Tom Swift (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

... And the Book of Isaac

I'm Tom Swift. Inventor, billionaire,
shoe collector extraordinaire.
But none of that was good enough
for my dad.
I thought if I built him
a spaceship to Saturn,
I could earn his love,
but his mission ended tragically.
Or so I thought.
Turns out it was sabotage.
My father survived the attack
and sent me a message capsule
with the data I need
to rescue him from space.
But it exploded
when it entered the atmosphere.
Now I have to find the pieces
of that capsule
and reassemble my dad's message.
A global conspiracy called The Road Back
is standing in my way,
so I can only trust my squad:
my best friend, Zenzi,
my bodyguard, Isaac,
my adopted brother, Lino,
and my AI, Barclay.
Together, we're going to find my father
and bring him home.
Isaac, please stay with us.
He can't hear you.
The thallium-based toxin I detected
is causing swelling in his brain.
No response from
the Swift family doctor yet.
I am going to find an antidote
for this poison.
what did the GPS on Isaac's car say?
Last night, Isaac drove
to a parking garage in Flatbush,
then to his own residence at midnight
and then to Swift Manor.
Well, um,
could someone have poisoned him
right before he got here?
Not necessarily.
Thallium is notoriously slow.
The poisoning could have happened
any time within the last few days.
Or last night. Uh
What was so important in Flatbush?
It was Rowan's parking structure.
He went to Rowan's apartment?
It was probably because Rowan's DNA
was on the packaging
of the capsule piece
- he anonymously sent.
- Wait.
Rowan sent the capsule piece?
How does Rowan know about
the capsule piece in the first place?
IDK, but the last person
who questioned Rowan
ended up with thallium poisoning.
Dr. Kay is returning your call.
I'm an hour away. How are his vitals?
Blood pressure 145/95.
- Respiration shallow.
- Well, should we
- Should we take him to the hospital?
- No.
Any movement could cause a stroke.
The Road Back might have people
at the hospital, too.
Isaac will need
potassium chloride and Prussian blue
- to flush the thallium from his body.
- Okay,
I can get those in the lab
at Swift Enterprises.
I'll see you there, Dr. Kay.
Incoming call from Quinn. Urgent.
Hey. This is not a good time,
- Quinn.
- I think you mean "thank you."
And you have a visitor.
Congress guy. Eskol. He's asking
about the Hudson
River clean energy project.
- Is-is Rowan with him?
- If by "Rowan"
you mean "the baddie
with the earring"
You know, it's hard to understand
why Quinn feels so underappreciated.
Look, we don't have time
for Eskol right now.
We have to save Isaac.
The Hudson River project
is huge PR for us.
We need to go to the office
and keep up appearances.
Okay. Okay.
We need to put on an outfit
that says "business"
instead of "our friend is dying."
You take care of Eskol.
I'll go to the lab
and then get what we need.
I got you. Okay?
Barclay, text Lino.
"Isaac needs you.
And bring Mom."
Tell Reverend Jones our
timetable needs to accelerate.
I can't say more. I
I received some information
that makes me believe
our project is in danger.
- Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
Aunt Lorraine,
- something happened.
- Before you say anything else,
there are secrets being kept
in this house.
How long have you known
Barton was still alive?
Tom told me a few weeks ago.
I'm glad he finally told you.
Aren't-aren't you happy?
Yes, happy can't even begin
to describe it.
But I am afraid of what might come next
from the people
who wanted my husband dead.
That's what I came to tell you.
They hurt Isaac.
Wait, what?
Zenzi found him in the observatory.
Wait a minute. What
was Isaac doing here?
I let him go after the cotillion.
Lino, he wanted to tell you himself.
You fired him
because he found my real mom?
- He was helping me!
- Angelino Kareem Swift,
you better take that bass out of
your voice when you speak to me.
I do not have to explain myself to you.
Did we just lose power?
Isaac's blood pressure is 190/130.
Heartbeat is abnormal.
Uh, maybe we climb up the outside wall
- and break in through a window?
- No. If the electricity's out,
the observatory becomes a panic room.
The windows can withstand
a missile strike, and this fire door
is impenetrable.
The lift is our only way to reach Isaac.
- So, if we can't open this, we are f
- Uh, language.
But yes.
Hippocampus swelling has put stress
on the brain's memory center.
Keke's like a sister.
After my girlfriend, Marissa, died,
Keke helped me get through it.
But last week,
the cops came to break
up a party she was at,
and someone dropped coke in her bag.
She can't make bail, so she's
locked up until her hearing.
Could be months away.
The wind is really picking up.
Aah! Hold down the picnic blanket.
Barton! Barton Swift!
Barton, watch out!
Watch out!
What the hell was that?
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Yeah, I'm good. Yeah.
I'm Barton Swift.
Isaac Vega.
Army Ranger.
- Where'd you serve?
- Afghanistan.
Honorably discharged two years ago.
You ever consider being a bodyguard?
You know someone looking for one?
- How's Isaac doing?
- Getting worse.
Let's deal with Eskol.
Now, are you ghosting or busy with work?
I need to know for when he asks.
Listen, you worry about
Isaac's antidote and Rowan,
I'll worry about Nathan.
I mean Congress.
I mean Congressman. Eskol.
- Nate-Nate.
- Shut up.
Ah, just the man I've been looking for.
Nice to see you again, Tom.
Ms. Fullington.
So, uh, about that Hudson River
clean energy project.
My constituents
are hounding me for updates.
And I want in.
Susannah Robb.
- Tom Swift.
- You're looking snatched
and unannounced.
Thank you. Claire said
I should stop in here,
check in on things
while she's in Boston.
Oh So thoughtful of her.
Congressman Nathan Eskol,
this is Susannah Robb.
- Hi.
- The funding genius
who has almost as many followers as me.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.
I appreciate what you're doing
for your district.
Thank you.
I saw your name in the public
disclosures for the energy project.
Speaking of that, I need to step away
to set up the conference room
for a meeting,
and I could use a hand
moving around some furniture.
You're good with your hands.
Got permission? Okay.
Meanwhile, my excellent colleagues
will update you on our progress.
If you'll excuse me, I'm
gonna take this quickly.
- Shall we?
- Absolutely.
Hmm. Waiting for him to text you back?
Um, just checking on my incubator.
Just trying to decide
which young innovator
is gonna represent us
at the Black Tech and
Engineering Conference.
Yeah. And waiting
for him to text you back.
I get it.
Just remember, the good ones,
they don't leave you on read.
Excuse me.
Love the nails.
- Trans rights, baby.
- Very that.
Um, so,
allow me to show you
the rest of the office.
- Mm-hmm. Okay.
- Claire's office is beautiful.
Isaac went to ask you
why you sent that capsule piece.
You poisoned him.
Now, you're gonna fix it.
- Calm yourself.
- Or what?
Your boss will notice?
Maybe I should let him know
you've been playing both sides.
Or you can give me some answers.
I didn't poison anyone.
But from what I gathered
in Eskol's conversations this morning,
Isaac wasn't the target. You were.
Blood oxygen level below 85%.
- Hypoxemia warning.
- Four to six hours?
No, I don't care
that the entire grid is down.
There's someone in need
He did not just hang up on me.
Some people don't like being yelled at.
Yeah, well, I wasn't yelling.
I was trying to help Isaac.
Oh, now you care about him.
I've always cared.
He was just an employee, right?
Ah. There she is.
You must be our new hire.
Mm. Hi, darling.
- Allow me to introduce my bride.
- Ah.
Darling, you need to return
the book from Reverend Jones.
- You left it in the study.
- I Mm.
Lorraine is protecting me.
The reverend is particular
about her lending library.
That she is.
Uh, headed to church?
- Oh, yes. Every Sunday.
- Mm-hmm.
You'd be welcome to join us sometime.
Let's just say it's not for me.
Okay. We'll be back this afternoon.
In the meantime, please
acquaint yourself with our son.
The lift at the end of the hallway
will take you directly
to Tom's workshop.
He told me he's busy
on some kind of special
project. Confidential.
Tom Swift?
Why do you still have your clothes on?
I'm your new bodyguard.
Your full-time vibe killer has arrived.
Isaac Vega starts today. Whomp, whomp.
Another bodyguard? Okay.
Let's see how long this one lasts.
I'll be over there if you want
to guard my body.
Oh, damn.
Somebody stole my watch.
All right! All right! Party's over!
Come on, you got to get out.
- Let's go.
- Yo, who invited Stacy Adams?
Et tu, Parker?
Hey, hey, hey. Wh-Where y'all going?
Y'all, don't listen to
him. I'm Tom Swift.
Go on home, man. Put
some damn clothes on.
- It's called fashion.
- It's Sunday.
You should be praying
instead of twerking.
Bye, Rashad.
The hell you got on?
Setting aside the fact that
The Road Back wants me dead,
we're looking for Prussian
blue and potassium chloride
to help Isaac.
My physician says those
should flush the poison out.
I checked the lab's stock report,
but somehow nothing's in the lab
even though the inventory
was just there this morning.
- Barclay, get an ETA from Dr. Kay.
- I got you.
In the meantime, Prussian
blue and potassium chloride
are the best chemicals,
but they're not the only
ones that we can use.
The lab has no supplies, though.
Then we need to clear
out the offices instead.
Look inside the employees'
personal medicine cabinets.
Tom's been working on a
prototype called Swiftsight.
It will be his most
cerebral invention yet.
VOICE: New voice mail from Lino.
Hey. Isaac's getting worse,
and we still can't open the fire door.
We could really use you and Tom.
Get to Swift Manor
- as soon as you can.
- Ms. Fullington.
Could I have a moment?
Look, uh, the way our dinner
ended the other night was, um
not ideal.
But I must say
that I haven't been ghosted
since Jane Vasquez in high school.
I think I like Jane.
Can we move past this?
I've always found that the second date
is the true barometer.
Your persistence is noted.
So is your hesitation.
Look, how can I put your mind at ease?
What have you been up to
these past few days?
Uh, Congress.
But I-I must say that I am skilled
at balancing work and pleasure.
Mm. With all your trips
outside of D.C. and New York?
Look, I-I conduct business
for my district when I travel,
but I'm seeing family.
I mean, I-I have a cousin in Dallas,
- an uncle in Portland
- Yeah.
So you're visiting
family when you take trips.
Yes. Family is very important to me.
This world
doesn't value human connection
as much as it should.
Could I borrow Zenzi? I'm having
some issues with the presentation.
Her passwords are a lot
more complicated than mine.
Isaac's running out of time.
I have a plan, but I need
this building to be empty.
It's the middle of the workday.
Do I need to explain work to you again?
Okay, tell everyone
there's a heating emergency
and that they need to evacuate now.
Barclay, commence
Operation "Hot in Herre."
Temperature rising.
I am getting so hot
Wait till you hear him sing Ashanti.
Quinn. What are you doing?
Did you not hear the announcement?
The heating system is in overdrive.
Well, I actually kind of like it warm.
Uh, BT dubs, I'm totally allowed
to be in here.
I'm actually working on that clean
energy press release in Canva.
Yeah, I'm gonna go.
Okay. Uh
- Thank you.
- Yes, you're welcome.
Okay, Barclay. Turn the heat off.
Barclay, turn the heat off!
Barclay, why can't you hear me?
Can I get a doctor?
Need a doctor over here, please.
Hey. You okay?
Yeah, you're gonna be okay.
- All right.
- Barclay,
why can't we get
this temperature back to normal?
The building's thermostat
hasn't responded to my attempts.
It's odd.
We're looking for anything
that shares ingredients
with Prussian blue and
potassium chloride.
To create a stopgap antidote.
It's the best I can do
until Dr. Kay shows up.
Look, I can't do this
if I get a heatstroke.
Per the auto-attendant,
Isaac is on the brink of organ failure.
You've been here for two whole weeks,
and you still haven't taught
me any self-defense moves.
I'm dealing with the insurance claim
for your stolen watch.
Wouldn't it make your job easier
if I knew how to fight?
Come on. Okay.
All right. Shift your hips to one side,
- giving an opening to the groin.
- Okay. Okay.
Just getting my footing. That's all.
Now raise your opposite elbow to turn.
All right. And then I
All right. Like this?
Uh, no.
No, I don't mix work and this.
Ugh. Hang on a second.
There's something in the couch.
Huh. I guess it wasn't stolen.
I must have forgotten it here
before the party.
- My bad.
- Seriously?
That watch is worth 50 Gs.
- I know. I bought it.
- A year's income for most people.
More than a year.
Now you're mad because I'm rich?
My best friend Keke is locked up
for something she didn't even do.
If I had 50 Gs in my couch cushions,
I could bail her out.
But you'll never know a pain like that.
Okay, you need 50?
Got you, bro.
What's your payment app?
I don't want your charity.
Okay, I think I misheard "thank you."
I'm just trying to be a friend.
From what I can tell,
you don't have friends.
Oh, baby, my place is packed
with friends all the time.
And nobody gets arrested.
News flash. Those people
are not your friends.
You surround yourself with
little boys in underwear
who just want to have some free drinks,
take a picture with Tom Swift, and maybe
steal a few souvenirs.
If you had a real friend,
they'd tell you that.
And maybe you wouldn't be
missing so many watches.
Also, this is my notice. I quit.
Okay, you're overreacting.
How can I make this up?
Uh, what about a raise?
- How much?
- I'm good.
Come on.
Why don't we
I don't know, play spades?
Hmm? You like spades?
We already paid you for the day.
This way, I get my money's worth,
and you keep your word, Mr. Vega.
Well, looks like
you and me are partners.
I'll tell you, I haven't
lost a game of spades
in 20 years, and I'm not
losing one today.
Please. I came out the womb
with the ace of spades
in my back pocket.
Oh, okay.
I'll believe it when I see it.
I learned to play in church.
And I play spades
with the wrath of hell.
They wouldn't let me back into church
if they saw me like this. Uh
Are you okay playing spades
with someone like me?
The church I was raised in
didn't respect my, uh, lifestyle.
Well, I won't apologize for
believing in a higher power,
but for those who
call themselves religious
while using that word to exclude others,
to justify being transphobic
I believe those people are
missing the point of Jesus.
Girl, hurry up.
Bowleggedness is not
an excuse for tardiness.
I know knock-knees
is not talking about me.
Okay, let's go.
Hi, I'm Zenzi.
Hi, I'm Isaac.
Hi, I'm bored.
- Come on.
- Let's play.
All right. Nice shuffle.
The game is spades.
I know you did not just play that
- Learn from the best.
- Damn!
You just learned how to play.
I told you.
No one spades like the Swifts.
You all might as well just give up.
Me and Isaac got this in the bag.
Yeah, we'll see
about that, Aunt Lorraine.
One more game.
If you win, Isaac keeps the watch
and leaves forever.
If we win, Isaac keeps working for us.
All right, bet it. Mmm.
What are you bidding, Tom?
Six books.
BP 220/150.
Patient is in hypertensive crisis.
Atrial fibrillation detected.
Imminent risk of stroke.
Sweetheart, I know you're worried,
but the truth is
The truth? Since when
is that your thing?
You do not speak to me that way.
My whole life,
you made me believe a lie.
You told me my mom asked you to adopt me
when the truth is
you took me away from her.
Your mother was a danger to you.
Now, you saw her at the cotillion.
Maybe if you hadn't thrown her out,
then she would be okay.
Okay, because
because I do not want you
to hate your mother,
I'm going to spare you the reality
of how I found you
and what she did to you.
She owned up to her mistakes.
She wasn't fake and weak, like you.
You think it's weakness
that holds this family together?
Do you think it's weakness
that handles every aspect
of your pampered, privileged
and coddled life?
I rescued you from a situation
where you would have died
if I had not intervened.
Right. Bring on the guilt.
You do not understand
what I've been through.
You're not the only one who's in pain.
The love of my life, the man
who helped me to raise you
is dying alone,
and he needs you right now.
I need you, too.
You can't imagine
what it's like to be me.
And you can't imagine what
it's like to be me!
I think I can.
That shouldn't have been possible.
Hi. How are you?
Thank you.
Hey, it's not how I pictured
- having my arms around you, but
- Stop it.
You know, first you threaten me
with your bodyguards,
and then you literally save my life.
I don't I don't know
which side you're on.
I don't want to be your enemy.
Consider this a peace offering.
You and I do agree on this:
Jesmyn Ward is, uh,
not as bleak as Richard Wright.
You probably already have
a copy of this,
but my favorite essay is
"Cracking the Code."
"Cracking the code"
You're scared of losing Isaac.
I get that.
But you can invent anything.
So what are you gonna do?
My PrEP will prevent further
infection from the, uh, poison.
Uh, let's contain this thing
to one major organ at a time.
Quinn's anti-inflammatory pills
for their carpal tunnel
will reduce the swelling
of Isaac's hippocampus.
All right. Hmm.
Never thought I'd thank
Claire, but her ginkgo
will help prevent memory loss,
and her activated charcoal
will flush enough thallium
to buy us a few more hours.
A Hail Mary. Better than nothing.
This antidote is only a halfway measure.
Just trying to slow down the poison
while we wait for the doctor to arrive.
I present Swift nanobots.
Organic polynucleotides.
They fly medicine into
the nasal cavities
and dissolve into the bloodstream.
Antidotes go in the vials,
but nanobots don't come out.
Like a good condom.
What's wrong with syringes?
Needles? No.
Let's just say I don't
like anything poking me
that's not six-three and good-looking.
How tall are you?
Look, every minute counts,
so we'll have to take
the fastest car in the world.
Isaac's gonna wake up in a new Bugatti.
As for the shoe, I went with something
a little more old-school:
Air Jordan 12s.
According to Lino, MJ scored 38 points
with food poisoning
while he had these on.
And right now, we have
our own poison to handle.
Come on.
Wait, there's a huge gridlock
due to rush hour traffic.
Okay, what if we
The helicopter is with Claire.
Per my calculations, we won't
make it to Isaac in time.
We won't make it in time,
but you can, Barclay.
Isn't that Zenzi?
Is she okay?
Go ahead, Barclay.
I'll be right behind you.
- What are you doing?
- I need a moment.
I have to go save Isaac.
What happened? Are you okay?
Yeah, no, I'm-I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just
Aren't you gonna ask how I'm doing?
- I apologize for all the chaos.
- Chill.
Your staff did an amazing job
of showing me your work.
And, um, well,
if your inventions keep
on changing the world
Swift Enterprises can be
as chaotic as you want.
Let Claire be the boring one.
Let me go. Tom gave me an order.
Override command Alexandra 927.
Administrator override accepted.
Barclay, it's good to see you
at full strength.
Lino, get the dome open, please.
I'm on my final approach.
Barclay's flying in with the antidote.
There should be a manual release
switch somewhere around here.
Hey, how were you able
to open the door like that?
It was like you had super strength.
When things get intense,
my body takes over.
It started happening
a couple of weeks ago.
Well, you should have told me.
You had enough going on.
Nothing gets in the way
of me taking care of you.
I said, do you understand?
Yes, Aunt Lorraine.
I call you my aunt
but you are my actual mom.
You know I know that, right?
I know that, baby.
And we're gonna figure out
what's going on with you,
I'll reboot the power grid.
Administer the antidote.
Let me help. Let me help.
My bad.
It's all good, man. Knicks or Nets?
Knicks. Come on, now.
- All right.
- I'm Lino.
You the new bodyguard?
Uh, not anymore. Didn't work out.
I won Tom's watch
in a game of Spades, though.
Tom is trash at spades. Always has been.
Why would he bet you his watch?
Because he knows I'll use it
to help a friend.
And he knows I won't take charity.
Not many people can bring
out that side of Tom.
Just saying.
Stay with us.
Stay with us.
I'm so happy that you
Welcome back.
Um I'm glad that
you're feeling better.
I was wrong to fire you.
I know you were only doing
what you felt was right,
and after you came through for Tom
during his trial yesterday,
it just reminded me that
you're part of the family,
so please stay. Stay on with us.
There's nowhere I'd rather be.
How you feeling?
Honestly? I'm starving.
Let's get this soldier some dinner.
So, uh, are we not gonna talk about
that moment
you just had with Isaac?
Talk about what?
Barclay, I just ran a DNA test on my
stopgap antidote to find out
why it worked
so much better than I expected.
It looks like something was added.
I compared it to everything
in our database,
and the new element
was Rowan's blood.
Sorry, Tom, I have to power down now
due to an override command.
Wh-What?! No one overrides me.
I saw him.
While I was out, I-I had
these intense memories.
The day I met Barton, I-I saw Rowan.
Watch out!
I don't know why he was there,
but it wasn't a coincidence.
How can you be sure that it was Rowan?
The medical scan showed
that the poison inflamed
his hippocampus;
the brain's memory center.
Maybe that heightened your clarity.
I'm just glad I remembered.
We should thank whoever poisoned me.
Oh, my God. I have a lead on that.
Eskol gave me this book today,
and I took a picture of his markings,
and they spell out the word "cotillion."
Rowan said that The Road Back
tried to poison me.
At the cotillion.
While I was wearing
your face filter device.
Can you call up the
surveillance footage from the cotillion?
Stop. Next angle.
I've seen that man before.
I have, too. He works for Eskol.
And The Road Back.
So we find this man, then what?
we get payback.
I was able to slow down Tom's efforts
by causing a power outage
at Swift Manor,
and we delayed his search
for the antidote chemicals.
But we were still not successful.
Turns out it's for the best.
While I was in the offices today, I
was able to hack into the main system.
I learned that Tom is developing
a revolutionary neurotechnology.
He'll be much more useful to us alive.
I also learned
you've grown very fond of your crush.
So I engineered a little number
on the heating and lock system.
Which proved to me
you'd be much more focused
if Zenzi were out
of the picture entirely.
It's the Swift's family doctor.
I can provide safe passage for Zenzi
if you reaffirm your loyalty.
Her life or his.
Your choice.
We're good.
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