Tom Swift (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

… And His Two Men and a Baby

I'm Tom Swift, inventor, billionaire,
shoe collector extraordinaire.
But none of that was
good enough for my dad.
I thought if I built him
a spaceship to Saturn
I could earn his love.
But his mission ended
tragically, or so I thought.
Turns out it was sabotage.
My father survived the attack
and sent me a message capsule
with the data I need
to rescue him from space.
But it exploded
when it entered the atmosphere.
Now I have to find the pieces of that
capsule and reassemble my dad's message.
A global conspiracy called The Road Back
is standing in my way,
so I can only trust my squad:
My best friend Zenzi,
my bodyguard Isaac,
my adopted brother Lino,
and my AI Barclay.
Together we're going to find my father
and bring him home.
Uh-huh ♪
Oh, yes, honey ♪
P-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah ♪
Puh-puh-puh-puh ♪
Peanut butter ♪
Peanut butter ♪
This was not the plan, Tom. Get up!
- On a hardwood floor ♪
- What happened?
What happened?
We took the wrong turn,
then we got caught in
a chalk powder fun run,
then we were chased by the cops,
and wound up in a crop field
where you tripped and bumped your head.
Where is my grandfather's
original 1967 Swift Enterprises
magnetic locator?
You mean the one that you said
was reprogrammed to detect
the capsule piece's
signature copper alloy?
P-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah
Puh-puh-puh-puh ♪
It was not.
P-nah p-nah, puh-puh-puh-puh ♪
Peanut butter ♪
Peanut butter ♪
where is my custom red Bentley?
I waited six damn months for that, okay?
'Cause jam don't shake ♪
Spread that jelly, spread it good ♪
Peanut butter head ♪
- Don't ask.
- Give it to me.
Work that trunk ♪
Your Daddy's in jail, come on ♪
Raising hell ♪
And your sister on the corner ♪
Sister on the corner selling ♪
Oh, yes, honey ♪
P-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah p-nah ♪
Puh-puh-puh-puh ♪
Peanut butter ♪
Peanut butter ♪
I'll ask about that crime
against calfskin later.
Did we at least get
the fourth capsule piece?
Pay my dues ♪
Let's get to the airstrip and go.
My Manolo Blahniks too ♪
RuPaul, Paul ♪
Decontamination complete.
Gonna finish getting cleaned up.
Ah. Lino says he and Mom are almost done
sourcing alloy for
my father's rescue drone.
Glad something's going right.
You know, if you had only
waited for Barclay
to come back online, we could've tracked
the capsule piece accurately.
Okay, we don't have time
to figure out why
Barclay deactivated himself.
In three days, Earth will be at apogee.
I can send an unmanned rescue drone
to Saturn to save my dad.
We still have two pieces left
to find before we can assemble
the full message capsule to locate him.
How are we going to do that
without Barclay?
I've tried jump-starting Barclay's OS,
but nothing's worked.
The only person
who might have answers is Rowan.
You just want a reason
to look at his face again.
You know what?
Barclay, who am I?
Barclay, are you shut
down because of Rowan?
Are you responding to the name Rowan?
I have tried texting You know who
And he's not even ghosting me.
He's gone full corpse.
Okay, all right.
Well, while you're waiting for
the Ghost of Kissmas Past
to hit you back,
you should talk to Isaac
about how you almost put
your mouth on his mouth.
You've been avoiding him all day.
You're talking avoidance?
Wasn't Congressman-
who-could-get-it Eskol
blowing your phone up all mission?
Uh no.
Those text pings blew our cover.
Those were reminders,
and I stay on silent.
If you want us to have a chance of
getting those capsule pieces,
figure things out between you and Isaac.
I have questions.
And I have answers.
I'm at your front gate.
I need to speak with you.
Let me put my Rowan uniform on.
Why did your blood fix
the antidote that saved Isaac?
And why were you there in 2019
when Isaac saved my dad?
The Road Back injects their operatives
with a thallium antidote
to build a tolerance.
And in 2019, I was
assigned to tail Barton.
So you've been stalking
my family for years.
Why did Barclay shut down
seconds after I said your name?
I will help you fix your AI
if you help me first.
Are you familiar with Andrita Lehman?
The electromagnetics pioneer?
Yes. She's brilliant.
That's why The Road Back
plans to force her
to make a dangerous weapon.
She's a target.
We have The Road Back's hit list
and Andrita Lehman
isn't on it.
You think that's the only list?
The Road Back is targeting
hundreds of innovators.
And Andrita, she's
She's my family.
So your family member just happens to be
a scientist targeted by
a deadly global conspiracy?
I altered the intel on her
location to buy us time.
I have no resources to help her
on my own.
But you do, Tom.
Why should I believe
anything that you say?
What if I told you something
that could get me killed?
When I found out about Andrita,
I also discovered that
the head of The Road Back
is Susannah Robb.
Our biggest investor, Susannah Robb?
What are you saying?
I took these in Eskol's office.
Susannah's family trust transferred
tens of millions of dollars
to Eskol's congressional campaign.
She basically bought him that office.
He owes her favors.
And her idea of a favor
is a killing spree.
She used Eskol's company
to attack my dad's ship.
You once told me
I was on the wrong side.
I agree.
I'll help you fix Barclay
after you help me fix this.
We have to get to Andrita
before The Road Back does.
Susannah "no volume in her hair" Robb
is the head of The Road Back.
She's been coming and going
from Swift Enterprises
as a VIP guest for weeks.
And you know, Eskol pretended
like he just meet her the other day.
Unless maybe she doesn't
tell him everything.
They know each other well.
Sorry. I was listening.
Or maybe his little dates
were also just an act.
Tom, come get your friend.
- Hmm?
- Question.
Why did you wear
that shirt to go undercover?
Are we doing camouflage
for a cotton candy factory?
Well, I know you ain't cracking jokes
in that Dress-for-Less suit.
- Ho, ho, ho.
- At least he blends in.
You look like a Kool-Aid accident.
Not y'all two bonding. Ugh.
Anyways, Rowan the entertainer,
you said you altered Andrita's
info with The Road Back,
- right?
- Yes, to give us a head start.
Andrita's keycard hasn't
been swiped at her lab
in over a month.
- What?
- And her car was found abandoned
two days ago
in a strip mall parking lot.
Well, when did she go off the grid?
I don't know.
I I wasn't tracking her before this.
I came to you as soon as her
name showed up on the list.
Is there security camera footage?
All the cameras had been disabled.
If that's accurate, it might
be too late to save her.
Yeah, when you the GOAT ♪
They don't want to smoke ♪
I'm Tom Brady, watch me win one more ♪
I'm Tiger Woods in the hood,
know I'm good ♪
I'm Drew Brees,
this a breeze, understood ♪
When you the GOAT ♪
Hey, before we get there,
I just want to clear the air between us.
The air is pretty clear
out here in Seattle, isn't it?
I I'll bet you a Prada bag
that the house
with the dedicated
fiber optic line is hers.
What are those for?
Motion detection and video.
To keep an eye on the perimeter.
Andrita business goals.
When I get my life together
like she has hers,
baby, it's over for all of you.
Door's open. Get behind me.
Oh, no.
They were here already.
Hey, stop right there!
Tom Swift?
Why the hell are you in my home?
You're in danger, girl.
We thought you were missing, and
Shh. I'm not missing.
I'm on leave.
Come. Come here.
Would you stop organizing?
I like it that way.
I'm sorry.
I-I just can't let
a woman on my vision board
leave yesterday's sandwich on her table.
I have insider information
on The Road Back.
I came to Tom and his friends for help
once I discovered
you were on their hit list.
And who are you, exactly?
You don't recognize him?
We can deal with that later.
All of The Road Back's targets
are tech leaders
at the top of their field,
just like you.
Your expertise
in electromagnetism, hovercrafts
We believe they want
to manipulate your science
to create a weapon.
A weapon?
Even if this
shadowy cabal wanted the
hovercrafts that I discussed,
the metal alloy that's
needed for levitation
- doesn't exist
- Doesn't exist yet.
We're not playing you.
These people came
after Tom's father and made it
look like an accident.
Andrita, when will your husband be home?
My "husband" is a half-empty tube
in a freezer near Seattle.
See, we stan a queen who does it all.
Just about all.
Hey, this chaos is
my biggest achievement.
You'd be surprised
at what you can achieve
when you let go of
what you thought "perfect"
was gonna look like.
I chose me
instead of delaying my future.
I also never have
to share takeout, so
I set up surveillance
around the perimeter
of your property.
The motion sensor just got tripped.
The Road Back. They found you.
Let's go, come on.
- They're a hundred yards out.
- Wait.
What if I talk to them
and explain that my research,
- it can't be weaponized?
- The man approaching
is one of their best assassins.
He'll kill you just to make sure.
Andrita, where do you keep
the baby's food?
The-the bottles? The formula?
We have to go before
we have no choice but to fight.
Then we split up.
And you take my baby with you.
I can't put my baby in harm's way.
And if they're after me,
then splitting up will
buy you time to escape
- by leading them away.
- They're here.
We're out of time.
Splitting up is the only way this works.
I would never build
anyone a weapon willingly,
but if they get to my baby
I'll help Andrita escape.
Then you'll have to stay hidden
until we can get you back to your baby.
We got to go now.
I love you so much, Kahlil.
Mommy loves you so much.
Here, keep him safe, please.
I'll go out the back
door, and the rest of you
go out the back window.
It leads to the lake, okay?
Here, take this with you.
I promise we're gonna get
your son back to you, okay?
Come on, go.
Come on, Lil' K.
I made you a world-class
stroller with more mods
than my dad's rocket ship
and you're still not happy, huh?
Okay, okay.
Okay. Word. Yeah.
These are my favorite, too.
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Okay, okay, all right. I heard you.
New baby swaddle time.
My dad and I invented
this blanket for NASA.
The material's a classified
synthetic that, apparently,
newborns love.
I made my fair share of Lino Burritos.
Rowan checked in on the secure line.
Andrita's safe and he's on his way back.
Also, um, hit me back real quick,
if you have a minute.
All right, Lil' K. Real talk.
I shouldn't talk
to Isaac about the whole
mouths hovering, near-miss
make-out on him, right?
That would just make it weird.
Right, because
What if it did mean something?
And what if I messed everything up?
Bruh Why would you
enter all loud like that?
And don't be slamming my door
like you pay bills.
How is he?
He was about to take a nap
until someone decided to
stampede in like Black Beauty.
Lala toto lala ♪
Mama anakuja lala ♪
Lala toto lala ♪
Akupe maziwa lala ♪
Pamoja na uji lala ♪
It's a Kenyan lullaby.
That was
Beauty doesn't exist where I'm from.
A child's innocence is gone
from the moment they enter this Earth.
But Kenya seems like
a wonderful place to grow up.
Born there.
Grew up elsewhere.
Somewhere like where Andrita's from?
Why did you lie
about being a part of her family?
She didn't even know who you were.
Tom, leave it.
I'm trying to keep you safe.
Tom Swift?
This is the FBI. We just want to talk.
Go hide in the study with Kahlil
until I get rid of them.
Isaac, Zenzi, put on your com-strips
and get down here.
The FBI is here and they want to talk.
You don't have to let them in.
We do that and it's a whole
world of problems for us.
Oh, that's right, you're new here.
Hands on the wheel.
Yes, officer; no, officer;
and nothing about Andrita Lehman.
That's how we get rid of them.
Andrita Lehman's nanny found signs
of forced entry at the door.
And there was evidence of a struggle.
Your jet wasn't in Seattle
on a private airstrip?
We're considering a West Coast
hub for Swift Enterprises.
Yes, the Swift Horizons incubator
- is launching multiple
- Why don't we speak with
each of you separately?
This'll go faster.
So you want to interrogate us?
We're just having conversations.
Starting with you.
So you were looking for office space
in a remote area,
near Andrita Lehman's home?
Near is a relative term.
I'm calling my lawyer.
Hey. I was, uh, starting to think
you'd lost your phone.
Hi. Uh, as my attorney,
I need you to give me some legal advice.
There are some lovely
FBI agents here at Swift Manor
who have offered many
theories, but no warrant.
Do I have to talk to them?
Okay. Uh
No, well, if they don't have warrants,
they, uh, can't conduct interviews.
My lawyer says no warrants,
no interview.
He's the best.
Zenzi, what's going on?
Uh, it's just a conversation.
I, um
I know you've been wanting
to work with me more closely,
which could be possible,
if you can prove you're good
at-at your job.
But if you're not,
then I'll have to move on.
Can-can we talk in person?
We can discuss our partnership later.
Maybe I should look for
your mother and brother.
Ask them what they know
about Andrita Lehman.
They're out of town at the moment.
Listen, off the record,
I know you were at her house.
You want to start being honest with me?
25 weeks at Quantico
and "off the record"
is your best interrogation technique?
You wouldn't last two weeks,
let alone 25.
It's 20.
Quantico is 20 weeks,
which you would know if
you were a real FBI agent.
Isaac, they're not FBI.
I took out this agent.
Stall the other.
Hey. Hey, who are you people?
Hey, what's going on? What did you do?
I've disabled all the security
on the property.
You're officially off the grid.
Where are Andrita and the baby?
far away.
Where you will never find them.
Meanwhile, my friends and I have to
Take cover.
I have a plan.
Go to the elevator!
Okay, the flash bomb was rigged
with the same tech from
the infrasonic cannon.
It should keep their inner ears spinning
while we get to the observatory.
Tom, Isaac!
Ah! I stayed
to stall them.
I can see them.
I can take out the agent
and maybe get my hands on Signet
so Zenzi can run.
Stand down.
I have an idea for how to get
Zenzi and keep us all safe.
Isaac, do you know where I
keep my favorite massage oil?
Your what?
My silicon-based invention
that allows for components
to enter smoothly into chambers?
It, uh, rhymes with tube.
My God. Yes.
Yes, I know where you keep it.
We're going to church
when Lorraine gets back.
Great. That. Get all of it
and meet me in the observatory.
Come on.
You'll keep the baby safe
in the wine cellar.
Hang on, sis. We're coming.
Get up! Fight it.
Sit your ass back down!
Tom, this has to work.
I am not going to let
anything happen to Zenzi.
What's the plan? Divert and run?
Hell nah. We're not running.
You're going to stay hidden and safe.
And we're going to protect this house
and everyone in it.
The sound pulse will
gradually lose strength.
Those bad guys won't stay down for long.
We have one shot to save Zenzi.
We're going to need
something small and fast.
Swift Enterprises Planet-X Speeders.
I designed these at MI
to bring hand lotion
whenever I was feeling ashy on campus.
I'll modify them to spray
the frictionless, silicone-based lube
I mean, "massage oil"
I invented for Howard Homecoming.
All right, the floor's covered.
I have never
let another man wear my shoes.
Especially my Jordans.
But, for Zenzi, I'll make an exception.
These aren't going to hold up
on your lube.
They will with the traction compound.
Nothing But Bondage.
A nano-epoxy resin I made
for the tires on my Turbo S
back when I street raced.
I was undefeated, baby.
Isaac, why are you not
wearing my Jordans, bruh?
I'm not wearing your damn shoes.
Zenzi, based on my very,
very good math, the battery powering
the sonic pulse is about to shut down.
When it does, run for the elevator
like Michael B. Jordan is next door
and Lori Harvey just left him
for one of Diddy's kids.
Keep your hands to yourself, bitch!
Lead them into the lubed-up hallway,
and then slide.
You just had to say "lubed-up"?
Sending power to the elevator.
The first agent is still
unconscious in the dining room.
We should tell Rowan to be
on the lookout for Signet.
That won't be necessary.
I found that passage
to the cellar, where he
was hiding like a coward.
Rowan's alive. For now.
The Road Back has their own
way of dealing with betrayal.
Now get me the scientist.
We can work this out.
You don't have to involve the baby.
Get me Andrita Lehman, now!
Stop, stop! No, no, don't, no!
Put it down
or I drop him.
Swift voice command activate
engage backup generator.
Turn the amplitude to maximum wattage.
We'll bring Andrita Lehman to you.
I just have one question.
Ever wish you could fly?
Oh, God.
Andrita said levitation wasn't possible
unless the correct metal alloy
existed for it to work.
Well, it does.
With the space blanket.
I tuned the EM wave
to repel the blanket's
magnetic signature,
achieving levitation.
So now we're friends, huh?
He's alive.
We'll secure him until Rowan
gets Andrita out of hiding
and brings her back here.
Thank you, Isaac.
And I can make sure
we have a clear window
by telling The Road Back
that Andrita's still in the wind.
And I'll get the jet ready
to take the Lehman family to safety.
do you want to take care of the jet,
and I'll, um,
secure that man
in the elevator for you
I'll take the man in the elevator.
Talk to him. Please.
I don't have a lot of people
like Isaac in my life.
If we tell each other the truth,
then what if I hurt him?
What if I say the wrong thing,
- and he just
- What if, what if, what if.
Tom, who cares?
You can't probability
your way through emotion.
You two can handle
a grown-man conversation.
Isn't that right?
Go on. I got this.
Yeah, he's gonna be just fine.
Two grown men.
What are you doing here?
Can-can I come in?
On our first date, I, uh, I told
you that Native Son showed me
that we can't heal our nation
unless we start from truth, right?
Well, the truth is I'm living in fear.
In fear of what?
A secret organization
called The Road Back.
Zenzi, they own me.
The things that they make me do, I
I can't have a life
until I'm free of them.
What are you talking about?
For the longest time, I
I've numbed myself
to the compromises I've made.
Morally and
And then I met you.
And I realized that I don't want
to compromise anymore
because I want to be
worthy of a future with you.
But for there to be any way
that's gonna happen,
I need to get out of The Road Back.
Will you help me?
What do I have to do to prove
to you that this is real?
Tell me who is the head
of The Road Back.
I tell you that and
everything changes.
Susannah Robb.
I already knew that.
- What?
- Don't-don't ask how.
Thank you for telling me the truth.
I am done lying.
So am I.
Hi, it's Zenzi.
I can't come to the phone right now,
but if you leave me a message,
I'll call you back as soon as I can.
I owe you a talk.
- Hey, you don't owe me anything.
- But I do.
That moment that we had the other day
when we almost kissed.
I just want you to know
that you are really important to me.
And you're important to me, too.
- I care about you
- I care about you.
I love you.
Just not like that.
- Are you upset at that?
- Yeah.
At how weird things
have been between us.
Tom, your life is my first priority
from the moment I wake up,
to the moment I go to bed.
And getting involved,
that would complicate things
and put you at risk.
I don't want that to happen.
And I agree. Look,
I don't want my life at risk, either.
I'm too cute to die.
It would've been a good kiss though.
Felt real in the moment.
Because only Denzel
could pull that level of acting off.
Unless you were thinking
about somebody else.
And if you were
maybe you should go tell them.
You saved our lives.
And you saved mine.
With our combined research
for levitation.
Consider this a formal invitation
to Swift Enterprises' desire
to invest.
As long as you stay in hiding
until things are safe,
you can practice all
the science you want.
And I've already fabricated
new identities for both of you,
so that way, you can live a life.
Thank you.
But where exactly is "safe hiding"?
How about Kenya?
I heard the Great Rift Valley
is a thing of beauty.
And they've got
some dope lullabies, too.
I told you not to open
the door without
I thought you were my food delivery.
- Sorry.
- Uh, it's okay.
I, uh I had to talk to you.
All that weirdness between Tom and me
Oh, you don't have to explain.
I'm happy for you.
You know, you and Tom
always kind of had this thing
No, Tom wasn't the problem.
When I came out of that coma
and almost kissed him
I was thinking about you.
I think about you all the time.
I know I shouldn't because
we work together, but I
I needed to tell you.
Can you say something?
You know, the old me would've said
all the right things in this moment
to make this all okay so that
you could feel comfortable
and I could compartmentalize, but I
I can't do that anymore.
You're saying you don't think
there's something between us?
I'm saying that it doesn't matter
because it's too late.
Today, I realized that I am
stronger and braver
than I have
ever given myself credit for.
Zenzi, where do
you keep your bottle opener?
Thinking that we should
open this bottle of red.
- Isaac
- I I shouldn't have intruded.
Have a good night.
Thank you for rebooting Barclay.
I should be thanking you.
If you hadn't saved Kahlil,
my whole life would've
I couldn't have lived with the guilt.
I have to ask.
Andrita isn't really family, is she?
Why lie to me, Rowan?
Because I didn't think someone like you
would help someone like me.
I needed a favor,
but I have nothing
to offer you in return.
Maybe offer me a little faith
that there is more to me than just fits.
- I believe you now.
- Okay.
I don't know why
I'm feeling this vulnerability vomit,
but you have a way of making me
open up.
That never happens.
Why not?
Because you can fall.
Or you can fly.
Uh Ooh. Yeah. Ah.
Come here.
What are you doing? And why
are you always taking off your shirt?
This shirt is made out
of a material I designed
with clotting agents
to help heal wounds.
You got a lot of wounds.
As long as Neck Breaker
and the other hostages don't check in,
my cover with The Road Back
is preserved.
I picked up some internal chatter, and
Susannah Robb is planning
something deadly and big.
Then we need to find out what it is
and stop her.
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