Tom Swift (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

... And the Crashed Cotillion

I'm Tom Swift. Inventor, billionaire,
shoe collector extraordinaire.
But none of that was good enough
for my dad.
I thought if I built him
a spaceship to Saturn,
I could earn his love, but
his mission ended tragically.
Or so I thought.
Turns out, it was sabotage.
My father survived the attack,
and sent me a message capsule
with the data I need
to rescue him from space.
But it exploded
when it entered the atmosphere.
Now I have to find
the pieces of that capsule
and reassemble my dad's message.
A global conspiracy called The
Road Back is standing in my way.
So I can only trust my squad
my best friend, Zenzi,
my bodyguard, Isaac,
my adopted brother, Lino,
and my AI, Barclay.
Together we're going to find
my father and bring him home.
Let's review.
Capsule piece retrieval mission
number three.
This time, no detours, kidnappings,
or rogue dates
so we can rescue my dad
before The Road Back discovers
he's still alive.
He sent me a message capsule.
And the capsule exploded
in the atmosphere.
And once we reassemble it
We can decipher the message
and rescue Barton.
We've got this, boss.
Scheduled touchdown: 1500.
In Utah's Snow Canyon State Park.
Look at us.
We are getting the hang of this.
Incoming call from Usurper.
Hello, Tom.
Your access to the Swift Jet
has been revoked.
You can't ground me.
You don't have any authority.
No, but Lorraine Swift does.
Why did business affairs
notify me you approved
a Swift spa resort
in Langstonville, Oklahoma?
It's actually a funny story
Our investors disagree.
Since the Saturn disaster, our stock
has plummeted. Now I'm fielding calls
asking if we're sinking millions
into travel wellness.
- Mm.
- What am I supposed to say, Tom?
That Oklahoma is the new Tulum?
Look, it might take a few years
"Years"? The company is struggling now.
You're a mess.
You need a wake-up call.
And maybe losing your title
and resources will achieve that.
I'm suspending you from your
position at Swift Enterprises.
What?! I am working
on something right now.
I need access to the
It's for the best.
Not everyone has a mind for business.
Then let me learn.
Not my old job.
Entry level.
Let me work my way up
and earn my old job back.
If you're serious
I'll see you tomorrow.
7:00 a.m.
Going to see Bio-Mom.
Don't be mad.
How do you know where she is?
Wait for me.
We need to finalize
the Tubman Group Cotillion plans.
Pastor, it has been difficult.
- Barton loved the cotillion.
- Yes.
This will be the first year
in 25 he isn't by my side.
The thought of being
at this celebration,
and then looking over
at his empty chair
I can attend cotillion with you.
So you can abandon me halfway through?
Why don't I leave you to talk?
These past few weeks
have been the hardest
our family has ever faced.
And every time I've needed you,
you disappear.
I don't know, maybe I did
something wrong raising you.
I am so sorry.
I know that I've been distracted lately.
But I'll be there.
I promise.
By your side,
all night.
I hope so.
We said we'd talk with Lorraine first.
How did you even find her?
You said Newburgh.
I googled "Newburgh treatment facility."
I keep seeing weird things,
like my senses are bending.
Aunt Lorraine said
my mom used to see things.
Maybe she can help.
Well, you've got the Swift
flair for the dramatic.
Actually, it's a
distinctly Warren trait.
Barton wouldn't know
flair if you fired it up his ass.
Oh, my Lino.
You have such an appetite.
There's a great Ethiopian
restaurant nearby.
You can leave here?
I'm not a prisoner.
I-I just keep a room here for when
I need rest.
How come you never came to see me?
I never stopped wanting to.
But Lorraine, my sister,
she craves control.
And when I wouldn't submit,
she hit me with
- a restraining order.
- "A restraining order"?
One turbulent episode years ago,
she lost it,
using my setbacks against me.
Can I be here? I-I don't want
to get you in trouble.
You approached me.
So it's fine.
And your cotillion
means you're nearly grown.
So Lorraine should let you
make your own decisions.
Lino, isn't there
something you wanted to ask?
Yeah, yeah. Okay.
This is gonna sound weird.
But when I get stressed,
it's like I feel energy around me.
Electricity crackling through things.
Has that ever happened to you?
It hasn't.
But it sounds
There's nothing wrong with you.
You and I, we just
we just deal with stress differently.
When I get overwhelmed when
I'm around too many people,
or in an unfamiliar place, I, um
I calm myself by picturing
a setting that-that's peaceful.
this garden.
Can I, can I show you
a breathing exercise?
You trace your finger up
as you breathe in, and then
down the other side as you breathe out.
In out.
You don't get stressed?
Come see me again.
We need to loop in Lorraine.
I would love
to be part of your life, Lino.
It's my first day in the bullpen. I'm
Tom Swift. I know.
Everyone knows.
I'm Quinn, Claire's assistant.
We've met multiple times.
Your first assignment:
copy-edit blurbs
for your latest products
so I can import them into Canva
for Claire's investor presentation.
I'm a world-changing inventor.
just feels like a waste of my talents.
Yeah, that's kind of what working is.
Zenzi, hey!
What? Um, we were looking for somebody
- who enjoyed copy-editing and
- Okay, well
I thought of you.
You know I never
thought I'd see the day that
Tom Swift would have
to fix comma splices.
spli-splices. I know what those are.
See, this is what happens
when you let Barclay complete
your MIT writing requirement.
Just it'll be faster
- if I start it off for you.
- Okay.
Ah, ah, ah, careful.
Claire didn't want you just
falling back on Zenzi.
- How is Claire gonna know?
- Zenzi!
Ooh! Mm-mm!
A word?
Tom's suspension has created
a power vacuum.
I'm in the market for someone to mentor.
You and I can lead SE into a new era.
I'm offering you a big step up.
Yeah, I can't stab Tom in the back.
He's been in the bullpen
for five minutes,
and already asking you to do his work.
You can't shine if you're always
cleaning up after someone else.
My offer expires in 24 hours.
You can go.
There's something in the mailroom.
Unless it's Rome Flynn gift
wrapped, why are you telling me?
You asked for all
of Tom's mail to be monitored.
X-ray flagged a strange package
with a message written on it.
"Urgent. Tom, I believe
this belongs to you."
No return address.
Bring it to me.
Capsule piece scanners have found
a signature inside the building.
Inside the building?
Hacking into Swift security
Claire has a capsule piece.
Got your morning chai.
- What's that?
- An anonymous package.
It has the same copper alloy used
on Barton's spacecraft, but
I don't recognize the design.
Do you, Tom?
Uh let me see it.
It's just some vintage Swift tech
- that I ordered.
- Oh.
It's my personal property, Claire.
It's a piece of unknown technology
that came addressed to the company.
Dr. Wilson
please run a diagnostics check on that.
Yeah, sure.
That's lukewarm.
Try again.
Oh, you look so handsome.
Even if you won't cut your hair.
I'm looking forward
to our mother-son dance.
Since it is rite of passage or whatever,
um, could my mom come?
Violet is not part of our family.
I'm old enough to decide
Angelino Kareem Swift.
Your, uh, bow tie is too loose.
Thank you.
And while you're here
You are a Swift now, and you deserve
to look fabulous. Look at that.
Thank you.
Why would someone mail us
a capsule piece?
Maybe it's some kind of trap.
Mm. We can solve that later. Right now,
we need to get it back from Claire's
poorly manicured clutches.
Meet the CEO vault.
Nine inches of reinforced steel
only accessible
from my dad's old office.
Designed by yours truly.
I'll disable the cameras,
bypass the biometric security,
and lift the capsule piece.
All on a Sunday.
Why the rush?
Claire recognized the outer casing
as the same unique alloy
used on Barton's spaceship.
Her head of tech is
already investigating.
Wilson's gonna find a creation timestamp
is dated after my dad's ship exploded.
Meaning they'll see it was created
after Barton supposedly died.
Anyone discovers
that my dad is still alive,
it's only a matter of time
before The Road Back finds out.
You two need to keep Claire
and Lorraine busy at the cotillion,
while I go get heisty with it.
"The cotillion"? So we're just gonna
conveniently forget
my past with the uppity
and myopic excuse
for DuBois' Talented Tenth?
They dropped me
like last year's outlet rejects
when my parents lost their money.
Those debutantes gossiped
and spread rumors.
And Regina Jackson?
May her ankles ever be ashy!
stole my escort.
It was hell.
This is to save my dad.
Hmm? Okay!
That sounds like a yes sigh. Good, um
let's prepare a vault heist, shall we?
Message from Quinn: "Where are you?
"It's 3:00 p.m.
People still work at 3:00 p.m.
Unsure if you're aware."
Do jobs just expect you
to be available at all times?
But I finished all my work
for today, so
Yeah, that is the fun thing about work.
There is always more.
Looks like Claire lost
her reading glasses again.
50th time today.
A purse full of backups?
You must be really good at your job.
Yeah, tragically good.
You know, I
joined Swift to be a
concept artist, but I was told
I had to "pay my dues"
as Claire's assistant first.
That was four years,
one week and two days ago.
And I'm still handing out glasses
instead of improving designs.
Improving my company designs?
- Yes.
- Okay.
Show me what you got.
Come on.
Your AR Monovision.
If you change the component
from a solid lens to a liquid polymer,
you could apply it
to windows, windshields
for an AR experience anywhere.
This is tremendously good Q.
- No.
- Okay, no, uh
- Q-dawg?
- No! No!
Okay, look, I feel like
you do not like me very much
and I don't know why.
Take out your phone.
Come on, take out your phone,
tweet something like, uh
"Boring day at Swift Enterprises.
Got to shake things up."
He posted.
Code Tom! Code Tom!
You spout off and
Swift stock dips three points.
Suddenly budgets are slashed,
projects are shelved,
contractors are laid off.
There are real consequences and
you don't even realize it.
Aw, crap!
Okay, I just I got to go handle
some cotillion stuff, but Yeah.
I appreciate you.
Thank you.
Mission: save my relationship
with my mom,
while heisting the capsule piece
to save the life of my dad.
Claire limited my company access
to only inventions
I've written copy for.
Swift Lush Nanocream and AR Monovision.
But I have other inventions
I can draw from.
What car, Tom?
Hmm, the red Corvette.
A beast to race from cotillion
to Swift Enterprises. What shoe?
Uh, black leather ankle boots.
Perfect for both cotillions and crime.
While I'm breaking into the CEO vault,
I need both of you at the cotillion.
Isaac, you'll wear the Insta-Tom.
Conceived after too many
New Year's Eve invites.
Oh, yes, back in the day,
I had to be in five places
at one time without losing
links in my hoe-tation.
It'll project
a hologram of my face onto your body
and mimic my voice. Hmm?
I had a nightmare like this once.
Ooh, forgot to turn
the voice function on.
This is my nightmare, too.
Lorraine will know I'm not you.
Just stay in her line of sight.
I'll be back in 45 minutes,
just in time for Lino's debut.
We have two days to prep, okay?
Haven't been able to tell
Lorraine about Violet yet.
Be patient.
No one cares what I want.
Rolling Meadows Extended Care.
I'd like to speak
to Violet Warren, please.
Please hold.
Black cotillions are a
tradition that spans back a century.
A rite of passage for our young people
to celebrate their beauty,
their legacy, and their accomplishments.
You're here.
I owe Claire $20.
Oh, I came just in time
to witness that entrance.
You could give lessons.
You think Naomi Campbell created
her walk all by herself?
She looks about
as happy as a child being dragged
to a ten-hour braid appointment.
You know, if you really want
to help me tonight,
you can convince Zenzi to give
the debutantes a pep talk.
She keeps turning me down.
I don't think I'm the right
Lino. Who's this
dapper young man?
We'd love to have you out
to the Oak Bluffs this summer.
You'd love the house our view
of the harbor is unmatched.
Especially since the $2 million
- renovation we just finished.
- Mm. Mm-hmm.
- Mm. Oh.
- Your favorite.
Champagne punch?
Uh, mm-hmm. With Grand Marnier.
- Just like at the Conservation Gala.
- Mmm!
Speaking of
have you considered donating
to the Vineyard's Conservation Project?
They're three million short.
Sounds like you have that
in the couch cushions.
Well, it's not that extensive
a renovation.
And we're barely there.
I saw Dad do that.
Anytime somebody wanted to flex,
he'd redirect to see what's
really in that bank account.
My grandparents said we can
meet our future husbands
tonight but my escort is
aggressively basic.
Oh, you owe me, Tom.
Hi. Hello. I'm Zenzi.
Uh, Mrs. Swift asked me to come
in here and check in on you ladies.
Let me guess, you're here
to tell us how important
cotillion is to our futures?
A teenager masking
vulnerability with sarcasm.
How novel.
Uh, these things just make me
a little combative.
I was tricked into being here.
I'm one of the scholarship winners.
Only accepting money means dressing
up as Tyler Perry's production
of The Nutcracker.
Listen, just remember that
you were chosen
because of your talent and intelligence.
This is not
the be-all end-all they make out to be.
Zenzi Fullington.
If it wasn't for that same fivehead,
I might not have recognized you.
Sounds like you don't think
cotillion is important.
Regina Jackson.
Because of course.
I was simply explaining
that the cotillion
doesn't have to dictate
your entire life.
Then why do girls like you
whine about being left out?
What you pretend is "elitism"
is actually just having
high standards, but I guess
that's hard for the Swift
charity case to understand.
Zenzi's escort dropped her
in high school.
And her ex-boyfriend Marcus
just did the same thing.
She never makes the cut.
So you see, girls,
what happens at cotillion
does impact the rest of your life.
Zenzi? Oh, are you all right?
- Come on, I'm about to leave.
- Just give me a second.
- I need a second.
- No, no, Claire is here now.
I don't have time to play "guess
Zenzi's crisis" right now.
Can you just think
about somebody else, please,
for just one second, okay?
Regina Jackson is here.
- And she just
- So what? Listen.
I'm trying to save my dad,
and you're upset
that mocha Rachel McAdams
hurt your feelings.
Girl, prioritize.
Do you know that every
one of your feelings
becomes my top priority, okay?
You should be just
as mad at her as I am.
Why aren't you pissed?
- Why aren't we keying her car?
- Okay.
Okay, listen.
What is the quickest way to
solve this unremarkable drama,
- so that we can get back?
- Did you just call me "unremarkable"?
If that's true, then why
do you need me so much?
Huh? To copy edit?
To-to help you pull off this heist?
You think I'm lost without you?
Look, I invented an engine that
sent the first human to Saturn.
I literally change the world.
Thousands of scholarship winners
could change the world if they had
the resources you have.
You are not remarkable, Tom.
You're just rich.
Let's put on the Insta-Tom.
You will be fine.
- Same tux.
- Different body.
- Comparable body.
- Sure.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
You can't get the device wet.
Hey, move.
Activate voice mimicking.
Please tell me you're not
entranced by your own face.
Guess you'll never know.
Off to the capsule heist.
Next guard sweep is
in three minutes, Tom.
Okay, Nanocream should mimic
the last fingerprint pattern.
Next, iris and vocal recognition.
Claire Cormier.
I've never been more basic.
Input security code.
"Security code"?
The vault doesn't have a security code.
Diagnostics indicate
the keypad has been recently added
by Claire.
Does everyone grope this boy?
Tom. Tom, hi, darling
Listen, sweetheart, I wanted to
You changed your tie.
Oh. Um.
You know, well, um
Cardi B says you haven't made it
until you have seven outfit changes.
Oh. And, uh, oh, and this one looks
- a lot better in the spotlight.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Listen.
I've been hard on you lately.
But i-it's only because I love you.
I have every faith that you can reach
your highest potential.
I will always be in your corner.
There's nothing you can do
to make me love you less.
Uh, sometimes
I don't realize how luck
I forget how lucky I am to have
a mom like you.
um, I, um
I'll be right back.
Message from Isaac: "S.O.S."
"Insta-Tom broken. Your mom's alone.
Get back!"
Uh, crap!
Uh, text Zenzi!
Zenzi has blocked you across all
modes of communication. Even LinkedIn.
Mm. Savage.
Uh, look, I can't get
this wiring, Barclay.
I-I need the tools from my old office.
Your old office is unavailable.
Are you concerned that Zenzi's
assessment of you being nothing
without your resources is accurate?
30 seconds
until guard sweep.
We caught him in your office, ma'am.
Wouldn't it have been easier
to just I don't know, Tom
Tell me what it is?
It's a piece of my father's spaceship.
I believe it might be the black box
with his last words on it.
Well, how do you access it?
If you hold down
the green transmission button
and the gray power control,
it should activate.
Now, please
let me examine it.
Your newfound humility is refreshing,
- I'll let you know what I find.
- Claire, don't
Claire Cormier.
This is Barton Swift.
My will is to be amended
so that my wife, Lorraine,
and my son, Thomas, receive
an equal split of Swift Enterprises.
I know you will guide Tom
to be my successor.
To my wife my love,
my everything.
I need to say
The data was corrupted.
The device, like, disintegrated
- in my hands.
- No.
You did something to it.
I know it.
If I were you, Tom,
I would hurry back to the cotillion.
Don't worry.
I won't tell your mother about this.
I wouldn't want to disappoint
her more than you already have.
There you are.
I thought you disappeared right
before the mother-son dance.
Lino's up.
Escorting Ms. Damon
is Mr. Angelino Kareem Swift.
Captain of the water polo team,
the lacrosse team and
the track team.
Presented by
Presented by
Ms. Violet Warren.
I'm surprised to see her.
Yes, it's Lorraine's sister.
Wasn't she committed?
Don't you worry about her.
The parents will now join
their children in a waltz.
- Look at her.
- Violet
What's wrong with her?
Look. Look.
So many people
- Violet
- Look at her.
What's wrong with her?
Mom, what's wrong?
Get away!
- Mom, you're hurting me.
- You can't have him!
- He's my son!
- Violet, listen to me, listen to me.
You need to let Lino go.
- Let him go.
- Get away!
I keep the light safe.
I keep the light safe!
They're trying to torture me.
They're trying to torture me!
They're trying to torture
me because I'm special.
And I, I protect the light.
Tom, we need to get her someplace safe.
She said the garden was a safe place.
Mom, imagine a garden.
Auntie Vi, look at me!
- Aah!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, shh, listen.
Look at this new invention I created.
Huh? Want to put that on?
Okay. Hmm? Okay?
I am right here.
Oh. Oh!
Tom, what did you do?
I brought her to a virtual garden.
How did she get here?
I'm sorry.
I was trying to help.
Lino is going through a hard time.
A boy needs his mother.
Do you know how I got custody of Lino?
Child Protective Services called me,
asking if I had been in contact
with Violet. No one had seen her
or Lino for weeks.
I raced over to their house
and I found him all alone.
He'd been living off
of old peanut butter,
half the size of a
normal three-year-old.
Covered in bruises
I took him in.
I raised him.
I love him.
I am his mother.
Barton hired you to protect us.
And tonight, you brought harm
- to our doorstep.
- Mrs. Swift
Effective immediately, you are no
longer an employee of this household.
I am so sorry.
You have visions because
you are an experiment.
You are the light.
When she was first diagnosed
with schizophrenia,
right before she graduated high school,
we tried to get her help.
But she couldn't see she had a problem.
Refused the medication.
So the best I could do
was to donate a wing
to a treatment facility
so that they'd always
keep a bed open for her.
I was trying to protect Lino
by keeping them apart
until he could understand.
- I am sorry. I wish I could
- No, honey, listen.
You were wonderful.
Your your invention.
Your brilliance.
You saved the day.
Maybe I was too harsh
about your suspension.
You showed great leadership tonight.
But I've been careless of my actions
and how they affect others.
Tonight doesn't make up for that.
That is the maturity
that I've always wanted to see.
I'm reinstating you
to your previous position.
We need you.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, Claire's assistant,
Quinn, could I promote them to R&D?
They have some very useful ideas.
All right.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
Honey, everyone will stare.
- I can't
- Come on.
That walk deserves
another entrance moment.
And everybody's always staring.
We're Swifts.
After you.
My, my, my.
How far the Swifts have fallen.
You really haven't changed
since high school.
Retinoids and Botox.
No, I mean that you're still
so miserable that you delight
in others' misfortune.
You know, I'm happy to be a Swift
charity case, because they only support
promising ideas.
Who's supporting your Botox,
And I'd up that Botox dosage.
You're looking a little creased.
I was wrong tonight.
Look, if being at the cotillion
hurts this much for you,
then I need to respect it.
Sorry I pushed you, sis.
I'm sorry, too.
You are remarkable.
Claire asked me if I wanted a promotion.
I turned her down.
- Because of me? Oh, that is not my
- Oh, no, mm-mm.
Because I don't want to work
for anyone else anymore.
Yeah, I'm starting
a tech incubator at Swift Enterprises.
To identify up-and-coming inventors
who haven't had all the
same opportunities as
Yeah, it'll be a new frontier
in Swift innovation.
And I'm gonna run it.
And Claire said yes.
Sounds great, Zenzi.
- Mm.
- I approve.
I wasn't asking
for your permission.
Where are we with uploading
the capsule piece data?
100% complete.
We have all the data from
the destroyed capsule piece.
25 seconds!
Barclay, this is the liquid
AR Monovision prototype.
Upload a decaying version of Dad's video
to the polymer as I'm spraying
it onto Claire's glasses.
The video will play when
she activates the capsule piece.
Replace the audio with the following.
This is Barton Swift.
My will is to be amended
so that my wife,
Lorraine, and my son, Thomas,
receive an equal split
of Swift enterprises.
I know you will guide Tom
to be my successor.
To my wife, my love,
my everything
Lorraine fired me.
I was the one that helped
Lino find Violet and
It's all my fault.
I'm looking for Tom right now,
but I haven't been able to find him.
Whoa! No!
What are you doing?! Ah!
- Get the watch!
- Let go of me. Ah!
Get the legs.
Let me go!
Let me out of here!
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