mm.
- But she's smart.
She's beautiful.
She's well-connected.
I don't see what she'd see in him.
Zenzi's weakness is Black Harvard alums with bad lineups.
She sees a guy like Chris and she can't help herself.
They fulfill her Black love TikTok dreams.
Meet me at Swift Enterprises, please.
Marked urgent.
Don't keep her waiting.
Got it.
What is this reanimated sweater doing here? I thought that maybe if the two of you had a chance to talk without your parents, you could work something out.
I'm open to hearing what you have to say if you're going to be reasonable.
See? - He's open.
- Mm.
And I think he'd be particularly open if you apologized For insulting his entire life.
Yes, Tom.
From the heart.
I'm good.
Same old Tom.
Emotional, as always.
Same old Chris.
About to get slapped, as always.
I mean, it's not my fault you insulted my family - when you needed a favor.
- But it is your fault - your breath smells like ass and hot chips.
- You know what? You're just mad I dared you in the mines ten years ago and you came back crying like a little bitch.
You were a coward then, and you're a coward now.
I'm calling my security and letting them know if you come anywhere near my family's property again, it's your ass.
Zenzi, you're always welcome.
I'll text you.
I was at the Darby estate one summer, bored out of my mind.
Chris was always a dick to me.
But that day, he was nice.
He told me that we were going to do a "man test.
" Don't touch it.
The mine runoff is acidic.
It'll burn you up.
He told me, if I closed my eyes and-and waited in there for five minutes I'll come back and get you, and then we can play video games.
And don't be a bitch about it.
Actually wait.
I waited for what felt like hours.
And Chris never came back to get me.
So I ran out and got lost.
I got these cuts everywhere and, uh burned off my right eyebrow.
Don't you remember how crazy I looked in eighth grade? Yeah.
You said you overshot a brow slit.
What did he say about it after? He told me he did it because I was acting too gay.
So, yeah, I'm not exactly excited about apologizing to Chris or going back into those mines again.
Yeah, Tom, why didn't you tell me? - I have been friends with these people - I am done talking about this.
We need to get that capsule portion.
But how do you solve a problem like a drill mine? Barclay, have the roof rack and the lights put on the G-Wagen.
We'll need four-wheel drive and the winch.
The farthest mine entrance is one mile from the Darby residence and will put you within 100 yards of the location of the capsule piece.
What about the giant fence? I did a little recon on the Darby estate while y'all were having dinner.
It's handled.
We'll go in stealth.
That's a pretty steep fence.
This opening can only be accessed from above.
It opens to a 50-foot vertical drop and has the highest concentration of acidic fumes and runoff.
May I suggest gloves? So, I'll rappel out of the truck.
But what about that runoff? I feel like you're gonna need sunscreen or a wet suit.
I wish I still had mine, but this is a no-heat natural.
It does not get wet.
Wait, do you still have that leave-in conditioner I made for our St.
Bart's trip? Ah, this leave-in is like shea butter that did some pushups.
The synthetic bonds to your hair and seals it.
If I could up the concentration Then it could seal you.
Barclay, run a polymer sequence at a concentration of four moles instead of .
At one concentration, this polymer protects a 4B natural.
But at a higher concentration, it's an impenetrable barrier.
How will you see through that mask? Let's cut some eye holes.
Uh, non-starter.
Beyoncé wore this on Fine.
May the Hive forgive me.
Which shoe, Tom? Dior.
Nature, but make it fashion.
Let's go for a hike.
You might want to put these earplugs in.
Okay, Olivia Pope.
You said it's handled.
So, do you need a white coat and some red wine, or just a ladder? Not exactly.
This isn't a fence, it's a system.
Motion detectors.
I had to go through one of these when I was in the Special Forces.
So, let me guess.
You're going to cover yourself in mud to hide your body temp from the motion sensors.
Oh, take out the cameras with an infrared array and find the kill switch? Nah.
Did you put in your earplugs? Of course I did.
Targeted the localized EMP.
Killed the fence's power source in this section.
A lot easier than covering yourself in mud.
- You shouldn't go alone.
- It's a tight fit already.
It's the only way we're gonna make it down.
I've got this.
Call us if you need any help.
The suit is protecting you from the acid.
Chris, where are you?! Chris! Chris! Chris? Oof.
Ah! Seems the acid is eating away at that rip in your suit.
And don't be a bitch about it.
Actually wait.
Ah! Ah! Fix your wig, Tom.
Oh, crap, I'm stuck.
How's it going down there? Uh, fine! Totally fine.
How are you? You never knew about Tom in the mines? Nope.
My best friend let me think everything was fine so he could save face.
It's how we were raised.
All people care about it is what will our friends say? Everyone's just lying, and I hate it.
What about you? Are you a liar? I used to be.
Tom and I grew up the same, but in 2008, my dad went broke when the market crashed.
And unlike normal people, my parents lied their way through everything.
They maxed out their credit cards on $10,000 tables at the Tubman cotillion and couldn't pay my tuition.
And they never let me or my sister say a word about it because they were afraid of what people would think.
Uncle Barton paid for me to stay in private school.
And Tom has no idea.
So he's not the only one telling a redacted version of the truth.
Is that why you go for guys like Chris? Because they let you keep up the lie your parents wanted you to tell.
They make me feel like I belong.
Chris wants you to think that he's the prize and you're lucky to have him, but someone like you should never be waiting to get chosen.
Then why is someone as cool as you waiting to be chosen by Tom? I'm-I'm stuck.
I need you to cut through a steel beam down here.
There's another suit in the back of the truck.
Zenzi, you'll have to do it.
I brought a spare just in case intermittent fasting had got me too snatched.
And you guys? Hurry.
Give me the word and I'm down there.
I won't let you fall.
I got this.
My line is stuck and I can't cut it to free myself.
Wait, did you put on hair to come down here? Oh, you're not the only one that keeps a backup in the car.
This is Camille.
Oh, hey, Camille.
Camille, could you tell Zenzi to cut this beam and skip the attitude? - Oh, are we skipping attitude? - Yeah.
Will we also be skipping quips for the remainder of the day? And now you say Thank you, Zenzi.
My nanobots will latch into the mining lanterns and give us The capsule piece.
Okay, let's grab this and get out.
He added a security layer in case someone else found it.
We need to disarm this or it's going to self-destruct.
Okay, a raised fist and the sun.
Maybe the power of sunrise.
Okay, um Oh, oh, try "From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.
" Uh Uh, your mom's birthday? Oh, one attempt remaining.
Of course he couldn't make this easy.
- It had to be one of his stupid lessons.
- Look, I'm sure he thought - that you would be able to - Would you stop? I can be right about my own father and Chris without you poking holes in everything that I say.
Yeah, well, if I had been given all the information I needed, I wouldn't need to question you.
And you can't get mad at me for asking questions when you're the one who's been keeping secrets - for ten damn years.
- Oh! So I'm supposed to humiliate myself so you can ask me if it's true.
Secrets aren't always bad.
I know that my dad paid your tuition.
I never said anything because, Zenzi, I didn't want you to be embarrassed.
Tom Swift doesn't get bullied or called too gay.
And I didn't want to be embarrassed either.
Well, I can't have your back if you keep things from me.
Even if they are embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
Okay, look, let's just get this capsule piece, and then never speak to the Darbys again.
Okay, a Black Power fist and the sun.
To be kept safe, um Wait.
To be kept safe, like the watch safe.
Whoo! - First Black astronaut in space.
- Yes! I guess my dad knew about the missing watches.
I thought I told you two to stay off my family's property.
Is there some jackass quota you have to meet every day? You broke in.
You're stealing.
I could literally be doing anything, Chris, and you would still come for me.
I-I was I was nice to you, and you were a dick.
And now I'm not nice, and surprise, you are still a dick.
You know, in the cliché version of this story, this is where the bully reveals that he's gay.
So let's get to you on your knees so I can get something good out of this.
That's what I thought.
Do you have any idea what it's like to be compared to Tom Swift? My family owns rocks.
You build rocket ships! I've spent my entire life hearing my parents say, "Why can't you be more like Tom?" You're jealous.
Not not no.
Your father was so proud of you.
And he left you this this legacy.
I don't have that.
My dad said that he's proud of Tom? Aloud? This is our parents' mess, not ours, Chris.
They pit us against each other, and now we're just playing out their fight.
We don't even know each other for real.
I am sorry for adding to that.
But we can stop it.
Look, I'll make Darby Minerals an official Swift vendor.
That way we share a legacy.
I'm sorry about that.
All right, let's have dinner.
Next week? Soho House? I can I can sponsor you to get in.
I would rather trim my eyelashes with a weed whacker than to ever go to dinner with you again.
This is the capsule's brain.
The other pieces split off, but we can find them using this copper alloy signature.
Barclay, export.
Chris said that my dad was proud of me.
That's insane, right? You are the only one who could have solved that puzzle.
He chose you for this because he knew that knows that you can bring him home.
And now we know exactly where we're going.
I'll ask Claire for some PTO.
Oh, and before I forget, - here is the sleep gel we talked about.
- Oh, yes.
I sourced a prototype from the chem division archives.
It's a nitrous oxide substitute.
I tried it on myself after work.
It resulted in the most blissful power nap.
You apply it in places with sensitive nerve endings.
- May I? - Mm.
Pass me your wine glass.
You can just put it down.
I'll put it down.
Lorraine? Are you okay? I did what you asked me to.
Set the thermostat to 65.
What's your ATM pin? Uh, it's, uh, six-seven Stop.
No wonder the trial stalled.
The gel makes the wearer suggestable.
What will it take for you to make me permanent CEO? You will never be CEO of Swift Enterprises.
I'm Barton's number two.
I've given my life to this company.
You're a caretaker.
Barton would never leave our Black family's legacy to someone who isn't Black.
What are you up to, Rowan? Congressman Eskol requests the pleasure of your company for a private dinner on Friday.
I've never received a hand-delivered dinner invitation before.
It's better than a 2:00 a.
Thank you.
Yes! You did it.
You did it.
You don't sound right.
Show me your source code.
Isaac, I just figured out what's wrong with Barclay.
It's a tracking algorithm.
It's sending all of our data to an unknown destination.
So far it can only access incomplete blips of video and text exchanges.
But if the spyware breaches Barclay's firewall, it can start to relay full video and audio, too.
All right, quick, use Barclay to send me your protein shake recipe.
20 grams powder, two grams sexy.
Tom, Barclay was compromised by Eskol's body man Rowan.
I'm close, man.
I can handle this right now.
Stand down.
I'm gonna handle this a different way.
Hey, Rowan.
You up?
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