Tommy (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

19 Hour Day

1 - Previously on Tommy - TOMMY: I am Abigail Thomas, usually just Tommy.
- Attention.
- Hey, guys, we're not gonna do that all the time, or you're all gonna need knee replacements.
- Donn Cooper, chief of staff.
- Good to meet you.
Blake Sullivan, our communications director.
Are you the new security detail? - Abnar Diaz.
Who are you? - Ken Rosey.
I'm the speechwriter.
I thought you were the SWAT team commander.
Oh, I thought you were the new shortstop.
I will call my daughter.
She is a school psychologist, married.
I don't know if Kate told you.
We're talking about me moving out to the guest house.
We're having trouble inhabiting the same space.
My marriage is falling apart.
It's okay.
It's okay.
TOMMY: Morning.
JIMENEZ: Morning, ma'am.
Chief Bevins asked me to give you the overnight status report.
- That's why I'm here.
- JIMENEZ: No incidents so far.
They did a full site sweep at midnight.
DHS and FBI are up to speed, and the command center's operational.
Oh, and the rain finally stopped.
All right, good to know.
What's your name? Daniel Jimenez.
Well, thank you for the prompt call, Officer Jimenez.
Tell the chief that I will be there at 8:00, uh, but I want an update at 6:00.
Yes, ma'am.
: And today marks the third and final day of the California Summit on Climate Change, with legislators, activists and corporate executives meeting to recommend a state-wide policy capped off by tonight's vote on California's controversial pesticide ban.
You want a hand with that? That's what I was gonna do.
You must be glad it's the last day of the summit.
Did you sleep last night? Well, if we can get through tonight without anybody getting hurt, I will sleep very well.
Why are you up? [SIGHS.]
I can't switch my mind off.
Henry won't tell me when he's coming home from Palo Alto, I have a workshop, there's no school, my regular sitter's busy, and Luna's acting out.
She's rude.
She won't go to bed.
Any idea why? I think she's reacting to what's going on with Henry and me.
I'm sorry.
They should've given us a handbook.
Hey, Cooper, what's up? Good morning.
Call just came in about a bomb threat against the summit.
Credible? Definitely more than the others.
I've called a direct reports meeting in 45 minutes.
All right, I'll be there in 30.
- Thank you.
- What? Oh, apparently a bomb threat.
You win that one.
The report came in from a leader of the activist group Earth Care.
Uh, he's worked with us in the past.
What'd he say? Earth Care's been holding planning meetings about the summit.
Some kid showed up at one and mentioned detonating a bomb in the hall during the delegate vote, mentioned it more than once.
Vote's at 7:00.
With at least 500 protesters outside who'll go crazy if they recommend lifting the ban.
KEN: Which, odds are, they will, meaning a lot more pesticides.
Can't we just ask them not to lift the ban for the sake of public safety? And for us not all getting cancer? We all got to die sometime, dude.
KEN: Diaz, do you know what bioaccumulation is? It makes half a million people a year in China either acutely or chronically toxic.
Which is why I never go there.
What's the intel unit think, Castro? This guy's been a good source in the past.
I've dealt with him.
Ray Collins.
You two get acutely toxic together? Diaz.
Quit it.
I've been to some Earth Care fundraisers.
Ray is a stand-up guy.
Well, let's get him in here.
So kid brags he's building a bomb.
What do you think? Half-hour on the Internet, hundred bucks worth of material, he can make a device.
TOMMY: I want a third canine sweep of the hall right away.
Uh, increased security for the voluntary pat downs at the entrance, which as we know, are only technically voluntary, plus, uh, another ten uniforms and plainclothes outside the building.
And I know we're stretched thin.
I need as many eyes on the ground as possible.
Blake, I don't want this getting out.
Plan is keep everybody calm.
Bomb threats, not so calm.
- Updates on the hour.
- Yeah.
Chief, can I suggest something? - Yeah, suggest away.
- We should use our Nemesis tracker to get a read on this threat.
Not sure if you know, but Nemesis is a cell-site simulator that Forces phones to connect to it rather than a local provider.
Uh, we can I.
phones in a specific area, we can read texts, listen to calls, scan for keywords.
Private texts, private calls.
Yes, that's sort of the point.
Yeah, we'd need a warrant.
We have a credible threat.
No, we have hearsay, which I take seriously, but it's a long way from anything I can bring to a judge.
Ma'am, uh can we talk in private? Okay.
Chief Leakey ordered use of the Nemesis more than once, starting with the Wilson case, and it was effective.
Is that true? It, uh, happened.
I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
All due respect, Chief Leakey was right.
We're not in a walkie-talkie age.
With tech like this, it is only a matter of time before hackers figure out how to beat it.
We have the advantage now; we should use it.
If we wait for bureaucracy, we risk people getting hurt.
A warrant is not bureaucracy.
It's the law.
- Chief Leakey didn't - Decker, do I look like Milt Leakey? Thanks for the suggestion.
Uh, we'll discuss it again if there are grounds for a warrant.
Does he have a point? NSA tried to steal him away from us twice.
Seattle, Miami and NYPD made offers.
Um, he's one of the best tech guys in the country.
We're lucky to have him.
Oh, I like him.
He cares.
All right, I got to get down to the convention hall.
Hold the fort.
Tell Diaz to meet me at the car.
Oh, don't forget, you're speaking to the girls from the Youth Police Program at 3:00.
- I am? - You are.
Today's their final day in session.
It's been on the books for weeks.
I'm sure they're looking forward to it.
All right, I'll figure something out.
Ma'am, this is Captain Nettles, building security for the LAFD.
We just a did a combined canine re-sweep of the entire premises.
It appears safe at this time.
Safe as in no bombs? Not saying there are no explosives.
Saying we didn't find any.
Not definitely no bombs? We definitely didn't find any.
Well, thanks for that.
Was that supposed to make me feel better? BEVINS: Chief.
What's this I hear about you ordering no riot gear for my guys? I didn't say no riot gear.
I said no visible gear.
We are trying to project calm.
A line of cops in hats and bats does not do that.
So when these people go nuts, what are we gonna do, smile at them? I don't want people hurt any more than you do, Bevins.
How about if we store the gear in the ICPU? That way we don't look like we're spoiling for a fight.
And if we need to pivot, the gear is right there.
Clearly he agrees.
Cooper, what's up? Boss, you got to get back here.
I just got here.
Why? There's a mudslide on the 405.
A-All that rain loosened up 20 tons of mud that just spilled out on the road.
We got multiple trapped vehicles, property damage, and possible loss of life, and requests coming in from every surrounding division.
W-We need bodies we don't have.
I'll be right there.
- We're going back.
- Mm.
The traffic behind me is at a complete and utter standstill, with reported backups throughout Westwood, Mar Vista Uh, the good news is there are no reported deaths.
I-It's officially CHP and County's problem, but they're requesting help.
- Well, what do they need? - Uh, help with traffic control and home evacuations.
Cops got to carry them out of their houses or? Th-They're more worried about houses being looted post-evac.
In New York, they, uh, loot Modell's.
Here, we got to worry about Jack Nicholson's villa.
Actually, it's more like Kanye, but, uh, the point is if we move cops there Then I have less at the hall, where I need them the most.
And they're asking for 40 to 50 bodies, so Uh, let's send academy trainees.
- From the - Training academy.
Pre-rookie rookies.
Can we do that? We can do it, but they're gonna need supervision.
Chief, Ray Collins is here.
Oh, Castro.
The head of Earth Care is here.
Ray, this is Deputy Chief for Counter-Terrorism Martin Castro.
My boss, Chief Thomas.
We appreciate you coming in.
It's important people know this kind of thing is not what our group's about.
So this kid had no prior affiliation with you? No.
Showed up out of nowhere, sat next to one of our members, and asked her what she thought about "radical action.
" CASTRO: We'll need her name and how to get in touch with her.
Keep the info private? Yes, we will.
Did she say what he meant by "radical action"? Yeah.
He said he, um, wanted to plant a device timed up with tonight's vote.
Uh, she said the way he was talking had more of an alt-right vibe than anything else.
Maybe he just wanted to make your group look bad.
You got a name? Just that he signed into the meeting as "Ricky.
" What'd he look like? White guy, long blond hair, baseball cap.
Why do they always wear baseball caps? - Anything else? - She saw him again last night outside the hall, and I guess he complained to her about the weather.
Said his motel had a leak.
Did he say which motel? The Rainbow, maybe? TOMMY: Okay.
Thanks for your time.
Um, I'm gonna be at the hall tonight, and I'd rather not, you know, blow up.
Find this guy, okay? I'll walk you out.
No one named Ricky is on the radar.
None of our other sources have heard anything.
Well, you'll follow up with the girl who spoke to him? Yeah.
Is there a Rainbow Motel nearby? There's actually a chain of four in the larger metro.
But I can't spare the manpower right now.
Uh, I can give you five narcotics detectives for two hours.
The mayor's here for the presser about the landslide.
Still no deaths reported, property damage is limited, but the traffic situation is insane.
You're asking people to cancel travel plans basically anywhere.
Um, and here is a fact sheet on the mudflow.
I'm gonna let the mayor handle mudflow.
Listen, I need you to talk to some girls at 3:00.
- I'm sorry? - Youth Police Program.
Girls considering careers in law enforcement.
Uh, I-I'm need-needed up here.
Well, I need you down there.
What about Ken? Ken is not a woman.
Girls, remember? But I-I don't know how to talk to a bunch of girls.
Mayor, Mr.
Deputy Mayor.
Hell of a day.
Yes, it is.
Actually, um, can we talk? Sure.
Blake, how you doing? Hanging in there? Yes.
We are looking into a bomb threat at the convention hall that is credible enough to be taken seriously.
We are not certain there's a device, uh, but we are investigating and taking precautions.
I am introducing the vote tonight.
I will be there.
I know.
Do we need to cancel the program? People are too amped up.
If we cancel it, it could cause a riot.
Plus, the bomber could be outside.
We would just be sending people toward him.
You said "the bomber.
" So you think there is a bomber.
If there's a bomber.
Why are we just hearing this? I wanted to talk to the source.
Are you tracking the threat? We're trying to find the threat.
Because there are tools, I'm sure you've been advised on, that I would highly recommend using if you aren't already.
We are doing everything we're permitted to do.
Maybe you don't go.
We come up with an excuse.
Doug, if it leaks that I bailed because of a risk, they will kill me.
They'll show up at my door with pitchforks and torches.
I have to go.
Should you enhance his security detail? Uh, I don't have a lot of spare bodies.
I'll only take it if you recommend it.
I can give you four uniforms.
Sounds great.
Now, - let's go talk about mud? - Right.
But above all, we are most grateful that, as far as we can tell, there are no serious injuries.
Um, CHP, County and LAPD are all working in conjunction to meet every need.
- Got a minute? - [TURNS OFF TV.]
I got to go to the 405 to teach kids how to be a cop, so quick.
The chief is wrong.
Somebody's got to tell her.
She trusts you.
Chief Leakey, he Leakey did a lot of things I'm glad we don't do anymore.
And don't tell me he understood digital policing.
He understood it worked.
Sometimes and sometimes not.
Just because you pool phones doesn't mean you catch the bad guy.
And either way, it means you gather private data.
Illegally, if you don't have a warrant.
Which I have a problem with.
Don't you? My dad taught at MIT.
I grew up in Cambridge.
I was there for the marathon bombings.
The Tsarnaev brothers, who did it, they went to my school.
I knew the younger one.
Back then, I would have said he was a good guy.
Funny, pretty cool.
The people we need to worry about aren't from a foreign country.
They are here and they are hard to find, so we need to use every tool we have.
If we don't, it's like not taking vaccines.
But we're not talking about vaccines.
We're talking about civil rights.
If we miss this guy and people get hurt, that is on us.
The chief's got to see that.
As far as the chief is concerned, it's on her.
D-Don't fiddle with your phone while you're driving.
- Sorry.
- It's against the law.
Not that it stops anybody.
I mean, why should it? It's just a little law.
No big thing.
This isn't about my phone, is it? Decker wants us to use Nemesis to look for this bomber even though we don't have a warrant.
The deputy mayor, too.
And you want a warrant first.
Call me old-fashioned.
What, you think I'm wrong? I think if a guy has a bomb, we got to do everything we can to stop him.
It's why we're cops.
Same time, you got to follow your instincts.
Do what you think is right.
- That's absolutely no help, Diaz.
You worked on 9/11, right? You were there that day? Yes, I did.
If you could have stopped it, and all you had to do was break the law, would you have done it? Yes.
But I would've tried like hell to find a legal way first.
: Keep the ban! Keep the ban! The big vote's at 7:00.
That's when it'll really go nuts.
Castro, what's up? CASTRO: Nothing from the Rainbow Motels.
No blond kids, no Rickys, Richards, Ricks.
I spoke to the girl who had contact with the suspect.
She seems pretty credible.
All right, do me a favor.
Spend some time looking under different spellings of "rainbow.
" Sometimes they mix it up just to keep us guessing.
You got it.
I want to push these zones back 30 yards.
They're too close to the entrance.
If anything happens, I want to make sure everyone's at a safe distance.
They're gonna be pissed.
They love their right to assemble.
They can assemble, 30 yards back.
All right.
Can we gear up, then? Do it.
Just go easy.
That's not always our choice.
Cooper on the line.
How's it going? We found a car buried under the mud.
We think the driver's alive, but they need heavy equipment to-to get him out so they're taking 25 firefighters.
Then let's mobilize every one of our on-duty uniforms onto an emergency 12-hour shift.
What I need most out here is eyes on the ground.
: We're moving everybody back.
Back up.
OFFICER: Everybody, move out of the way! Let's move! [CROWD CLAMORING.]
Back up.
Everybody, back up.
- Sorry, ma'am.
They need you in the situation room.
Apparently, there's a hit on a motel.
OFFICER: Officers entering the premises.
First in.
Rainbow Inn, Koreatown.
Blond 20-something named Richard Nash checked in Wednesday paying cash.
Bomb dog is there.
There you go.
Explosives residue? If I were betting.
DETECTIVE: Hey, we got something here.
Layout of the convention hall.
Somebody's marked up all the exits.
All right, that's enough for a Nemesis warrant.
- I'll get on it.
- What's our turnaround? Hour, maybe.
Christmas for Decker.
Hey, the chief asked me to remind you that you're talking to the Youth Police Program in ten minutes.
I am so slammed.
Can you do it? She also said you might ask me that and I should say no.
I have no idea what to say to them.
You talk to people for a living, Blake.
Reporters, not kids.
You call reporters children all the time.
Emotional children, not real ones.
You know what? It's fine.
Uh, I-I can give them a minute, but that's it.
That's all they get.
Margaret Carter from Citizen Post just called asking if we would confirm a source she's got saying there's a bomb threat at the convention hall.
: Oh, my God.
All right.
I'll call her on the way.
Chief, I have your daughter on one.
- Tell her I'll call her back.
- She said she has to talk to you.
She's insistent.
Hey, honey, you okay? KATE: No, I'm actually not.
Um, Luna ran away from her sitter, who doesn't know the neighborhood and is freaking out, Henry's not answering his phone, the neighbors aren't home, and our police division says they can't send anyone due to the mudslide, which I'm totally in the middle of.
Let's just figure this out.
I have literally been sitting in my car on the 405 for two hours.
I'm gonna ditch the car in the center lane and get out, go climb that hill and find a Lyft.
Don't do that.
Uh, traffic isn't moving anywhere, and you walk through those hills, you'll die of dehydration and get eaten by a rattlesnake.
I really didn't want to call you, but I don't know what else to do.
No, I'm glad you did.
It's good.
Uh, I will send out dispatch, uh, and they'll talk to your sitter and we will find Luna.
Who are you gonna send? This is kind of like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys, if Martin Lawrence was white, pasty and really anti-pesticide.
Oh, and clueless about being a cop.
I'm just gonna sit back here and roll some calls.
Seriously? [SCOFFS.]
BLAKE: Because I can't confirm a bomb threat at this time, Margaret.
And it would be irresponsible of you to run a story without confirmation when all it will do is bring attention to people who are seeking attention.
If you work with me here, when there is confirmation, I'll bring it to you first.
But if you run a story now based on rumors, you're dead to me.
Do you hear? Okay, I-I won't confirm anything.
I will not let you take selfies with the chief at the holiday party, and I won't grant you exclusives for three years.
Think about it.
Hey, everybody.
my name's Blake Sullivan, and I am the director for communications for the department.
And I just have a minute, so we're gonna make this fast.
Uh what is the LAPD? Well, um, it's [GIRL COUGHS.]
You all, you all really want to be police officers, don't you? [GIRLS MURMURING AFFIRMATIVELY.]
You know what? I-I want to hear from you.
Who wants to tell me why they want to be a police officer? [TICKING.]
Guy in the buried car.
He's out, he's good.
No others injured.
And the academy trainees are holding their own.
Just heard.
The judge denied the warrant.
You got to be kidding.
Said the last time he approved Nemesis use off of evidence from bomb-sniffing dogs, it turned out to be mold.
Explosives residue? Guess the dogs confuse it with mold sometimes.
He wants more before he'll approve a warrant.
We should do it anyway.
We're talking about human lives.
Yeah, I know what we're talking about.
I mean, if you use a cell phone, you've given up your privacy anyway.
I get it.
You want to play by the rules.
This is not about what I want.
The thing is terrorists don't care about rules or rights.
They care about blowing things up.
And if we slow down because we're afraid of getting permission, people will get hurt.
Eric, what's that on your hip? - My gun.
- That is about trust.
We carry a weapon that can kill because people trust we will use it appropriately.
We start to misuse our weapons guns, Nemesis, whatever the trust is eroded.
We lose too much of it, we don't have anything.
Do you understand that? Then we're lost.
So, no.
I will not approve a search without a warrant.
Does anyone else have a problem with that? - [SIGHS.]
- So, what should we do? We stick with what we have.
Human intel.
Plainclothes, uniformed, every exit covered.
I want the hall on lockdown once the delegates are in.
I want us on standby for evacuation at my command.
I want a screenshot of that kid checking into the motel.
And I want direct and constant contact with command on the scene, starting with EOD and SWAT.
Is that clear? Let's go.
The sitter's staying home in case Luna comes back.
We should circle the neighborhood.
You mad 'cause I made fun of your acutely toxic friend? I'm not mad.
It's just the way I am.
I do it to everybody.
I'm not mad.
Can we just focus on finding the little girl? So you're mad.
- Mind if I ask you a question? - Yes.
What are you doing here? What does that even mean? Yo, why are you working for the LAPD when you got friends with the Earth dudes throwing rocks at cops? It's Earth Care.
Earth Care is not a violent organization.
Oh, so they're standing next to the people throwing rocks.
You know how many cops talk about bioaccumulation? Zero.
What are you doing here? - I needed a job.
- Lot of jobs out there.
I grew up watching cop shows.
DIAZ: Yo, fellas, can we talk to you for a second? Hey, you guys seen this girl? You a cop? Yeah, I am.
You got a shield? Yes, I do.
Nah, haven't seen her.
You've been a real help.
Um, is there a playground around here? Yep.
Can you tell us where? One that way, a couple blocks.
Another by the beach.
You might have a detective in you after all, Ken.
How we doing on the screen grab from the, uh, Rainbow front desk? Just came through.
We ran a facial recognition on the security camera footage at the entrances.
As far as we can tell, he hasn't entered the hall yet.
All right, think this through with me.
So this guy is not in the hall, but he wants to get in.
So what if we let him? What do you mean? We used to call it a "lobster trap.
" You lure someone in by making it appear there's an unprotected entrance.
Meaning we don't guard a door? You put plainclothes by the entrance.
You have SWAT around the corner.
You bombproof the door in case he detonates it.
It's old school, but I've seen it work.
Worth a try.
I'll set it up.
Chief, the mayor is asking if you can come to city hall to brief him.
Tommy, what is the safety update? Uh, it's the same.
We're, uh, following every lead.
We're taking every precaution.
I have to speak there in 40 minutes.
Can you at least lie to me? [SIGHS.]
: All right.
Should we discuss the use of Nemesis? We heard your warrant request was refused.
We just want to know if that's holding you up.
Well, we're not using Nemesis, but that won't be a problem.
Is that right? Well, we think the judge made a mistake, one that could be overlooked.
Doug is very opinionated about this.
Doug is trying to protect you.
Doug needs to give the chief and I a moment alone.
He does not know when to let a thing go.
I don't have to explain to you why I need a warrant, right? Absolutely not.
Things are just a little fragile for me right now.
My wife's moved out.
We're announcing our separation.
Mm, I'm sorry.
It's been a long time coming.
I'm relieved in a way.
Um, and at the same time Feels like the world is splitting apart.
I know you've been through it, divorce.
All I see is the failure, not to mention what it's gonna do to my kids.
Mayor, I know how bad things look right now.
Believe me.
But you will get through it.
I promise.
Thank you.
All right.
I have to get to the hall.
Hey, Cooper.
Is the northwest entrance all set? Castro, how we doing? What's the status? Ready.
CASTRO: SWAT? - In position.
- Good.
We're set.
Now we wait.
KEN: Hello? Hello? Luna? We're gonna need a bigger boat.
I don't know where else to look.
I ran away from home once.
I told everybody that I was going to China.
And I hid under my bed and I ate candy until I puked.
Hey, Luna.
Hey, Diaz.
Your mama's pretty worried about you.
Is it okay if we take you home? Okay.
It is my belief that the SB-837 ban should be kept in place until more comprehensive research has been undertaken on the effects of these chemicals.
And so, for the good of our children, I am urging you, keep the ban in place.
Soon as the mayor finishes speaking, they start the vote.
If the ban's voted down, that's when things get noisy.
Meanwhile, there's a guy wandering around with a bomb, and the mayor's in the middle of it all.
Otherwise, no pressure.
Is anything happening here? Uh, nothing yet.
CATERER OFFICER: We have eyes on the suspect moving towards the northwest door.
Where? CASTRO: SWAT team, stand by.
Let's get an R.
unit ready at the staging area.
COOPER: Hold on, hold on.
Is that our guy? How far can we push in? COOPER: Let's also pull up that screen grab.
That's him.
What is he doing? Is he spooked? Uh, maybe.
Suspect on the move, north, northwest.
TOMMY: Stay with him.
EOD wants us to take him after he drops the bag.
If he's holding it, he could trigger the device when we make contact.
TOMMY: Heads up, people.
What's he doing? HOMELESS OFFICER: It looks like he may be heading toward the protesters.
Can't let him do that.
We'll lose him in there.
TOMMY: Let's have SWAT start pulling in.
CATERER OFFICER: We just lost sight of suspect.
- He ducked behind those toilets.
- All right, we got to take him.
HOMELESS OFFICER: Still don't have eyes.
TOMMY: Where is he? Who has him? COOPER: Behind the second toilet.
No, no, the third.
The third.
TOMMY: He dropped the bag.
You got to take him now.
Take him right now! Move! Move! Move! Police.
Don't move.
- Freeze! - Police! On your knees! On your knees right now! Cuff him! TOMMY: I want EOD on that bag.
I want the entire area vacated.
COOPER: We need those civilians moved now.
: Step back as quickly as possible.
Everybody, move back.
: Clear this area immediately for your own safety.
EOD OFFICER: Dragon Runner on the move.
We need that area clear.
OFFICER: Let's keep these people back.
Hold this perimeter.
- OFFICER: Copy that.
- OFFICER: Back up! Back up! Everybody, back up! I need you to move back please! TOMMY: How close are we, Castro? CASTRO: They're trying to get it to the TCV.
EOD OFFICER: This is a live device, folks.
We need to move.
CASTRO: Containment unit ready.
Stand by for assessment.
EOD OFFICER: Placing device into disposal vehicle.
EOD says we're clear.
The vote's in.
They recommended to uphold the pesticide ban.
I thought they weren't supposed to do that.
They weren't, but they did.
Hey, Decker.
I just wanted to say, whatever our disagreements, I value the fact I'm putting in my papers tomorrow.
- Why? - I want to work with people who understand the threats we're facing and the tools we have to deal with them.
We do understand those things.
Not based on what happened today.
We got our guy, Decker.
What we did worked.
We got lucky.
This time.
What you wanted to do was outside of the law.
- Well, worse places to be.
Good luck, Chief.
: Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Look at that.
Ken has to go all the way back.
KATE: I was so worried about you.
Don't you ever do that to me again, ever.
Hey, Diaz, you saved my life.
I don't even know how to thank you.
No problem.
And, um and Oh, uh, Ken.
Thank you.
That felt good, didn't it? That's a cop feeling right there.
If you say so.
Why you got to be so cynical? - I'm not cynical.
- No? Nope.
'Cause if that doesn't make you want to be a cop, then I don't know what will.
My brother.
My little brother had mental health issues starting at the age of 14.
Bipolar, other stuff.
His teen years were I mean, he was crazy.
And the cops who dealt with him were so kind.
And it's not always true, but for him, it was.
They looked out for him, were gentle with him.
They acted like it was their job to help him.
I wanted to work with people like that.
Even if it meant writing speeches for Milt Leakey.
Where's your brother now? Um, he lives in a tent under a bridge in Culver City.
Why doesn't he live with you? It doesn't work like that.
Let's go.
Have you got a second? Um, I am heading out.
Walk with me.
Uh, I-I, I just wanted to say thank you for, um, letting me talk to the Youth Police girls.
Letting you? Kind of had to twist your arm there, Blake.
You did.
And I, and I'm sorry.
'Cause it was, uh they were actually amazing.
They talked more than I did.
They told me how they want to save people and solve crimes, serve the community.
It was remarkable.
They they're astonishing young women.
I bet.
Thanks for doing it.
No, thank you.
They made me want to be worthy of them.
That looks good.
Thank you for helping.
Well, it's good to be the chief.
Do you know why she ran away? She said she was mad at me, and she was sad Diaz and Ken came to get her and not me.
Which I understand better than she thinks.
Oh, yeah? I-I know everyone depends on you and you feel responsible for everything, basically.
At the same time, because I'm a psychologist, I need to say that there is always gonna be a part of me that wishes my life was as important as the four million people you keep safe.
And I-I know that their lives are more important.
I-I know that, but [SIGHS.]
as your daughter I'll always wish that you would've been free to help me look for Luna today.
Which is selfish and embarrassing.
But it's part of me.
And my daughter, too, I guess.
I'm very glad you said that.
I'm gonna pour you some wine.
- Okay.
BUDDY: Yes, sir.
Thank you.
All right.
I got your text.
I'm glad.
Wasn't sure you'd show.
I wasn't sure I'd come.
I just wanted a chance to actually talk about, like, anything not having to do with politics or police.
How about basketball? Yeah, okay.
Clippers or Lakers? [LAUGHS.]
: Couldn't care less.
Um, w-why'd you want to talk? I was in a room today that might have contained a bomb.
Just might, but still.
And, uh, I thought, "If I get out of this" - "If"? - Okay.
"When I get out of this, "I'm gonna ask Blake to have a drink and just tell me how her day was.
" Why? [CHUCKLES.]
Because I'd really like to listen.
Uh, my day was was good.
My job made me really very happy.
Like I was meant to do it.
Ah, that's a good feeling.
- It is.
It's the kind of feeling you want to share.
Can I interest you in a glass of wine? Half a glass.
We'll order one and we'll split it.
: Despite the LAPD's strong-armed and police state tactics, the activist groups here today proved that meaningful and engaged protest can effect [TURNS OFF TV.]

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