Tom Swift (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

... And the Benefits of Bondage

I'm Tom Swift, inventor, billionaire,
shoe collector extraordinaire.
But none of that was
good enough for my dad.
I thought if I built him
a spaceship to Saturn
I could earn his love.
But his mission ended
tragically, or so I thought.
Turns out it was sabotage.
My father survived the attack
and sent me a message capsule
with the data I need
to rescue him from space.
But it exploded
when it entered the atmosphere.
Now, I have to find
the pieces of that capsule
and reassemble my dad's message.
A global conspiracy called The Road Back
is standing in my way,
so I can only trust my squad:
my best friend Zenzi,
my bodyguard Isaac,
my adopted brother Lino,
and my A.I. Barclay.
Together, we're going to find my father
and bring him home.
(ON MESSAGE): What's
up? It's Tom. Text me. (BEEPS)
Hey. Hey, it's me again.
I'm sure by now
your mother has informed you
of my, uh, dismissal.
But I'd really like to explain.
Big Latto ♪
Pooh, you a fool for this one,
pooh, you a fool for this ♪
Oh, Lord, Jetson made another one ♪
It's givin' boss,
boss, boss, boss, boss, boss ♪
It's givin' boss, boss, it's givin' ♪
It's givin' bad, bad, bad, bad ♪
What old Claire gonna do? Nothin' ♪
What old girl gonna do? Nothin' ♪
Mm ♪
I got my own incu, incu ♪
You weren't answering your phone.
(EXHALES) That's because being
your own hype woman takes focus.
I found Tom's watch on the
ground next to his Corvette.
The side mirror was broken,
and there was a handprint on the window.
You do know he's meticulous
about his vehicles.
I think Tom's in trouble.
Oh, I can't do nothing without him
getting in my way!
You know what? He better be dead,
or I swear to God I'm gonna kill him.
ISAAC: Lorraine won't
be happy to see me here.
ZENZI: Don't worry, she's
detoxing from the cotillion
in Martha's Vineyard.
Barclay, where's Tom?
BARCLAY: Powering up now.
Hey, we're gonna find him.
You haven't let anyone down.
Since when does Barclay
need time to power up?
Tom is late for his
8:00 a.m. cycling class
with Sir Cody Rigsby.
Tom never misses Cody.
Locate his phone, please.
Locating. Barclay, run an analysis
on this handprint I just sent you.
You have been released
from your security duties.
Request denied.
Barclay, just run the print.
- Yes, Zenzi.
- Unbelievable.
The handprint belongs to Tom.
Tom would never leave
a handprint on a Corvette.
Wh When did you last see him?
Just after 7:00 p.m.
I was still looking for him at 7:50 p.m.
when I left you a voice mail.
7:46 was is I took
my electromagnetic pulse nap.
Tom wouldn't expose Barclay
to an electromagnetic pulse.
Too harsh.
And it would damage memory access.
what did you see just
before taking that nap?
Technically, I didn't see anything.
Swift Manor security cameras did.
As Tom was leaving the cotillion,
I heard a car screech to a halt.
I then heard Tom grunting
and breathing heavily
before his pulse accelerated to 146 BPM.
That's when I was hit with an EMP.
From that moment on, I was in
sleep mode till you woke me.
Barclay, engage side-ho protocol.
- Engaging.
- What?
It's basically when you give
a spare key to a side-ho
so they can just pop in whenever
no one else is around.
Basically, you and I will both be able
to access Barclay on our devices
while we look for Tom.
Might I add there's still the matter
of capsule piece number four.
Tom was unable to retrieve it yesterday
due to the Swift jet being grounded.
No, we can't save Barton without Tom.
It'll have to wait.
- Yeah.
- BARCLAY: Triangulation complete.
Tom's phone is located in 82 locations
across the state of New York.
The signal's been cloned
and scattered to throw us off.
Who would have the resources to do that?
Where did The Road Back take Tom?
This is the last time
you put your hands on me.
Where is he?
The Road Back did not kidnap Tom.
If they had, I would have
been the one to do it,
but I didn't.
See you on the run ♪
Boy, what the hell do you have on?
Ass-whuppin' clothes.
You want to try them?
How are you so sure
he's been taken and not
just off being Tom?
There's video.
- I'll help you find him.
- Nah. No, you're not
Tom's my assignment.
I've been instructed to observe him.
Observe for what?
Who instructed you? The congressman?
That's no longer an issue
if he's been taken.
If I've lost him, I'm in more trouble
than either of you can imagine.
BARCLAY: Rowan did save
Tom's life during our SCIF mission.
Look, we have no reason
not to trust him right now.
Do you really want
to deny help finding Tom?
But if The Road Back didn't kidnap Tom,
then who the hell did?
What the hell is this ungodly thing?

"Invent the power
your freedom requires."
Or what?

BARCLAY: This is where I had my
last active interface location with Tom.
Retrieving backup memory now to replace
the 12% I lost in last night's EMP.
Then I can go back to helping people
who actually are Swift employees.
Barclay and I get that
when you're out of
the Swift family, you're out
But you and I are good, right?
No exceptions. Still processing.
Backup retrieved, memory complete.
This is where Tom accessed
the last capsule piece.
And where Claire destroyed it.
She what?
If Claire destroyed the
capsule piece last night,
then it was probably taken to
the incinerator this morning.
Barclay said that even though Claire
destroyed the physical capsule piece,
Tom was able to retrieve
the information that was on it.
Whoever sent that capsule piece
was probably watching him
long enough to know that he wanted it.
I mean, they were probably watching
when he was kidnapped.
Or maybe they're the kidnapper?
Either way, I didn't find
any relevant information
on the Swift Enterprises
security cameras
or in Tom's files.
Finding out who sent that capsule piece
is our only lead.
I'll see if I can scan it before
Excuse me.
Can one of you show me the ransom note?
Maybe I can analyze it.
There wasn't a ransom note.
ROWAN: Neither of you found that odd?
The kidnappers must want something.
Unless their plan is to kill Tom.
No. We must have just overlooked
the ransom note at Swift Manor.
Rowan and I will head back
while you and Barclay
check the incinerator for evidence.
All right, make a working
cell phone battery
out of impossible parts.
Do you just want money?
Guess not.
Maybe I can charge the phone using
Okay. That is not the answer.
Focus, Tom.
I don't have access to
all of my usual tech, but
how about access to yours?
You told me to use
everything in front of me.
That camera is in front of me.
And so are all of its parts.
Ah ha!

Static electricity from my body
should be able to
Come on, come on, come
on, come on. (PHONE CHIRPS)
We appreciate your participation, Tom.
My name is Garrett.
This is the woman whose life
is now in your hands.
She's currently trapped
in a confined space
and running out of oxygen.
You are free to go if you wish,
but she will die.
Or you can stay, complete your trials,
and save her life.
The choice is yours.
Why are you doing this?
How do I know she's even real?
Do it.
- Please!
Please, someone help me!
I'm in.
Then I suggest you work fast
because the game has now begun.
Your goal is to pass
through this obstacle course
and obtain the flag
without getting a drop of paint
on your clothing.
In addition, you must not run
outside of the marked perimeter.
Friendly reminder, a woman's
life is in your hands.
WOMAN (IN DISTANCE): Can anyone hear me?
Please, help!
GARRETT: The woman's
oxygen is running out quickly.
Your time begins now.

He did mention paint.

ZENZI: What the hell is going on?
How did someone break in here
while we were gone?
ROWAN: Whoever did this
wanted us to know they were here.
(SCOFFS) Uh This-this is
This is, this
What happened?
I don't know. I don't know.
Barclay, did the security
cameras catch who did this?
BARCLAY: They did not.
All security cameras
seem to have been disabled.
Are you okay?
I'll be fine.
Well, shall we commence
searching for a ransom note?
Hey, uh, were you able
to scan the capsule piece
before it was incinerated?
Yeah, yeah.
Barclay's running an analysis
- on it now.
- Okay.
Zenzi, any chance Tom's A.I.
can scan this shoeprint?
The dirt, as well.
BARCLAY: I'm on it.
Decomposed specialized granite.
Production of this particular granite
halted in the early 1990s.
Narrowing down former
warehouse locations.
Stand by for an address.
What if the kidnappers
were searching for
a specific Swift technology?
If we figure out what they took,
we might be able to
figure out who took it,
and who took Tom.
You see anything missing?
It's hard to tell.
I would say his smartwatch, but
he was wearing that,
and Isaac found it this morning.
He was also wearing
his, uh, power-down ring.
You think he still is?
What's a power-down ring?
Tom invented it to power
down paparazzi cameras
'cause they never got his good side.
But if his kidnappers
left the ring on him,
he could weaken electronics of theirs.
If I cheat, they kill us.
Maybe eighth time's the charm.
Of course.

Bad man ♪
Stand on the shoulders of giants ♪
Ain't nobody gonna defy us ♪
Ain't nobody gonna deny us ♪
What if I folded them?
If I reduce the volume of
the top and the bottom,
they'll travel farther.
Okay, based on the spray pattern
and velocity,
I should be able to
You ain't gonna stop me ♪
Ain't gonna stop me ♪
Ain't gonna stop me ♪
Yes! Whoo!
I wake up like this every morning ♪
Man, I ain't about to blow it ♪
So you can't tell me nothin',
you ain't me ♪
I been popping like the AMC ♪
I been dropping like I take a knee ♪
And they been copping like LAPD ♪
I'm winning, I'm winning ♪
Let's go!
I know they was hoping
I'm finished, nah ♪
This is only the beginning ♪
Tell me I can't do something again!
Tell me! Tell me!
(GRUNTING) Ha, ha!
Congratulations, Tom.
You've completed the trial.
- Damn right I completed it.
Ain't gonna stop me ♪
- Ain't gonna stop me. ♪
- Really, bitch?
Sure you got the right
warehouse, Barclay?
BARCLAY: You sure you
want to start with me again?
Oh, God, Tom!
What is this? What is this?
- Could be an antidote to revive him.
- Or something to kill him.
You better not die.
Are you okay?
I feel like a million bucks.
- So I've been better.
How did you know it was safe?
Well, I got a five in AP Chem.
That's the compound for epinephrine.
He's had worse things inside him.
Sorry I wasn't there.
Well, you're here now.
You come to kill me or kiss me?
You're alive, aren't you?
Well, I'll pucker up later.
Let's move. Come on.
Were they Road Back?
Never said who they were
or what they wanted,
but I'm pretty sure
they're holding a woman, too.
Off grounds. We have to go save her.
You were just kidnapped
and tranquilized.
Okay? We need to get you some rest.
You need to tell
Aunt Lorraine what happened.
My mom has enough on her plate.
As for shaking off tranquilizers
It's like you don't remember Vegas.
Whole life forever. Come on, y'all.
Uh, wait
ZENZI: We can look for the hostage.
You should head to Utah, at least.
Get the next capsule piece.
We'll lose Uncle Barton if you don't.
Dad's got months of oxygen left.
This woman, she only has minutes of it.
I can't just let them kill her.
How do you know they won't
kill you this time?
'Cause I got you now.
And two very passionate Black
men who like saving my life.
- Which means we're heading north.
- Why?
Because these digits have been glitching
for the last three minutes.
I think they're forming coordinates.
Put this into your GPS.
Yeah, but what's going on
with that countdown?
I think it's how much time she has left.
15 minutes.
Well, our ETA is looking like 20.
You know what I say about ETAs.
ISAAC: They never
hold up to your surname.
- Barclay, open.
Ah. This is more like it.
Think I have time
for a new wardrobe. (GRUNTS)
This is literally a matter
of life and death.
You're still stopping to change?
I never said we were stopping.

I call it my GO-BAGG.
Or, the ground-operated
backseat apparatus
for gear and garments.
Upgraded my Lambo after I went
too hard in Provincetown,
and only remembered
I had a funeral the day of.
Would not recommend speeding
past state troopers in a thong.
You know what?
I'm pretty sure that's what got
me out of that ticket, though.

ZENZI: Are those
Are those the Prying Eyes?
I thought they only offered
search results
for whoever you were ogling.
Okay, these have helped
me avoid relationships
and hook-ups with tons of married men.
And they should help with Garrett, too.
Next time I see him,
I'm going to read him
for the filth that he is.
And as for these,
the leather's just a vibe check.
Took me 20 years to dress how I feel.
And right now
your boy's feeling tough as hell.
Trial or rescue mission?
If it's the former, are we sure
backup's allowed?
Garrett left a syringe for you.
He's anticipating reinforcements.
Human or otherwise.
Hey, Barclay.
BARCLAY: Tom, it's so good to
Wait, is that a second watch?
Oh, trust me, this poly
situation is temporary.
I'm sure I'm not the first to hear that.
Ooh, good to see you, too.
This is where we're supposed
Side-ho, here's what I got.
Trace evidence
on the capsule package was
a DNA match to Rowan.
You good?
Barclay, keep those results
confidential for now.
Tom, slow down.
She can barely breathe.
I think it's a a vagina room.
Oh, mm, straying from your
strongest area, then.
Okay, um
What if I misunderstood the countdown?
(ELECTRONIC CHIRP) What if I'm too late?
Please comply with weapons check.
First: Swift, Tom.
Second: Fullington, Zenzi.
I have to get to her
before she suffocates.
- Tom! Tom!
- ZENZI: Tom!
The monitors, please.
Since your trials began,
we've slowly pumped nitrogen
into Room One, which is sealed,
much like Room Two.
whatever you want with me
Say "Room One," and oxygen
will fill the room
to save that woman.
But nitrogen will fill the other
and kill your friends.
Say "Room Two,"
and the reverse will happen.
If you choose neither room,
nitrogen will fill both.
You have ten seconds.
Which room gets the oxygen?
GARRETT: Three, two
Room One.
GARRETT: As a courtesy, you
now have intercom privileges.
We appreciate your participation.
Ma'am? Are you okay?
Guys, I got eyes on you.
Poison is flowing through the vent.
I-I think the five minutes
on the countdown are for you.
we are going to figure this out.
I'll cover the vent.
TOM: Okay. Search the room.
Tell me everything you find,
ordinary or not.
Uh, I see a speculum and-and a
- A what?
- Oh, to be a cisgender man. Barclay,
please look up a list of
common OB-GYN tools for Tom.
BARCLAY: Loading.
- Rowan!
- I'm fine.
This wall is softer than the others.
Some kind of weaker composite.
Okay, well, maybe it's more breakable.
Brilliant. Um, let's try something.
Move a foot to your left and
ram the wall with your shoulder.
Okay, the barrier to the room is thin.
If you can create an opening for it,
we can get enough oxygen to you. Um
We just need a drill.
I'm not seeing a drill.
You're gonna invent one.
take that stool to the wall
and turn it around, all right?
Uh, and Zenzi and Isaac,
grab the speculum
and a T-shaped screw that's
shaped like a wine opener.
Then I want you to use the medical tape
to enclose the speculum bill
around the screw.
Now, fasten the speculum to
the underside of the stem, face up.
Then I want you to take
the chair legs to the wall
and turn the seat like a wheel.
Hold on. Bring it down,
bring it down, bring it down.
Yeah, just like that.
All right.
TOM: As you open a hole in the wall,
the balance of nitrogen
and oxygen will even out.
Okay. Okay, uh
inhale and hold it now.
No, that's
You should have enough air.
Oh, we're good. We're through.
For the record, this is my second
life or death vagina room.
Girl, it's like you don't even
remember Vegas.
TOM: No. No, no, no! No!
BARCLAY: More bad news.
The Utah capsule has gone dark.
We've lost it.
TOM: Oh, no.
Mom? Mom?!
Is everyone
GARRETT: Welcome home, Tom.
GARRETT: Put your glasses on.
BARCLAY: Prying eyes activated.
GARRETT: After Tulsa,
we tried to protect ourselves.
Garvey and his pan-Africanists,
the Leaders of
the Black Freedom Movement.
From the SCLC to SNCC
to the Panthers, we tried.
And in doing so,
we went through trials of our own.
Picked ourselves up,
built something new.
We weren't as public as others,
but we funded movements.
Mutual aid, bail.
We learned hard lessons.
But everything we did
led to you.
According to these shades,
you're dead, Garrett.
And for your sake,
my friends better not be.
We're getting your friends help.
But right now I need yours.
You stole my face filter prototype
and made some adjustments,
I see.
Where are my friends?
They're being given top medical care.
They'll wake up in their cars
in a few hours.
Mm. So now they matter to you?
The company you keep will matter
more than ever now.
It's why I pushed Justin toward you.
I wanted you to have worthy confidantes
for what's coming.
But it seems you already
chose good ones.
So you were testing them, too.
They pounced on the soil sample
we left in the observatory.
Raced right into danger for you.
Zenzi, especially, kept her head
when others were losing theirs.
You counted on her recalling
the epinephrine compound?
Mom, I was 12 the last time
I needed one.
And yet she stepped up,
as did the others,
during the final trial.
And because you were able
to count on your friends,
you were able to save that woman, too.
Except you staged it all.
You know the Tubman group
for its cotillions.
But there's a sub-group within it.
We kept it secret.
Since Tulsa, a select group
of Black Americans,
including your grandfather,
worked to amass
concentrated and undetected wealth.
They aimed to form a society
untainted by white supremacy.
Like a safe space.
We've been thinking outer space.
A planet of our own.
The idea came to us 27 years ago.
Your father was at a conference
and I was six months pregnant.
Alexandra came early.
I had a sister?
Your father tried to race home.
And when I called 911,
I was in so much pain
I could barely think.
WOMAN (RECORDED): Help! Please!
Please, someone help me!
That was you?
I was alone and in premature labor.
And after, I was so afraid
that once I saw a doctor,
I trusted him completely.
His name was Dr. Garrett.
He dismissed my symptoms
of gestational diabetes
that he should have diagnosed;
symptoms I told him about.
And because he ignored me,
I never saw your sister open her eyes.
Running out of air in a contained space.
She was a stillborn.
Due to the diabetes.
And you were all alone.
Not entirely.
They did let me hold her at the end.
I am so sorry.
I had no idea.
For a long time,
I didn't know how many other Black women
had similar stories
about their doctors
or how this system hurts all of us.
Which is why your father
dreamt of a new home
for Black people.
We call it the Mountaintop Station.
And you want me to join it?
No, Tom.
We want you to build it.
And Swift Enterprises is
its only chance at funding.
You see, I-I was afraid
that if you couldn't handle
being CEO, this was beyond you.
Okay, then why bring me in now?
You were there for my sister.
Hey, shh, listen. (CRYING)
Look at this little invention
I created, huh?
Wanna put that on?
LORRAINE: You looked out for Quinn.
Claire's assistant, Quinn.
Can I promote them to R&D?
They have some very useful ideas.
You owned up to everything.
Maybe I was too harsh
about your suspension.
You showed great leadership tonight.
But I've been careless of my actions
and how they affect others.
LORRAINE: Just like
the man I knew you were.
And frankly, our timetable
has been accelerated.
Look, we're no CIA, but we know
people are looking into us.
And after the-the brutal,
one-sided police response
to protest in 2020, some of us believe
that the Mountaintop Station
was overdue.
Okay. Then why didn't you
just tell me about it?
If I treated you any differently
than any other recruit,
they wouldn't let you in.
You all had to go through
torture-porn-hell-week back there?
Well, some form of it.
To communicate the Tubman principles,
and to see which candidates
embodied them.
Your first trial,
it took after our mantra.
"Invent the power
your freedom requires."
Your freedom requires.
And the second was a test of integrity.
And you never used your ring.
So you knew what it could do.
Well, we leave cheat items
on the person of every candidate.
As for the third trial,
we needed to know that
you'd help the collective,
even at the risk of personal cost.
The woman you saw on the gurney
is from the Tubman Group,
and she's okay, don't worry.
But we did monitor
the safety of your friends,
down to the laser intensity.
The nitrogen was diluted.
But Rowan's lungs were
more contaminated than usual
for someone his age.
We would have resuscitated him
if Isaac hadn't.
So send our apologies.
So I can talk to them about all this?
Well, I'd like to have
a private discussion with Isaac,
but he and the others are approved.
That is, if you'll join us.
I'm in. I'm in.
Well, I am proud to have you.
But, Tom, the group operates
solely on trust.
And I've-I've played my part
in the lack of it between us.
I've shielded you
For more than I ever knew.
You told me that after I missed
the dedication of Dad's memorial.
Because I hadn't realized
or reached my potential.
Show me some redemption ♪
But you're reaching it now.
But there can't be secrets
between us anymore.
Oh, yeah ♪
Dad's alive.
Some redemption ♪
And I need your help to save him.
- Oh, he
- Yeah.
He's alive?
Coming from the past ♪
I been on the road, fuel running low ♪
Out of my control,
trying to grab ahold ♪
Of the strength I need ♪
TOM: Isaac, everyone's safe.
Meet me at the Manor as soon as you can,
and I'll explain it all.
But you deserve some answers now, so
I hope you're already sitting down.
The dark gives me demons ♪
Sorry. That really gets people.
Everyone's okay. Tom got out.
Then why are you here with me?
You sent the capsule piece.
Why didn't you just tell us it was you?
Because I'm trying not to get killed
by The Road Back.
But you just had to
keep digging, didn't you?
Oh, yeah ♪
Guys. We regrouping or what?
Show me some redemption ♪
Isaac? Isaac!
Oh, God. Help! Somebody help!
Tom! Tom!
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