Tommy (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

1 Dear fellow Angelenos.
This week, Abigail Thomas took office as the first woman to be named chief of police in the history of our city.
To be clear, I didn't hire Chief Thomas only because she is a woman.
There was a prostitution scandal involving several police officers and an underage girl with a learning disability, the previous chief was accused by eight different women of sexual harassment and there is a pending federal lawsuit, but I would never make a decision like this out of political expediency.
Public safety is more than my most important responsibility.
- It is a sacred - Battery's dead.
Why can't I say that I hired her - because she's a woman? - It's not good.
I just hired the first female police chief in the history of Los Angeles, not to mention Chicago and New York.
Why is that not a good thing? You dropped a line.
- I'm not saying that line.
- "There are a few bad apples in every barrel.
" A federal judge made me hire a woman That's known to everyone, right? Police union asked if you could say it.
There are no apples in Los Angeles.
It never gets cold enough.
- It's a proverb.
- A cop who pimps out a 15-year-old girl with an 80 IQ is not an apple, he is not a quince, he is not a loquat, he is a scumbag.
It will look like you submitted to political pressure, not to your voters, to swing voters.
These are the pleasures of term limits, my friend.
You've got to think about what's next.
What am I, the mayor of Burlington, Vermont? In my heart I thought that Madison! You cannot detain this woman.
She is under arrest and in my custody.
Arrest for what? Broken taillight.
Okay, guys.
We're not gonna do that all the time or you're all gonna need knee replacements.
Dale, what's going on down there? ICE went to detain an illegal alien, Maria de la Puerta, with her daughter.
An LAPD officer got there first, took her into custody.
He says he made a lawful arrest.
The ICE people say he got in their way.
Now they won't let him leave.
So, uh, the four cars around our patrol car are all ICE? They won't budge.
Yeah, nobody ever budges.
I mean, people budge.
No, they don't.
They just stop not budging.
Who's giving them their orders? A guy named Weathers.
Decent enough guy.
He runs ICE out here.
You thinking about going down there? Chief, right now it's one rogue cop.
If you get involved, it's the LAPD versus ICE.
So if it spins out of control, you're gonna wear it.
All right, look, I-I know you all think that you're auditioning for your jobs, but I-I didn't come out here to go to golf tournaments.
I'm a cop.
I got to see for myself.
Oh, and see if you can get this, uh, Mr.
Weathers to budge down there, too.
Who wants to go downtown and get hit in the head with a bottle? Oh, I don't think it's safe for you to go out there, Chief.
I'll take this guy.
The last thing I need is security detail who's worried about hurting his drinking hand.
Well, I'm not afraid of nothing.
Not in that suit.
I have the same tailor in New York as Al Sharpton.
- What's your name, Flash? - Abnar Diaz.
- Bronx? - Mott Haven.
- Hicksville.
- Hicksville? - Long Island.
- Hicksville? H-Hicksville's not Hicksville.
Hicksville is Hicksville.
No, Hicksville is not being able to get a bagel.
I see where you're going with this.
Hicksville is not being able to get a slice.
You can't.
- Here.
- I got a guy.
A real New York slice? Diaz, these are invaluable skills.
Uh, Chief, the mayor's office asked that you hold off making any kind of statement.
The office asked? What, it was like, Beauty and the Beast, where the furniture talks? Uh, the deputy mayor for Homeland Security Are we being invaded? and Public Safety.
- Um - You tell the deputy mayor that, uh, public safety is the job of the police.
And I'm sure he can find something else to do.
Uh, can we, uh, have the room cleared, please, so, uh, Mr.
Weathers and I can talk in private? We are law enforcement officers, just like you.
Just like yo Guy, I'm sorry, I think we-we skipped the intros.
I'm Abigail Thomas.
Usually just Tommy.
Last person who called me Abigail was my father, and he died when I was five.
That woman Maria whatever She may be a very nice person, she could be Mother Teresa for all I care.
She still entered this country illegally.
- I agree with you.
- And under the law Under No, I-no, I agree with you.
- Under - I-I agree with you.
I'm a cop, you're a cop, my father was a cop.
We enforce the law because that's how we can best serve the people who need our protection most.
That patrolman deliberately interfered with our arrest.
Yeah, which we will properly investigate.
W-Which is not gonna happen tonight.
What will happen tonight Because we're cops Is we're gonna defuse that bomb out there so everybody gets home safe.
And if I determine that that officer exceeded his authority, he will be, uh, disciplined.
You have my word on that.
All right.
I'm Abigail Thomas.
Uh, you can call me Tommy.
Hablo español solamente un poco.
¿Hablas inglés? What's going to happen to Madison? You understand that you're under arrest, that your daughter can't come with you.
Do you have a relative who can pick her up? If I'm sent home to Mexico Oh, oh, slow down.
First of all, we need to get you away from here, where it's dangerous, and take you and your daughter to police headquarters where it's safe.
I understand.
And if you don't have a relative who can pick her up, I am the chief of police and I promise you she will be safe.
Madison, you want to take a ride in my police car? Okay, come on.
You're the chief of police? Yeah.
Think somebody made a mistake.
I thought she wasn't gonna make a statement.
Technically, it's not a statement.
She walks fearlessly through a violent crowd of protestors and lifts the little girl up into her arms, having defused the crisis, and that's not making a statement? - It's a compelling image.
- You admit that's making a statement.
You're the mayor.
Didn't we talk about this? Sure.
It's making a statement.
And you told them no statement.
Didn't you? We heard she had sharp elbows.
Doug, I really want you to think before you speak.
For your own good, because when you make these stupid excuses, it hurts you and me because we're trying to make people think you're smarter than you actually are.
Did you ask her about her sexuality? When? In the interview.
What does her sexuality have to do with this? Well, gay people are more independent-minded, by definition, 'cause they're diverging from the majority view.
So I just fired the previous chief of police for texting penis pics to his chief of traffic enforcement, police officers were caught running a prostitution ring with an underage girl with a learning disability, a consent decree placed the entire department under the control of a federal judge who made me hire a qualified woman, of which there are about three in the entire country, and you think that it would have been a good idea for me to ask her in the interview if she's a lesbian? It explains a lot.
It explains a lot about you.
If the girl that got arrested was a gang member or a prostitute instead of Our Lady of Guadalupe Which we're all supposed to think Then it's no longer compassion.
It's incompetence.
Do you know something? Can we call this a win for us? Well, uh, you understand that's not why I did it.
But, uh, yeah.
I'll take it.
We're not finding any relatives for Madison.
All right, well, keep looking.
Worse come to worst, I'll just take her home with me.
Chief, you take a look at this? The social worker won't let you take her home.
It's the law.
Tell the social worker I want to talk to her.
ICE agents followed the little girl, knowing she would lead them to her mother.
And then Officer Reed got in the mix.
Who runs someone in for a broken tail light? Which he broke.
That's why ICE was so ticked off.
Then there's this.
Uh, Reed's location history.
This is his regular patrol area.
Then he goes all the way over here.
What was he doing out of his area? I'm sorry I'm late.
No, sit down, gentlemen.
Officer Reed, what were you thinking? You mean did I arrest her so that ICE couldn't? Did you? ICE stakes out little girls at school to arrest their mothers.
Nobody thinks I did anything wrong here except the LAPD.
Which I think is a very interesting commentary on the state of affairs.
Why was your car outside your area? - It's my old area.
- And? And I don't always stick to my area.
So, no special reason? Look, if you guys want to suspend me, go ahead.
The union will back me up.
I got nothing else to say.
Reed, I would say you're an unpersuasive idealist.
You're dismissed.
You trust him? Can I trust you? When I was chief of staff for your predecessor, I, uh, I found out about an affair he was having with a subordinate O-one of many.
I, uh, knew about it because the woman involved asked me to keep it a secret.
So I did.
I did not report it.
In fact, I tried to hide it.
Who else knew? My wife.
I'm not a talker.
There was a bomb down there tonight.
I had to defuse that bomb.
And you did it.
So you think it's over? You're on the front page of the newspaper rescuing that woman from ICE.
And-and all we know about her is that she broke the law at least once to come into the country when she was 12 years old.
And yet, somehow, has no relatives in Los Angeles? That's a lie.
And ICE is so gung-ho to get her that they wound up in a standoff with LAPD, but they say it was just routine.
That's a lie.
Reed says it was a traffic stop he made while nostalgically wandering the old area.
That's a lie.
So, did you defuse the bomb? I would say you threw your body on top of it.
If I fail, it will be 20 years before they give another woman this job.
Thanks for being straight.
Goes a long way with me.
Children's shelters are full.
- You're sure? - We have 63,000 kids living on the street in this city.
I am the chief of police of the city of Los Angeles.
I don't care if you're Angelina Jolie.
Okay, I will take her myself.
- You? - Yes, I will take her home with me.
Are you a relative? No.
Married? Divorced.
Address? I am staying at the Airport Westin.
Just until I find a place.
Little girl I am putting you on a bus.
A social worker will meet you at the other end.
There's room in a shelter in Sacramento.
What just happened? You expect me to release this little girl into your custody when you are not a relative, not married and living in a hotel? And that is the reason why Brad Pitt left Angelina Jolie.
Because she thought the whole world revolved around her.
I promised her mother that I would take responsibility for her.
I promised.
All right, I will call my daughter.
She is a school psychologist.
Uh, married, owns her house.
Her husband is an engineer.
He makes an excellent living.
They have an eight-year-old child and a golden retriever.
Her name? When were you gonna call me? I wasn't gonna call you.
So you only called 'cause you needed help.
No, Kate, you asked me not to call you.
"This was a win for mothers.
" Is that really what you said? L-Look, they stuck a microphone in my face.
Hey, Henry.
Hi, Tommy.
It's funny, I don't remember you ever being a mother.
Can we go? Door's open.
One bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a side of mashed potatoes.
Are you the new security detail? - Abnar Diaz.
Who are you? - Ken Rosey.
The chief said I could ride with her this morning.
She told me.
Then why did you act surprised? Just messing with you.
I'm the speechwriter.
I thought you were the SWAT team commander.
Oh, I thought you were the new shortstop.
Are you here for the poetry reading? Keep my car up front, I'll give you a nice tip.
'Cause it's nobody's business.
You and the mayor are the twin faces of the city.
I don't want to know what Buddy does in bed, either.
The youngest in the history of the NYPD to pass the captain's exam.
The youngest to get a precinct command.
In 2008, you accused a deputy chief of sexual harassment I thought this was a speech about Title IX.
and your career stalled.
You don't think your sexuality is relevant to that? I'm gay, Ken It's not a secret.
But if you don't talk about it Announce it to the universe? It's a missed opportunity.
You got a mint? Ah.
What am I missing? He tried to rape me in my hotel room.
I broke his nose.
They talked me into calling it sexual harassment.
Nothing happened to him.
I lost ten years of my career and became a feminist icon.
Frankly, I would rather have the ten years back.
Got something I can wash my hands? I know it's hard.
I just think some things should be private.
It's also the way you transform the soul of the department.
One hard thing at a time.
- He fired me.
- I was there.
Maybe it looks different when you're the one whose ass is getting fired.
He did not fire you.
Buddy loves you.
Don't talk to me like I'm one of your girlfriends.
Hey, Chief Leakey, looking good.
Oh, I still got it, baby.
Oh, well, we miss you, man.
He let you retire at full pension.
Yeah, Buddy's a good dude, but Anyway, what's a girlfriend? I was gonna say you're out of bed early.
Well, you don't pay 'em to come over, Milton.
You pay 'em to leave.
Um Are you saying the door's open? Not entirely open.
I mean I love my new job.
You're great on TV.
The door's still open Buddy said that? You're still beloved by the rank-and-file.
Butch Cassidy has been here a week.
Who knows what could happen.
Yeah, I know she's only a week in the job, but - Tommy.
- Tommy.
We agree.
She let her emotions take over.
Who gets blamed? Let me tell you something.
Those ICE guys, they're lazy.
Takes a lot to get them off their ass.
That little señorita is guilty of something.
Bank records from my police sources show cash deposits $5,000 a month.
For an illegal immigrant? With a sixth-grade education and no job? Where's that money coming from? If she's a gang member or a prostitute, uh I'm sorry, Chief Thomas, then it's not compassion anymore.
It's incompetence.
Video from the ATM confirms the payments were made in cash.
Aren't we just doing ICE's dirty work for them? ICE is under pressure from Washington to detain more people.
Oh, you mean like a little girl's mother? Now we're the ones investigating her? - You're a speechwriter.
- I'm also a lawyer.
An overqualified speechwriter.
We shouldn't cooperate with ICE on any of this.
We also found this in the gang database.
José Hernández of the 13th Street Rollers.
He's Maria's cousin.
The girls in these gangs buy guns, run drugs.
Sometimes more.
- You sound like Milt Leakey.
- Milt Leakey had a lot of friends in LAPD, and still does.
- Are you one of those friends, Chuck? - Leakey had nothing to do with the minor who was prostituted.
All the women he had affairs with were consenting adults.
His wife might have a beef, but I don't.
Maybe talk to Maria, Chief.
Ask her where she got the money.
You get as far away from Maria as you can.
It'll look like you're meddling in an investigation.
And with everyone watching you, including everyone around here You were a hero when you walked into that riot.
That's still our story.
Wait a minute.
Is-is this a head shot? Apparently, he's also an actor.
You seemed like you wanted to say something in there.
I'd like to know what Chuck would say if his old boss asked him to sit on his desk.
Did you? - Did you? - Um before or after I became a feminist icon? I-It's a game with these guys.
You're-you're friendly, but not in a way that could be misconstrued.
You stay between him and the door.
And then, if something happens - Then you lost the game that day.
- If Chuck loses his job, then some other guy like Chuck Maybe even named Chuck Will give Chuck a job as head of security at Chuck Corp.
I-If I lose my job, I'm-I'm sleeping on my mother's boyfriend's couch in Pacoima.
Blake I don't want you to play that game anymore.
Understood? I don't lose.
Listen the mayor wants me to meet in his office with community leaders to discuss the situation with Maria.
Should I go? It's an ambush.
But I think you can handle yourself.
You wanted to see me, boss? You used to be a detective, right? The best.
I'll be the judge of that.
Anything for me to go on? You know anything about acting? How do I look? You look like the chief of police.
You're doing the dirty work of ICE.
What happens when you release her? You can't answer! ICE comes and grabs her.
Those ICE people wait outside the courthouse.
Even a woman who goes to court for a restraining order? Nothing has changed, nothing.
No, it was our officer - who protected her from ICE.
- That officer is a hero.
Okay, okay.
Tommy, Arturo Lopez.
He's a great supporter of the mayor, and not only just for Latinos, also, for example, the Year of the Woman initiative.
- Mm-hmm.
- Arturo, would you like to say something? Yes, thank you, Doug.
Look, my people didn't go to Oxford like my friend the mayor.
They don't know about "sanctuary city.
" All they see is this beautiful Latina girl is still in jail.
Why? And her daughter living with, who, some Anglos? She's living with my daughter and her family.
Instead of living with her own mother.
The only way I can protect Maria right now is by keeping her in jail.
By law, you can only hold her for 48 hours.
Or you can petition a judge to extend that, and we have, starting with bank records that gave the judge reason to believe that Maria de la Puerta is guilty of a serious crime.
So whoever leaked those bank records to make me look bad I guess it backfired.
Who wants to go see Grandma? Grandma's not here.
Where's your Grandma live? - Oregon.
- No, other Grandma.
She's in her office.
We can walk.
Does Grandma like dogs? Grandma loves dogs.
Will you just tell me the next time you're coming downtown? - I tried to call you.
- I've just been You know what? I'm not even gonna say it.
I know you're busy.
Can we just stipulate that, uh, I'm a terrible mother, - I've always been a terrible mother.
- You were a terrible mother.
I was not a terrible mother.
I was a B.
I don't even know why I even keep trying.
Look, Kate, you left home for reasons that had nothing to do with me I left to live with Dad.
or your dad.
How is Madison doing? You can't just change the subject like that.
This is police headquarters.
I can do whatever I want to do.
You want to yell at me, invite me to dinner.
She sucks her thumb.
Well, you sucked your thumb.
Not at age 12.
I brought her downtown to go shopping and I thought since I was in the neighborhood maybe you'd want to see your granddaughter more than once a year.
You left, Kate.
You left.
This is the relationship you wanted.
My mother didn't get out of bed after my father died.
I was five.
You have no idea how hard life can be.
And I'm stuck in my pants.
Come to dinner.
- I'm sorry, Kate, I just - Tomorrow night.
Come on, kids.
"Let me get this straight.
I steal your dope, beat the crap out of your" "Mealboy.
" "Mealboy.
" - José Hernández? - You're up, bro.
Wait a minute, are you José Hernández? That movie you did with Steven Seagal I had seen a lot of people who were killed at the time, so I used that.
I had the worst audition of my life today.
You want to get a drink? Yeah.
He's not in his gang anymore.
He's in his gang the way Derek Jeter's still a Yankee.
But he's still in the database? The database is forever.
So what's the story? ICE has to show results, right? José Hernández looks like he'll rape your grandmother.
They arrest him, that looks like results.
- Is this a story or a theory? - A cop told him that.
Put that face on TV, that's all they see.
Looks like he's involved in something bad, it looks like Maria's involved in something bad, while what José Hernández is mostly involved in is bad TV shows.
- So what was Reed doing there? - I don't know.
And where did the money come from? You sitting down? Si Where am I going? The mayor's friend from the meeting, Arturo Lopez, he's the little girl's father.
Let me get around this traffic.
What? How do I look? Impressive.
- Not tired? - I like it when people say I look great for how tired I must feel.
I'll take it.
You like the Glock? Y-You like to shoot? I'm from Michigan.
How do you like L.
? We're not like this in Michigan.
Old habits die hard.
I was in and out of this office all the time with the old chief.
How can I help you? Oh, no, no, uh, how can I help you? Knock next time? Can I speak off the record? Well, why don't we start on the record.
Do you have a relationship with Maria de la Puerta? Maria de la Puerta and I have been in a romantic relationship for years.
I helped her get into this country And this is off the record Illegally, which is not unusual, as we are all very aware.
And, yes, I am the father of her child.
And I can see you doing the math already.
She was 15 when she became pregnant, and I was in my 30s.
Hey, in my country, it's not that uncommon.
I've always taken care of them.
Look, um I knew your investigation would ultimately find the connection between me and Maria.
Maria and I, we-we had a quarrel.
She wants to spread her wings.
Hey, I understand it, but I got jealous.
I-I was sure there was another man.
I knew Reed from police charities, to which I always give, and just asked him to keep an eye on her.
Which is why he was on the scene when ICE tried to detain her.
If my situation with Maria comes to light it will be very hurtful for my wife and-and personally embarrassing to me.
What To-to what purpose? Well, if we weren't off the record, I would say you just confessed to the international sex trafficking of a minor.
Maria's had a great life, the life she wanted, a beautiful daughter.
Where's the harm? Why do I feel like this isn't the whole story? You, uh, came to Los Angeles to do other things than torment Arturo Lopez.
If you do me this favor I can help you in many, many ways as diverse and, uh, magical as this city you now call your own.
Just as, uh, I have helped many, many others who you will have to work with.
I just think that it was imprudent to talk to him about it.
He showed up in my office.
- Out of the blue? - Mr.
Mayor, what about the substance of these allegations? - Might I interject? - No, Mr.
District Attorney, you may not interject.
If you're suggesting that I had any knowledge that Arturo Lopez smuggled an underage girl into this country and had - gotten her pregnant - He's not a friend of yours? Oh, what's a friend? - Might I interject? - I barely knew him.
I put him on the Ethics Commission as a favor to - I don't remember, somebody.
- The daughter is 12.
That means Maria was 15 when she got pregnant.
I know.
The optics are terrible.
No, it's not just the optics, Buddy.
I think what Blake is trying to say is it's Kremlin time.
Airbrush him from the picture, don't return his calls.
- He never existed.
- If I don't arrest him, it's a cover-up.
- Might I interject? - Sure, Bob, - interject at will.
- Would I want Arturo Lopez for my son-in-law? No.
Unless she testifies against him, which I doubt, what's the case? That's not a cover-up, Tommy, that's real life.
Stick around for a minute.
Clif Bar? I've been doing this a very long time, Mr.
Do I have a case? I have a crime.
Bob Flake was elected years ago by promising to decriminalize marijuana, which he actually told me at one point makes him a better lawyer.
There are no term limits on the D.
, okay? Bob Flake is, like, the furniture, he's here until he dies of whatever, weed cancer.
But I'm the one that runs this city.
Can we say we run it together? I have two years left until, as the kids say, I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with my life, and after that, city's all yours.
Well, then you had better tell me what you are looking for here.
You do what you need to do.
Clear? Okay, Mr.
Mayor - Buddy.
- Ah.
Mayor, thank you for your time.
Next time, if you got a problem, call me on my cell.
Okay? Leaks, - disloyalty.
- Ah.
Your office sounds very much like my office.
I had a mentor when I first started out.
I asked him, "What's the secret to politics?" He told me to watch The Godfather.
I'm sorry I'm late for dinner.
I'll just put it in the microwave.
Is Henry at work? Well, they don't pay you all that money for nothing.
Is that what you were gonna say? Henry maximizes the addictive power of a search algorithm, and he makes 20 times what I make.
You don't think that's a problem? Well, there does seem to be some kind of a problem.
I have to get the kids to bed.
They want to sleep in sleeping bags.
Uh, you still gonna be here? It's Madison.
Not just the thumb sucking.
She's fearful.
She wets the bed.
She won't take her clothes off in front of me.
Just a lot of warning signs.
All right, tell me.
I think she was being sexually abused.
What is wrong with people? Use a mitt.
Sometimes the plate gets hot.
Girls, did you brush your teeth? I'll take care of it.
This is my granddaughter, Luna.
This is my daughter, Kate.
What a smile.
Like her father.
Madison looks so happy.
So, uh, who was Madison's father? I don't know.
You were 15 years old when Madison was born.
You don't remember? Is it the same man who brought you into the country? Yes, he takes He took care of us.
You mean he sent you money.
If you're under arrest and you don't want to talk to me, I have to respect that.
It's called Miranda rights, the right to remain silent.
So, you are no longer under arrest.
I don't understand.
I am the chief of police.
You're free to go.
They just have to process you out.
And then what? The money stopped a month ago because you tried to leave.
Am I right? He's a powerful man.
Even the police obey him.
I can tell by the way he looks at my daughter, the way he touches her Is that why you left? She's almost the same age I was.
I know when she comes into her time, he will do the same thing.
Maria, it is possible that he already has.
You don't owe him your place in this country.
You don't owe him your daughter.
You don't owe him your silence.
I know who did this to you, but I want you to be able to say his name.
LAPD! Turn around! Put your hands behind your back! We got him.
Suspect coming out.
Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! - Hola.
- Hola.
Thank you.
I'm late.
Walk with me.
Couple of things.
Uh, Maria's now in witness protection, since she's testifying against a politically powerful man.
Now ICE can't touch her.
And then there's Reed.
Should we suspend him? I don't know.
What do you think? He lives up in Santa Clarita.
Transfer him to Harbor, admin detail, nine-to-five.
He'll have four hours a day in rush hour to contemplate the privilege of wearing the uniform.
Go ahead.
Say it.
- What? - I launched an investigation into a friend of the mayor's.
In my otherwise forgettable 30-year career, there have been six chiefs of police, and I'm still here.
Mostly 'cause I never do anything like that.
So you think it was dumb? No.
I get a kick out of it.
Good first week, Chief.
So, my topic tonight is Title IX, which introduced into American law the gender equality so many of us have benefited from.
You know what, I'm gonna, uh I'm a cop.
Uh, I'm a woman.
I am a gay woman.
And So, I'm gonna put my speech over here.
Uh All right, so, let's talk about how it feels to be not only the first female chief of police in Los Angeles, but also how it feels to be a gay woman in America in the year 2020 who also happens to be the chief of police.
These were the calls we used to get at the nurses' station.
Oh, people are funny.
You think that's funny? Don't you? That's when I decided to go back to graduate school.
I don't know why I ever left graduate school.
I'm gonna have my second glass of wine in my pajamas.
Interested? That's the nicest offer I've had in a long time.
Then take it.
I'm just not very good at this.
It's not an exam.
Well, the sad truth is I am at a point in my life where I'd rather have the extra hour's sleep.
It was really nice meeting you, Tommy.
My marriage is falling apart.
What, did you have a fight? I want you to come stay with us.
Are you sure? You never Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
How can I forgive someone I don't even know? Who I was I didn't know either.
I didn't know who I was.
I wish I could have saved you and your father all that pain.
Is that what love is? What? Like a wish, more than a real thing.
Let me go pack.

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