Tom Swift (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

...And Nine Inches of Danger

I'm Tom Swift Inventor, billionaire,
shoe collector extraordinaire,
but none of that
was good enough for my dad.

I thought if I built him
a spaceship to Saturn,
I could earn his love, but
his mission ended tragically.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, it was sabotage.

My father survived the attack
and sent me a message capsule
with the data I need
to rescue him from space.

But it exploded
when it entered the atmosphere.

Now I have to find the pieces
of that capsule
and reassemble my dad's message.

A global conspiracy called
"The Road Back"
is standing in my way,
so I can only trust my squad
My best friend Zenzi,
my bodyguard Isaac,
my adopted brother Lino
and my AI, Barclay.

Together, we're going to find my father
and bring him home.



- You good?
- No.
last night, after I severed all
of Barclay's network connections
from Swift Enterprises,
I discovered that the spyware
Rowan used is a hybrid Trojan.

My security
protocols are being chipped away.

I'm at 90%.

You should've let me handle
Rowan last night.

He's giving intel to Congressman Eskol.

But instead, you texted "You up?"
as if you two matched on a dating app.

Okay, for Barclay's sake,
you better hope that Rowan swipes right.

Look, there is
a bigger problem right now.

How do I stop this spyware
before it reaches 100%,
and all of Barclay's data
becomes accessible
to the people who tried to kill my dad?
Can't you just reinstall
Barclay's database?
It's not that simple.

Look, Barclay is an AI, but he's
He's my memory.

If I wiped and rebooted him, he
would never come back the same.

Thank you, Isaac.

Your suggestion
to give me a lobotomy is noted.

But if Barclay's defenses
go to zero percent,
they'll be able
to track the capsule pieces.

If he's breached, they'll know
my father is alive,
and they will come back
to finish the job
before we can save him.

We have to stop that breach.

The opponent's got Swift backing up.

He lunges.
Swift parries.

And now Swift is on the offensive.

Nobody has touched Swift all day.

Swift retreats.

Now he lunges.
Swift parries and scores.

That's 14 straight points.

One more, and Swift wins.

Yes, Lino!
Man, he scored 14 in a row.

This is match point.

Will Swift's opponent be the
first to land a touch on him?
- Tom? Tom?
- Ah.

It's Lino's final tryout.

He's on the cusp of setting
a record for no touches,
and you're missing it.

- Oh.

- Here we go.

They're going back and forth.

The opponent's trying, but now
it's Swift on the attack.
Swift parries.

And he brings him close.

And that's a touch!
- 15! Swift wins!
- There you go! 15!
Lino Swift has set a new record!
So, you taught him
how to step his game up,
and now, no one can touch him?
I gave him some guidance,
but Lino's a phenom.

Just some?
- No touches?
- Uh-huh.

- There's no way.

- Come on.

- He must've cheated.

- He's obviously cheating.

Come on, this is ridiculous.

Something ain't right!
Check the machine! He cheated!
Something's up.

Let the haters
stay mad, Lino!
Hey, you did good.

New firewalls are up.

Status of the spyware update?
It's slowed.

Security protocols are at 81.

Tom, I'd like to see you spend more time
helping the company thrive.

You'll be co-hosting
the entire summit with Claire.

Who? And co-hosting? I thought
I was just going to make an appearance.

This is the first summit
without your father.

Now, the time has come
for you to take the reins,
and it will require every minute
of your attention.

you know the destruction
of Barton's ship put us
in financial crisis.

The summit is our best chance
to replenish what we've lost,
which is why Susannah Robb
will attend this year.

She's the 22-year-old
billionaire estate heiress?
She's basically you
with 18 inches of extensions.

Oh, yeah.

She's one of our biggest investors.

And she needs
to have the time of her life,
which brings us to the fact
that, apparently,
the Obamas bought all
of the Léo Beau champagne
- in North America.

- Oh!
I could try something cheaper, but
No, no, no.

Stick with the cheap stuff.

Tom, I'm sending you something.


This penlight design was
to be Barton's next
handcrafted invention,
and Tom, you're going to build it.

Barton said it could manipulate
UV light and make
cheap champagne taste like a top-shelf.

I'm happy to host solo if Tom can't
You can be my helper,
but we're going to show
Wall Street and Susannah Robb
that Swift Enterprises
is still the HBIC.

Okay, I don't know what "BIHC" means,
but Lorraine, we are late for our 11:00.

All right.

Okay, I say you tell your mom
about Uncle Barton and The Road Back.

Look, if we get my mom involved,
she could end up dead.

Instead, we're going to invite
Eskol and Rowan to the summit,
and I'm going to clone Rowan's phone
- so I can stop Barclay's spyware.

- Uh, oh, okay.

So, you're going
to build your father's
champagne-miracle penlight,
crush the summit, win over Susannah Robb
and stop Barclay's spyware
before the breach hits 100%?
That's a lot, even for you.

If I don't,
the company's money dries up,
I lose Barclay,
and my dad dies in space.

Baby, I'm Tom Swift.
Let's go.

Such a drama queen.

Here's how we get Rowan to the summit
so I can hack his cell phone.

We'll send Eskol the jet
so he can arrive in style.

Yeah, he would never turn down a chance
to secure donors with deep pockets.

Well, he'll be able to schmooze
with an audience
whose pockets are so deep,
Adele will be rolling in them.

And, most importantly,
he'll bring Rowan to us,
since Rowan he, um
Rejected you.

The word is "rejected.
This cloning device
will mirror the data on Rowan's phone.

And with that data, we'll be
able to stop Barclay's spyware.

I created this in college,
just 'cause I wanted
to check on a few jump-offs.

Spy on.
You mean spy on?
We used 'em for your boys, too.

The summit rolls out the
company's next big products.

The Augmented Reality Monocle
is our crown jewel.

Everyone will get one of these,
- including Rowan.

- Dope!
Now, I'll modify the programming
of the monocle to use
facial replacement software, and no one
will see me while
the festivities are underway.

Rowan tried to ghost me,
but now I'll be invisible.


- Mm.

- And that's when
you'll clone Rowan's phone.

Uh, but how close do you have to be
for the cloning device to work?
A perfect nine inches for one minute.

So basically right on top
of the man who's conning you.

Solid plan.

Solid as that lineup.

Mm! Iconic.

Lil Nas X has the same pair,
but his are probably scuffed.

All right, y'all, let's go get
pretty for this summit.

Let's go.
Come on.

Team check.
Everyone good?
are my penlight instructions clear?
Super clear.
Prepping it now.

I'll be out as soon as I'm done.

Isaac's a go.

Zenzi's here.

Nice job hiding the cloning device.

Almost there, Barclay.

We'll have you back
to normal soon.
Hang on.

Justin Chase.

That suit is a vibe.
Vintage Valentino?
No, it's just something I had in
my closet.
I'm glad you like it.

Did I say that I liked it
or that I liked it on you?
- A key distinction.

- Uh-huh.

Look, I know every major player
in here, so if you want,
I'll be your curly haired
business encyclopedia.

Thank you.
I accept.

And, um, my phone's been off,
so, sorry if you've been trying
to get ahold of me.

I haven't.

I'll just add Justin's response
to the re-rejection
rejection algorithm.

Okay, did you have
to say "rejection" twice?
Susannah? Hi.

- Hi.

- Mm.

I'm glad the weather
was on your side today.

Well, any weather's good weather
for the Speciale, Lorraine.

- Thank you.

- Welcome.

It's Susannah Robb.
Time to shine.

Lorraine, I have to say
Money well spent.

Well, you know.

See you later.

Imagine losing your parents
in a plane crash at 16.

And tripling their company's
revenue in two years.

What a queen.

- That is impressive.

- Yes.
Good luck.

Susannah! I love this Balmain on you.

- Olivier is a genius.

- Mm-hmm.

We're thinking of doing a line together.

How are you enjoying the summit?
Oh, it's great.

The only thing left are
those two product announcements
to get me two more V4's.

Well, I'll 3-D print you
a Louboutin heel protector
so you can speed-shift.
Vroom, vroom?
And just wait until you see the consumer
products that we're rolling out tonight.

You know, I know what it takes
to carry on a family legacy.

I'm happy you're the one
to carry on Barton's.

Yes, and-and we know
all of our investors
share the same sentiment.

I'm sure.

Shall we?

Tell me more about this space.

The plan worked.

Eskol and Rowan just walked in.

Hello, and good evening, everyone.

So good to see
Thank you for being here.

Please, everyone, gather round.

Bring it on in! Come on.
Bring it on in.

Eskol looks happy.

Let's keep him that way.

He has to stay here
until the final announcement.

Tom, Lino's ready with
the penlight when you're done.

Welcome to the Annual
Swift Enterprises Summit.

We are excited to give you a first look
at two game-changing,
consumer-facing products.

And the first Are you ready?
Is SwiftLush Nanocream.

Move over, tinted moisturizer.

SwiftLush Nanocream
is a bioadaptive cream
that perfectly matches your skin tone
on contact.

It essentially becomes
a real-life beauty filter.

Now, I didn't moisturize
this morning, so,
hopefully, you notice a difference.

Hmm? Otherwise, we can just
demonstrate on Claire.

Come on,
Claire, let's show 'em a little bit.

Yeah, just a little.

You just need a little.

Ah, it's good.

Everyone, SwiftLush Nanocream.

SwiftLush Nanocream,
ladies and gentlemen.

SwiftLush Nanocream.


Glad you can keep it light
while I do the heavy lifting.

It's set up for you to program
using voice dictation.


Your fine-motor skills are better
than the machines, little bro.

- Good lookin'.

- Yo.

Thank you so much for being here.

You're going to have
a private little tour
of some of Tom's finest inventions,
starting out with the
plyometric training shoe.

And here we have the
Swift brand smartwatch.

We've got one here, but this one
I really wanted to highlight.

Uh, Tom?
Thank you for attending
the Swift Enterprises Annual Summit.

Eskol just got a phone call,
and then he sent Rowan to get his coat.

I think they're leaving.

Zenzi, stall Eskol while we find Rowan.

We can't clone Rowan's phone
and save Barclay
if they leave.

Anything? Hey.
How are you?
What's up, brother?
We have to find
Eskol and Rowan now.
Hey, boo.

Guys, the spyware is pushing

Nothing up here.
I'll keep looking.

Congressman? Congressman?
We're, uh, just about to start
the final presentation.

What's, uh, taking you from us?
Victoria, I'll be right there.

I would love to stay.

The campaign donations
have been quite generous.

But there's a patent crisis
with one of my former companies.

They need my help.

- A patent crisis?
- Mm-hmm.

Yeah, well, that's an average
Tuesday for me, so
I just sent your assistant
my patent lawyer rolodex.

Now you can stay
until the end of the event.

You are remarkable.

Yeah, I know.

Maybe by the time this night is over,
you'll have an answer
to my dinner invitation?
Eskol is coming back inside.

You're welcome.

Oh, thank you, Zenzi.

You are getting a fat raise
when this is over.

Nice, Zenzi.
Tom, I'm on my way.

Protocol's at 52%.

Hang on, buddy.


Oh, crap.
I'm late.

Tom, Tom, listen.

I'd like for you to meet some
of our international supporters.

This is
He's Mm.

Thank you.

Lino, what's up? You good?
Of course you're late.

Y-Yeah, I-I'm good.
Go do your thing.

Champagne's ready for conversion.

Robb, Claire Cormier,
interim CEO of Swift Enterprises.

Thank you, Claire.

Tom, you're killing it tonight.

SwiftLush Nanocream was amazing.

But what I'm most excited for
is your closing ceremony,
where you show me
you could lead Swift Enterprises
- to a fruitful future.

- Our future's lit.

I want the closing ceremony to have you
and every other investor making it rain
on Swift Enterprises.

I can't wait.

Justin's having a lot of fun.

Better go get him.

Before one of those strapping
young men steals him away.

Claire, I know
you're used to chasing things
that don't want you, but
we don't do that around here.

Nice shoelaces.

- You playing against LeBron later?
- Oh, yeah.

So don't break your neck when I dunk
on this next announcement.

Once the performance starts,
I'll be cloaking everyone
who has a monocle on.

Then, once you confirm that I'm cloaked,
I'll sneak up to Rowan,
and then, hopefully,
- he won't notice me.

- Hey, just breathe, breathe.

All right, the plan is going to work.

We are going to save Barclay, okay?
All right?
Get moving!
Claire's about to start
without you again.

Is this mine?
Barclay is on his deathbed.

Focus on the mission.

Honored guests,
a core value at Swift Enterprises is
that if you can dream it,
we can make it happen.

And with AR Monovision, we have.

That's for you.

I have high hopes for this presentation.

Well, keep this on.

Trust me.

You boys won't want to miss this.

I can't imagine
I'll be seeing anything better,
but, uh, I'll take your word for it.

Now, augmented reality goggles
are usually bulky and hideous,
but AR Monovision is an AR experience
that only uses one eye.

Oh, yes.

AR Monovision syncs
with your optic nerve
and alters what both eyes see, okay?
It's all safe.
It's good.

Everybody, put your monocles on.

And without further ado,
we proudly present to you
The Rise Up.


Look at this!

I should be cloaked
from everyone's view.
Damn, Tom.
You're a genius.

Uh, you're welcome, but,
can you see me on the stage?
Did it work?
It worked.
You're invisible.


Now go clone that phone.

Tom, be careful.
You're going to be
within a foot of Mr.
Stay on mission.

Cloning initiated.

I've never seen anything like that.

Cloning successful.

It's done.

Meet me in five minutes.

S-Security protocols are at 42%.


I'm cracking Rowan's password now.

Uh, two, zero, seven, three.

Once I locate the spyware's
host program, I can
- Oh, no.
- What? You're not his wallpaper?
Oh, no.
It's got a secondary
security measure.

It needs Rowan's DNA
before we can unlock it.

That's NSA-level security.

For a congressman's bodyguard?
I told you.

Rowan's an enemy we know nothing about.

We need to regroup and think,
or a small nick with a tactical
blade could procure some DNA.

- Um no stabbing.

- This is a party.

Okay? And I am thinking.

We just, uh We're just
having a minor setback, okay?
We need to get a strand
of hair, some sweat.

Maybe some other bodily fluids
you wouldn't mind getting from him.

Really? Both of y'all coming
for me on this day?
Crap, crap.
We're late to prep
the champagne for the closing toast.

- Okay.
Oh, go.

- Just.
Okay, okay, okay.

Security protocols are at 33%.

33? How much time is that?
Okay, we have an hour left, maybe two.

Hang tight, Barclay.

We just have to get through the
toast and the closing remarks.

Oh, there you are.
Did you
finish Barton's penlight design?
Of course I did.
You know I did.

Oh, the penlight! You were so busy
earlier, you didn't notice
that you dropped it.

I picked it up and kept it safe for you.



I altered Dad's design
so that it could be multiplied
without diluting its power.

To my mentor, Barton.

And to my love.


Oh! Oh!
It's bad.


You have to fix this now.
Oh, oh.

What? What? What happened?
Zenzi, one second.

Someone sabotaged my code.

The pH balance of the champagne
has been multiplied
by a degree of negative one!
Susannah's asking for you,
and so is everyone else.


Please don't tell me that we ran
out of champagne flutes,
and we have
to use drinking glasses instead.

No, it's not that bad.

Tom was only about to
make our investors vomit the champagne.

ginger ale, baking soda.

No, no, no.

An antacid wouldn't work, but
something acidic would.

I can configure the penlight
to use the citric acid in an orange zest
to fix the pH balance of the champagne.

Multiple it by a degree of 1.

- Success.

- Okay.

We make a good team, Mr.

Yeah, well.

Let's celebrate later,
just the two of us.

- Listen
- Uh-huh, so,
scan all of this zest and then
have the servers garnish
every glass out there
before anyone drinks it.

I'm going to go have a word
with the interloper.

Zenzi, have those done
before I start my speech.


Zenzi, you're the greatest.

We also make a fantastic team.

Stop, Tom.

Good evening.

Thank you all for coming tonight.

To all of our partners and investors
and future investors.

As you all know, this is our

I would say you still look sick,
but that's just your face.

Sick with guilt because
you sabotaged my penlight.

Are you insane?
I know what that penlight
means to Lorraine.

Mm, sure.

You see these edges, honey?
They're secured.

So, you're going to have to pull
a lot harder to scalp me.

You see what the servers are doing?
They're administering my antidote.

I'm just relieved it all
worked out for the best.

For the sake of the company.

Oh, is that dandruff?
Spyware accelerated.

Se-Security protocols at five percent.

For the sake of the company,
you take it from here.

Tom, what are you doing?
The spyware is accelerating,
and I can't stop it.

I won't lose Barclay.

I know what I have to do,
and I have to do it alone.

Tom, no!
Don't be stupid.

Send voice note.
Rowan, meet me
at Swift Manor observatory,
or I'll confront Eskol
about everything you've done.

P-Protocol's 2.

Why are you surveilling me?
You tell me I deserve to know
what happened to my dad,
and then you ghost me?
It doesn't make sense.

You are one dumb genius.

The Road Back is no joke.

They take out anyone who's in
their way, including their own.

You're going to get me killed.

How am I in their way? Huh?
What are they after? Tell me.

Do not put your hands on me.

Tell me.

You're a coward.

Admit you feel something between us.

I'm telling you right now
to leave me alone.

I will leave you alone.

But only if you tell me
right here, right now,
can I trust you?

Thought you said I couldn't trust you.

Protocol's 2.

This is your last warning.

I saved your life again.

Don't make me take it next.

You thought my biceps were just
for thirst traps?
You're on the wrong side.

The Road Back hates technology?
All right, bet.

I'm gonna make it so they can't
even brush their teeth
without seeing a Swift
Enterprises pop-up telling them
that their breath stinks.

If you think this is
about a better smartphone,
you're mistaken.

The Road Back wants
to turn back the clock to a time
when people like themselves
were fully in charge.

Pissing them off with a new gadget
might win a battle,
but you need to focus
on winning the war.

everyone you love will end up dead.

bioadaptive cream
that perfectly matches your skin tone.

Tom, 0.

The breach is almost
through my firewall.

I'm using his DNA
to unlock his phone.

I'm in.
Okay, I'm locating
the spyware host now.


How are you?
I am exceptional.


Welcome home, buddy.

I missed you.

So, we're in the clear?
Better than that.

I removed the spyware,
but left the surveillance
software monitoring us.

I created a partition that will allow us
to feed the enemy whatever info we want.

So, no matter who Eskol's working with,
we'll control what they learn.

Reclaiming the tactical advantage.

I appreciate that,
but let's have a refresher chat
about risk mitigation
moving forward.


Good night,

What's wrong?
Today, during fencing tryouts,
I knew what my opponent
was gonna do before he did it.

It's called good instincts.

That's the stuff we
were practicing, right?
It It's like I was hallucinating.

Almost like I could see
electricity moving the nerves
in his muscles.

When did this start happening?
Couple weeks ago.

It's off and on.

I heard Aunt Lorraine
talk about it once.

My mom went through
something like this when I was three.

Right before she left me.

She went crazy.

What if that's happening to me?
Listen to me.

You are not her.

Whatever's going on with you,
we'll figure it out,
and we'll deal with it.

I just want to talk to my mom.

Maybe she'd have some answers.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for having me.

Yo! Susannah.
How did you like
the closing ceremony?
Well, Claire really wowed
everyone with Swift Enterprises'
- plans for the future.

- Okay.

Investors were impressed.

So what are we talking?
Another 100 mil, easy?
- Mm.

- Mm.

I want to say it's not personal, but,
actually, it kind of is.

Swift Enterprises isn't getting
another dime out of me.

You see,
my family's faith was with Barton.

Mine's supposed to be with you.

Not Claire Cormier.
I don't follow her on Instagram.

I follow you.

You are the genius inventor.

You have the Swift last name,
so when you literally walk away
from an opportunity
to connect to the company,
you show me you can't do
what I did with mine.

Wait a minute.
It's not like that.

I just I had to go handle Well
fewer words, more actions, yeah?
Love the shoes, though.

What on earth were you thinking?
The lack of Susannah's faith
in the company will cause
a domino effect.

I will find a way to win her back.

Your way was tonight.

Just trust me.
How am I supposed to trust you
after all of this?
You know, half of these people
traveled around the world
to have a personal audience with you.

What was so important that you could
not complete your obligations, Tom?
All I needed was
15 minutes more of you
acting like an adult.

I thought there would be less
pressure on you now
Less pressure?
Without your father here.

- I know he was hard on you, but
- Oh.

That's a nice way of putting it.

What are you really trying to say?
You think I don't know
you're relieved that he's gone?
I'm not relieved.
You don't understand.

Then make
Make me understand it.

I'm not relieved, because he's not
He's not what?
Otherwise, everyone
you love will end up dead.

Your father is not what?
He's not the reason I left early.

It's just
ever since he died,
I haven't felt like myself.

I built his ship.

And then, I watched it explode.

It is the last thing I see
when I close my eyes.

And it is the first thing
I see when I wake up.


Baby, it's okay.
It's okay.

I know.
I know.
I know.
I know.

I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry to bother you so late.

- It's Lino.

- Is he all right?
He's upset, and he was asking
about his mother.

No, we don't talk about my sister.

I need you to find someone.

Time magazine sent over highlights
for their article on the summit.

They are calling it
the "Tech Event of the Year.
You should be proud.


You know I'm your friend
before an employee.

What's wrong?
Tom just told me his grief
is clouding his judgment.

I'm-I'm losing faith
he can lead the company
in his current state.

We'll find a way forward.

After you get some rest.

Did you like the sleep gel
from the other night?
Oh, yes, I did.

I slept like a baby.

I I always have it on me.

It helps me with with headaches.


I'm glad you told me
about Tom's mental distress.

It's so important
that he doesn't struggle alone.

Hold out your finger.

Since Tom is so emotionally unstable,
the best way we can help him
is by providing supervision.

Sign these,
and I'll have discretionary approval
over all of his
Swift Enterprises requests.

I promise you,
I'll look after Tom.

I'll make sure he's safe.

Not bad for a 12.
4 chance
of success, huh?
Always bet on Black.

Okay, Barclay.

Good to have you back.


You promised me a celebration.

No glasses?
Who needs glasses when we have mouths?

Ah, damn.



Come here, tech daddy.

It's bug-free.
We can speak.

We didn't get the data from his AI,
I found another way in.

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