Tommy (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

There Are No Strangers Here

1 Previously on "Tommy" This week, Abigail Thomas took office as the first woman chief of police in the history of our city.
- Attention! - Okay, guys, we're not gonna do that all the time, or you're all gonna need knee replacements.
Are you the new security detail? - Abnar Diaz.
Who are you? - Ken Rosey.
I'm the speechwriter.
- Donn Cooper, chief of staff.
- Good to meet you.
Blake Sullivan, our communications director.
Arturo Lopez.
He's a great supporter of the mayor.
I launched an investigation into a friend of the mayor's.
If you're suggesting that I had any knowledge that Arturo Lopez smuggled an underage girl into this country I will call my daughter.
She is a school psychologist, married.
My marriage is falling apart.
I want you to come stay with us.
My late father always said that it is the mayor who runs the city, but the chief of police keeps it safe.
Our city could not be safer than it is in the hands of the woman that I am so proud to have brought here: your new chief of police, Abigail Thomas.
Tommy, come on out here.
Thank you, Mr.
I wasn't hired for my public speaking, which you will probably realize by the time I am done here.
As you might be able to hear, I am not from these parts.
Some people even say I have an accent.
Who knew? And as you may have also realized, um, I am a woman.
I'm sorry, was I not supposed to say that? I am from New York, where I served in the police department, like my father before me.
But being a cop today is not, uh, the same as it was when my dad did it.
Times are changing, and we have to change with them.
You cut the passage about neighborhood policing.
"Good job, boss.
You did okay up there.
- You made us proud.
" - I mean, sure.
You were great.
Did you not like the passage about neighborhood policing? Uh, Channel 15 wants an interview.
What'd you think of the speech, Blake? - Uh, it was good.
- Okay.
I'm drowning in praise here.
If the passage were phrased differently, would that Listen, Ken, the speech felt long, so I skipped some stuff.
Let it go or I'm gonna borrow a gun from somebody.
That was fantastic.
- You are a natural.
- Oh, thank you.
- Are you running for something? - Car's waiting.
Can we go? Ah, Chief.
I'd like you to meet my wife.
Roni, Chief Abigail Thomas.
So, you ready to kill my husband yet? No, I no, we have a good relationship.
Ah, lucky you.
I'll be in the car.
Anyway, good speech.
Seriously, you're not thinking of running for something? Uh, no, Mr.
Deputy Mayor.
Boss, call just came in.
There's an officer down.
Oh, God.
Uh, what's his status? Has he been transported, or? He's dead on the scene.
- All right.
How do we get out of here? - This way.
Fire department got a call about a car fire.
When they got down here, they realized the car was one of ours.
Officer Edward Guzman.
Eight years, Hoover Division.
His father's retired LAPD, a sergeant.
Detectives say it looks like he's been shot in the chest - multiple times.
- Who's got the family? The division commander and the chaplain are at his house.
So somebody shot him through the window and then torched the car? That's what it looks like.
So is this somebody who wanted to kill Eddie Guzman or somebody who wanted to kill a cop? That is the question.
Who are you? Easy.
I'm with the boss's security detail.
- What are you looking for? - His phone.
You guys already bag it for evidence? Yeah.
There was nothing on it.
- It was turned off.
- For real? Boss, get down here! Boss, get down! Get down! Anybody hurt? Is everybody all right? Officer Edward Guzman grew up in Torrance and attended Sacred Heart High School there.
In February 2017, while responding to an armed robbery, he was wounded in the arm and the shoulder but continued to engage the gunmen, killing one and disarming the other.
For this action, he received the department Medal of Valor.
He represented the best of what it is to be an LAPD officer, and we are deeply saddened by his loss.
Questions? Vincent.
We've got reports there was gunfire on the scene after LAPD responded.
Do you think it's connected to the killing? There was gunfire.
It's not unusual for that neighborhood, and, uh, nobody was hurt.
And as much as I admire you for trying, I can't comment on connections to anything.
Six spent nine millimeter shells on the ground near the car.
More nines on the roof of a building a hundred yards to the northwest.
Ballistics says they match.
So whoever shot Guzman on the street also took the shots from the roof.
Got a name on the gun? They're running the casings through the databases.
No matches so far.
How about security cameras? Decker? There are none on that block.
Buildings are abandoned.
We're looking at some in the surrounding area, see what we can find.
- What do we know about Guzman? - Good cop, strong record.
Some civilian complaints in the last few months, but nothing that led to charges being filed.
We got to keep an eye on that.
If some civilian gets frustrated, we need to know.
They get too frustrated, they may start thinking about getting a gun.
And stay on ballistics.
Take a look at the older files if the databases are coming up empty.
Any questions? Ma'am.
All due respect, what are we doing here? What do you mean, Stan? One of our guys got ambushed, we're worried about some complaints that didn't even get a charge filed? We don't know for sure that it was an ambush.
Maybe it was, maybe not.
The shooter fired at officers on the scene.
What else do we need to know? I would like to know what happened to Guzman.
We all know that right now, there are people celebrating 'cause a cop got killed.
We all know who those people are.
You can bet your bottom dollar the shooter is right there with them.
We need to get in some faces, get some names and make people understand that the LAPD will not take this lying down.
Get out in the community and make some noise.
You mind explaining which community you mean there, Stan? Anybody else got an idea to share? We're done here.
Stan's been talking about putting in his papers.
That pension check he smells gives him just enough courage to speak out.
But he's not the only one who feels that way.
I don't care.
I'm not sending people out to bust heads so some dinosaurs can feel good about themselves.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's a sad day.
Yes, it is.
Your detail is running security at your house.
You asked me to remind you to remind your daughter.
I can give her a call.
No, I'll do it.
She's gonna have questions.
You don't want to face those.
Look, I get it.
People are scared.
And a scared cop is a dangerous cop.
A civilian's gonna get his head blown off for asking for directions.
- What do you think happened to Guzman? - Looked weird to me.
- What? - Guzman's phone was off.
Guy was in his car, turns his phone off? What's that? If my phone's turned off, you can put me in the ground.
The techs say he turned it off right after he went out on patrol.
If you turn your phone off, you can't be tracked.
So maybe he didn't want anyone to know where he was going.
Maybe because he was going to meet somebody he shouldn't.
All right, I know it looks like an ambush.
Make sure Robbery-Homicide is putting time into the possibility that Guzman knew his killer.
Tell the rest of the detail to get ready.
We got to go to the house.
What's up, Ken? Anything you want me thinking about for the eulogy? How many of them have you done? A couple.
Leakey liked military imagery.
The fallen hero carried out on his shield, that kind of thing.
I want to know Eddie Guzman.
I don't want to be talking about some stranger.
I'll track down some people, see what I can find out.
All right.
How many of you are lurking around 'cause you have questions? - You.
- Arturo Lopez, the mayor's friend that got arrested for sex trafficking and child molestation, is being arraigned today.
A reporter asked for a comment.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.
All rise.
State v.
Arturo Lopez.
The Honorable Preston Burningham presiding.
Okay, guys and gals, setting the calendar today? Your Honor, we're requesting a continuance to a date next week.
The state and Mr.
Lopez's attorney are in negotiations that may modify the charges.
Angling for a deal, Mr.
Lopez? Your Honor, all I seek is a just resolution of my case.
Bully for you.
How's next Thursday? This is Mayor Buddy Gray.
Welcome to Los Angeles International Airport.
Remember, if you see something, say something.
Let's try it again.
Maybe a little warmer this time.
I'm asking people to look out for terrorists.
How warm am I supposed to be? Yeah.
Yeah, it's what we thought.
Arturo's cutting a deal.
Be useful to know more than that, don't you think? - How you doing, guys? - Chief.
This way.
Excuse me.
Amy? I'm Chief Thomas.
I'm so sorry about what happened to Edward.
Do you mind if I sit? No.
I mean, sure.
I want you to know this hurts all of us.
Thank you.
We need to do some investigative things.
Um, I promise you, they'll be done as fast as can be.
But while it's going on, don't look at the news, don't go online.
Don't even read your e-mails, 'cause there are gonna be a lot of things being said that are wrong.
And you don't need to hear it.
Eddie and I were supposed to go to the store today.
Get some baby things.
He's so careful about that, so worried about the baby being safe.
He's read, like, every review on every crib and every I don't know any of that stuff.
Alex Guzman.
I'm Eddie's dad.
It's a heartbreaking day for all of us, Sergeant.
I'm so sorry.
Would you drink to my son? Oh.
To Eddie.
You know what really gets me? The last few months, Eddie was happier than I'd ever seen him.
He was over the moon about becoming a father.
Somebody's got to pay.
Tell me you get that, Chief.
Whatever happened to your son, we will find the person responsible, I promise you that.
Sorry, but I found something you should see.
- Why sorry? - It's Leakey on a podcast.
He's calling you out.
100% she's endangering LAPD rank and file.
Some skid mark assassinates a poor kid, one of our own, yet Chief Thomas, for some reason, can't bring herself to say that.
Now, I got people inside the LAPD that tell me she has no idea about what's going on.
And that's dangerous for the heroic men and women who go out there on a daily bas All right, tell Blake I want to talk to the press.
Good afternoon.
I want to discuss an issue connected to the tragic death of Officer Edward Guzman.
Although I can't discuss the investigation, every step is being taken to insure the safety of our officers, and of the public.
Nothing is more important to me and my staff than the security of the brave men and women of the LAPD.
Thank you.
So are you confirming that the attack on Guzman was an ambush? No, that's not what I'm saying.
Chief, I've got a report that you specifically directed Robbery-Homicide to look into the possibility that Guzman knew his killer.
- Do you believe that to be the case? - Who told you that? - So it's true? - I No, I What do you think he was doing that got him killed? Guys, guys, we will not discuss anything further.
- Thank you.
- That's all the time Chief Thomas has.
Thank you so much for coming.
I get that you were mad.
That's no reason to talk to the press.
Leakey accused me of endangering my people.
Yes, I am mad.
He's trolling you.
You can't take the bait.
Thank you, Blake.
This isn't just about Leakey, is it? Someone in this office leaked to the press to undermine me; I want to know who.
Don't even start that.
I need to be able to talk to my people without worrying it's gonna be online 15 minutes later.
Everybody talks to the press.
Hell, I do.
You'll never find out who did it, and you'll look vulnerable.
I get that I'm new.
I get how many people think I don't deserve this.
I need to know how long it's gonna be till my officers trust me.
Excuse me, ma'am, your daughter's on the phone.
She says there's a problem at her house.
- What is going on? - Kate, I am sorry.
- This guy shows up today.
- Hey, boss.
He says because you're here, we need to upgrade our security.
Whose idea was that? Honey, I was supposed to call and tell you.
Things got so busy, I just forgot, I'm sorry.
He says he says we need, like, 15 more security cameras and a panic button for the front door.
In case something's going on, and you need to send a signal to the car.
And the car.
He says there's going to be a car parked out front filled with men with automatic weapons.
- Are we in danger? - Absolutely not.
These are just standard things they do.
I'm not sure I'm comfortable with any of this.
Kate, you asked me to come and live with you.
I asked my mother to come, not the entire Los Angeles police force.
You want me to keep working, or Go ahead.
Henry, I'm sorry.
I think a panic button's kind of cool.
Anyway, it's a good distraction.
I don't know if Kate told you.
We're talking about me moving out into the guest house.
We're having trouble inhabiting the same space.
Hey, Cooper, what's up? Two officers opened fire on a van that wouldn't stop when they said.
Driver's Korean, no English.
They put 17 rounds in it.
Oh, God.
How bad? Fortunately, they didn't hit the driver.
He'll be okay.
I talked to the officers.
All they're hearing is cops saying that they got targets on their backs.
So when the van didn't stop, they thought that Well, you know.
What a mess.
All right.
We've got to figure out what happened to Guzman.
Yes, we do, or somebody else is gonna get killed.
Will you tell your daughter I'm sorry? Didn't mean to make her mad.
You didn't do that, I did.
I find that hard to believe.
Well, believe it.
Her dad and I were just kids when she was born.
We struggled you know, with all kinds of things.
We divorced when she was ten.
He moved out here.
I thought I could just do the single mom thing.
But I had just made detective, and the truth is, you know, I was much better at being a detective.
When she turned 14, she told me she wanted to go live with her dad, and I said okay.
And I think that's what she can never quite forgive me for.
But she asked you to come live with her.
Right? That's something.
Yeah, I think she's having buyer's remorse.
We've been running searches of digital sites for entries relevant to the Guzman shooting.
Like Facebook posts? Not unless the shooter's over 60.
Um, Reddit, 4chan, 8chan, like that.
Then we apply a geofencing tool that allows us to link posts to geographical locations.
Decker, I can barely take a photo with my phone.
So, what'd you find? A name.
Keith Culberson.
He lives in South L.
He's put up posts critical of the LAPD, mostly about police shootings.
Some tough language.
He's not the first one to do that.
Well, he's also one of the people who filed a complaint about Guzman.
An hour after the shooting, he posted this.
"RIP Officer Guzman.
Like Malcolm said, just the chickens coming home to roost.
" Some historical quote? Yeah, Malcolm X.
Uh, what goes around comes around.
Violent people die by violence.
So he's claiming credit.
I gave it to Robbery-Homicide.
They're running him now.
Pretty soon, we'll be able to stop guys like this before they even do anything.
Artificial intelligence will select out threatening people from data proactively.
We'll pick the guy up before he even shoots.
For what? He won't have committed a crime.
For what he's going to do.
You scare me, Decker.
Wha? I'm just telling you.
For what? Tommy's press conference didn't get much attention last night.
I assume that was your work.
Oh, didn't take much.
Just some phone calls.
You know what doesn't get enough attention? The amount of work it takes to make sure something doesn't get much attention.
I hope Tommy appreciates it.
You never know.
She's tight with a compliment.
How are you? I'm trying to figure out this Arturo Lopez situation.
Looks like he's gonna cop a plea.
It'd be useful to know which way things are gonna fall.
It's the surprises that kill you.
Have you heard anything? I'm just the director of communications.
Why would anyone tell me anything? Well, maybe you hear things from reporters.
If you do, would you mind sharing? I'd appreciate it.
If I hear anything.
Thanks, Blake.
I still don't understand.
Call Bob Flake.
He'll talk to you.
Our district attorney, Mr.
Flake, is socially insecure and a relentless blabbermouth; he'll gossip.
Nothing that Blake does will be connected to me.
Besides, I like talking to her.
You're not allowed to take our coffee, Vincent.
Arrest me.
You're covering the Arturo Lopez case, right? Every sordid detail.
Why? My boss is interested, and, uh, we're just getting acquainted, so I'd like to bring her a gift.
What's in it for me? First exclusive interview with the chief, all yours.
I'll see what I can find out.
Thanks for the coffee.
Something's going down in the situation room.
I think you want to be there.
Confirmed, the front door is locked.
Standing by.
Waiting for orders.
Anything? Not yet.
All units, all units stand by.
What's going on? They like this guy Culberson for the Guzman shooting.
Found some stuff he posted online.
I guess a C.
says he has guns in the house.
Detectives want to talk, but Culberson won't open the door.
SWAT team is outside.
They're waiting on a warrant.
Got the warrant.
- Judge says we can go in.
- Then let's go.
Wait, slow down.
What do we have on this guy? An Internet post? The C.
said he was armed.
s tend to say things cops want to hear.
He's refusing to come out.
That's not a crime, last I heard.
He has no record, right? No arrests, no warrants.
No history of violence of any kind.
He doesn't like cops, he's violent when he talks about us.
If we took the door of every citizen who talked smack about cops, there'd be no doors left.
I don't get this.
What are you waiting for? - We have a warrant.
- Come on, Stan.
We go in, he's armed, he shoots it's bad.
We go in, he's not the guy, he isn't armed it's bad.
What do you want? A better way to do this.
Ideas? We can see him.
He's livestreaming from his apartment.
At least five or six cops with heavy weapons saying I gotta come out, even though I have done nothing wrong.
You all know where this is going.
Whatever happens, I'm gonna keep this stream up so you can see what police do Well, I don't see any weapons.
Can I talk to him? Uh, we can message him.
Tell him you have a request from Chief of Police Abigail Thomas.
I want all of America as a witness.
I will not be quiet.
Okay, somebody claiming to be the chief of police is posting.
Yeah, Chief, tell your homicidal bacon to leave me alone! Bacon.
You like that? All right, tell him I would like to talk to him.
And if he'll come here, I will personally guarantee his safety after the officers have executed a legal search.
And I'll publish that guarantee on any Internet thingy he wants.
Uh, I'll rephrase that last part.
Come on, Mr.
Take a seat.
I'm good.
Uh, I'm told the search, uh, didn't turn up any weapons.
We had information that you had some.
It was wrong.
I'm sorry.
You mind telling me where you were when Officer Guzman was killed? Uh, night before last.
Riverside, with my sister's family.
And you put up some posts celebrating his murder.
Do you mind telling me why? I don't celebrate anybody's death.
When somebody who's assaulted me gets assaulted, I'm gonna find some justice in that.
How did he assault you? I was talking to friends; he came up asking if I was involved in some business down the street.
I wasn't.
I told him.
He slammed me against the wall three times.
Three times.
Then he cuffed me for an hour.
I filed a complaint, nothing happened.
Well, I'm looking into that complaint.
We're not here to assault you.
- No other reason I see.
- Well, it's not true.
This building was put up for people who want to assault me.
400 years of this country's history is people wanting to control and subdue my body by assault if necessary, and you say no.
Who are you? Here's my card.
If an officer treats you badly, call me.
I will pick up, and I will look into it.
You giving these to every black man and woman in Los Angeles? Well, let's start with you.
Gates? Chief Thomas? Amy.
- What can I do for you? - You told me not to look at the news, but, uh an officer at the house said you thought Edward might have known the person who killed him? Might have done something to get himself killed.
Is that true? Well, we are still trying to figure out what happened.
Uh, I'm sorry, I can't tell you more.
Edward had this idea that if I was anxious, the baby would know.
So he wouldn't tell me anything if he thought it would worry me.
Even if I could tell he was upset.
He would just deny it.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
My father was like that.
Uh, cops have a hard time talking to civilians - about their job.
- Thing is I know something was going on.
Especially the last few months.
He had trouble sleeping and, uh but all he would say was that he was fine.
Breaks my heart.
I want to know what happened.
Even if he was in trouble.
I don't want things kept from me anymore.
I will tell you as soon as we know.
You have my word.
- Officer Milkovich? - Yeah.
You were Edward Guzman's partner, right? That's right.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I'm working with Chief Thomas.
I'm helping her prepare for his service.
Could I talk to you? Maybe we go get a drink? - Why? - I just want to hear about him.
Who he was, what he was like.
- Call him a hero, that's enough.
- Officer, I'm trying to help your partner's family here.
I-I want to make his service meaningful.
You heard what I said.
Culberson checked out.
He was in Riverside.
Also, ballistics finally got a hit on those shells found near where Guzman was shot.
Turns out the gun is connected to an armed robbery in 1990.
Nothing since then.
Must have just been floating around.
All right.
Which gives us nothing.
All right, we're thinking about this wrong.
- How do you mean? - We've been looking at the other guys.
I think we need to focus on Guzman.
What Culberson described does not sound like the same man that everyone else was talking about.
Like, w-what guy has no civilian complaints for eight years and suddenly has three in two months, right? Something changed.
I'll, uh, look at the complaints again.
I didn't mean to listen in.
So whoever killed your officer is still out there? Yeah, well, somebody's still out there.
I wanted to apologize for yesterday.
Henry and I were having an argument, and then your guy shows up and starts talking panic buttons Eh, it's okay.
I know losing an officer is hard.
I imagine it brings up your dad.
What happened when he died.
Uh, you know, not as much as you might think.
I was very little.
I-I didn't even know what happened till years later, so I just thought you might want to talk about it.
- Hey, what's what is that? - Gun safe.
It's biometric, so nobody can open it but me.
You're keeping your gun here? What else am I supposed to do? I don't know, leave it at the office? - Well, that's not practical, Kate.
- I am not comfortable having Luna in a house with a gun.
She will never see it.
I promise.
You can't promise that.
What if you accidentally leave it out? I know what I'm doing.
I won't.
You're not hearing me.
Wh-Why do you need a gun here, anyway, huh? I thought you just held meetings and gave speeches.
I'm a cop, Kate.
I carry a gun.
I assumed you knew that.
Don't assume I know anything about you.
You made sure I wouldn't.
- Hello there.
- I'm a failure.
Not possible.
I couldn't find out anything about Arturo Lopez.
My guy says the U.
attorney's involved? They've locked it down.
Anyway, I, um, I'm sorry.
I've always felt that our offices - should work more closely - Yes, yes.
Did you say the U.
attorney? - Uh, yeah, yeah.
- Huh.
Thank you.
Uh, there's actually someone here.
I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye.
attorney? That's serious.
Oh, you think? You think the prospect of Arturo Lopez sharing what he knows with the United States Department of Justice is serious? What other brilliant insights do you have? We need to talk to Bob Flake.
Talk to Flake.
But if that blabbermouth yaps about this to anyone, I'm gonna beat him with the seal of the city.
Here's the eulogy.
It's just a first draft, but there's a lot in there about Guzman.
I talked to some of his squad, his division commander.
What'd they say about him? They loved him.
Great cop, great guy.
Did they mention any emotional problems? A couple guys said he had a hard time after he got shot.
Uh, PTSD, I guess, but he did therapy, and they say that seemed to help.
What about more recently, last couple of months.
They didn't mention any problems.
What'd his partner say? He wouldn't talk to me.
It was weird.
He acted like I was rude for asking.
Because you're not a cop.
You don't get it.
- I get it.
- You don't even know what "it" is.
I've worked for the LAPD for seven years, bucko, - I think I do.
- You're like a pilot fish.
There's the shark, you know? Then there's this little fish that swims alongside it.
He hangs with the shark, he eats what the shark eats, but he's not a shark.
I'm not a pilot fish.
- I am not a pilot fish.
- Stop it.
Sounds to me like the partner knows much more than he's saying.
I want you to talk to him.
If something was going on with Guzman, I want to know what it was.
- Yeah? - Abnar Diaz.
I'm with the chief's security detail.
Here to talk about Eddie Guzman.
- It's my day off.
- Not mine.
I got nothing to say.
Now you're just pissing me off.
You're gonna treat me like a civilian? Like I'm Ken with his note cards? I don't think so.
Guzman's PTSD never went away.
For a year he wasn't sleeping, had anxiety attacks.
He put up a front, 'cause that's what you're supposed to do.
- "I'm a big, tough cop; it's all good.
" - He was a mess.
Milkovich was supposed to keep it a secret.
That's why he didn't want to say anything.
So you say a year? Anything happen in the last couple of months? Four months ago, he went on a call.
This little girl was choking on a marshmallow.
Guzman was the only responder.
EMTs were late.
He tried to help, but nothing worked.
So he and the mom watched this little girl die.
Oh, God.
I guess it really took him down.
Milkovich was telling him to get help, but he wouldn't.
Y-You said the wife didn't know what was going on.
She said she didn't.
I believe her.
A-And the father told you how happy Guzman was? - He made a point of telling me.
- So he lied? Seems like it.
So you said the, uh, the shells are connected to an armed robbery in 1990.
Can you find out who the arresting officers were - on that case? - Sure.
And, uh, tell Decker he's got to look through some more security camera footage.
They've gone through all the cameras near the crime scene.
No, I'm not talking about the crime scene.
He's got to look through footage from cameras near the Guzman house.
I want to find out what Alexander Guzman was doing the night his son died.
What are you doing here? A little birdie told me you were asking questions about Alex Guzman.
And why you would do that instead of looking for the scum who took his son's life, I don't understand.
But I let Alex know.
He invited me over.
You should leave these people alone.
- No.
Now please step aside.
- Why? Because I'm chief of police.
Sergeant, I'm sorry.
I know you're dealing with a lot right now, but we-we need to talk.
Is Amy at home? No, she's out.
This is from a traffic camera about ten blocks from here.
Shows you coming from the direction of the shooting about 15 minutes after it happened.
We have other images coming.
They show you doing a route to and from the crime scene that night.
What does this have to do with anything? We traced the gun that killed your son and fired on us.
It was used in a 1990 armed robbery where you were one of the arresting officers.
I'm guessing you took the gun off one of the suspects, kept it for yourself.
Is that right? Sergeant, we both know the state your son was in the day he died.
He was traumatized, and depressed.
He checked in for his shift and almost immediately, he turned off his phone.
And we wondered why he did that.
I think it was because he had planned to kill himself, and he didn't want to risk anybody calling.
Then he drove somewhere and shot himself in the chest.
Sergeant, your son was a good and brave officer, one of our finest.
An honorable man, like you.
He deserves the truth.
Eddie was in such a dark place.
The death of that little girl it it made him so afraid.
He thought he wouldn't be able to take care of his child.
I told him that wasn't true.
But he just felt worse.
And worse.
How did you find him? He left a note, telling me what he'd done and where he was.
I guess he wanted me to be the one to find him.
He trusted me with that.
So I did.
Found him in his patrol car.
He'd shot himself with some old drop gun that I gave him.
Of course, if it got out that he'd killed himself, he-he'd have no benefits.
And he's got a pregnant wife.
The last thing Amy needed was a-a suicide for a husband.
And it's it's not what I wanted for him.
So you staged the crime scene.
You shot through the window, set the car on fire and fired shots so it would look like an ambush.
I didn't want anyone to get hurt.
It's just it's not how I wanted my Eddie to be remembered.
My son was a hero.
Thank you.
Obviously, I didn't know.
Whatever else, this is a good LAPD family.
They've suffered.
Yes, they have.
Which is why I'd like to propose something.
Alejandro Guzman surrendered this morning, and after being booked, was released on his own recognizance.
The D.
's office is considering charges.
Uh, before we get into questions, we have an announcement from former chief Milton Leakey.
Thanks, Blake.
I haven't been up here in a while.
Together with the LAPD, I'm creating a fund to support Edward Guzman's wife Amy Park and their child.
If you know me and see me, expect to open your wallet or there'll be hell to pay.
I, um I particularly want to thank Ab Chief Abigail Thomas for her support in this effort.
It would not have been possible without her.
Why let him announce it? It's your idea.
Leakey has a thousand friends to hit up.
He'll raise more money than I ever could.
Besides, he's dying to get back inside this building.
I let him.
Now he owes me.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
I have my moments.
This, uh, eulogy is wonderful, Ken.
Uh, good.
I'm glad I got the chance.
Leakey wouldn't speak at a service for a suicide.
He thought they didn't deserve it, I guess.
Old school.
Yes, I know that school.
So, um, I want to add something.
We now know the full tragedy of Eddie's death.
It was a failure.
Not his.
Our failure to see the hurt he was feeling.
Every cop knows that hurt.
We go places that others won't go, we do and see things that others turn away from.
It's good, honorable work.
And it hurts.
Too many of us carry that hurt like a shame.
A poet said, "There are no strangers here, only friends we haven't met.
" I believe that.
If we are truly friends to each other, share the truths of what we've seen and what we've done without shame, then I believe the hurt will lessen.
And we can start to heal.
Detail, present arms.
I'm done here, guard.
Hey, I expect you to call me.
Wait, no.
Wait, wait! Get away from me! Sátiro.
No problem, Chief.
Minute? What's up, Coop? Some, uh, people are feeding stuff about the chief to the press, and I'm gonna take a wild guess that one of those people is you.
Don't bother denying it.
The talk about your retirement ends.
Your papers are on my desk tomorrow.
Now excuse me while I talk to somebody I actually like.
You heard the news? Arturo Lopez just got shanked in county jail.
He's dead.
How? Why? I don't know.
He was a pedophile, right? Not hard to imagine how that plays out.
Still, a lot of people must be relieved.
Arturo knew where a ton of bodies were buried.
Need a hand? No, I'm good.
Sometimes I pretend I am my own patient.
And I say to myself, "Kate, why are you behaving this way? "Why are you yelling at your mother "for bringing something into your house that you already knew she had?" Uh, what's the answer? I tell myself, "Maybe because you haven't lived with her for so long, you're scared to.
" Are you scared? Yeah.
Think I am.
I was just emotionally vulnerable in front of you.
You could return the favor.
Well, yeah, I do worry sometimes, about being here with you.
But I do want to be here.
'Cause I want you here.
So it's okay if I do some shooting out back later? Sorry.
That was a joke.
My father was such a mystery to me.
I, uh, sometimes think I became a cop just to understand him.
But I don't want to be like him.
I want to be open with you, if that's okay.
You could actually help out.
Henry and I need to get out of here and talk.
Maybe you could watch Luna? No, of course.
Uh Anything in particular I should know, or? Just hang out.
And, uh, if she gives you any trouble, slap the cuffs on her.
Hey, kiddo.
Whatcha doing? Drawing.
Is it okay if I draw with you? I guess.
Okay, let's see.
What color should I use? I always start with red.
Red? Okay.
Red it is.
Whatcha making, a face? I'm drawing me on the beach.
How cute.
The beach.
Oh, I haven't been to the beach yet.
- Can I go with you? - Sure.
The best part is the pier.

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